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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

girlfriend's mom

first-time Bourreau 2018-09-14

Then, she began moving her hips up and down, left to right, she was riding my cock like a deamon repeating again and again how good and big it was. My hands and my mouth were all over her boobs, while my dick was being riden like hell and as intense as it got, it all stopped in a loud moan from her while she felt down on me like a rag. I dropped her on the bed beside me, facing down, got on my knees, took her by the hips, spread her legs a little bit, and stuck my cock straight in her pussy.

Hag's Straight Brother

first-time john1195 2018-09-14

about men; socially I preferred to do things with Liz. In total we lived In Kansas it not too hard to be the best looking guy in town, in New for the week off from work so that the two of us could show Keith New York. The day after Christmas Liz and I headed for Newark Airport to meet Keith's "Well the last time I remember having sex was with a guy, so I guess it's work and Keith had said that he planned to do a little New York exploring sprawled out on our living room couch was Keith, totally naked, head thrown reached his cock head I ran my tongue around it, savoring the sweet taste

Servicing the Janitor

first-time velvetpie 2018-09-14

Rachel had broken into hysterical laughter, her thick, dark brown hair sweeping her shoulders as she rocked back and forth, her hazel-green eyes covered by indigo-shaded lids. Now, on the last day of school for seniors, she came into the cafeteria as she always did, watching him put the tables up. Summer swept by without a thought and Joseph spent his time performing general maintenance at the school and working out. "Yes. I'm still a virgin, Joey." His mouth suddenly dried up as her hands went to the halter top of the dress, pulling the ties and letting the material fall away. Her hands rubbed his chest, admiring the muscles that he'd worked so hard to gain all summer long.

The God-Fearing Sitter

first-time Eden_Apple 2018-09-13

Kelly's mother poked her head in the room and said "Sweetie, your father and I are leaving soon. "...Oh yeah, my mom, she decides what my room looks like." As he walked past her to view the posters of cats on her wall (Her mother loves kittens even though her husband won't allow her to have a pet.) Kelly shook her head in disbelief at how embarrassing this all was for her. Kelly hopped on the bed and positioned herself closely next to him placing her open math book in their collective lap knocking off the stuffed bear he had been concealing himself with.

MMF Threesome

first-time pixie0054 2018-09-13

It was a much better night, with my wife Cumming four times, and us poor fellas managing one each, but I did muster a fresh batch a few hours later ;-) After I'd turned the cam off, we settled into the bed to sleep, he dropped off to sleep almost straight away, while me and her hugged. I said to her maybe I'll go and sleep in the lounge, you see I hadn't picked up in all the excitement, that he had blown in her mouth in the first few minutes, and I thought they needed some one on one time, and she was feeling sorry for him not Cumming for her.

The Park Keepers wife.

first-time steeeviej 2018-09-13

She explained that she had got her husband to drop her there this time so she could keep a closer eye on things for the remainder of the night. She release my fully hardened cock from her lips, she pulled her tshirt over her head and quickly released her bra to reveal the best tits I have ever had the privledge to fondle. She again took my cock into her mouth and sucked on it as she pulled my foreskin gently back and forwards with her hand on my shaft. Sonia pulled apart her pussy lips and guided me to her clit. I rarely saw Sonia after that night, she divorced her Park Keeper husband a couple of years later and moved away.

متعة الالعاب الجنسية

first-time bmw_200043 2018-09-13

طريقة الأورال سكس هيزيد فيها حدة الإيقاع بحيث انها - الأنثي - ممكن تستخدم سنانها كضغط خفيف علي جانب القضيب وهو يستخدم قضيبه علشان يعمل إيلاج كامل في الفم بتكنيك الـ Deep Throat او توجيه القضيب لجدار الفم الداخلي والضغط البسيط عليه . ودي المرحلة الثالثة والأخيرة وغايتها هي الوصول لآلام اشباع الرغبات ، وبتحصل اثناء حالة التخدير المؤقت واللاوعي الجزئي اللي بيكون الطرفين فيها بعد الأورجازم بالظبط وساعتها بيبقي القضيب شبه منتصب فبيتم تدليكه بشكل مستمر لمدة بين دقيقة او اتنين وهينتج انين ذكوري لطيف . اما في الأنثي فالبظر بيكون مهيئ انه يستقبل اورجازم سريع لو تمت مداعبته بسرعة بعد اول اورجازم او اي عدد من الأورجازم اللي ممكن توصلها اثناء الإيلاج وده إما يوصلها لحالة الـ Multiple orgasms لو قدرت تعمل مداعبة داخلية كمان للـ G-spot ودي حالة انثوية خالصة لا يمكن لذكر او يصل إليها .

my 18th birthday

first-time adel5000 2018-09-13

My birthday fell on a Sunday and Mom decided to take me to our "God, you're tight, Mom." I said pulling back. Mom and I have raised Jenny, We got to the cabin late Friday night, so we all went to bed as during the night and pulled my mother's nightgown above her Mom and Jenny spontaneously decided the fish we had caught, when Jenny said, "Thanks a lot, Mom and Mom removed a fish from the fire and put it on Jenny's plate. it like to fuck Mom, the night she conceived me?" I was stunned. red-haired cunt, just like our mother did that precious night. to have your i****t love c***d just like Mom."

