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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First Fuck With My Period

first-time mspiggy545 2018-09-16

(By the way, my tits are huge.) Stuttering, I said, "We can't have sex, I have my period right now." He just laughed and continued what he was doing. Then he pushed me back on my own bed and started rubbing my pussy. Finally, he took his cock in his hands. Before he put it in my pussy, I told him, "Just so you know I have never had sex before." There was no response. Slowly he rubbed his cock on my pussy. It felt like my pussy was on fire. Suddenly I felt hot stuff in the inside of me and he said he had just cummed in me. Then he took his cock out of my pussy and it was covered in bl**d.

The road to lesbianism, my first taste of the swee

first-time mamacita23 2018-09-16

I could tell it was her real hair, I couldn't help but think about how much prettier she would be if she took the braids out and straightened it. I felt like I was about to cum just by kissing her. I felt shocks go through my entire body as she pulled the dress completely off. I was about to tell he to stop teasing me when she took my whole clit in her mouth. Her fingers were so deep inside me and she told me she wanted me to cum in her mouth. She came up and kissed my face as she told me "Next time it'll be your turn." I got dressed and headed to my car.

Sibling Deal 01

first-time drew1207 2018-09-16

This isn't sounding too good, so I think I need to tell you what happened that weekend, starting Friday night and working my way to Monday evening football practice. She smiled and said, "Sorry, but I can't let my little b*****r pinching my nipples." Looking down at my bulge, she said, "That must be uncomfortable and because my b*o's been a pervert, what do you say we see just how long we can keep that thing up like that." I said the only thing I could think of, "s*s, you don't know how bad I want to feel your tits," and I started to raise my hands toward her bra.

My Town's Story II

first-time mooremike 2018-09-16

"Thank you, Billy." Becky said but as she looked at me and let the tip of her sexy tongue run over her upper lip. I desperately tried to think of anything but mind instead flashed between a naked Jolene and the mature Becky sucking my cock. My daughter is with her daddy tonight so we have plenty of time." She said as she parted her legs and started rub her pussy. Soon the only thing I heard was her wet pussy taking my cock, both of us breathing hard and sound of my pelvis slapping hard against her mature body. This time I pulled out and watch large globs of cum drip on the bed as Becky could only shake and moan with an intense orgasm.

Strickly Business

first-time jaybreezie 2018-09-16

She was plunging her fingers deeply into her wet pussy as she spoke, “I would suck his dick until it got hard again then I’d sit on it and let it sink deep inside my pussy”. “Do you know what would happen if he got hard again while I was licking his big fat delicious dick”?she ran her tongue along her lips and said in a low throaty voice, “I would bent over and let him put that sweet, big old fat dick in my ass. I rubbed it over the opening then pushed forward and reentered her pussy “Oh shit that’s good” Tonya said as I began to fuck her again.

The Professor and Sherry

first-time jedeye1 2018-09-16

The washcloth and the Maids hands felt very good as she washed around her clit & pussy, she spread her legs and reached all of the way under her buttocks and back across her pussy lips up and down cleaning so well but exciting Sherry very much she was getting wet and very warm. He then showed the maid the expert way to massage the buttocks, Sherry closed her eyes and just enjoyed so much, she couldn't believe the four hands on her buttocks all around and down between her thighs involving the hips as well, he would lift her a little and his hands would go under her and massage her stomach as he held her, it was so good to describe, hot oil was running down her buttocks and on to her pussy lips causing a little tickle.

Summer's Warmth: A Winter Encounter

first-time MayorReynolds 2018-09-16

My eyes followed Bathrobe Girl as she put a basketful of clothes in one of the available washers. Bathrobe Girl shot her friend an irritated look, and then turned back to me. Images rushed through my head, and as one might guess, they were images of how Bathrobe Girl looked sans-robe. "You want to see my boobs?" Bathrobe Girl asked, lightly touching her jutting rack with her right hand. A fresh-faced, naïve, nervous looking, blonde 18-year-old co-ed was in the center of the cover photo, with curious eyes and a finger in her mouth. I looked at the screen, where the blonde was now on the floor, with the redhead tonguing her twat as the blonde helped herself to mouthfuls of the dark-haired girl's small nipples.

Innocence Gone in a Heartbeat

first-time MASHKAVEEZO 2018-09-16

Instinctually, I kissed the strapless shoulder and slowly pulled the jacket down past her biceps, her elbows, arms and hands where it dropped to the hard wood floor. When we released I took the polo off only to witness Ana quickly lift the sundress up over her head exposing her naked breasts. My hands, my mouth, my eyes, all came to a stand still as that zipper was pulled slowly over the head and then shaft of my cock. My hands were left free to squeeze, caress and feel her amazing breasts. I opened my eyes and looked at this incredible woman, sexy and beautiful holding my dick in her right hand.

