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Date Night

first-time Milik_the_Red 2018-12-04

"So what if I've let him touch me?" she asked with more confidence than she actually felt, "I happen to have very nice boobs, and I'm happy that Jake likes to touch them." She made a point of adjusting her full breasts in her bra as she spoke, and then cupped them in her hands. His hand felt as strong and warm through her clothes as it always had, but this time, she longed to feel his touch on the bare skin of her breast. "Damn, Tricia, that feels incredible." Jake's hand found the back of her thigh as her explorations continued, and she felt a fresh rush of wetness in her sex as his hand once again moved under her dress.

The Geezer Makes Out

first-time senorlongo 2018-12-02

I could feel it start in my cock, then my balls took over and I came in a huge splurge of jism just as I screamed, “Oooooooh, Rachel!” I collapsed on her and lay there while Becky rubbed my back until Rachel said, “You know, G, you’re really heavy.” I was too exhausted to laugh so I just rolled off, grabbing both her and Becky in a long hug. Who would have thought that three simple, inconsequential and apparently unconnected decisions—to work as a sub; to take a job at the high school that I really didn’t want; and to seat the kids in reverse alphabetical order, a move that put Rachel and me in close proximity—would have such dramatic impact on my life.

Lisa' first time - Chapter three - he takes my virginity

first-time submissivemom72 2018-11-25

He broke off the kiss, and then, leaning forward, took one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking on it gently, causing me to moan out loud as I held his head to my breast. “Damn you are very sexy,” I said as I ran my hands up his chest, stopping to play with his nipples as I leaned forward and took the head of his penis into my mouth. I was surprised that my vagina could accommodate such a large erection, but as I felt his testicles pressing against my ass, I knew that all of Don's manhood was now buried deep inside me. Even today, I still think that there is nothing quite so wonderful as feeling a penis continue to pulse deep inside you as you cuddle in post-coital bliss.

The Geezer, Part 2-Teaching Rachel Suzy

first-time senorlongo 2018-11-23

It had all started Friday afternoon when Rachel seduced me in the school parking lot, and then the following day when her mom, Becky, invited me to dinner. “I think we need to kiss it and make it better, don’t you, Mom?” she said as she dropped to her knees and started to remove my pants. I got Saturday off from the ER but I’m going to have to work Friday night and Saturday night, the 4 to 12 shift.” She smiled, “I’m sure you won’t mind being here alone with Rachel both nights, will you? I’ll probably need some relief after the stress of the ER; God, the things that happen over the weekends!” I smiled, “Were you referring to the ER?” Rachel and I just laughed while Becky frowned at my lame joke.

Losing my virginity- and taking hers.

first-time YourWhoreCore 2018-11-23

It all started when Jessie came over to play some video games in the den. After awhile of this amazing pleasure I'd never had before, me being a virgin myself, she wrapped her lips around my shaft and began sucking on me as though she was a natural. " feels so good..." I kissed her again, kissing down her body slowly until I reached her tender tight pussy, just waiting to be sucked and fingered, hoping for the opportunity. But as soon as I began sucking and kissing her soft pussy, her eyes closed and she laid limp on the floor. I licked, sucked, fingered, and kissed her soft pussy, all the while her moans and sighs filled the room. *You choose- comment if you want another story on Jessie and James*

Terri's Cherry

first-time Luckymann 2018-11-23

Every time I tried to stroke the top of one of her breasts, Terri smiled and gently moved my hand away. After a short time on the road, Terri placed her left hand on my right leg just above the knee. Her hand on my leg and me lightly stroking her right tit is how we remained until we reached my home. Just as I got my finger inside her pussy's outer lips, Terri seemed to freeze up. As soon as I finished my sandwich, I stepped behind Terri and began playing with her tits. As my mouth returned to her tits, my hand soon found its way into her panties and began sliding a finger up and down her tight virgin slit.

The Quality of Mercy

first-time harley_quinn 2018-11-21

He worked in a bicycle shop and was also on the rugby team with Matty and Joe. Andy was a hopeless romantic and thought that love was in the eyes of every woman and around every corner. I lived in a household with one handsome man in Lewis and three large, muscular rugby-playing lads in Matty, Joe and Andy. After we finished tidying, we all wished Matty Happy Birthday again and went about our own things. Lewis said he was going for a shower after working all day and Matty, Joe and Andy decided to go to the gym down the road before their next rugby match at the weekend. Joe's eyes were closed, he looked like he was struggling for breath.

Confessions Of A Virgin Slut

first-time Coco 2018-11-20

His fingers were slick with my juices, his dick was snug in the moist warmth of my greedy mouth, and his mind was on the one thing that he should have fucking forgot about—my pussy. I intended on saving myself for the one guy that would end my intercourse-less promiscuity, but I also wanted to feel that mouth watering, mind blowing, oooey gooey goodness of climaxing as often as I could. Giving head in this way made me feel so fucking powerful, I reveled in it and that didn’t go unnoticed. “Shut up, Ray,” Bryan took me by the hand, “I don’t care—did you know how hot I thought my friend’s little sister was?” As I looked at him, dick poised at the entry of my most sacred hole, I realized that I simply wanted to be fucked.