Fucking the Office Assistant's Daughter.

first-time toyboy2 2018-09-13

When we got home she lead me straight upstairs to her bedroom.She told me to take off my jeans and lay on the bed.She then took her trousers off revealing tiny little panties.She got on the bed in the 69 position and proceeded to take my cock in her mouth and suck hard on it.I pushed her sopping wet panties to one side and began to flick my tongue around her clit before spreading her pussy lips wide and probing deep inside with my tongue.This seemed to really get her going and she began to writhe around.I began to buck up and down,fucking her mouth with my by now stiff cock.Soon she began to breathe heavily and i knew she was about to come.This she duly did,soaking my face in copious amounts of her pussy juices which i licked off with my tongue.

Cucklold- first time

first-time boarage2002 2018-09-13

Quite unfazed she gripped me by the hand and led me into the dimly lit room..'Come on now, don't be shy, Jamie.....we're all friends here!' I looked around for David and was surprised to see him sitting in a high-backed chair that was facing away from the couch and TV in the centre of the room; I could only see the top of his head in fact. She laced the fingers of her other hand in Dave's thick greying hair, guiding the motions of his head, at times making his tongue lick up over her clit then thrusting right down so that it was rasping over her puckered arsehole.

a cousin and a friend

first-time hadiassi 2018-09-13

half an hour later when i started to listen some voices sounds like moaning or something coming from their room i get upstairs to see whats going on the door was slightly open and i was shocked ... any way , it was shocked i stand there watching them while i start to get a semi-erection it was amazing they were like a sex gods i couldn't watch my moves so they noticed me " ohhh you got an amazing dick cousin , wanna try " he asked his friend we get on the bed i lay down and he stand over my head get his ass on my mouth to lick it while his friend is sucking my dick

Caught Her in the Act

first-time datballer08 2018-09-13

She finally spoke up and we talked and she got worked up over it again but she was more open to my thoughts and words and she relaxed. I sat up and opened my laptop and said it on the toilet seat and found a something to watch and ask if she liked it and she agreed. She must've been really worked up before I walked in because she started moving about the tub and moaned louder and louder until she contracted her whole body as an orgasm came over her. She begged me to fuck her and I wanted it bad and pounded her then I dismounted and laid down and she got on top and worked herself in all directions on my cock with her pussy.

LEXI Chapters 1-6

first-time 2018-09-13

She started slowly grinding and with each motion she let out a gasp of air and I moaned and told her ,“fuck me hard baby!?” She got faster and faster as my cock and her pussy were grinding in perfect unison as I squeezed her luscious breasts with both hands. I ran up to the crowd of girls and leaned down to Lexi and asked, “What happened baby?” “ I sprained my ankle Uncle Stan.” She said in a voice fighting back tears. I opened the door to their back seat and started to carry Lexi in as Carmen said, “You are spoiling that girl Stan!” “Oh let him carry me one more time mom.

Fun in Jamaica

first-time Justal 2018-09-13

This went on for a bit then I could feel Darius starting to harden even more inside me, I knew it was time and he was going to cum, he gave me a couple more slams then pulled out as he started cumming, when he pulled out and our juices flew everywhere, he took his cock in hand and jerked dumping his cum all over my body, I was laying there, crying out dirt nasty things like come on BIG MAN Dump that CUM all over my white body I want to feel that Hot Seed all over me.

BBW Virgin

first-time thisboneris4u 2018-09-13

I said today you will I will get naked and you can feel and touch my body all you want but we won't go any further then that. The next day she called me at work almost right away and said she wanted to meet for the next session tonight. She agreed so at 12:00 I headed right over and she pulled in the driveway behind me we almost ran in and she asked what we were going to do this session. I cleaned up and got dressed she asked the same time tomorrow and I said sure. I asked if she wanted to got further and she didn't say anything but unhooked her bra and threw it aside and said does that answer your question.

at the pool....a first time story

first-time griffin6444 2018-09-13

About half an hour before closing Vince, the lifeguard said he needed to take a break and asked if I could get out of the pool for about 10 minutes till he was back. I heard a shower running, and since no one was around went in to look...and saw Vince showering...(yes naked) and he was also stroking his cock. First I was sucking..exploring..then slowly he started pumping.......I could sense his cock getting even harder, and then he my mouth and on my first cock.....HE stood me up....wiped the cum from my face and kissed me and said "thanks" as he was reaching for my cock....Then he got down and finished me off...swollowing every drop.

