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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Walking Orgasm Ch. 01

first-time Amyfriend 2018-09-17

I remember like it was yesterday when Dad had left us, I was about 12 years old, he took off with a beautiful young woman to see the world, mother had said. I left school at 19 years old after Mom had passed away and I went to work for Mr. Jacobs the family lawyer, in his office downtown. I had worked for him fulltime for several months but one day he walked into the backroom storage closet where I was working to organize all the piles and piles of closed files and I was like two seconds away from having one of those eye popping orgasms. "Don't worry Debbie, it's our secret, I won't tell anyone." Mr. Jacobs whispered in my ear and once I got my composure he left and never said another word about it that day.

The cult

first-time youngsex 2018-09-17

He loved a tight cunt to fuck and that is why he got to fuck each young girl first. Now spread your legs for my cock as I fuck your cunt hard and deep." He then fucked her several more times that day. The day that Lea was pregnant the leader took her to his room and told her "Today I get to fuck that tight ass of yours and fill it with my juice. "This will hurt the first time but soon after a few ass fuckings you will enjoy it as much as I do." He put two fingers in her ass and fucked her before he let his cock enter her tight hole.

Manipulating Her Mind Ch. 02

first-time daddymassa 2018-09-17

As Jennifer breathed heavily through her nose, with effort for every breath, the stranger suddenly let two of his fingers slide inside of her pussy. "You are going to wrap your legs around him and let him fuck you however hard he wants, and when you feel he is about ready to cum, you are to squeeze your legs around him, as tight as possible, and take his cum in your pussy. I could see Jennifer trying to break away from my cock with her mouth so she could moan while cumming, but I did not let her. I wanted Jennifer to experience the pleasure of the stranger cumming in her, gagging on my cock and my cum, while she is feeling wave after wave of her own orgasm.

sunny's wife's away

first-time sunnybrown 2018-09-17

During his lunch break that day, Sunny was completing his brisk three-quarter mile walk on a circuit on Athlone’s waterfront and walked up to his usual seat to see it was partly occupied by a woman who was well dressed wearing dark sunglasses and had her legs open. “Yes I’ll have lunch with you purely because I’m a bit peckish and it’s the best offer I’ve had and I don’t like eating alone.” “Sorry but you should know that’s the woman’s responsibility,” Sunny said smoothly as he settled quickly into rhythm and reached under Debra and mashed her tits. When having his pre-lunch walk that day, Stewart thought well all both of them had wanted was sex so why bother with contact details when no future contact was likely.

Average Joe Ch. 01

first-time DG Hear 2018-09-17

After arriving at my new home, living with Aunt Trudy and Uncle Ralph, I became very withdrawn; I guess I felt I didn't quite fit in. Aunt Trudy always treated me nicely but Uncle Ralph gave me the impression that I was just another mouth to feed. My Uncle Ralph and Aunt Trudy asked to talk to me one evening. Aunt Trudy and Uncle Ralph as well as my four cousins came to my graduation. When I asked Mary about not having a stove she told me that Robert usually ate dinner with them, otherwise the two ovens were sufficient. I went over and asked Aunt Trudy if she would like to see the apartment.

Bosom Buddies Ch. 03

first-time bosombuddies 2018-09-17

Sense memory assaulted me as I washed off: the feel of Amy's smooth shaven pussy straddling my thigh, the sounds of Talia's lusty breathing as she reveled in her first lesbian kisses, my brief glimpse, at long last, of Corrine's mouth-watering chest, the smell of Elizabeth's arousal and the lingering taste of her lips on mine. Not wanting to neglect anyone, I turned my face away from Elizabeth, still fondling her tits while Stephanie and I wrestled our tongues together. "What's it feel like?" Elizabeth asked, likewise transfixed by the sight of Stephanie playing with me. While the two beautiful naked girls caressed me down below, I reached out and squeezed their matching sets of huge heaving breasts, gently grazing my hands across their pert nipples.

My 1st time with a China women

first-time 312chitown 2018-09-17

Since I stay so long I got to know the hotel staff very well. As soon as we were done with dinner I asked for bill and we went back to my room. We got back to my room, sat on the bed and talked for a little. She then took my cock out of her mouth and said it was he first time for her to suck on a cock.I told her just to put in back in her mouth, keep her hand moving up and down and suck with her head in an up and down motion. I told her I was close to cumming and she got off of me.

Twist of Fate

first-time stickivicki 2018-09-17

Four months earlier, Sophie Huffman and her father Floyd were traveling to Las Vegas for her 18th birthday. She worked out a year or so ago that if her father bet big enough in Las Vegas on a sure table he would be able to wipe his slate clean and let her finish school. The dealer opened a new pack, shuffled them, and slid two cards onto the table, one to Michael, one to Floyd. The frequency of his visits increased over the next three months; he had new girl in training there, a young and innocent beauty with dark hair and brown eyes, sure to be a big hit with the clients as soon as her training was finished.

