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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Nice Girls Don't Get Laid

first-time Samuelx 2018-11-28

I didn't like Lydia one bit, I thought she was a conniving slut but Ronald didn't listen to me. Lydia had found some guy with more money to spend on her and buy her things so she had dumped Ronald, the young college athlete for the rich stud. I walk down the street and see a guy and a girl holding hands and smiling. Ronald's a nice guy and would probably try to restrain the drunk bitch even though she would be trying to claw his face. What would it be like to hold Ronald in my arms and make love with him? I wonder what Ronald's cum tastes like and feel a stab of pain in my chest at the thought of never finding out.

Teen Spirit

first-time BradleyStoke 2018-11-28

One morning, a few days later, when his mum and Pam were both out of the house, he sneaked into his mum’s room, something he rarely did, and noticed with some concern that the sofa bed showed no evidence at all of having been opened. Chris couldn’t help but notice an increase in the changeability of the relationship between his mum and Pam. There were moods that were pronounced in not only the intensity of their apparent mutual liking for each other, but also of something else that reminded him somewhat of the time just before his dad ran off with his secretary. There was one evening when Pam and his mum were shouting at each other in Mum’s bedroom and Chris was surprised to see Lottie shyly and nervously enter his bedroom just to sit with him.

My Neighbor's Son Gets Caught Spying Part 2

first-time taylorsam 2018-11-28

Tim started kissing and sucking on my hardening nipples. He quickly pulled his shirt off and went back to kissing and sucking my tits. I told him “just rub your cock over my pussy lips.” He pushed a little harder and the knob of his cock popped in. I started whispering in his ear how good his cock felt in my pussy. I could feel the buildup in my pussy; I told Tim that I was about to cum. Tim looked over at with horror on his face, “am I gonna get you pregnant.” I kissed him and told him that I was on the pill, but not to fuck another girl unless you know if she is protected.

Barely At Home

first-time WayneGibbous 2018-11-28

"Mmm, Ryan, don't stop now, you've got me really close, rub just a little faster, ooooh, just like that," she cried out. Each suck, each swipe of her tongue across the head of my dick, sent shivers of ecstasy across my body, new and wonderful feelings that I had never felt before as I now was knowing that sex, my introduction to a life of sex, was going to change me forever. "Mmm, that looked good, Ryan, I think you liked it," she laughed under me as I kept fucking her. "Mmm, oh, yeah, my turn's coming, oh, close, really close," she moaned and I was watching her face, I really wanted to see a girl cum from me fucking her, I just knew it would be beautiful.

First Time With My Brother's Best Friend

first-time hornycitychik1987 2018-11-28

He continued to kiss me and his hands then started to explore my body, going up under my tight new shirt and pulling me even closer. I moaned and quietly said, "Yes, it feels so good." I then felt his finger stop at the opening of my pussy and he looked up at me as he slid his finger slowly and deeply inside me. "Tom, fuck me hard please." As soon as I said that he pulled out of me and flipped me over, lifted my skirt over my ass and pushed back inside me. I'm gonna cum all inside your tight little virgin pussy." With both hands on my hips he got faster and harder than before.

Summer Of Firsts - Chapter 6

first-time HeatherHeathen 2018-11-28

I reached around gripping his ass with my hands, feeling his cheeks tighten each time his cock was pushed into my mouth, then release as he pulled back. He began to fuck my mouth again, his wet balls sploshing against my face. After a few shallow thrusts he pulled back and began to stroke his cock, leaving just the head of his dick to smack against my lips. He slid forward even further to smack his cock on my tits, pulling his balls from my mouth. I slammed my face back and forth fucking his ass with my tongue as he shot a hot load of very thin cum onto my tits.

Consummation With A Massage Included

first-time bava12 2018-11-28

Usually she wears a skirt during travel, so I just put my hands between her thighs and started massaging and pushed aside her panty and started finger, she was just closing her eyes and trying to suppress her moans, and she came in my hands. I moved to her belly and then to her inner thighs and finally started massaging her pussy from out to in and took my time to rub her clit and fingered her slow and finally she came a lot with a load moan and was panting and gasping for air. She took off the blindfold and started to kiss me hard and pushed on the bed and brought some Chocó syrup and poured it all over me and my cock and started to lick me fully.

