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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

That's What Friends Are For

first-time angelique1963 2018-09-13

In my first heady week as one of Jenna's gang, I actually caught more than a few guys in class staring at my tits, my legs or my miniskirt--knowing that there was nothing underneath but smooth skin and a wet snatch--and rubbing their hard cocks over tight jeans. I stared at the beautiful piece of flesh, mesmerized by the veiny shaft and the well-defined head, until I suddenly felt Nick grab a large tuft of my hair and savagely push my head between William's legs, hissing, "Suck his cock, bitch." Rather than upsetting me, his order made me even hotter and hornier, and I quickly pulled the magnificent cap into my mouth, sucking it hard, occasionally snaking my tongue out over it, and sometimes letting it pop out, only to greedily take it back in.


first-time bains 2018-09-13

It was at the end of last year, our junior year that she dropped out and got her GED so she could, as she put it "stop all the high school bullshit and go to college." It was a community college, but the difference is negligible. She isn't allowed to know about the thing I had for her through three years of high school together and how often I thought about asking her out. I close my eyes and feel the warmth of her mouth surrounding my erection and I moan as her tongue flits across the head and her lips massage the shaft. With her tongue doing overtime and my hand holding her raven hair out of her face, I let loose into her mouth.

Gap Year Ch. 01

first-time Aging Rake 2018-09-13

Mary helped Nigel with his bags to the shower block, gave him a key, and told him to go in and get settled, and then come through to the main hotel for a bite to eat when he was ready. Nigel didn't like to tell her that he had already seen the film, a suspense thriller, several weeks before in London, but he sat through it and felt Dawn's hand creep into his during the first scary part. "She told me that she was lucky, as my Dad stayed with her and they're still together, but she felt I should have the option." said Dawn, as she got up from the bed, telling Nigel to lie still.

Wife gets her fantasy threesome fufilled

first-time oddtastes 2018-09-13

As we we walked by a group of guys getting bottle service I noticed the lust in their eyes as they sized up my wife from head to toe. Eventually his hand disappeared up her dress and a look of extacy appeared on my wife's face. As she leaned in to give me a kiss she told me that Eric got her so wet that she was practically ready to fuck him right here on the dance floor! I couldn't believe my eyes as my wife pulled out another man's cock. I couldn't believe the lust in her eyes as she eagerly took Erics cock deep in her mouth. Eric pulled his cock out of my wife and ripped the condom off his dick.

Country drive

first-time peejay68 2018-09-13

I was open mouthed at the sight that greeted me, she looked stunning her long golden hair to her shoulders, little tight crop top, short denim skirt just above the bum and showing of her fantastic legs. Deep into the country lanes I pulled over and we talked then started to kiss, her hands on my face and neck were making me so hot, already I was rigid as steel and my cock was fighting to get out. The next thing I know I was in her warm mouth and watching her expertly suck me deep into her throat, feeling her tongue running all over my cock I knew I was getting wetter and that she would be tasting me.

Same room sex

first-time jackdanny55 2018-09-13

Raj and his wife Shanthi wanted to spice up their sex life and seeking another couple to join them on the same bed. Meanwhile, my conversation with Raj went on for a week and we finally fixed a date on the following Saturday 10am at his place prior to Raji's visit to Chennai and spending a few days with me here. The moment, Shanthi was lying, Raj immediately went to the bottom of her knee length dress kissing and licking her all over her thigh. In a moment, I noticed both of us were completely naked before Raj and Shanthi heavily petting on the couch. Like a mirror image, both Shanthi and Raji started climbing on us and copying each others action on Raj and myself

We Finally Meet, in the Coffee Shop

first-time princessofk 2018-09-13

That lingerie, it's a corset, and you are soon to find that out when I start unbuttoning the lower buttons of my skirt. After all I am just trying to get comfortable - my jacket is unbuttoned and my buttoned skirt is a bit too tight for me to cross my legs comfortably. (they have to have these special coffee shops somewhere, right?) Your hand is rubbing my leg and it moves up, farther and farther, until it's hitting the garters. As your fingers begin to play with me, to spread my lips and look at my glistening pussy, you can see that I am so wet, so hot for you.

Alone Again

first-time Mr. Unsexy 2018-09-12

He's asking me about how I would handle a long line of customers while keeping a drawer perfect, and I want to interrupt him with something like "Guess who I fucked last night." Right now I'm thinking about the way she looked in her bed when I left this morning, with a scant sheet of thin cotton outlining her flawless body. She sometimes stands idly against the opposite wall in the room too, and she'll open one of her legs so that they resemble an arrowhead pointing right or left; it makes you want to walk up to her and hook your arm behind her knee before you nail her up against that wall.

