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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Playing in the Woods

first-time treegirl92 2018-09-17

Kaylee pulled her fingers out and by placing her hands squarely on my shoulders, pushed me away from Adam and down to the ground so I was leaning against an old tree stump. Adam moaned loudly from underneath Kaylee as I thrust him deep inside me one last time and I closed my eyes and came to a shattering finish, my muscles clenching around his shaft and a yell escaping my open mouth. Adam pumped his warm seed inside me as he brought Kaylee to her second climax by penetrating her pussy with his fingers and furiously rubbing her clit with his tongue – giving her an almighty orgasm.


first-time n8xpr 2018-09-17

I closed my eyes and wished it was Mark dumping his load deep in my pussy , it was such a wonderful feeling that every night before I could fall asl**p I had to stroke my cunt and get myself off only then could I fall asl**p and with a huge smile on my face. Liz gets up and walks out the door and in a few seconds reappeared with Mark in tow she closes the door and says to Mark drop your shorts I'm going to teach Rachel to suck your cock . Without hesitation he drops his shorts as Liz reaches and gently strokes his cock then licks the head before she takes it deep in her mouth.

Taken... on a 7 Nights, 8 Lays Cruise

first-time MrsJ 2018-09-17

I, too, eagerly looked forward to our next intimate encounter...and I teased her by suggesting I had an insatiable need for sex, which would mean she should expect to be penetrated -- as she had just been -- hourly on that first night of the cruise! This would allow her to perhaps initiate some discussions over the dinner table about improving their sexual techniques...and perhaps it would also make it easy for her tell the girls she was now planning to invite more men home to enjoy sex with her...and she might even feel she could suggest to her daughters that they could do the same. I discovered, though, that under Kirsty's rules, it would be her turn to receive 'the pain before the pleasure' when we were to spend our next night together in 3 days' time.

Soaking with a Mormon Gal in College

first-time ILoveBigBush 2018-09-17

At around this time, Ella said, "Now I want you in my mouth." She hoisted herself on her side revealing her nice womanly curves and took a nice long lick along my shaft from my balls to my tip. Ella's pussy was still holding the majority of my cock back, but I had the feeling if I held the position and waited long enough eventually her vagina would swallow me up. I readily agreed and through a series of 'you turn this way,' and 'I'll move this way' commands, we managed to flip over without my taking my penis out of Ella's vagina and with no thrust or movement of any kind while inside of her.

Confessions of a Gentleman Episode 1

first-time hornymill 2018-09-17

On one of those regular days, I had returned from school, Mum is still busy in the shop, I had my lunch retorted to my dad's cassette player playing some new tapes I got next-door.while I was sitting in the living room still enjoying my music. Ijeoma handed me the container of her cream " rub this on my back she commanded" I obliged by applying the cream on her back as she demanded and hurriedly ran back to the sitting room. It took her no time to notice I was gazing at her ass and she turned and pulled my ear like a sling " small boy what are you staring at" I was 18 years old but believe me I had never seen a bare ass ever in my entire life.

Me And The Mother-In-Law

first-time isixtynine4u 2018-09-16

and when she leaned back she kissed me on the cheek and said how sweet i was and i told her then she reached and grabbed my cock (i had on some thin shorts) and said OH MY i asked her what was wrong and she said nothing ive just never felt a cock so big .. and ask me if i would eat her out and of course i said sure so she slipped off her pink lace panties and i was eating her like a starving bear she was moaning so loud i thought she was gonna wake and she said me too Geez you are so fucking big and hard i love your cock and with that i started

My First Anal Encounter

first-time 2018-09-16

He said his name was David and he told me he had watched me all night and wanted to suck my cock. "Well I have" was all I go out when David kissed me deeply and asked "does that change you mind?" It did be cause my cock started to grow hard by the second. I could not wait to lick his asshole and went at it rimming it all around and inside. David took that to mean I wanted the same and licked my ass too. Soon I was on all fours and his cock was sliding inside me deeper and deeper. "Fuck me harder" I screamed. David came in my asshole and licked what little dripped out.

Creamed by Stranger

first-time anitabrausa 2018-09-16

I was in the specific room for married people and chatted with many different men. After many invitations from him to meet I told him I wanted to call him in his office and he give me his phone number. I close my eyes and felt his cock enter my mouth, it was a little salty and strong smell. I got his cock very wet and try to go very deep and he guide my head. He call me some slut names and ask me to sit on his cock. I pull away and his cum touches my panties get more wet. I go home and stay in traffic for long time with this man´s cum inside my pussy and panties.


first-time Ashson 2018-09-16

"You know, Simon," I said, "if you want to have Grace sleep with you you're not going to shock me. I'd actually seen a bit of a look on Grace's face that led me to believe that the abstention was Simon's decision more than hers. Grace came in and seemed to think that the room needed a little bit of tidying up. Glancing out the partly open door I saw Simon step out of his room and head towards Grace's. Simon came bustling in as soon as the door opened, Grace following more slowly. As I went to open the door for Simon I was thinking that Grace seemed to have a bit of divine protection.

