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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My b*****r and Me, his first time making luv

first-time meickaa 2018-09-15

“No its not, I been wanting to experience luv making for a long time and I don’t wana wait any longer.” He told me as he tilted his head down. “well don’t be shy hun ok, but you look amazingly beautiful and I luv how your testicles are sagging. “how bad do u wana experience luv making?” I asked him in a serious way. I asked him about making luv with you and he said if we ever did that you could know the secret but not to ever tell anyone. I wana know that you offered to let me feel what sex is like and I don’t wana this to keep me from experiencing it.” he said to me in a serious way.

The Trial of Julie

first-time Mikebasil 2018-09-15

Yer put a friggin’ great mirror up so’s that when yer shines yer light across t’ cave it reflects back an’ shows yer t’ way ter go!” Julie looked around and sure enough by the side of the mirror was a small passageway. Come open your basket and let us feast our eyes on your wealth.” Julie opened the basket and lifted the little kitten out, blinking in the sudden bright sunlight, and held it gently for Shiro-san to see. Come bring your little kitten I have something to show you.” So saying she rose and led Julie away from the cliff to return down the track toward the centre of the Gardens.

Pussy in the Moonlight

first-time zimabean 2018-09-15

I stood there not believing that I was balls deep inside Holly Jenkins tight little pussy. I thought that I should pull out but instead pushed my cock as deep inside that fine cunt as it would go and let loose a massive torrent of spunk spraying the walls of her womb with my DNA. We both quickly dressed and Holly gave me a little kiss and told me thanks for the good fuck and went to find her husband. Then I would learn that they are swingers and her husband is bi which I am not but as long as I get to fuck that fine pussy of Holly's her husband can suck my dick anytime he wants.

Birth of Cissy

first-time 2018-09-15

I went to work after classes and about six Pamela drove in "hi honey" she said as I walked up to her car, "hi Pammy" I smiled bending to kiss her, I was pretty sure I loved her and really didn't care if she was a slut, all I was really sure of was I was addicted to eating her pussy, pleasing her, god I would do anything she wanted, I knew it and so did she. He had been fucking her a long time when he announced "I'm getting close then slid out of her pussy and into my mouth "suck it cocksucker" he growled as he fucked my mouth, I couldn't resist I reached up and massaged his balls as he did "oh god yes cum in his mouth" I heard Pamela saying, just then his cock erupted filling my mouth with his copious load.

My first sexual-interference

first-time 2018-09-15

Once we passed this large dumpster, i told him 'Oh, Harry, i cant refuse it any longer, i need to feel how it tastes like.' and i continue *zip* and he's 11" He said 'Here let me show you what it feels like.' and he puts his cock into my pussy and rammed it hard. I masturbated again, but i screamed 'dont stop!' he cummed again and i think i still feel some marks from his cock. i was like an horny sailor and still said 'don't stop' The last time he cummed in my mouth, before he did that i said 'I don't care what they say, i am gonna taste it, SWALLOW it, RIGHT NOW!' and it tasted like heaven....

My Transgender BFF

first-time sweetiepi99 2018-09-15

She asked if she should get out of the bed because we both could barely fit but I liked having her close to me so I told her I wanted her to stay. Our breathing became faster and she let out a quiet moan as I moved back into her and her bulge pushed deeper into my cheeks. She started moaning loudly and then pulled my head in and held it tight as she came in my mouth. We were both moaning and the bed started to creak so I told her to wait. I squeezed my cheeks together and she squeezed my hips as hard as she could as she buried the the very tip of her cock right against my hole.

Omegle Taboo

first-time icetwilight 2018-09-15

You: *i moan softly as i kiss down* that feels good *i take a hand and place it on your leg close to the opening on your skirt and start to rub gentaly* You: * now stop rubbing your clit and start to lick it faster and faster i now add a second finger and go hard as you demanded, i take my other hand away form your breasts and place it on your butt, rubbing* Stranger: (i am) :D *i start to groan and scream, you can feel me throbbing harder and harder, and finally i cum* for you baby


first-time ab-2007 2018-09-15

Imagine getting a hard on that's 14-inches long when it's running down your pant leg (even with baggy pants on) and you can't hide it like other guys do. Actually I couldn't even get a date because by the time I was 15 all the girls in school had heard about me and none of them wanted to waste their time with a guy that would be too big to ever have sex with. The only thing I remember clearly after that was that Keiko had somehow pulled my pants off and was sitting in my lap, leaning over the steering wheel of my car pressed up in the most forward position.