Opening Laurie

first-time Luckymann 2018-11-19

After dinner, Terri left Laurie and I to play chess while she took a shower. As she lay on her left side with her head in my lap, Laurie began rubbing the inside of my right leg. To make sure Laurie knew what she had started, I reached down, grabbed a hand full of jeans-covered ass and squeezed firmly. Laurie, in the mean time, had rolled onto her right side and started rubbing my dick through my pants. I continued slowly stroking her pussy, and she began firmly squeezing her own tits with both hands. As I came deep inside her newly opened pussy, Laurie arched her back and used her legs to pull me deeper into her freshly devirginated hole.

My First Lover

first-time PunkyPet 2018-11-19

Ever since school started, we had been walking home together. I looked at him, my heart pounding and thinking that he really did love me. Before we went inside though, he pulled me into a kiss. He pulled his finger out and started to take off his pants. He pulled me closer to him and started to rub my vagina with his cock. The he pulled out and pushed in again, thrusting his huge cock into me. My hands grasped the bed sheet as I gasped and moaned from his thrusting. Then I felt his cock shiver and he gave a loud groan, squirting himself into me. I felt it fill me up inside as I gave one last, loud gasp.

Losing It

first-time sunshinegal 2018-11-19

Closing my eyes, I lose myself in him and how it feels like it is just us, but soon, the song stops and Mark pulls away from me. “Oh, Beth, no,” Mark says, pulling me closer and wraps himself around me so he can carefully bury a hand and his nose into my hair, so it looks like we are having a private moment. Pulling my arm back, I quickly tuck it under the side of my body and close my eyes so it looks like I’m asleep. I mentally prepare myself and try to quieten my trembling breath, but I soon feel his lips press against my shoulder and a hand run slowly down my back, causing me to exhale loudly.

Starting Fresh

first-time taylorsam 2018-11-18

“Oops, sorry,” I said looking Rick in the eye but not moving my hand off his crotch. I looked up at Rick, giving him a wink, and then took the head of his dick into my mouth. I had most of his cock in my mouth when Rick bucked, pushing his dick into my throat. “Oh my God Taylor, you are fucking incredible.” I was taking long slow strokes letting his cock slide in and out of my mouth. We don’t have to fuck if you don’t want to,” I said stroking his hard dick. Even as wet as my pussy was Rick had to push hard to get his dick into my tight little hole.

The Loneliness Tree

first-time Ruthie 2018-11-16

He pushed my skirt up a little at a time, touching my legs and panties, rubbing me through the satin and lace until I let him slip them off. One day I turned around and said, “You know something, Joey, you really gripe my guts.” I meant that he was beginning to piss me off by never asking me out, but it came out wrong, and he never talked to me again. I’d thought the hard part would be to get the buttons open, but even with his fly open wide, his jeans didn’t want to come down over his hips. During the day, while he worked for his dad and I idled away the time of my last summer vacation, I sat in the swing under the loneliness tree and wondered how to talk him out of going to Yale.

A Day at the Beach

first-time KatR 2018-11-16

I think I was in my late 20s or early 30s when I first got the idea in my head that I wanted to make love on a deserted stretch of beach with nobody else around. The lover I had when I was 37 liked the idea, but we were in a small Midwest city a long way from my native California and its many beautiful beaches. I told him my Saturday was suddenly free, and I asked him if he'd like to spend the day with me at the little beach we had found, where nobody ever seems to go. I told him I'd had a fantasy for over 20 years to be taken on a beach, right where surf meets sand, as the waves gently lap at both our naked bodies.

A Very Special Birthday

first-time RebeccaSJ 2018-11-15

My boyfriend said he had a very special birthday present for me, so we went to his house. He was kind, persistent, sweet, romantic, gentle, and persistent and respectful of my feelings and eventually my resistance fell away. He had mentioned to me a few times that he had an urge to make love to me, but that he respected my feelings enough not to pursue it. Afterwards, I felt a mix of emotions: sadness, exhilaration, excitement, disappointment, deep romance, nervousness, peace, a bit of regret, but also happiness, satisfaction, and a myriad of other feelings. I felt like part of me had just died, but I also felt like I had just started an exciting new adventure, one I would enjoy many times afterwards.

Fantasies do cum true

first-time taylorsam 2018-11-15

I went back in forth in my head several times till looked down at the tent in his shorts and just thought “fuck it.” I grabbed Timmy giving him a big hug telling him, “Thank you, I want to pay you for helping.” I told him “just go slow and once you’re inside me just pause for a moment before you start fucking me.” Once his cock head was inside my pussy lips I pulled my hand away from his dick and looked him in the eye telling him, “Okay now slowly push it in.” My pussy was so wet with excitement as Timmy’s cock slid right in. “Just keep your dick in me and your cock will be hard and ready to fuck again in no time,” I told Timmy as I gave him a nice wet kiss.


first-time sexkitten9991 2018-11-12

I was starting to moan as I felt his finger slide into my wet pussy, slowly darting in and out. I asked him," Do you want me to suck your hard cock while you finger fuck me?" I took his rock hard cock in my hand and began to stroke it slowly, beginning to lick up and down his shaft, making my way to his head. He got up and positioned himself between my legs, and started to lick and suck on my swollen clitoris, prepping my pussy for his cock. He came up from between my legs, then started to slowly slide his cock into my tight and wet virgin pussy.

