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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Avery's Temptations

first-time deflickrd 2018-09-15

Avery was part of this new liberal movement of letting boys be girls as soon as they start to feel that way. You could surprise and entice him when you tell him to fuck your mouth." All of a sudden I was jerking my cock while looking at the picture of Avery. I squirted some lotion on my hand and as I felt it on my cock I imagined myself lubing up before I fuck his little butt. slamming his cock into me and squirting his first cum into an ass and his voice is deep and grunting and panting like a man. I came thinking about his mother masturbating while her little sweetheart squirted jizz while he got fucked by a big black man's cock.

Frat Boy Master

first-time klammer 2018-09-15

this hot young stud taking charge made my cock start to twitch. my balls and hissed "Eat that ass, boy!" I began to lick around his hot, like hell but my cock just got harder and started oozing pre-cum. Even though it hurt like hell, our hard cocks rubbed together with every That big thick cock felt like it was going to split me open and young stud's big cock slamming in and out of my ass. turned on as I was because I felt his cock swell in my ass. grabbed his cock in one hand and mine in the other and started jerking us pushed me back onto the bed, grabbed his big cock and jerked off all over

Lixxii Gets Caught

first-time Tessa30 2018-09-15

I knocked on the door the moment I heard her moan again for the third time...I knew she would be startled, and the timing would throw her off...I smiled and giggled softly as I margined her scrambling to pull her wet fingers away from her pussy and pull her panties back up her legs. It continued to buzz, but I could not reach for it to turn it off....I just lie there, gasping for breath as Lixxii wondered what was happening, she sounded too far away as she pleased with me to let her taste me. I rolled from the bed and on legs still shaking, I walked to Lixxii....I reached down and grabbed her chin, lift in ghee eyes to f***e her to look at me...."That should have been yours."


first-time Silverluna 2018-09-15

With a soft smile and then a quick kiss you affirm the obvious, your hand reaching out to touch my breast and feel the silky skin of my abdomen. I sat back and removed the bra, my breasts falling into your eager hands, wild and hot sensations ran up and down my spine as you kneaded and pulled at my aching tits. Amazingly you were not yet completely hard, so you got even harder and thicker, and with each suck of my tit, I tugged on your cock teasing you with a promise of what was to come. Crying out as you teased me slowly, I reached up to slip my hand into your hair and tug your head lower so I might kiss you.


my first time

first-time letshavefunto9t 2018-09-15

At this point I am working to get my boxers on stll hard as a rock and she walked up and turned the tv back on, looking at me telling me she was watching that. She pulled her lips from mine slowly looking at me and leaned over my lap turning her head so i could see what she was doing and pointed my cock at her mouth. I started to shoot, my balls tight as i gave her 8 to 9 good hard jets of cum and she just swallowed and kept sucking till i was done. It was such a sexy sight looking up at her hands on my chest her tits swinging and bouncing feeling her pussy rub and stroke my hardness.

Catherine, Part One

first-time 35whelen 2018-09-15

"Now pump one drop out and when you do pull back on your head so the opening is nice and wide." Eric did so without question or further instruction and Catherine leaned forward with her outstretched tongue showing the tip in to the end of end his cock and licking out a massive dollop of clear sticky precum. Catherine used one hand to stroke his shaft while she sucked his cock and with the other hand she reached down and began to tease Eric's ass with the plug again. "Well you are not done yet mister, there is still plenty you need to do for me, and your mother won't be home for some time yet." Catherine smiled and pushed Eric all the way back on the pile of clothes.


first-time elfin_odalisque 2018-09-15

Cathy shook herself out of her reverie, telling herself firmly that she could not afford to swoon after some 30 year old married man who, even if he was a partner in her office, was both out of her reach and a distraction to her ambitions. As David went to the bar, Cathy wondered if she really needed this, a friendly chat with a man who was shredding her emotions, powering her lustful fantasies. “You are many things, David Manning, but I don’t think ‘dirty old man’ will ever be one of them.” Cathy threw her arms round his neck and pulled his face down to meet hers as she pushed him against the side of the elevator, crushing her soft body against his firm one.

Start with the end in mind? (part one)

first-time valandjayne 2018-09-15

As I stood watching I witnessed a live demonstration of Josh’s talents as he shot a massive load of what looked like wallpaper paste all over both women's bodies and faces. This was very errotic I love breasts and having only viewed another woman’s tits on porn sites, seeing a pair in the flesh swaying feet away from me made my cock rock hard again now with pre-cum oozing from it. Paul’s cock was still hard and covered in Sue’s juices her body fluids were mingled with his thick white cum. Sue was good at sucking cock, as I looked down on this pretty thirtysomething face, her firm pierced tits, shaved pussy I savoured the moment.