Night Nurse

first-time david62 2018-09-13

Anna had continued to work Full Time on the kids ward in the local NHS hospital, apart from breaks for the children, to help pay for said mortgage. Anna arrived on the Male Ward and after a handover from the day staff, she started on the night time medicine round, whilst the other nurses helped settle the less able patients. "Can I have a quick word Anna, I know the surgeon is excellent, but he upset Tim saying there was a small chance of spinal damage and impotence from the Op tomorrow. "I can not leave you like this Tim, would you like some help, the NHS is trying a new non drug treatment to relax patients before surgery."

The Best Week Of My Life, Pt 3

first-time redbeardsley 2018-09-13

“I'm coming!” I said, as I felt Erin's 2nd orgasm of the night begin to come out and soak my dick and heard Sam and Shelly begin to cry out in pure joy. I held back to the point of feeling like the slightest breeze could send me in an explosion white-hot come until Shelly stopped sucking, as did Sam, and Erin, who had stopped sucking, but kept pumping at supersonic speed until I came in an explosion in all their mouths and on their tongues with all 3 trying to control my exploding dick to get their fair shares and licking it up off each other.


first-time oralbegood 2018-09-13

one day the pool was open for free swim and i happened to be in there with artie. but he kept it up and pretty soon it started to feel better than i wanted it to. he had a nice sized cock with a beautiful head and to this day i remember the taste and the feel of it. i coud have gone on forever and wanted to but he was so good that soon i was shooting my load in his mouth and it wasn't long before he came in my mouth. it was many years after military school before i got the opportunity for my bisexuality to rear its head.

Maggie's Audition

first-time Sandman8314 2018-09-13

Meanwhile, as Rod had been fucking me, working his sexual magic on me and reawakening my womanhood, Lily had not been idle. Ow. It still hurts." Blood was indeed running out of Lily's pussy, down the crack of her ass, spreading on the cheeks of her butt and soaking the bedspread. He shot one spurt into Lily's pussy before he jerked his dick out and spewed the rest of his come on her belly. Lily liked the feel of that huge tool rubbing on the bare cheeks of her ass. As his long slow strokes agitated her pussy and rubbed against her engorged clit, Lily responded to her own sexual feelings.

Cumming Camp Counselors

first-time JUDO 2018-09-13

"You got some secrets to share, Sacramento?" Dan looked at Marilyn with his lips thinly drawn. "Okay, okay, girls - listen up." Yeah, Dan was an older man, but I really didn't like the way he always referred to us as 'girls' and the boys as 'men.' Kinda pissed me off. I'm just planning on knocking a few things off the list." She smiled and looked a little red-faced. I could see tiny little Marilyn, hair wet and dripping, water running down her back as she drops to her knees in front of a smiling Johnny Winston. She looks up at Johnny and as his eyes open, her mouth opens and a long, pink tongue extends in an arc, reaching out to touch the bloated cock.

A Double Tease

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-09-13

"But I want to watch Lisa fuck you first" Jenn said as she got behind Chris and spread his ass cheeks wide as Lisa poured oil on his ass and on her pink toy. Chris began to pound Jenn faster and faster as Lisa watched his balls blow up for the 2nd time and she grabbed the cock and jerked it a few times as she moved it toward her mouth, but instead of the hot cum going in her mouth, Lisa milked the cum into a glass she had in her hand. "Oooohhh yeah swallow it baby" Jenn said as she smiled as her and Lisa watched Chris take the cum in his mouth and then watched his throat go "gulp" as the cum went into his stomach.

An Innocent Weekend

first-time STEPHENA 2018-09-13

Then she moved to Lincolnshire but they kept in touch and Andrew had been over to see her years ago and spent many happy days with Karen and 'Danny.' He remembered her sweet daughter, who was probably 12 or 13 the last time he had seen her. Where's Danny?', said Karen, 'I thought she'd be here to meet you, she's probably in the garden, she's growing cress for college.' It was later in the day and Andrew had been shown to his room at the back of the cottage and Danielle had gone out to see Natalie, one of her college friends. Karen went to fetch the drinks as Danielle came down and joined Andrew on the sofa.

Dales Tales: A Moorland Walk Ch. 02

first-time djinnrummy 2018-09-13

My gorgeous, naked, informant turned out to be the girl's Aunt Mary, who was quite happy to admit that she was in a sexual relationship with both her, and her sister Sally. What they hadn't known, and up to now still didn't know, was that Susan, their mom, and their Aunt Mary had also been sexually active with each other when they were girls. He said that, once he'd learned that the girls occasionally caressed each other, he'd been fortunate enough to be allowed to show her how to get really close to Sally so that they could enjoy all the delights of each other's bodies." My still erect cock found that returning into Sarah's vagina was easily accomplished because of the lubrication that her body had provided.