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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Suzie's Lessons Ch. 05

first-time BlewWater69 2018-09-14

"Janie, Curt asked me to go to the prom with him today as we drove home from school," Suzie said excitedly. "Suzie, I'm so glad you and Curt are going to the prom together," Mrs. Clayton said. "Mom wants you inside right now to do homework," Curt told Chad. They watched as the girl gave a good blowjob performance, licking the guy's head and throating his big dick practically all the way. Suzie whispered to Curt as the movie continued, "I can't believe they can think about doing that many guys at once. When the movie showed the black guys with huge cocks getting sucked and fucking the girls, Suzie was amazed. "I wonder what its like to suck that many cocks at one time," Suzie asked.

Danny Ch. 01

first-time Just Plain Bob 2018-09-14

I headed for the movie and when I saw Mandy and Haight standing in line at the ticket booth I walked up to them, grabbed Mandy's hand and pulled the ring I had given her off of her finger. My sister Nancy, who was a grade behind me, told me that Pauline had told some of the girls in the shower room after gym class that she didn't want a steady boyfriend because he would get all pissed off and jealous when she tried on another guy. I wanted very much to lose that status and there wasn't any way in hell that I was going to ignore that blatant invitation so I got out of the car and followed Pauline into the house.


first-time Ashson 2018-09-14

"Sean," I protested, trying to push his hands away and straighten my top. I have to admit I wasn't completely surprised when his hand finally slipped inside my panties and he started stroking my naked flesh. At the same time I closed my hand over him quite firmly, feeling him, getting to know what an erection really felt like. Then it was feeling wonderful, and Sean was kissing me, his hands roaming over my breasts, his cock plunging into me, time after time, while I was groaning deep in my throat and pushing hard against him wanting him to come deeper with every thrust.

Mary's Secret Lover

first-time fotisampini 2018-09-14

“Mary you’re just a young girl and I’m your father’s friend. Robert licked my pussy for a long time. Robert then pulled out of my pussy and told me to get on my knees and Robert, poured the oil into his palm and worked his hands over my “Oh Robert, that feels so good. “Oh Robert, that feels so good. Robert worked his fingers faster and faster in my warm wet hole. Robert began to lick my ass and he inserted his pinky and fucked my Robert licked my pussy and fingered my ass. I told Robert it hurt a little and he put more oil onto my ass. I’m going to make you feel so good sweetie.

New Beginnings

first-time silverfern 2018-09-14

The first few days after it happened were a bit of a blur, I stayed at the hospital with Becky and they put us in a private two bed room. I nodded my head 'yes' and Becky got up and flung herself into Michelle's arms and burst into tears. She thought it was a good solution and said we should talk to Becky about it in the morning. Michelle told us we needed to decide what we wanted to do with the family houses. Becky looked a little disappointed when I mentioned three bedrooms but she could see the logic in moving there, especially when Michelle said it would be a good idea as the lease on her apartment was up in two months anyway.

Sticky Situation

first-time StabProductions 2018-09-14

She began to push her breast further into his mouth and he accidently bit it, she let out a loud moan and removed her breast from his mouth and kissed him, she started to push his head back down, he thought she wanted him to continue to suck on her breasts but she kept pushing him further. He then moved from her breast and began a trail of soft kisses downwards, he slowly removed her panty and started to rub his hand on her clit she then grasped his head and pulled it down to the same region. He slowly stuck out his tongue and began to flick it over her clit, she leaned back and let out a satisfied moan as he continue to lick her, her hands still firmly placed in his hair.

What Are Friends For?

first-time Alex De Kok 2018-09-14

"Now you," said Candy when Harry had finished, "Quick, before that lovely erection goes down." Just hold still." Candy quickly took several pictures, reframing and zooming as she worked, then carefully laid the camera aside, moving into Harry's embrace and pressing herself against him, her lips coming up for his kiss. Harry was vaguely aware of Milly moving around them and the occasional noise of the camera shutter, but Candy's approaching climax, and his own, were the focus of his concentration. "Sounds good," said Harry, easing back onto his heels, half-erect prick gleaming with his and Candy's combined juices. Come on, then," said Candy, taking Harry by one hand and Milly by the other." "Pizza sounds good," said Harry, and Milly nodded agreement, her flush fading.

bl**d Test-Sirah walks to the waterfall for...

first-time KinkyPhil 2018-09-14

She goes to several slots in the wall that have the water several inches away and as she puts her hand out I tell her she is behind the waterfall, Sirah reaches out and gets her hands wet as I move in behind. My hands gather her hair and hold as I kiss her neck while I tap her foot and whisper move it over spreading her feet apart, her body breathes slow and steady as I tell her to put her hands on the window wall and keep them there until told otherwise. Sirah turns around and sits on my lap running her hands up my shirt kissing my chest hair while undulating her hips over my shrunken member, "Good Master?" she asks and I grab her head and say "You deep throat good- girl".