Caught in the Act

first-time henrygatewood 2018-11-28

He had stopped thrusting to turn his head and shout at me, and I heard the woman – I think it was Katy, from finance – moan something to the effect that she would very much like him to continue. Every time I opened them I saw the back of Amy’s head, heard her gentle breathing, and found myself thinking about that big red bra. Amy drew my hand gently away from my dick, then straddled my chest and pulled the long t-shirt up over her head. Our bodies moved like two parts of some sensual machine, there on the enormous bed in the moonlight, every motion perfectly balanced and ecstatically surreal.

first time love

first-time sexyboysex18 2018-11-28

His hands touched her beautiful breast softly, and he pinched her nipple a little. "Oh my, is this for me?" She gently caressed his dick with her hands, she smiled as he let out a soft moan. Emily stared at his hard stiff cock bit her lip and grabbed his dick slowly stroking it. He stared at her smiled, and moved his head to her pussy. Thomas stopped and slowly rubbed her clit with his finger and slowly pushed his finger in her pussy, stroking it gently at first, and then a little harder and faster. Thomas pushed his dick into her slowly she arched her back up as she felt a sharp pain she had never felt before, it felt like she was being stabbed.


three dicks and a love triangle (men in love at the launch of manhood)

first-time micicipi 2018-11-28

Whether it was secondary, primary or a co-existing instinct of his sexuality he didn't know, but Kris of late was feeling a magnetic pull at the face of a boy in his hostel - Rex. There were eight guys in every room, with four double beds in each, a common bath room on each floor. He was also aware of the other night when Sam had shabbily treated Res. But that Res was so mad over Sam had also made Kris to now indulgently ogle at him, his body, his lips, his eyes in a new air of admiration. Soon Kris turned and cupping Sam's face in his hands, kissed his lips.

Rob's Birthday Surprise

first-time ugacouple 2018-11-28

I know he’s your best friend and that we’ve had that conversation, but I think it was inevitable that we’d eventually fuck. I mean, I know he’s your lacrosse teammate and I’ve seen him naked so many times and we’ve watched him with other girls, but look at how tiny I am on top of him. I thought I would have some kind of control over this and be able to have fun like he was clearly having every time he gives you the “thumbs up” or looks at the camera while fucking me. I’d just had some of the most intense orgasms of my life about two hours before delivered by your best friend and fellow fuck star, Lake.

How Scarlet had her cherry popped Part 2

first-time MissScarlet 2018-11-28

He moved his head down and started sucking at my nipples, something that drove my absolutely crazy, and by my reaction he grabbed my thighs even tighter and pumped me harder. Finally, he slowed but he didn't let go, but remained in me, still wrapped around him against the locker, his lips on my neck, our naked bodies doused in sweat and the only thing that could be heard was heavy breathing. He slowly put me down and i saw that i had bled a lot as his condom was covered in my cum and blood and I started to feel stupid and ridiculous but he grabbed me and kissed me and reassured me that it was normal, and natural and beautiful.

How I Got Into An i****t Affair With My Cousin s*s

first-time bava12 2018-11-28

Okay coming to my story, I live with my f****y in main city, while my nana and younger mama had their work in the village. I am the only son of my parents and I have one elder s****r.[ I will tell you the story with my own s****r too but after this.] Every summer vacation me and my s****r visit our nana\\\’s home. Aarti insisted mama to sl**p with me any my s****r, because I was telling her some story, that she wanted to be completed. She was asking too many questions again my mind got beeped i dont know what she was saying… i just holded her with both hands and landed her on myself.

Coach Esposito

first-time wannaswing 2018-11-28

Grabbing my waist you ram your monster cock into my cunt, I scream in pain first which then turns to moans as I feel your thick shaft rubbing my clit. I get on the hood and spread my legs but you laugh, "you’re cunt needs to recover from my cock slut...I'm going to fuck another hole". I then feel the head of your cock at my asshole You lean forward and cover my mouth with your hand and then start to push it in. you look down watching my pink white ass engulf your massive cock..while I moan in pleasure...the heat and tightness of my ass is too much for you and after 15 minutes of ramming you pull out and pushing me to the ground unload your third cumload all over my face.

His Angel Eyes

first-time sassycheergirl 2018-11-28

"Wow Baby your beautiful."  Wayne said looking down at her.  She had curves in all the right places, and he couldn't wait to kiss every inch of her.  He took off his shirt and jeans and threw them over in the corner to join Christa's clothes.  He slipped his boxers off and his 7 inch rock hard dick sprang up.  Christa took a deep breath. "Oh yes Angel eyes I'll fit inside you."  Wayne said smiling.  He got on the bed and began to kiss her mouth.  He began to suck gently on her earlobe biting softly.  His large hands caressed her body lightly moving all over her satin skin.  He unsnapped her bra as he deeply kissed her, smiling as she gasped.

The Ritual

first-time GabrielSweet 2018-11-28

At almost the same time I hear a soft voice behind me say, " Hi, is that for me?" Startled, I cover my lap with my hands and look around to see that I had forgotten to lock my door, and Angel was standing in the doorway, bare as a newborn, still teasing the soft hairs between her legs. Her hands are still massaging her breasts and pulling at her nipples as I slide my tongue along her tender lower lips. As she starts to cum I lift her hips and sit up so her legs are across my shoulders, never stopping the tonguing I am giving her clit. I pull her very close and tight as I push in hard and feel her flesh open and let me past.