Island Sanctuary

first-time WickedWench13 2018-09-15

She'd spent every night in his bed, held close to his hard, warm body, enjoying the protection and warmth of his powerful arms around her soft, tender self, his hands resting lightly on her hips, her thighs, stroking her little firm breasts and flat belly - she'd been aware from time to time that his organ was throbbing erect and hard and had touched it, shyly, under the bedclothes, wondering what it might do... He had never kissed her on the mouth, but she'd learned to trust his tongue and lips as he used them on every inch of her, browsing down her belly after bringing her nipples to tingling, aching arousal, then parting her legs with firm hands, holding her thighs widespread, and lowering his head slowly, deliberately, to probe her soft wet depths, bringing her to moaning, head-rolling orgasm again and again.

My first time with a man

first-time bibialex24 2018-09-15

I let it slide up into the back of my mouth & rubbed the head on the inside of my cheek, doing little short sucks on him and I felt his hand on my arse, feeling me up through my jeans. I looked down to see white spunk appear at the tip of his dick, I just leant over & licked & rubbed my lips over his big cock head, feeling his cum in my mouth. I just allowed him to do this until I could feel my cock throbbing & I delivered my cum on his hand and inside my boxers, I used his tissue to wipe myself then thanked him, got out pf the car and walked home.

Aaron Tries it Straight

first-time Bakeboss 2018-09-15

One evening he was talking to his sister about his women problems and she mentioned she had a lesbian friend named Leah in about the same situation as Aaron. Leah was also surprised by how much she liked kissing a man and conversely to Aaron she found she enjoyed the stubble on his face scratching her cheeks almost as a loofah sponge. Leah was the bravest and she went first reaching in to grasp Aaron's penis and to her delight it was not big or ugly and as he was circumcised it had a cute little head on it.



first-time jimmyjet 2018-09-15

He asked if I had any, and I told him I had a socked foot fetish. I raised his legs up, and took one foot and began sniffing, licking and sucking on his socked toes and soles. Grabbing his left leg, I guided his navy gold toe socked to my mouth and placed his gold toes in my mouth. Looking down at this handsome 51 year old man, wearing nothing but his white dress shirt, unbuttoned, and his socks, I was overwhelmed. I stopped stroking him and kept his hands away from his cock, with his socked feet in my face and mouth. I agreed and took him my arms and he told me, he has a new fetish, having his socked feet worked on.

Harry's Island Initiation

first-time Rex Siter 2018-09-15

She had that pleased-with-herself look on her face as she announced, "I've booked us a lovely holiday for your eighteenth birthday, Harry. "Happy birthday, son," she said, rather huskily, and as I reached for it she added, "but before you open it-----" And she raised her hand in the air. I looked into her open, sympathetic face, and, like a released dam, I was suddenly pouring out the whole background to my restricted situation, ending with the prospect of getting away to university. She reached behind her and produced a lotion bottle, "I know you'll be rushing away, but before you go would you rub a little cream onto my back." Her eyes studied the expression on my face. But she just gave a little smile as I turned away and she said, "Better walk back fairly slowly."

Changes to Come

first-time loquere 2018-09-15

Ignoring her insistence that he stay at the station, David left early that night and spent the rest of the evening in Rachel's living room watching the black and white classics they both loved. Mr. and Mrs. Fisher had left for the basketball game wondering about Rachel not being at the game, but said nothing, and she refrained from telling them since both of her parents, especially Mr. Fisher, liked Keith. "This is what friends do," David said as Rachel's wet hair brushed against his face, inducing an embarrassing hard-on that he hid well. "Pros to asking Rach to Prom," Ryan read aloud, followed by David's standing up. "Ryan, you'd better not tell Chloe!" David said, clenching his fist.


first-time biblkpus803 2018-09-15


Summer Love

first-time tomtom45 2018-09-15

One hot afternoon just before we were due to head to training Tom was on top of me on the daybed and before I knew what had happened, I had my legs around him and we both began to thrust into each other. I was left wanting more and when Tom went to the bathroom, I raced to my bedroom, stripped off my shorts and sodden knickers and threw myself on my bed, my hands furiously trying to prolong the feeling. More, I wanted more of this magnificent thing in my mouth and as I began to suck and move up and down Tom agonisingly said "I'm going to come Jen!" Leaning forward, Tom began to kiss and suck on my breasts again and that wonderful feeling in my belly returned.