Obsession Ch. 01

first-time rachlou 2018-09-12

"So I was talking to Mel last night and she told me-" Kelsey broke off from her monologue when she realised Jess hadn't heard a word she'd said. Jess quickly decided that the bitch looked like a malevolent crow, but she thought better of passing that comment on to Kelsey. The sound of squealing rubber diverted Jess's attention away from shoes and she turned her head towards the car park entrance. Jess's eyes flashed angrily and Kelsey reluctantly stood, realising that she wasn't going to have the chance to order an ice cream. "Good idea, Kelsey, I need to go home and wash my hair." Jess pushed past her admirer with a disdainful look.

Sheila Bred

first-time arlene548 2018-09-12

I warmly stimulated her body past the point of no return planting kisses on her lips and breasts. My hands had risen her body to the boiling point while tracing the folds of her lips as her legs spread wider and wider apart under her dress as I teased her cunt. In shocked surprise Sheila's senses awoken feeling my swollen weapon push into her cunt making her my whore. With the final wave I held her in place as I pushed hard and held tight making certain the proper pressure pinned my whore Sheila as my weapon unloaded all its pellets into her womb.

101 Reasons Not to Become a OBGYN Ch. 02

first-time blackstallion21 2018-09-12

Unlike my first story where I was explaining my job in this first chapter, I am going to take the time to briefly give you a disclaimer on safe sex. I happened to be with a particular African American girl when I was younger, and this was before I was a doctor mind you, and when she got undressed at my house to have sex, her personal perfume filled the whole upper floor of my house, and before I could catch the words from falling out of my mouth, I asked her if she had showered! I fingered the hell out of her hot pink clam, and sucked her clit so hard I thought I was going to vacuum it right off of her, and the rest of her body flopped around on the table like a fish out of water.

My Brother and Me Ch. 03

first-time cutandhorny 2018-09-12

We took care of those chores, and Kris then said: "You know my buddy Pat. Do you remember his dad, Milton?" If you want the truth, bro, when I knew you were playing with my cock a couple of years back, when you thought I was asleep, I thought it was because your own pecker was little, and you wanted to see what a guy's big tool felt like. I asked him how come his peter looked different than mine, and he forked back his foreskin, and I saw he had a big ugly cock-head, that looked about like mine, except of course bigger. As Kris told me that, we got out of his truck, and headed for the door of the brothel called Janie's Ranch.

Old man picked me up

first-time SeanR83 2018-09-12

He led me into the house and smiled, saying, "You've been on the beach all day, I guess you'd like a shower to get rid of all the sand." I could feel his hard cock against my belly as his hands cupped my breasts and ass. He started to pull my head up, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. He held the back of my head, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth than I ever thought it would be able to go. His tongue snaked into my mouth and we started making out like real lovers do. He kissed me slowly, and I could feel the tip of my cock push up against my pussy.

BabySitter Is Depressed

first-time Ashson 2018-09-12

She shook her head, and I let my hand drift over to the other breast, but squeezing slightly this time, instead of rubbing. I continued the same slow tantalizing creep, my hand brushing up one leg and down the other, while Brenda squirmed slightly, wanting that last inch to be covered. We just sat for a few moments, neither moving, and then Brenda took a determined breath, doing interesting things to those lovely breasts again. "I never said I wanted sex with you," she pointed out, as I stroked my cock back and forth along her labia, letting her feel its intimate touch. I pressed a little hard by way of answer, letting her see, and feel, my cock sinking in.


first-time goatfortuna 2018-09-12

Alice (Lin?) who had on the bikini had tiny little breasts but I started to see that they were probably half nipple, and pretty dark, I could tell, once the bikini got wet and soaked through a little. I stared at Alice/Lin's legs in the shorts they had pulled on and tried to remember I had seen another foot or so of bare skin up from there, just a short while ago, and what that had looked like. I noticed that the Alice/Lin now wearing the two piece was a bit more guarded when she sat in the bikini so I couldn't see up between her legs like with the other one.

Golden Summer

first-time JimBob44 2018-09-12

"Damn, this shit is hard!" Richard Pennington, Rip as he called himself, drawled to Tib as they took notes in Professor Huston's Algebra 101 class. "Dude, your momma had great taste," Rip praised and got busy on his laundry while Tib prepared a pork roast for their dinner. "Aw shit; I don't..." Wanda said then looked up as an old pink Cadillac pulled up. Tib told Wanda a little bit about himself as he drove how he was an orphan and how his home had been his Momma's house. Wanda got up, but Tib waved her back down, grabbing hers and Rip's plates as well. "A little on the gay side, but help yourself to a second banana daiquiri," Tib teased as Rip did refill his glass.