Simple pleasures...

first-time xpassiongirlx 2018-11-28

"I want to do this with you, I love you." I could feel my virgin pussy get wet when I heard him say that, I bit my lip. "God your so innocent, I love it." He looked at me with such honesty I couldn't help it but turn in his arms and let my lips touch his so lightly. His kisses were getting deeper now, His eye' s more intent then ever! I felt his hands go under my top and I couldn't help but let out a gasp. "James, I want you" My eye' s were full of admiration, my hands were now passing over his strong arms. James kissed his way up to my lips again and looked at me lay in his arms, his hand went down.

Free Spirits

first-time Scorpius1945 2018-11-28

Sure, she pleasured herself occasionally, usually when she was bored and lying alone in her large comfortable bed feeling sorry for herself, but she believed that the momentary pleasure she felt on those rare occasions was a very pale imitation of the pleasure that was waiting in store for her with a real, live, willing, sexy boyfriend who had the persistence and ability to penetrate her defences and her body. Today, he told himself, was the day when he was going to sit down beside this epitome of female perfection, would introduce himself, would talk easily and knowledgeably about whatever topic she wanted, would listen attentively and empathetically to whatever she said, and at the end, as they left the beach, the outcome would be unknown.

First time with the love of my life.

first-time AngelTurnedDevil18 2018-11-28

Reluctantly, I stopped what I was doing, But I didn't have long to take a breather before Ryan's mouth was on mine again, coaxing my head to the pillow as he moved on top of me, his hands pulling my chemise over my head before sliding my lace thong down my legs and throwing it to the floor. Ryan moved down the bed, his head between my legs and his mouth was on me before I could think, his tongue swirling around my hard clitoris making me gasp out his name, my hands on his head as I begged him not to stop what he was doing to me.


First woman to entice me

first-time Rubz 2018-11-28

You gasp in excitement as you feel the heat of my breath tickling your sodden pussy, my hands holding your hips firmly to the bed to stop you rising up to me as I drag my hot tongue firmly along your sex, tasting your excitement and hearing your primal moans as I flick across your exposed clit. I pull my tongue down to your opening, and slowly push it deep inside you, feeling you tense before moaning in pleasure as your body relaxes, just your tight little hole clamping onto my tongue, pulling it deeper into you. I just use my tongue to slowly clean your juices, licking from your opening up to your clit, your body jolting as I touch your sensitive, post orgasm sweet spot, making me smile.

Lisa's First Love - Chapter One

first-time submissivemom72 2018-11-28

I knew I was turning a deep crimson at the awkwardness and embarrassment of standing there like it. But Don smiled appreciatively and said, “Lisa, you really are a pretty girl.” Then, before I could respond, he turned and dove into the pool. Our breathing grew faster and I felt his large erection pressing into my legs and groin as he humped his hips from excitement. With my arms around his neck, I did not interfere when Don reached up and cupped my breast in his hand. After a couple of minutes, Don slipped the bra up, exposing my bright pink nipples to sunlight for the first time in my life. I felt so wickedly sexy with the warm sun shining brightly on my exposed tits. I could feel the wetness in my vagina beginning to leak into the gusset of my bikini bottom.

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Fifteen)

first-time John_Doe 2018-11-28

As that day progressed, from awakening in the bed after a night's sleep with two beautiful girls laying next to me, to the shower and licking Julia's pussy out, as Amanda sucked my cock and licked up every drop of cum I could give her. I lowered my body down, as my cock plunged slowly into the silky folds, parting her pussy lips and delving deep inside of her wet cunt. Sliding my body back and forth, slowly at first, so I could enjoy every second, every slide of my thick hard cock inside of her wet pussy. I released a huge groan of pure ecstasy, "UGHHHHHHHH!" as I pulled back and with all the force I could, slam my cock deep up inside of her pussy.

Neglected wife

first-time RCPUDGE 2018-11-28

After meeting for the first time and Carol telling me she liked to see cocks, I asked her back over to  my apartment. As the actor began to remove his pants, I asked if she wanted a drink. When the actress slowly pulled his underwear down to reveal his 9 inch cock, Carol's eyes widened and her hand covered her mouth and she licked her lips. in nothing but her underwear, she took a drink and said,  "Why don't  you get undressed,  I like to see cock." Suggestively, I asked if Carol wanted a big cock, She hesitated a few moments and said " Yes, but If I suck a big cock, will you still love me".

First Time for Candy

first-time hotpinkdrippingwet1 2018-11-28

Suddenly I realized I was not alone, I had forgotten that the handyman was coming to fix the lock on the pool house door. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter He asked me if I had ever been with a man before, I told him 'no' but that I would love to feel his huge throbbing cock inside my tight little pussy because it was aching for it. Every time he pulled his tongue out, strings of my wetness would show from his mouth to my pussy. Suddenly I exploded all over his mouth, he wouldn't let go of my clit so I kept coming hard. Finally, I begged for his cock inside me, it slid right in from all the wetness and filled my tight pussy full, stretching it.