My GF first sex

first-time dhature93 2018-09-16

All my friends were doing it, and while I went out with guys all the time, I never met anyone who I really wanted to fuck. I got hotter than I ever have with a guy and began to feel my pussy get wet and tense. Nick (that's his name) was really sweet...he sucked me all over, my breasts, my neck, my stomach, my clit...his lips made me so hot and horny. Nick sat on the bed and I tried to lower myself onto his cock, but it was so big...I could get it half way in, but it hurt, and I wanted him to be able to really fuck me...I wanted to feel his weight on me.

My scheme

first-time sillver67 2018-09-16

 And I know exactly where I want it, in my bathroom shower with hot water running down us as we passionaly explore each other body. First I would undress her and we would kiss as we both walk into the shower I'd turn the hot water on as I feel her smooth body making my way down to her toned ass. Well I would stand and take her hand and let her feel my cock and explore it, she would rub and stroke it hard making me moan softly as we kiss and tongue. Me feeling her breast and her soft tits, she would get excited again and start jerking harder on my cock I'd would rock into each trust to show her she is doing a good job.

My s****r Taught Me

first-time sinner951 2018-09-16

I don't know how long it was before I asked her if I could see her naughty places again and without saying a word she slowly rolled on to her side without removing her eyes from the television and slid her shirt up to show her tits and then moved her hand down and unbuttoned the fly on her jeans, this time she was panty-less and when she pulled the flaps of her jeans open, there it was again, that beautiful patch of fur. I remember in my dream that I can't believe this is happening and I’m thinking about my wife a little but I’m looking at my s****r with her with legs wide open showing me that beautiful pussy of hers between those luscious tan thighs.

An Unforgettable Dream

first-time sweetsheryl 2018-09-16

I started the game by asking him to tell the truth about himself to me, he told me everything about his family and his work. By this time we had almost 3 large peg of vodka, it was my turn again in the game, I asked him to speak the truth about me as he feels I was. He looked hesitated at first and then he slowly moved himself closer to me, he kissed my forehead, then my eyes then he started smooching me and as he was doing so I felt his hand on my right boob caressing it. He started pushing his tongue in my pussy as if he was telling me what he wanted to do next by this time I was completely under his control now.

Hardonis Academy P-2

first-time VictorL4fun 2018-09-16

So he continued to open the front of the new student=s blouse, smiling as he saw that she was wearing a little lacy blue bra, to hold her small breasts in place. After a few moments of caressing his new student's body, Principle Lazlow moves his fingers lower. Looking down between her legs as the older man opened his hand, and began to stroke his fingers up and down. Lazlow smiled "Do not worry, just hold very still" He cut the front of her bra in a skilful stroke of his right hand, as his left hand pulled it away from the startled little student. Principle Lazlow finger fucked his new student for several minutes, enjoying the gasps and moans she made, enjoying how her little pussy gripped his finger.

Au P(h)air Ch 1

first-time belab 2018-09-16

She took out a measuring tape and placed it along side my shaft and said "Eleven and a half inches." She pooped it back into her excited mouth and just continued to slobber along the side of my cock, rubbing it over her face, and rubbing it with her hands. This was new to me, and she had me fuck the space between her heavy breasts as she bent her head over and mouthed the head of my cock each time it emerged a alternatively along it to graze the lush carpet in her unshaven armpit gardens. She kept sucking it and my throbbing pole was excited as I gazed at the long hair in her bushy armpits “Silvia raise your arms please I want to see the jet-black hair in your unshaven pits”.

A Year Of First Times Ch. 03

first-time Theeeeee1 2018-09-16

We both knew why we were there so without saying a word, Torrie took her shoes off, moved over onto the console that separated the bucket seats, leaned her seat forward and slipped into the backseat. Apparently enjoying the feeling, Torrie started rubbing up and down the length of my dick with her pussy. The feeling was sensational as the swollen head of my dick moved between the smooth slick lips of her pussy. Instead of trying to fuck Torrie, I began slowly kissing my way down her body. Torie held my head close to her pussy as I began tongue fucking her. Not long after that Torrie pushed my mouth away from her pussy and slowly moved off of my face.