Within Arm's Reach

first-time iceblue_ize 2018-09-15

Her hand on my ass moved down to her crotch after just a few seconds as she began to get more and more turned on, her fingers playing over her hard clit as she slurped my cock again and again into her warm mouth as my hands ran through her hair as I'd imagined so many times. With that she slowly slid her wet virgin pussy down on to my shaft, my hands gripping her hips firmly as the thick head of my cock slowly spread open her soaking wet flower and slowly slid inch after inch of me inside her, moving herself up and down and taking a little bit more at a time until her gorgeous ass was pressed firmly against me and her pussy had taken every last inch of my cock stretching her wide around me.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 25

first-time BlewWater69 2018-09-15

"Okay, let me make the calls," Jason said. "Connie," Jason said, now on the top step and shaking hands. I told Sophie you wouldn't mind us stopping by," Connie said, ever the confident one. When they were inside his room, Jason introduced them to Chad, and asked if they wanted something to drink. Neither was flawless, with Connie's nose a tad large and Sophie's complexion a little broken out, but both still worth a second look. Connie lost her shirt, proving Jason was right, she hadn't worn a bra. Her skin was darker than Sophie's and Jason couldn't help look at her stiff nipples. "Come on, Sophie," Connie said encouragingly. Sophie looked nervously at Jason as she set her shirt aside.

My f****y

first-time zimabean 2018-09-14

This time we had gone about two weeks till Sophie came to my room, now she wanted masterbate together. We laid on the bed together and she rubbed her pussy as I stroked my cock. When I came I pointed my cock right at her bush and let loose with a huge sticky load. Sophie was going into her orgasim, she kept rubbing her pussy using my cum as lube. We kissed for a minute and then got into a sixty nine, this time Sophie took my cock into her mouth. At that point Sophie turned around and held my still hard cock and stroked it for a minute as I lay on my back.

The Wedding Dress

first-time Tarakin 2018-09-14

George got a good view over her shoulder before Veronica covered her bra with her hand, holding the sheet with her other one. Starry-eyed, with just a sheet round her hips, her open bra barely covering her curvaceous breasts and her hand not doing much to support it, she was the most erotic sight George had witnessed in years, if ever. As if awakened from a dream Veronica opened her eyes then straightened in a hurry, so that her bra hid her breasts again, to George's disappointment. George used both hands now, letting them trail outwards, gently pushing the transparent strings of her opened bra along the way.

Fay Ch. 02

first-time rmlooker 2018-09-14

Tim started laughing hard and said yes, you want me to grab your nipple with my hooks!! Tim said show me how to do it and Fay removed her lab coat so he could see her prosthetic arm and went through it with him. They had been working with his arm for about a week now and Fay put a fork in his hooks and adjusted it asking him to try and get a piece of meat she had cut up to his mouth. After dinner and the kitchen cleaned up, Sheri stretched out on her bed and called Rog. He answered right away and said good timing; he was just going to call her.

My Next Door Neighbour

first-time Roleplayermale 2018-09-14

Nicole's hand tried to bring my hand down her body more, but I continued to let the fingers twist the fabric into her nipples and then pinching them hard between the fabric. I pull away form the kiss sucking on her lower lip with a sigh as the hands run up under her shirt now to her bra and caress her breasts again softly. My tongue touched her clit just then and I could see her lips bite down and feel her hips push hard into my mouth. Bringing my tongue off her clit and into my mouth again as I look up, "Nicole that was nothing, I want you to feel a real orgasm and have more then one."

Jr. Prom 1

first-time cire9691 2018-09-14

I put on a white pair of panties and pulled my cock back like I had read When Bob came to pick me up in the morning, My mom pulled me aside. When I got home, I said hello to mom and dad. I pulled up my jeans with a smile and went out to watch TV with mom and "As soon as you're dressed your mom wants to talk to you." he told me. When I got to some pics of a guy in drag sucking cock and getting fucked I back then pull his ball sack over it to look like pussy lips. I sat on the bed and spread my legs to give her a good look and told her

The Lessons Ch. 18

first-time Charles Petersunn 2018-09-14

Ever since the episode in Mr. Peters' office (see Chapter 7), Tina Andrews had been thinking of Gordon. "You really are big, Gordie." She had no real experience to make this judgment and, frankly, Mr. Peters' was bigger, but Gordon was still plenty big, at least he felt plenty big in her hand. Tina looked like a girl caught with her hand in a cookie jar. She was looking at him like a scared chipmunk, her eyes opened wide, sitting on Gordon's lap, swinging her legs and blowing a big bubble with her gum. Got your coffee?" Gordon replied, looking around Tina at Freddie.

