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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

wifes fantasy

first-time flash 2018-05-14

Timed out!


One night at Hannah’s

first-time Sarah S. 2018-04-12

One of my most vivid memories of the first sensations of intense sexual arousal was when I was laying in bed with one of my girlfriends one night when I slept over with her. She told me she would alway get irritated when they were being loud like they were that night, but lately it turned her on for a curious reason, and she confessed that it turned her on now and that she masturbated almost every time she heard them. I also confessed, and I told her about how many times I’d masturbated thinking about her step-dad, fantasized often about him finding me in the hallway, or leading me into his bedroom to play with me and talk me into doing dirty things with him, both alone and sometimes in front of her mom.

Phone sex

first-time jpjai007 2018-03-05

It is individual for each person, but the gender difference appears to be that while most men enjoy the sound of a woman getting off, making moaning and other sounds of pleasure, women appear to like the psychological element of fantasy with their phone sex partners. Most people are at least a little nervous about talking about sexual preferences with new partners, or even established ones. Of course, you don’t have to wait for your partner to go far away before you try out phone sex! It’s also one way of getting to know if phone sex is 'your kind of thing', and whether phone sex with an established partner is possible and enjoyable for you.

She turned me into a nympho

first-time nightgirl45 2018-03-05

Kim laughed and said " Yes silly...This is a free experience for couples and singles" She said " there is so much sexual energy here that every thing is so natural "      Well look at the time lets get back and have some dinner and then we can sit by the fire.      Then the music muted again and Kim said that Saki was going to give me a hair cut and give my pussey total exposure. I thought about the button then l said to myself " What the hell lets have the whole nine yards."      I could now feel Kims hands on my breasts and she was treating each one ever so softly and using both hands on one at a time.

Easy Money- 3

first-time ColletteXx 2018-03-05

I pinched my nipples and massaged my tits as I ground my cunt into James's face I looked at Toni, mouthing obscenities as he lapped at my clit, his fingers dipping in me. "Wanna clean her up?" he said, and Toni moved up the bed, her tongue touching my skin as she licked up James's cream. He winked, and mouthed 'Good job.' We shared a deep kiss, James tasting Toni's juices on my lips and tongue. James pumped his long cock into her wet hole, her tits bouncing beneath me, and I felt behind me and grasped at her nipples, pulling them gently at first, then harder.

Homeschooled Ch. 03

first-time Goldeniangel 2018-03-05

Mr. Troy knew exactly how to stroke the sensitive folds of her pussy, how to tease her swollen clit so that she was whimpering and shivering with how much she wanted the explosive pleasure that he'd begun to teach her about. Pulling on her nipples, harder and harder, as Mr. Troy licked and teased her, Becky's hips were moving up and down, trying to rub her pussy against his face. Becky writhed, her legs kicking and heels digging into Mr. Troy's back as he sucked hard and long on her clit, forcing her to ride out wave after wave of intense climax. Mr Troy's tongue resumed the long licks up and down her pussy, making her shudder every time he returned to tease her swollen clit, as little aftershocks of orgasm trickled through her.

He's Mine!

first-time Couture 2018-03-05

"You should have asked me Davie," I said, sliding my chair closer to block any curious eyes from seeing what was going on under the table. "No panties lines either Davie." I quickly looked around, made sure no one was watching, then pressed the fabric of my dress against my crotch. And poor little Davie, in his white tuxedo, he was already showing a small wet spot above his prick. I wanted to get up on the table right then and there and proclaim to the senior class that David Moore's virginity was mine and not that bitch Lisa's. "Have fun tonight," I said, sticking my finger in my mouth and tasting Davie.

The Eternal Summer of Summer (Part 1)

first-time Fuckmelikethisbabe 2018-03-05

But he was very willing to trade his time, which he would usually prefer to spend in solitude, for a moment, a conversation, or anything with this girl, Summer. Summer was a beautiful girl with long dark brown hair and sweet caramel skin. George wasn't because he was still so astounded by these new feelings that he had not yet placed it on a romantic love. Summer wasn't because she felt she was unable to date anyone at the time. She laid atop George's chest and felt his heart beating. Summer was discovering her sexuality, and was showing George his own. She felt intense joy every time George's masculine hand hit her ass. Summer finally couldn't take it anymore, and sat up on top of George.

Summer Of Firsts - Chapter 10

first-time HeatherHeathen 2018-03-05

He fucked my ass with his tongue for a bit, and then slid it up the length of my wet pussy lips. My pelvis shot upward, his grip on my leg on the one side tighten trying to hold me in place as he continued to work my clit with his tongue. “Here,” I said, while reaching back and pulling one of my ass cheeks to the side. He pushed his cock in past the head, the pain giving way a bit. With that being said, I pushed back against him forcing his cock a bit deeper. I jumped a bit, as I did I felt his hand re-grip my hip and push himself all the way back in.