My First Time

first-time lover_boy_81 2018-09-16

Five minutes later she came back in "Thanks my mom is on the way" she gave me a kiss on the side of my cheek and handed my phone back and went back to her dad who gave her a hug and looked over and waved at me. walked her in the first thing she did was close my bed room door and said I have been wanting to does this all day pushed me on the bed straddled my and kissed me and then proceeded dry hump me I didn't know what to do.

When did Mom Start Wanting Me part 8

first-time HankWilliams1956 2018-09-16

Feeling Sarua's cum flowing out of her hairy pussy and her pussy muscles squeezing my hard cock, I slowed down some with my pumping in and out, to let her ride out her orgasm but kept a some what slow pumping action in and out, till she calmed down some, then started speeding up again, at a slow speed. When Sarua was in the sixty nine position over Martha, I moved up on to my knees behind Sarua, and let Martha suck my cock for a moment, then I stuck my hard dick back into Sarua's hairy pussy, and started fucking her with a some what slow speed again.

Growing Up

first-time 2018-09-16

She would look real close at it and asked why it was hard and I told her what mom said because that's all I really knew. He pulled down his shorts and his dick was pretty small and not hard but he started moving his fingers all over it and I could see it growing bigger. When I looked in, my mom was sitting on the side of her bed and my dad was standing right in front of her like when I showed my dick but she was jerking him like I do. My dad climbed on the bed and layed next to her and they started kissing and his hand was playing with her tits and I could see her nipples get real hard.

Innocence in the Office Ch. 01

first-time wickedlyimpure 2018-09-16

It seemed for the rest of the day his office door was revolving- Rosie barged in multiple times, once to tell him about an appointment, once to complain about how cold the air-conditioning was, once to say she knew an air-conditioner service man in the Italian community who could come out and have a look at it, and once to thank-him for recognising her hard work and dedication by hiring her an assistant. Patrick preferred to use the weights in his office during his lunchbreak- pushing himself physically cleared the haze in his mind from the mornings work, and feeling the familiar tension in his muscles made him feel like a powerful man, in control.

P01_Birthday Rubdown

first-time Geeky_lover 2018-09-16

She walked Poindexter to the same massage room his clothes were in and said, "I'll give a little extra and start the hour when I walk back in." Poindexter took off the towel and laid face down. Poindexter had read many sites on massage parlors and knew that 40/60 were the average half-hour, hour door fees for his area. He also knew $200 total (including door fee) for blow-job/straight sex with just one orgasm was a good price. She gave him pointers on how to eat pussy and he actually did well enough for her to enjoy it but not so good as to cum from it (although she the kind of woman that had to be fucked with a phallus-shaped object to reliably get off).

Friend loses her virginity to the car

first-time GothxxSlut 2018-09-16

This is a short telling of what happened My friends and I needed to get home quickly and we only had a 4 seat car and 6 people. We managed 3 in the back but my friend amy who had just turned 18 had to sit in-between me and the driver. We were going along nice until I had noticed she had mo panties on under her short white skirt which I began touching. Our driver had noticed this and slammed on the breaks before going through a red light. Which caused Amy to fall backwards. The drive stick went all the way inside of her pussy breaking clean through her hymen and free flowing bl**d as she cried out in pain.

The Virginity Project

first-time Stormysailor 2018-09-16

Malcolm ran his tongue between Judy's inner and outer lips, clockwise and anti clockwise, with a few extra laps around her clit. Pizza delivered to the door, a movie, the ten 'o' clock news and then Judy took to the stairs closely followed by Malcolm clutching her buttocks. Judy paused and asked Malcolm who he was imagining was on the end of his cock. Judy and Kim went shopping the following afternoon while Malcolm prepared supper. "Virtually no experience," started Kim but her words changed to 'aahs' and 'oohs' as Malcolm ran his tongue over her inner labia and clitorus. Malcolm rolled over on the his back and Kim took the hint.

The After Party (continued)

first-time trisexual69lvbbc 2018-09-16

Kevin stood facing me, slowly stroking his big black cock and pinching my nipples. As I slowly breathed out, Kevin's big hard cock began to penetrate my hole. When Kevin slid his cock into my mouth, a chill went through me as Reyna's hair covered my chest and belly as her warm mouth covered my cock head and she began to slowly blow me, watching Jesse's huge cock slide in and out of my wet asspussy. Reyna stood up and f***ed my face toward her cameltoe, and Jesse was hardly even pulling out anymore, his thrust deep and hard buried in my throbbing hole. "I want to make you cum." And as Kevin and Jesse withdrew, Reyna turned to Linda.