The Very First Time

first-time miss_advantage 2018-09-16

Billy took her thrusts to mean that it was time, he quickly got in place between her legs and took her breath away when he shoved his cock roughly up her tight cunt. Billy slowed his pace watching her face with little interest, really being more turned on that it didn't seem like she wanted this, he grinned putting her legs up over her shoulders and tilting her cunt tightly over his cock, he could see his head press up against her belly happy to see she was slim enough to pull this off for him. He told Anne that he found her exquisite and would really like to get a mouthful of her ass if it wasn't too much to ask, pressing his middle finger twisting the fabric against her asshole.

My Freshman Year Ch. 02B

first-time Mrs_Jones 2018-09-16

I couldn't help but look and lust after Max and knew I had to have him in my mouth because he was so big and beautiful plus I knew I would be the next one to be taken by Max and since I had just sucked another guy earlier tonight and took some of his cum and I had also sucked my boyfriend before, plus I had just sucked Bill's left nut, I just couldn't help myself any longer. I was so turned on with his dick in my mouth, the next thing I know the twins started to cum as I saw their holes slam shut and they all let out a loud howl.

s*s bf

first-time 2018-09-16

About 10 minutes had passed since and the door opened and Ram walked out and sat across from me and picked up the newspaper to read. I called Ram in a low tone and asked him if everything is fine, he said yeah in a very unconvincing way and went back to reading the paper. It all seemed so casual like he was going to show me a new tattoo or something, he pulled out his dick and he said he was semi erect. I did not know what he had in mind when he said help him but I reached out and wrapped my hand around him and started jerking him off.

The Phone Call - True Story

first-time scifo84 2018-09-16

I was mainly spending time visiting with people, good friends I hadn't seen in too long and reconnecting with f****y instead of the usual emails and phone calls. Well it was about halfway between my f****y and my friends (I didn't stay with the f****y though they had room as I like to have my own space and time) and I knew the area. My hotel was nothing special, just the usual anonymous glass and concrete building but it was comfortable, the air conditioning worked (a blessing in the heat of the night) and the bed was good and big and the mattress good and firm. The book wasn't good but it was all I had left to read and I really didn't feel like cranking up my laptop so soon I was bored and the beer was finished.

I Promised Mama

first-time Ashson 2018-09-16

Like I said, it's not long to the wedding and it will be all the better for having a little self-restraint." Alison sort of froze for a moment at that comment, and as she actually had a hold of her skirt I relinquished it and transferred my attention to her panties. "I'm Zeb. Some additional information regarding me is that I'm not marrying you shortly, I haven't promised my mother to wait for a wedding and I'm quite prepared to take you behind the bushes and teach to what you want to know." Not wanting to actually strip the girl in public, I pulled her blouse loose from her skirt and went exploring, pushing her bra up and over the hills, replacing it with a pair of eager hands.

Harry Potter and Nymphadora Tonks

first-time dgoodall1701 2018-09-16

As she began to bob her head up and down in Harry’s lap, working his manhood in and out of her mouth while applying suction, Tonks felt her pussy growing wetter than it had ever before in her life. “And you my delicious Nymphadora are so incredibly soft, wet, and tight around me,” Harry replied while flexing his hips and prick in such a way as to rub his tool against his partner’s g-spot. Even while incredible pleasure surged through the joined sexes of the Potter male and his new woman his magic reached into Tonks and claimed her as his in a way no other male would ever be able to do.

Being a Good Neighbor

first-time fotisampini 2018-09-15

"Vern's ready for some fun, Laura, feel how hard he is," and Brenda's daughter's hand exchanged places with her's slowly rubbing me up and down. After we had such a wonderful time, I wanted Laura to enjoy you, too," said Brenda from behind me, her breasts feeling so nice rubbing around on my back. "Mmm, oh, yes, oh, Vern, you've got me there, oh, yes, AAH, AAH, unh, unh, oh, yes, yes, oh, so, so wonderful, uuhhm, yes," and she bent down and began kissing me as her hips continued on moving up and down, fucking me so nicely. "Mmm, you're a wonderful lover, Vern, a real dream," and we kissed for a few minutes then I rolled off her as Laura came in the room, still naked, and sat on the bed.

The Pregnant Colleague

first-time shivagothe 2018-09-15

I moved my mouth over her clit and applied slight suction to it, she immediately rose up and moaned and I pushed my index finger gently into her hot tight pussy. She started repeatedly saying “Oh god yes, Oh god it feels so good.” My finger by this time was at max depth and her clit felt as if it was going to explode. Patti reached down and grasped my cock once again; she looked up at me and asked if I was going to give her pussy some of it. Patti rolled over and started kissing all over me, telling me she had never felt a man cum so hard for so long.