My Aunt. Chapter2

first-time Annamagique 2018-03-05

"I know Miss," Melissa replied cheerily, "Lady Helen has told us all about you but she wants you to feel at home here and asked us to refer to her as your aunt so you do not feel a stranger in your own home." "I told you, Miss," she replied with a smile, "Lady Helen looks after us well." I returned to the main room and Melissa took my coat and hat and placed them in the closet that was like another room which was accessed through an equally large door in the wall opposite the bathroom. "I understand that at boarding school things are a little different, less pampered perhaps," She began, "But the servants here will look after all your needs, Miss Victoria."

Jessica's Power Panties

first-time Paddler 2018-03-05

There stood Charlie, breathing hard, hips and knees bent, hips thrusting, stroking his, protruding from a pair of her panties cock for all he was worth. Must I do everything?” Exhaling sharply, she said, “Take your hand away.” When he let go, Jessica took his cockhead between her thumb and two fingers, twirling it gently. With a lilt in her voice, Jessica said, “You like wearing panties, don’t you Charlie? Hips thrusting, biting his lip, with a sob Charlie gasped, “I like wearing girls panties they feel so good. Jessica crossed her legs “Well, Charlie, you earned your reward and you’re about to learn something new. Jessica said, “After a spanking and a come like that you need a little recovery.

The enormous cock

first-time marcosurbina 2018-03-05

That day nothing out of the extraordinary happened with Frank, but I didn't stop thinking in his enormous dick, how could possible be so large, and I regret for not having eaten that piece of meat earlier.  But the chance would come soon: we planned ahead for another meeting, another party at a restaurant, this time with my girl friends and other friends they invited over.  I  met  Frank there, as I expected, nd said hi. While we were drinking we made some advancement. I began to gain on my courage and I thought I was not going to miss the big deal this time: the good feast with Franks's big  dick.

Anne Makes the Grade Chapter 2

first-time NOLANCMike 2018-03-05

“Well, that’s where I was. That’s how it goes.” “That’s fine hon. “Sweet dreams hon.” He worked in and out of her bare pussy for several minutes as the scene switched from a top view to a bottom view giving Anne a clear look at the bottom of his cock and balls. Let’s fine one of a girl playing with herself.” She clicked play and the scene opened to the girl lying on her bed…. She released the pen and watched it slowly slide out of her pussy. She placed the mirror on the cushion and spread her pussy open with both hands. “Stoooooop iiiiit,” he slurred. “Owwwccch.” He slurred again. Her softly accented words were musical, sweet. “What the hell is a Puma?”

Pretty Virgin in a Thunderstorm

first-time ByronLord 2018-03-05

After we had all stopped laughing, Sally took off the soaking rain jacket and I recognized her as one of the girls I have seen at the beach with Lara. I could not see much of Sally in my position on the floor of the dimly lit van but I could hear her give a sigh of appreciation as Lara's pussy swallowed up my cock. The sight of Lara's open pussy above Sally's face alone was almost enough to set me off but I managed to slip inside her and feel the warmth of her pussy around my cock and even manage a few strokes before my cum exploded into her. 

Business Man-On-Man (Part 5)

first-time JayR 2018-03-05

Rob is standing at the edge of the bed with his cock sliding between my spread ass cheeks, pushing gently and deeper into my virgin anus. With a deep breath and a steady movement backward, I feel his cock slowly easing into me once again. The image is amazing… I am on my back, my legs spread wide, a beautiful naked man covered in the sweat of erotic sex is between my legs, his firm hands holding me widely open, his body pushed against mine and his cock is sliding into me. Rob withdraws his semi-rigid cock from me and slowly pushes away to stand at the foot of the bed.

Becoming Josie part 1

first-time TonyaL 2018-03-05

They watch us swaying to the music when I turn grinding into Kitty I see the other dancer has a cock in each hand. Mr. John, brushing my hair off my face looks into my eyes telling me, “You’re a beautiful woman Josie, there is no way Chloe is prettier than you. I turn my head opening my eyes seeing the men stroking their hard cocks and the other dancer touching herself as they watch me intently. I lick again and this time Kitty pulls back the skin making his head a purplish color and even harder. Fascinated at how he can be both soft and hard at the same time, I use my tongue to lick him and suck his cock into my mouth like he was a lollipop.