The All-America Virgin Ch. 03

first-time GQquietguy 2018-09-17

You'll never stray, Travis Rook, because every night, and lunchtime on the weekends, Edie Coltan Rook is going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before! Yet, Edie's intangibles - her ability to fuck me blind often and her devotion to me as her desirable man - can't be communicated to my teammates, who will look at her ass and make their decisions based on her...base. You can feel happy because I picked the sexiest, most gorgeous woman with the beautiful black hair, the lovely French dark eyes, and world's best tits to show me the way, and that's great because a man always remembers his first fuck and with you, Edie, why should I go out and hunt for a second one.

The Window Ch. 05

first-time catmanhunting 2018-09-17

She edged the chair over for a better view of Johnny and took a little time getting the bullet out and loaded, then slid it over her clit and hit the button. That view was enough to hold her interest as she finished getting the salad ready: he was definitely leaner than he had been, and he was splitting wood with an intensity that suggested his mind was elsewhere struggling with something. She sat and ate, and watched him work and sweat; the pile of firewood already under the (new) shelter told her he was taking something out in work, instead of dealing with whatever it was: she had a pretty good idea of just what that might be, and decided it was time to make it harder for him to ignore.

Learning Life's Lessons Ch. 02

first-time SilkAndSatin 2018-09-17

Mickey just nodded and smiled, noticing occasionally that Maxine was looking at him. As Maxine's foot began to push between his knees, Mickey felt himself growing rapidly under the table. Every time he got close, Mickey would slow the pace and breath deeply for a few seconds, then speed back up again to a hard fucking rhythm. As time flew by, Maxine felt her inner walls screaming at her with ever greater pleasure and Mickey felt them tightening around his cock with every passing minute. Mickey let out a little cry as his hot cum filled her insides, and Maxine screamed as the orgasm took hold of her, setting her whole body on fire.

It Was A Dark And Windy Night

first-time CornishBabe 2018-09-17

The plan was to head into the moors, climb a few hills, take some photos and then camp for the night, the same thing again on Saturday and then we would head home on Sunday, back in time for the Sunday soaps and to get last minute assignments written up. It was also getting very cold and wet outside, the sky had been darkening since the others had left and so Andy and I had tucked ourselves into our sleeping bags and shut the door of the tent, determined to sit out the storm and continue the hike on Sunday morning for a few hours before going home.


Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 11

first-time BeamMeUp 2018-09-17

A real cat fight with claws drawn erupts between two competing pussies in this semi-final conclusion about 20 year-old sensual Singapore virgin Selena's adventures as a hired au pair to a very broad minded French couple Jacques, 50, and his 30 year-old lover Josette. "Of course you do you little cat, I got you this job because Jacques only wanted to screw a young chick your age to see if Mr Wonderful that he thinks he is was still up to it," Josette hisses, leaning forward putting her face right up to Selena who's turned ashen faced, blinking in fear.

Erin taught a terrible lesson - 1

first-time petdyke 2018-09-17

He creeps over her and whispers: "High time to teach you a lesson, Erin. And you know you deserve it". Pete erects and looks all over her body. The mix of Erin's embarrasment, fear and hot looks. He knows what will be up. Without any warning, Erin feels her cheeks parted by his strong hands. Time to feel how that can hurt." Without any further warning Erin feels the violent intrusion of Pete's prick. Pete is so big, brutal, long and strong. He leaves Erin no time to get into it. Pete notices and withdraws. Sexually it arouses Erin more than being brutally ass-****d in her holy hole. Smart Pete notices it immediately and stops to please her.

Eighteen Holes Ch. 02

first-time lusthammer 2018-09-17

"I know, I bet my daughter's backpack has something we could use to mop up all your cum." I gasped out loud at that thought, but Mrs. Dixon continued, "That would work, right? Mrs. Dixon's hand continued to stroke my shaft but now she dropped her mouth over the head of my dick and sucked. I reached out to touch her ass as she climbed over the seat, but Mrs. Dixon chided me, "Next time, big man, next time." My head was clearing and I suddenly grasped what that meant. The rest of the day and the work I had to do seemed a little bit easier to take as I thought of Mrs. Dixon and her bare, shaved pussy.

Every Girl Has Her Price

first-time shaved_toy_boy 2018-09-17

"Do you want fries with that?" "No thanks," Kyle answered looking at the girl's name tag. have seen your face!" he said as he held his hands out." "What?" Juana asked looking at his Juana heard Kyle tell the woman to come to him, and the tape went blank as she did as "I made even more than you thought I would." Kyle looked at Juana and handed walked into the restaurant, and remembered Kyle's words, "Look happy." Smiling at a middle age her and said, "Nice outfit, Juana." She smiled at him and answered, "Do you really like it, there wants to buy you a drink." Juana looked at the guy, middle aged and already half d***k.