New Neighbors 1

first-time Sugardaddy6969 2018-09-15

So like any teen boy he started to stroke his cock and loved the feeling of his balls tingling as his mind began to think of different women that he would love to fuck. Is your s****r a Daddy's girl?" Beth asked Mike and he thought about Jenny and how she was always playing up to his Dad and how she got whatever she wanted. Mike looked down to see her rub her thumb over the head of his cock and smear a large drop of pre-cum. Mike's legs felt like wet noodles as his cock stopped blasting her but then he watched as she first played with his sperm but then swallowed it with pleasure.

My first time

first-time dian0223 2018-09-15

Of course this was why I didn’t want a boyfriend, didn’t want boys shoving their paws inside my shirts or up my skirts – and why I felt that strange embarrassed curiosity when we girls were changing for school sports, or the way I liked to watch the cheerleaders practice even though I knew I wasn’t pretty enough to be chosen for the squad, and it explained the burgeoning feelings that were troubling me about a couple of my prettiest school friends and two of the most handsome and charismatic of the younger women teachers.

my first mature woman

first-time rastamanlove420 2018-09-15

that make me think that she's gonna be my slut from now on, so started to fuck her so hard, we started with her on her back facing me, then we went to doggy, there is where i god my chance with her, i was pulling her hair, and told her she's my slut now, and then i came into her pussy, i didn't pull out, she was squeezing my cock with her tight pussy, we started fucking again, she was laying down on the edge of the bed, i had to make sure she couldn't get away so i stick a finger in her ass

Our little secret Part 1

first-time philf 2018-09-15

I headed straight upstairs to my room, but as i got to the top of the stairs Aunty Teresa walked out of the bathroom. Nicely wet with spit she put my cock between her tits and pressed them together and wanked me of with her massive tits, as she got faster she put her head down and stuck out her tongue to lick the tip. "O god yes" i shouted as i fired a huge load of spunk over Aunty Teresa's face and tits, she smiled and licked the cum off her bright red lips, and with her painted nails scooped up some more from her tits and sucked her fingers dry.

Curiosity Killed the Cat [G-12] Pt. 01

first-time charlessmythe 2018-09-15

"I know this is what you want," he laughed as he took a hold of my head and started to slowly fuck my mouth. "Ok now, I going to start fucking your mouth like my little pussy," as he shoved his cock into my mouth. I felt his cock twitch several times, then he bellowed, "You're going to get all my cum nowww." Then with one final thrust he shoved his entire cock into my mouth. "Oh yes, you're going to really feel what its like to be a women, to be my pussy," as I felt his hard cock pushing against my ass-hole, I was amazed at how fast I turned into a pussy boy for him.

Last Forest in America

first-time Bakeboss 2018-09-15

As a special favor for me, he was going to let us in the back door so Trish would be able to see a real tree up close. I keep thinking about my grandpa, talking about Earth Day, he said that everyone thought it would help to save the forests. "Trish it's not too late, when we get back let's see if we can organize a new Earth Day and instead of talking about saving the earth we will do something to save the earth." As we lie there talking about helping mother earth, a cool breeze blew across us and when I looked, Trish's nipples were standing at attention and then soon I was as well.

A Date with My Wife

first-time 1mbibry 2018-09-15

Jill is a beautiful woman, 5'10 and maybe 125 lbs with long dark hair, great bone structure which supports her 36" D cup breasts marvelously. My cock hung mostly flaccid but still a bit full from my shower thoughts and the fact that I knew that I'll likely get laid when Jill returns tonight! I was about to taste, to feel, to experience my first taste of another man's cum from the familiar vessel of my wife's beautiful pussy. My tongue darted in and out of Jill's pussy as I tasted her boyfriend's jizz and licked her beautiful smooth pussy. Okay, not gently...I slammed my cock into Jill so hard it rattled her titties and brought her eyes wide open!

Eyes Opening Now

first-time GemimaCav 2018-09-15

"Oh honey, yeah, was going to tell you about's awesome, so freeing." Her hand pushed in her stomach as she looked down at her own handiwork, lifting her slit, which let her inner lips poke out slightly. "I mean, look," Sammy continued, "I know you're in black, and this thing..." she gestured at my body, my conservative bikini, "covers a bunch, but right there...RIGHT THERE..." Last year at a party this boy called Dayon had asked me to dance, and I did, and it was fun until some slow song came on when he pulled me close to him, despite the fact I was about six inches taller, and in the middle of the song he lifted my skirt and tried to drop his hand inside my panties.