Three Firsts Make A Home Run

first-time WayneGibbous 2018-03-05

So good that I decided to give Lindsey some really good feelings between her legs and got over and put my head between her thighs and began sucking, licking and running my tongue all over her pretty, bare pussy. You two are the hottest and you're sure making me crazy-hot just watching," Lindsey said as she sat taking us in with her legs wide and two fingers moving in and out of her wet, still-virgin pussy. "Do Lindsey first, Rick," I offered and she lay down, her legs hanging off the bed, her feet on the floor as my boyfriend got down between her legs, lifted them in the air, put his arms around her legs, pushed her up with her feet resting on his shoulders and began licking and tonguing down into her.

There’s a First Time for Everything (Part One)

first-time Amikie 2018-03-05

Pete obviously felt that the signals were all positive moved onto the sofa next to Debbie, then Lynette walked over to me, held her hand out and said “Let’s go upstairs.” We then continued up the stairs and when we reached the bedroom, Lynette turned to me and gave me a deep and lasting kiss, her tongue was smooth as silk and moved sensually around the inside of my mouth. Gradually I felt myself starting to cum, and Lynette paused to lick the pre-cum that was now oozing out of my cock, before she once again devoured its length and began gently but aggressively sucking for all she was worth.

Tania's Special Birthday

first-time Tiepinkraider 2018-03-05

A big, dark, strong man is lying on me, between my thighs, and his huge engine is lying across my belly rubbing up and down, looking for a place to get inside my tiny vagina. Of course Kyle doesn’t make things easy for me wearing those tight stretchy warm-ups, with his hard little ass, legs like steel, rock-like abs, and that mysterious package in his crotch. I have caught him looking several times, and it makes me feel desirable, wanted, like a real woman. He looks me right in the eyes and says, “Here we go sweetheart,” as he makes a long, slow sliding thrust into me, tearing me and sending a shot of searing pain deep into my vagina.

My First Lover

first-time Luckymann 2018-03-05

After a short time of gently rubbing that little pebble, Ann was violently thrusting her hips up to my hand. Ann was stroking up and down my dick with her left hand, while she kissed and licked its head. Opening her top two blouse buttons, and sliding my hand into the gap, I began gently rubbing and squeezing her tits. I continued rubbing and squeezing her tits with my right hand while stroking her hair with my left. As I gently rubbed her little pebble, Ann began lifting her hips off the car seat. As Ann slowly settled down, she rolled onto her right side and began stroking my rock hard dick through my pants.

Princess Diaries (02): Jasmine

first-time timojen 2018-03-05

And soon enough I’m making small talk like a normal person until he points the camera at me and snaps a few frames. While he’s taking shots behind the camera he starts asking why I ran off that day. Like he’s a pro-photographer and I’m a model or something. I’m in a bikini and all, but he’s not making me pose provocatively, like some slut or anything. Aaron looks like he’s just found a 100 dollar bill on the floor of a biker bar and he’s not sure whether to pick it up and run or leave it alone. I look over at the camera and just like that I’m coming on his face.

When Seth Popped My Cherry

first-time SugarTits16 2018-03-05

He typically liked me to suck his dick a little before he fucked my ass and on subsequent bangings, he would continue that tradition with my pussy. It felt like Seth had been pushing his dick into my pussy forever, but in reality, it was probably less than two minutes before his pubes were starting to tickle my labia. You're so fucking amazing, Kendall!" Sucking on my neck, Seth put his weight on me and began rocking his dick out and in slowly, moaning and grunting. But over time, I got used to having my pussy fucked and then Seth had to beg or do really amazing boyfriend things to get me to open my ass for him again.

Teaching Svetlana

first-time frogprince 2018-03-05

She had left her house, but by the time she got to my place the roads were closed and there was no school. We were sitting side by side and I could feel the heat coming off her body. She started to remove her shirt because it was so warm. “No I have never kissed a man, who was not related to me?” Svetlana replied. I sensed that she wanted to learn more about kissing and men than she did about studying for mid-terms. We sit down and I start to kiss her lips. She touches my nipples and they grow hard, but nowhere like hers. “I thought you would never ask.” I replied, removing my shorts and allowing my hard penis to appear.

My fantasies cum true

first-time Valdis55 2018-03-05

As I took him in I lost myself a little and he kissed me again, pulling me back to reality. He kissed the lips of my pussy, licked my clit, sucked on it, and stuck his tongue in my tight little hole. “From the looks of it I don’t think that’ll be a problem, I had you going there.” I rolled my eyes “Psch you’re telling me, that was amazing.” His smile got even bigger and he took off his pants and briefs. I trailed kisses down his chest and stomach and stopped right above his hard waiting member. We were both biting our lips with our eyes closed, enjoying every second when I grabbed his dick and guided it to my little hole.