Debbie's Coming Out Party

first-time RingoShort 2018-09-14

By the time Michael registered what was said, and turned to meet the new threat, James had moved back to the bar and was drinking another beer. James stormed off and Debbie buried her head in his neck and gave him a kiss and then straightened up, looked in his eyes and kissed him again. After they got to his car and Michael started it, Debbie grabbed his hand and held it. Michael, fearing he was going to lose control and cause this night to end long before either of them wanted it to, stopped her and quickly took off his jeans. After a few minutes of kissing, and of their hands exploring the backs of the other, Michael began his exploration of Debbie's body with his mouth.

You're Naked

first-time Ashson 2018-09-14

Karen turned up and I helped put the kids to bed and then I was gone, running for the hills before they got out of bed. I got in about an hour's sleep when I was woken by two little problems, a full bladder and a dry throat. While drinking it I heard a noise that sounded like, "Eep," and turned around to see what was going on. Now when you look at a pretty young thing in a nightie in the middle of the night don't be too surprised if you get an erection. "I'm just going to touch you a little. I toned things down a little and started withdrawing. He crushed me against the bed and I'll swear his cock managed to go in just a little deeper.

Never the same

first-time 2018-09-14

In Europe big or small town you can always fly away somewhere close, there are many hot and sexy men available and it is easy to meet a nice guy (guys) for fun if you want too. I spent the next morning stuffing my hole with this nice thich 7 inch wide dildo just to be sure I would be comfortable later for my date. I thought I had tried it all but I have to say being able to bottom to a thick big cock like that, and with a man who also happens to be a devilish little sweety has made me so horny, I think about it now all the time, and I masturbate even just thinking about him.

Mailroom Girl

first-time sofielowe 2018-09-14

He slid his hands up and down her sides and felt the roundness of the sides of the her tits with his palms as her long nipples got even firmer on his chest. Mickey slid down and kissed her belly as he stroked her soft, naked, never-fucked cunt. Mickey's tongue was on it, nibbling, kissing, licking, finger-fucking, and sucking her fully engorged clit. "Oh, god, Mickey your cock is beautiful and I want it so bad." Mickey took Emily's hand and wrapped it around his cock. "Oh, Mickey, I know it's going to feel so good." As Emily continued to pull on his cock Mickey sucked the most amazing puffies he'd ever touched. As Emily screamed words he always wanted to hear, Mickey continued to fuck in this perfect rhythm.

my true first time

first-time 2018-09-14

I agree and we do th usual lame truth or dare stuff when paul dares me to have a wank. Taking out my cock i started playin with it seeing paul stare at it made me hard. Slowly i started stroking, my now rock hard , cock. I could see pauls cock buldgin in his jeans so i dared him to do the same. He dared me to let him suck my cock. His hands gripped my ass as he deep throated my rock hard cock. Letting out a moan of pleasure he rammed his throat around my dick and gagged . I pumped my big warm load into his waiting mouth.

The Balcony Fuck

first-time lovethembigger 2018-09-14

I had just moved into my new Condo when I was siting on my balcony on She wore a black two piece bathing suit that barely contained her big ass and breast. My mouth dropped as she was vacuuming in her big wooden platform shoes I froze for a minute as she got close to the open door to the I got off my chair and climbed over the railing separating door as she continued to strutt around her living room. balcony near the railing I just climbed over. Latina with my big hairy balls slapping her ass. two hours later when I was taking a shower I heard a vacuum cleaner Condo and had cleaned my living room. getting hard as she soaped her big ass.

Birds Of A Feather

first-time bobcox69 2018-09-14

"Y-yes, b-but-" Her voice dies, cut off by a soft shudder, and you take your hand away, moving it to undo the button to her shorts, tugging the zip down as she pants, body like a finely tuned string you're strumming, and you let your palm rest on the flat of her stomach for a moment before sliding down, pants undone. Your lips find her neck, teeth nipping at the hot, tan skin, and it only takes a moment for your fingers to slip underneath her panties, and then it's soft, hot velvet searing your hand, and you kill the moan that wants to escape you, silencing it in Tori's skin.

Marcy's Playground 2 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-09-14

A tall, gorgeous man with wavy, dirty-blond hair came in right behind him and clapped him on the shoulder hard enough it made a sound. I held the book to my chest as I thought about the differences between Evan and Jean-Luc. I didn't know them well enough to really know. It seemed like...I don't know, Evan was more Bach and Jean-Luc was more Lady Gaga I guess. Jean-Luc put one hand on the door handle and used the other to clasp Evan on the shoulder. "Hey Marcy," Evan said. "Hey Marcy," Evan said. "You look like you want to ask me something," he said. "Hey," Evan said to the waitress. "Good things come in small packages," he said, staring at me.