Texas Tease

first-time clairepenn 2018-09-17

Cindy sighed and leaned back into me, her ass right against my cock, as I started to massage her titties and squeeze her nipples, eliciting a squeal of joy. I felt Cindy's pussy vibrate against my mouth and could tell she was cumming again, her cries muffled by the cock in her mouth. Fuck me as hard as you can and let me feel your cum in my pussy!" I positioned myself and used my hand to slowly guide my dick inside her, moaning as I felt those moist, tight walls engulf my shaft and massage it. When she could manage to make words, Cindy talked dirty to me, telling me how good my cock felt and how much she wanted me to fuck her and how much she wanted to make me cum.

shoplifter has to pay the price

first-time Johnnytames69 2018-09-17

I told Mike to park in the back alley the following Friday night so they wouldn’t see him, and to wait in the store room until they showed up. When Mike came back into the office, I told him to give the girl a break this one time. After Mike left, I told Dawn to meet me at the Days Inn across the street wearing a short skirt and no panties the next day at 4:30 PM if she wanted to see her ‘problem’ disappear. I grabbed her from the chair and then pushed her down onto her knees, gripped her face and shoved my still hard cum covered cock into her mouth and face fucked her for a good 10 minutes.

Tammy Tate Ch. 02

first-time Slickman 2018-09-17

Tammy tried to concentrate on what the teachers were saying that day but couldn't stop thinking about Brad. "No stay," Tammy smiled as Brad sit next to her and leaned over to kiss her. Half way through lunch Amy tossed away her trash and moved into the seat across from Tammy and Brad. Now that she was going out with Brad and knew she would spend time with him on the weekends she could concentrate again on her classes. Brad ate quickly and hurried to finish his homework so he could call Tammy at the agreed upon time. "Good morning Bradley," Tammy's father said opening the door. Brad realized that he did not know that he was going out with Tammy.


first-time Kaishaku 2018-09-17

Harry kept his mouth on Jenny's as he opened his mouth just slightly letting his tongue taste her cherry flavored lip gloss. He waited for a moment, wondering if perhaps Jenny might stop this, might say, "No." Harry watched as her brow furled slightly, as she lightly bit her lips and then as she reached up and gloriously began unbuttoning her blouse. He slid his fingers out of Jenny's still convulsing pussy, kicked his shoes off, pulled his pants and underwear down and leaned onto her, his cock finding her soaking wet opening and plunging inside. Harry eased his cock out of Jenny's pussy and whispered to her, "You were incredible, so wonderful and so beautiful."

Over the River and Through the Woods Pt2

first-time pornaholic63 2018-09-17

“We want to know if you’ll show us what it’s like,” Jeanette said. Wanna come up to my bedroom and show us how?” Sheri put her hand on the front of his pants and rubbed the lump and Jeanette’s mouth fell open. Ethan was so f***eful, shoving his woody into Sheri’s mouth like that. Sheri put it right into her mouth and sucked, moving her head rapidly back and forth. She was rubbing the head of Ethan’s woody over her slit and it felt good, like a big, fat tongue was licking her sweet pussy. Jeanette opened her eyes and looked up into Sheri and Ethan’s faces. Jeanette and Sheri looked like a pair of sweet angels, wrapped in each other’s bare arms and legs.

kissing my girlfriend for the first time.

first-time sopayne 2018-09-17

It was New year eve and my girlfriend and I didn't have our men around so we decided that we were going to go downtown and see some fire works. all the things girls do before going somewhere special. Then It was time for us to head out of the door around 10pm. when the fireworks were going off my girlfriend turns to me and kisses me on the mouth in front of hundreds of people! Wow not just a peck on the lips but tongue kissing. OMG it was unexpected and wrong, but right at the same time. Now I want to go further then just a kiss and I'm working on that. That was me very first girl kiss.

ingrid 1

first-time stig1963 2018-09-17

Ingrid paused after several wraps and slowly pulled on the tail of the rope, forcing my upper arms closer together. I remembered my threat about being difficult and turned my head away from Andre's cock, clamping my mouth shut. I was aware of Ingrid standing beside Andre, looking down on me while surrendered my mouth to her boyfriend's cock. Suddenly Andre pulled his cock right out my mouth and stepped back from me. "Look at the little slut Andre, she's crawling on her knees because she is desperate to get your cock in that pretty mouth of hers." I felt totally debased. "Mmmmm, taste this babe." Ingrid said as she put her finger up to Andre's mouth.

Broadly Sexual Pt. 01: The Beginning

first-time broadlysexual 2018-09-17

It was true then and it's true now - I now use the 'college school year is starting' to turn the tables and have fun with younger guys (but that's a later story). Mark said, in a cheery voice, "Hey man, what's up?" He had a Heineken in his hand and gestured it toward me, "Want a beer?" "Sure," I said, my heart beating pretty hard at this point, but my dick also starting to come to attention in my jeans. I think i'm going to suck a dick for the first time!' My dick was hard in my pants as I was on my knees in front of a half naked man, about to get my first taste of cock.