My fantasy

first-time 40kinky 2018-09-14

While she is sucking me and rubbing around my ass I moan and groan incoherently I thrust my cock into her mouth this gives her access to my ass and she thrusts a lubed finger deep into my ass. While sucking and fingering me she starts to lower her pussy to my mouth. It starts to slide into my mouth making me gag he is face f**cking me while sucking my cock. I don't think about my pleasure now I want to make this cock come in my throat to feel him pulse and buck against my mouth. He pulls his cock out of my mouth so just the head is in I lick and suck him dry saving some of his come within my mouth.

Finally! A dream cum true!

first-time shedidit 2018-09-14

She finally said yes to this dress." He went on to say "I could fuck her right here and now" I smiled..."believe me buddy... When my wife got back to our table I pointed out that lady and said "OK... his head turned to me....I smiled and under her dress his hand went. In fact a few times they stopped as he lifted her dress to get a look at her panties. It went in smoothly and she accepted it with a look of ecstasy, I have wanted this but never really thought about another man actually ejaculating in my wife or even going bareback. On our way home I asked my wife why she decided to make this the night to let another man take her.

High School After-Party

first-time Alex_Ho 2018-09-14

Connie started to get a little frisky under the blanket during the conversation and I soon felt her hand rubbing against my inner thigh roaming dangerously close to my growing erection. Connie covered her mouth with her hands, blushed a deep shade of red, and giggled like a little girl. I started using faster and longer strokes as Connie kept saying, "Faster, baby, fuck me faster, oh god that feels good, oh I should have done this years ago, oh my god this is nice..." I was now ramming my cock into her as fast and hard as I could. Connie was moaning loudly now, I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock and realized she was going to orgasm again.

Theory and Practise

first-time Spinneret 2018-09-14

I passed her the Guinness and sat down as she toyed with it, but after I'd drunk some of my own beer and said something about the French romantic movie we were down to watch next on the course, I looked and realised that she'd finished half of the glass. I was pleased to discover that the stuff about women becoming damp and lubricated was all true, and when I looked at her face, I saw that Nina was even smiling a little, so I probed some more. "Look," she said, "I assumed that somebody would pass the test, one day, and I didn't want to have to put up with any sort of bullshit about either of us getting hurt.

The Fun of Being Naked Outdoors

first-time hotangel3x 2018-09-14

Sometimes I'd stand in front of the full-length mirror that hung on the wall and stroke my breasts, wondering if they were ever going to get bigger, but enjoying the way in which my pink nipple used to get hard as soon as my fingers touched them. I'd peep down and see the gentle bulge of my breasts, and slip my hand down between my legs, enjoying the sensation of putting a finger up inside my pussy and making a gentle squish, squish, squish noise as it dabbled in my wet juices. Feeling every more excited, I slid it down my legs too, and suddenly I was sitting on the grass in just my panties; plain white to match my bra, clinging tightly over the plump bulge of my mound.

Measuring Mom's Blouse

first-time zeero_kool 2018-09-14

Since it’s Khamiz, the measurement it will be not accurate if I take on this, Mom said “its okay I will remove the top”But Mam the dressing room is already locked and the key is with the ladies went past you when you came here”. After finishing the process, she asked mom whether she would like to see some sample designs to choose from. Mom rolled her midi around her belly and started stroking her cunt over the fabric of her panty. She also pushed mom’s boy shorts aside and started fingering mom. She made mom lay on the table, removed her shorts and threw it to my face and started to lick mom’s cunt looking at me.

Cindy's Old Tale

first-time 2018-09-14

Cindy ran her finger through her red mane and tossed her head to fling her hair to the side. She could not help but get slightly moist, and her toes curled subconsciously as he slid a finger inside her. His tongue began to lap her inner lips, her gaped opening and the soft fleshy hood covering her tiny clit. Cindy closed her eyes as she felt his tongue slide deep inside her. His lips sucked her clitoral hood deep into his mouth as his tongue searched for the small erect nub hidden inside. He centered his focus, and Cindy knew she could not help but orgasm with this old man’s mouth attached to her.