Seeing my first hard cock

first-time nobodywashere 2018-09-15

Not quite sure how it started, but my friend Tommy wanted to show me his cock. He was nice and hard. Now I know he was quite small. We spent the summer showing each other our cocks. We would look at stolen girlie magazines. We lived in a small town and our parents would leave us to fend for ourselves in the summer while our parents were at work. I still remember his cock. He was always rock hard. Very small but extremely hard. But when I asked to suck him, he turned me down. I didn't ask again. He liked that I brought him stolen porn and like to watch me cum. He never did cum.

Tami, my office manager

first-time badasian 2018-09-15

She said yes and told me lately she’s been feeling like she wanted to experiment and the thought of stuff like that was really getting her for some reason. She said she still would do that when she masturbated and liked to suck and lick her juice off her husband’s cock when he fucked her but he was kind of, well, prudish sometimes about sex. It was working, it took a bit, but I got hard enough to fuck, and Tami took back over and rubbed me all over her pussy and then slid the head of my cock into her. I could feel myself shrinking, and as I pulled out, she slid off the desk and started sucking on my cock, cleaning our mingled juices off.

Ladies group picnic...

first-time tonguespoton 2018-09-15

My neighbors wife asked me to drive her to her ladies group meeting on a Thursday afternoon at a local parkway. We arrive to the park and Jeanie leads me up a back trail to a more secluded open area that for me seemed quite a strange place for a womens group meeting. I asked Jeanie how many ladies she expected and she said 10 oe 12. Next thing I know a black haired gal stumbles to her feet, walks next to the tree I was standing at pulls down her shorts and pisses. It was then I turned around and Jeanie was whispering in my ear that I should consider doing more for more money...I sheepishly asked what even though I somehow new it could mean trouble.

The Consummation

first-time golden smog 2018-09-15

Feeling no impatience, fully willing to let him lead them into this mystery, she took the skin from his hand, and moved gracefully away toward the stream. "You also," she breathed eagerly, "I have a great desire to see your body clearly in daylight." It felt good to speak this desire aloud, and to see the answering gratification in his face. She felt a vague wonder that all of that expanse of firm flesh could be accommodated inside her, but she had surrendered herself fully to the experience, and knew only the most passing of apprehension. Though the height of their passion had passed, she continued to let out soft cries of wonder and delight as she held him against her, unwilling to allow his penis to leave her body.

MOM, ME & BREE - My First Thresome

first-time abigfan 2018-09-15

At some point, they moved to mom's bedroom, and in the morning Bree was in the kitchen making breakfast when I got up. My cock was throbbing at that point, not only at the thought of this very attractive and sexy woman in bed with girls like I'd dated, but I'd never seriously thought about sl**ping with an older woman (other than mom). With Mom and Bree out for the evening, and my rock cock straining in my pants, I stepped into my room and lay down on the bed. Bree lays on her back, Mom taking her breast into her mouth, sucking. Bree climbs over us as we all shift position in my bed and she takes mom's other breast into her mouth.

Teaching the Landlady’s Daughter - 1

first-time daviea9 2018-09-15

With a dirty laugh Sue pulled her tights and panties off and removed her crumpled cum stained skirt “I’ve a good mind to make you pay to get this dry cleaned,” she told Amy, “Oh shut up, it’s a washable skirt,” was the good natured reply. Just saying this caused Sue to squirt a bit more juice and when I told Amy to open Sue’s lips and put her fingers inside so that the inside of her hand would rub Sue’s clit she had no sooner done so than Sue came with the loudest cum I had ever heard. “Yummy,” said Sue “but wash your hands before you put them anywhere near your pussy Amy, there must be millions of randy sperm in that load of cum and you don’t want to get up the spout.”

Chance Encounter

first-time damonaffleck 2018-09-15

He laughed out loud and told me that there was no way he was passing up a home cooked dinner from a beautiful woman he'd met in a supermarket. I finished lighting the grill, and walked back in the kitchen to see him leaning against the counter, beer in hand. I looked up at him through wet eyes as I fucked his cock with my mouth, all the while kneading his balls with my right hand. I looked back in all seriousness and said "If you don't fuck me, I'll fuck you." I pulled my dress up over my head, and climbed onto his cock. Then he said "I want to see that ass in action!" and directed me onto my hands and knees.

Mrs. Britt Jensen "Big Tittie Fucker." p

first-time 2018-09-15

Feeling his first rope of cum splash her mouth Mrs. Jensen slapped the boy's hand away from his pole, replacing it with hers. "Hello?" she answered, still looking up at Dirk through cum covered glasses. "Ok, bye" she said tossing Dirk the phone, who hung up immediately. "Shit." Dirk said, straightening himself up as Mrs. Jensen used her torn panties to wipe the boy's cum from her face and chest. Dirk cleaned himself up, stuffed his cock back in his pants and began to reorganize Mrs. Jensen's desk. She finally wiped herself clean, tossing her used panties in the trash; Dirk helped her to her feet. "Bye." the young man said as he watched the married woman walk out with her husband.