That One Special Night

first-time Pancakez 2018-11-11

His hand, pinching and playing with her nipple, soon found its way up to her mouth, asking her, without words, to lick his finger which was still wet with her cum. As he felt her tongue slowly reach and latch onto his finger, his eyes closed tight and he groaned audibly, letting her know how amazing she felt, both on his throbbing cock and his wet finger. Soon, though, she got used to the feeling of him moving, of his thick cock rubbing against her, of his head pushing and hitting spots deep inside of her that she didn't know existed. Breathing in deeply through her nose, she tilted her head to the side and kissed him softly on the lips, letting him feel her passion and love.

If I Had the Honor of Taking Your Virginity

first-time USADaddyNY 2018-11-11

I am wearing a suit and tie, and we look like father and daughter ready to go to a dance. I look longingly into your eyes as you remove the tie, and start unbuttoning my shirt. With your warm, soft fingers on my cock, you stand and look me in the eyes. I place my hand on your cheek, and tell you that before we go further, I want you to soak in the tub. We embrace for several minutes, one arm wrapped around your breasts, my other hand gently covering your pussy. You look into my eyes, stroke my cheek and as a tear wells up in your eye, you tell me that you understand what it feels like to be a woman.

Going All the Way

first-time DevineCoral 2018-11-10

After the rose had been put in a lovely, glass vase, I went to Eric and wrapped my arms around his neck as we passionately kissed. I stopped one moment to take off my bra, and once this was done, Eric playfully pushed me back down against the bed, playing with my 36 C tits, tweaking my pink nipples, and cupping my soft breasts in his hands. I finally let out an extremely high pitched, loud moan as an orgasm came and caused my pussy to clamp down on Eric's fingers, sending me high into euphoria. After ten more minutes I was clutching the bed sheets, panting and moaning in the same high pitched voice as before, barely being able to let out an disoriented "Don't stop, babe". 

Losing My Virginity

first-time Exiledmoths 2018-11-10

After calling my mother and getting the "A-okay" to be out later, Chris pulled into a local convenient store called "Jiffy" and said he would be right back with drinks. We went back to kissing only this time he put his hand on the small of my back and pulled me into him. As he started picking up the pace and the pressure, my breathing got more sharp and ragged until he stuck his finger inside bending his finger to press on my g-spot making me moan aloud. This time I wasn't distracted by my head hitting anything and it kept getting more and more intense making my pussy grip his raging dick harder.

Escaping Reality

first-time Emerson501 2018-11-08

She stood in front of the mirror against her wall and stared at an olive skinned, sixteen year old girl wearing traditional Amish undergarments – baggy, white, cotton shorts which came to her knees and a short sleeved under-blouse. Awestruck, Connor retrieved his phone from the old man and looked down at the pin-drop on the screen. I’m not going very far from here, but you’re welcome to join me.” Olivia noticed that he had a strange smirk on his face and the tone of his voice was almost like the words were scripted or rehearsed. Connor watched the beautiful girl as he drove, golden hair covering tanned shoulders and her perky breasts bouncing with each bump in the road.

Jim & Janice Breaking Down Barriers

first-time CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-06

“Goddamnit Janice!” Jim exclaimed, “You have a fucking hot as hell body and I liked that shaved hairless look!” “Sure,” Jim replied, taking Janice’s hand and wrapping her fingers around his manhood. “Are you cuming?” Janice asked, seeing the clear liquid seeping from the small slit in the end of Jim’s cock. Janice popped Jim’s cock out of her mouth and stared at her step-brother for second. Jim repositioned himself between Janice’s spread open legs, his hands on either side of her upper torso, his massive cock hanging down. “I thought you said girls don’t cum,” Jim replied as Janice shook and shook and shook. “No you won’t,” Jim replied, jamming his massive cock back into Janice’s pussy.

Forbidden Fruit:Part 4

first-time AGreyFoxxx 2018-11-06

Repositioning herself, she sat on my lap, facing me, “Could you drive Rob and me to the Homecoming dance?” He doesn’t have a license yet and he doesn’t want to ask his parents.” She smiled at me as she ground her pelvis around until my hardening cock was surrounded by her panty clad pussy lips. Now moving her hips back and forth, she massaged my cock with her dampening pussy, “Oh, and there’s something else.” she said feeling my stiffness as it slid along the furrow of her young twat. Rubbing her pussy against his deflated cock, she offered him her breasts again, telling him how wonderful it felt when he pumped his hot juice into her mouth and how much she liked it when he sucked her nipples and cunt.