A special day at school..

first-time sapino 2018-09-14

She partly turned her upper body and head talking to the teacher and she seemed to relax a little as the conversation went more or less normally, which just made me start fucking her with my finger again, looking down at her with a teasing smile. Lifting her head she looked at me with wet eyes and a mix between horror and pure lust, and as she started to tell me how bad I was I could see she couldn’t stop smiling. I didn’t expect her to put up a resistance and as I realized this cute little girl, my boss at school, wanted my sperm in her mouth I couldn’t hold back anymore, shooting my warm fresh cum into her mouth with a muffled roar as my own orgasm surged through my body like a primal f***e

Another Kind of Power

first-time asecretdream 2018-09-14

She thought she had seen Professor Reed eyeing her breasts, but she wasn't sure. It struck her, watching him looking down at her test and trying to compose both himself and an answer to her question, that they both had a kind of power over the other. She deliberately left her hand below her line of sight, and as his eyes tracked her gesture, it was leading him to look at her creamy cleavage, pleasantly revealed by her partially unbuttoned white blouse. He had a look of longing as her hair framed both her face and her bosom, and his hand twitched, almost involuntarily, like he wanted to reach out and stroke her.


first-time bishnfreak 2018-09-14

I glance at her and she nods as we sit on the love seat, hand me the controller. Hmm damn she pulled a page straight out of my book, inscense wafting threw the air, candles lit, she is laying Ok i say slowly crawling up onto the bed, i stop and kneel at her side taking in the lovely sight before me. she is moaning eyes closed as i work my tongue from her belly ring downward, she pushes my head toward her open legs. Whats his name she purrs her hot breath on my tool, Stanley i stammer like the Stanley she coo's as her warm wet breath comes out and on his head.


first-time WFEATHER 2018-09-14

I remembered the expression of uncertainty battling with desire as I readied myself at her sacred portal, her low moan as I began to enter her body, her soft squeal of pain as I turned the girl I had long known and loved into a woman. Her pleasure triggering mine, I bellowed for us both, the conquest complete, the need sated, and fell hard upon her, shuddering uncontrollably for what seemed like a short eternity as I felt Justine sit beside us upon the bed and gently scratch my back, directly down my sweat-covered spine, clearly wishing to arouse me again. "You really seemed to enjoy your birthday gift," Justine noted with a smile, her sparkling eyes reflected in her voice, "and it was great to watch you indulge yourself in her again and again."

College Try

first-time Sandman8314 2018-09-14

"Frank, this is my roommate Linda," said Barbara. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked it hard and deep as I massaged her other breast with one hand. The invisible female telegraph must have worked, for by the next day all the girls that I saw on campus were giving me knowing looks and mysterious smiles. Linda told me that a boy I knew in my dorm, Bobby Durst, had asked her for a date. One Sunday, as the preacher thundered at us about Hellfire and damnation, Linda leaned her cheek on my shoulder and whispered, "Do you think it's a sin to desire a person in church?"

Chance Meeting

first-time rocket58 2018-09-14

Derek told us one of the reasons he stayed here when he was in town was that he liked the food but also enjoyed the music and watching the couples dance. She said he really had her turned on and excited about having his big cock in her hands, mouth and in her pussy. And Kitty, again to my surprise, immediately walked over to him and unzipped him, took off his belt, pulled down his pants and dropped to her knees right in front of him. He was also very thick and she yelled out in pain at first but when he started to withdraw she stopped him, shook her head no and said to try and go deeper.

Accidents Happen Ch. 02

first-time regularguy13 2018-09-14

Bee scooted up to the top of the bag, lay on her back, covered her torso with the sleeping bag and offered up her injured foot. Bee smiled noticing his hardness and his distress before flipping the sleeping bag over her face. "Remember my foot?" Bee said with a smile as she tugged the sleeping bag over to cover her lower body. I deserved that," JR said and he placed her foot on his chest and covered it with his hands. Bee lay on her back and snuggled back into the warm sleeping bag. Bee looked out from under the sleeping bag and said. Bee screamed in surprise as jism landed on her legs, pussy and face.

me first big black cock experience

first-time slutwiife 2018-09-14

Then we fantasized about me fucking a big black cock. He sent me lots of pictures of his big hard cock and I was so wet with anticipation to feel it. I was putting on my corset and my husband felt my pussy and he looked down at the shorts I had on and there was a big wet spot in them. I could hardly wait for his big black dick to be deep inside me. I could hardly wait any longer I had to feel his big black dick inside me. So I turned around and got up on my knees and waited for him to slide it deep inside me.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 26

first-time BlewWater69 2018-09-14

The shower only lasted another couple minutes, just long enough for Jason to get a quick shave in and Connie to rinse her pretty dark hair. He loved breasts, all kinds of breasts, especially big ones like Stef's or Caitlin's, Beth's were magnificent, as were Sheila's, but there was something that made his dick twinge at the sight of Connie's little mounds shaking, quivering really as she moved. Every time Jason's cock surged, Connie felt it, and groaned with her own constant bliss. Jason finished cumming inside Connie, with Sophie smiling at him, as she milked his big balls to deposit more sperm into her friend. "Meet Sophie and Connie," Jason said introducing them with a chuckle.