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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Little Tim EPISODE #1

first-time LittleAus 2018-09-12

He turns around and says "Oh hey I'm Jones Bakerson." I shake his hand and introduce myself. "hey mom packed some of your stuff in my bag." she says to jones. Uh kind of skanky." Jones says with a laugh. After about an hour Kenzie and another beautiful girl walk onto a makeshift stage. Once up there the crowd starts to chant "STRIP!" Within a few minutes jones is standing on stage with only his boxers on. At the end of class she gives me her number and says that if I want to work on a story or something to call her. I talk for a moment and then a girl walks in the room.

Sue My Cum Loving Wife 2

first-time mikeron 2018-09-12

" These photos are such a fucking turn on Sue." I said looking at the close up of Kate's pretty pussy with her lips pulled apart. Sue flicked out her long tongue licked the wet puffy lips of her best friends virgin pussy. "SUE!!!!!" Shivers swept her young body as Sue's wet mouth engulfed her excited clit She eagerly sucked the quivering flesh flicking her tongue over it at the same time. Sue kept licking and sucking her fleshy clit and finger fucking her dripping pussy and asshole. " I loved licking and sucking your pussy and your ass!!" Sue told her leaning down for a long wet kiss. Kate moved her hands up rubbing Sue's tight little ass, gently kneading the firm, soft flesh.

Jen’s Painful Lessons

first-time tankengine123 2018-09-12

Susan went from being a young trophy wife to becoming a mom, Jim a dad, and I was soon “Uncle” Richard. As I recently announced my early retirement at work and as I had no immediate f****y, Susan thought I would have loads of time to set Jen on the path to a good education. Susan: After daddy spanked me a few times, I became very focused on avoiding the experience whenever I could. Jen: But Uncle Richard, mom would never allow you to spank me. Jen dropped her head each time and muttered something that sounded like: Oh shit. Susan helped me train Jen to spread her love holes for my cock.

Test Run

first-time quasaaar 2018-09-12

On the other hand, she laughed at my jokes, we had a lot in common, and we had many friends we hung out with together. Sure, they all laughed at my jokes, but then we either had nothing in common, or completely different groups of friends. We were quite a bit into the evening when the conversation had been slowly flowing in small individual groups when I casually let slip that I might be interested in her as more than a friend. The other woman in the room, Stef, wasn't even in her forties yet, and was like a slightly chubbier (in all the right places) version of Melanie, but with pitch black hair. "I don't think you'll be needing those anytime soon," she said with a smirk.

Why I add People and other things

first-time arkane28 2018-09-12

I don't know how many friends I have on here but I have added them all because I saw something on their profile I like, maybe a video I saw and I'll try to add the person that posted it if they not tripping. the only people that should not have the right to see your pics and vids on your page, are the dickheads and asshole that have no respect, no avatar pic, no pics, or vids on their profile, message you like crazy for camming and chatting. So I see it as people that say they will not add someone because they do not have a pic of their face on their profile, work for big b*****r, or are them selves company owners that wanna fuck up people lives.

By the Light of the Moon

first-time TxRad 2018-09-12

"I think I'll need a boost, if you don't mind," Becca said as she tried to lift her leg far enough to get her knee on the seat of the chair. I swallowed hard as my hands hovered over her ass for a second and then I moved them up to her waist as I tried to figure out the best way to help her without helping myself too much. "I'd feel safer if you came and gave me a hand," she said softly as she let go of the chair arm and brought her hand up to the tabletop. With a sigh, she straightened and then whispered, "I'm supposed to get on the table with my head toward the point of the heart and my feet at the curved end."

My Sister's Boyfriend - 2

first-time john1195 2018-09-12

my room studying when Josh came in and asked me to go to the gym with On the way to the gym, Josh told me that like me, he couldn't sl**p help him to have a better look at what I got, I took my cock in my hand and On Wednesday, I came to the swimming pool and saw Josh. Josh put his right hand on my head and messed up my hair like a that Josh would finish his swimming, I changed clothes and walked into the sexy stranger, I walked out of the jacuzzi and came in the sauna room to Looking at me straight in the eyes, the stranger took his cock in


first-time bobbyblue53 2018-09-12

My last photo was of her lying back on the settee with her legs spread apart she looked so sexy her breasts looked amazing she put her hand between her legs with such a sexy look as if to say come get it I did notice that when she spread her legs you could see her pants were very wet it showed the shape of her pussy lips I think her husband will love these as much as I have taking them, “Oh my god she looked so fucking hot she was wearing a thong that didn’t really cover much at all I wanted to get as many pictures of her as I could her legs were so sexy especially in high heels no wonder her son was spying on her I could feel myself getting aroused,

College Sexual Health Teacher, my first experience

first-time trevor100a 2018-09-12

Some intercourse but mostly wanted to suck my cock and watch me masturbate for them then have me make them cum with their favorite toy after they got hot. She was so interested in everything about my sexuality- method, frequency, nature of my ejaculations, pleasure, toys I like to use. How she has helped guys both younger than me and older than her increase their capacity till they were cumming over and over, masturbating and intercourse, all day and night. She wanted intercourse, maybe 2-3 times a week, and she masturbated with me some, but the rest of time she just like me to hang out at her place naked and helped me masturbate whenever I got an erection.

Tricking Out Andrea

first-time xerosheartx 2018-09-12

She then had a shower cleaned herself up and returned to the bedroom where I then went in and made sure she realized she was mine just in case and bent her over the bed before fucking her ass and putting a load deep in her again. This time I went in with him and teased and positioned her so she was on her front as he got on top of her and started slowly fucking her without her knowing it was him, she just lay there sl**ping as he pumped away getting his moneys worth whilst I went back and made some breakfast.