Lucky Alan Ch. 02

first-time TLMorgan 2018-09-12

His cock began to swell, and without thinking, Cassie plunged her wide-open mouth onto it, sucking and slurping on the thick, round head. Bessie and Selma looked on with wide eyes as their close friend sucked on the biggest cock they had ever seen. She cupped and fondled Alan's big, hairless balls while her delicate pink tongue feverishly licked the bulbous head of his throbbing cock. Let me taste your warm cum," Tiffany pleaded, as she swiftly jerked his massive man meat with the fat, swollen head aimed at her mouth. Once Tiffany was sure she had sucked every last drop of Alan's semen from his big, hairless balls, she released his fat cock from her mouth, looked back at her two friends, and smiled.

Jill's First Toy

first-time johnniedee004 2018-09-12

When she looked at naked body in the mirror, Jill would run her hands over her shoulders, breasts, belly, resting on her furry friend. As she jerked it up and down, guided by him, watching the magical foreskin slide up and down the head, she eventually allowed Jim to slide his hand up her skirt, his fingers touching her furry friend, now awash with her private honey. Jim had brought her in his car, stopping on the way for Jill to jerk him off for the last time, though she had decided she wouldn’t let him feel her on that occasion. Jill’s furry friend was impatient, desperate for attention, on the verge of orgasm all evening, so that it was Jill who first reached her orgasm, with flexing loins with groans and whispers of ‘I’m coming.

June Ch. 05

first-time rmlooker 2018-09-12

On Friday after Keith's eye surgery, June called Lin and asked her if she would like to come over for dinner on Saturday. After they got in their house Lin looked closer at June and thought her breasts were larger. June explained that she and Rob had spent a lot of time playing with her breasts and got her to start lactating. Lin had started sucking on June's breast again and as she did so June asked her if she would like to fuck Rob when he got home. His expert mouth, tongue and fingers soon had three good cums out of Lin. She had to push his head away she got so sensitive.

Niece's Tight Cunt Needs It Bad

first-time fotisampini 2018-09-12

"Dang baby," the long-haired blonde cheerleader purred to her brand-new phone lover, "you are one good phone fuck, jesus I came so many times." She stretched her tongue out and wrapped it around one of her glistening fingers, sucking off her pussy-juice and washing it around her mouth, then doing the same to the other finger that had just been inside her spasming cunt. "Fuck that's hot," Uncle Jake moaned, his hand slipping a little higher up the inside of Heather's leg. So, clutching his fat penis in her hand, she leaned up to his face and moaned with lust in his ear, "Uncle Jake, let me suck your big dick please, baby, I want to suck it to badly!" And she punctuated her request by licking his cheek, from chin up to near his eye, leaving a broad wet path of saliva over his face.

Last Beach Walk, as a Virgin.

first-time Fridagirl 2018-09-12

We passed two older men, bald, graying and paunchy not the sexy specimens of men a girl fantasies about on a beach and they stared at me and the man beside me as we walked, 'See', he whispered, 'you're making men horny just looking at you', and he dropped behind me and undid my clasp holding my bikini top on, I let him remove it and felt a freedom I had never known as my nipples grew hard in the warm breeze from the ocean, and sexual excitement now surging through my girlish loins, I took my panties off, and showed myself as my body was charged with a sexual rush, I wanted to fuck.

mystery man and the fountain

first-time msjojo 2018-09-12

I opened my door for my mystery man and he touched my shoulders, my neck, took my face in his hands and gave me a soft kiss. With one-hand he unhooked my pale pink bra (very impressive with a four hook bra) and grabbed my left breast and began sucking, licking, and nibbling. He kissed my mouth, my neck, tongued my ears, tongued and kissed down my breasts, his hands were all over my body and I even couldn't keep track of all the places he kissed, licked, touched... His right hand worked on my clit, his left hand my vagina, his tongue all around, licked, sucked, even nibbled the whole pussy. He sucked and licked then I was ready to have a clitoral orgasm, I barely said anything and my clit pounded against his tongue.

the wife and her s****r..

first-time naughtydarksecret 2018-09-12

Ged obliged and filled it ball deep he went to town on her and he was cumming he filled her up and when he pulled out Susan just fell into a heap she was goosed, i rolled her over and Jane and i cleaned her down we were kissing each other and tasting him and her, Susan looked up and smiled and said thanks for this i needed it so much and when i go home i am going to drop hints till my husband comes around to this it could save our marriage if not i am going to get myself a big black cock.

Lindsay's Crush

first-time ms_ktygirl 2018-09-12

She had been lost in thought about his comment and the letter she was writing on her way to her locker, and by the time she got the books she needed for homework and went outside, the busses had already gone. “Oh God, please don’t cry!” Lindsay didn’t think twice, she just threw herself at him and wrapped her arms around his neck, drawing his head down to her shoulder. Look, let’s just get up from here and I’ll help you get your house in order.” Lindsay wiped her eyes and stood up. Lindsay and Mr. Smith had spent the whole time talking, comparing favorite authors and musicians, chatting about art and religion and politics not as teacher and student, but as old friends.