Collection Day Part Two

first-time silveredspice 2018-09-12

The warm cloth danced up my leg tugging gently on my ball sac before extending back to my cheeks, whispers of her breath danced on my shaft making it twitch to and fro until it tapped her on the nose, she moaned as the rinse cloth was dropped only to be replaced by both her hands wrapping around the outside of my thighs to cup my firm young butt cheeks. Sitting up she took my cock into her hand pulling me forward into her warmth, off came the bra her legs locked around my waist our mouths met and dueled now thrusting like some wild b**st I flooded into her.

The Training of a Sissy Whore

first-time cocksucker1966 2018-09-12

Mistress Jane stood behind me admiring her handiwork "Oh baby she said you look hot just wait till Bill gets home he is going to give you such a fucking, I cant wait to see his big fat cock going in and out of your sexy red mouth, oh you are going to look great splattered in his cum". I then began to lick and suck his balls, "further round bitch lick my ass" said Jim. I was appalled at the thought of licking this fat sweaty mans ass but my rock hard cock stuffed in my panties was evidence enough that it was really turning me on being a slut for this man.

Old white dick young black pussy

first-time 2018-09-12

my real name but I wanted to make sure he wasn't crazy pussy, making my cunt suck his cock so hard, and having I came so hard I thought that I was going to pass out. sure he wanted to cum in his pants before I even walked knowing that I was going to have a nice hard fuck date. wanted to stop and talk and told me he'd take me home inside of my panties and onto my hot black pussy. spread my legs wide, letting him take a good hard look pointed his tongue like a tiny cock and began moving it and my pussy lips open, letting him take a good long good for was sucking, fucking, and pleasing white cock.

Andrea finds her natural place in life

first-time stuartmahoney 2018-09-12

Bobbi stopped the shower and each girl in turn held Greg's monster erection in their hands and took him into their mouths and giving him a swift blow-job whilst tickling his balls, but they stopped short of making him come. He tried to push again but he had little strength left as his orgasm had completely drained his energy and he could feel his erection fading and slowly pulled himself out of Andrea's very red pussy collapsing on his back as Andrea rolled on top of him and kissed him as they embraced like the two satisfied lovers that they were.


first-time starova 2018-09-12

I said, 'Last time I was in a Wolseley, the man asked about my pants too.' I think he was self conscious and a bit embarrassed about having the same conversation 2 times. After driving for a few miles I kept asking him if he was going too far out of his way and he said he didn't mind. He just kept licking me very softly and I couldn't stop the muscles in my cock and at the top of my legs started twitching and twitching. Then he took his hands off my cock and said to me, 'While there is no-one within miles, you should feel free to make as much noise you like when you're ready to squirt your semen.


The Naive Virgin

first-time hot_kinky_chic 2018-09-12

I think how sexy it would be to have a man make love to me in this bed. Being a virgin at 20 is not a bad thing -- I just want to know what it is like to have a man giving me pleasure. I want to have the chance to teach you a few things," he says as he moves toward the bed. He begins to touch my body -- the places I have touched and things I would never think of touching. I don't know how to do this and I don't want the first time to be like this. Next thing I know, his hard cock is in my mouth. It does feel ok but I'm not going to let him know that.

Summer the 1st time

first-time 2018-09-12

As today was Wednesday and we were now on our school holiday there was no one around when we reached stopped to kiss her again,this time longer and my hands squeezed her beautiful peachy bottom as we snogged. My hands started to caressing her arms,and then I got the chance to move on to her breast.mmmmmm it felt so nice,warm and firm,I could now see her nipples pressing against the cheesecloth material of her blouse. I moved it higher on rested my hand on her knickers,they were wet to touch!. Well, I did not need to be asked twice,I pulled them down really quick and threw them aside.she opened her legs and I got to see her neatly trimmed brown bush.

The Neighbor Upstairs Enters the Backdoor

first-time 2018-09-12

I started straining like I was trying to pinch one off, when I felt a pop, and the head was passed the inner set of muscles He held it there, and flexed his cock muscle a few times, making it bigger and smaller. I then sank back down until I was sitting on him, and repeated this faster and faster, as I felt a warm flooding in my loins, and put my hand son his chest,, leaned forward, and he said “fuck me baby doll” and boy did I, I could almost stand up, and just plopped back down, and did this faster and faster with my eyes on his, and we both just grinned, and started cummi-g at the same time, I thought I would pass out, from the pleasure.

The Ten-Year Temptation

first-time vipergtsr 2018-09-12

So we actually discussed if we could pull this off, not a normal week-long visit but a quick stop by purely to fuck, in secret, without even her boyfriend knowing I had been there. I enjoy hearing the noises as she hits just the right spots with the vibrator, taking more pictures of her as she gags on the cock she's trying so anxiously to swallow. Deep in her every time, she's struggling to text to her boyfriend so that he doesn't suspect anything, but enjoying knowing she's getting fucked while talking to him. She eventually gets down on the floor, on her knees and tries her best once more to swallow my cock, but also enjoys exploring it for her first time.

Oddball Ch. 04

first-time JimBob44 2018-09-12

"Got a question for you," John said, no smile on his face. "That FAT ASS just stand there and condemn a place that gave me back the man that I love, well, John, what else has he been wrong about?" Leah asked. "Girls, I know you will miss your father very much when I kill him," Allison said as she picked up their dinner plates. "Mother of God, help me," John said as he saw his big brother's body, half in his chair and half on the floor. "Yeah, he pounded my pussy real good, got it all full of cum, want to come over and eat some cum out of my pussy, fucking pussy eating dyke?" Amber said.

First Taste of Sex

first-time HereinNV 2018-09-12

My cock, which had begun to soften after the blowjob, now sprung back to attention at the sight of Anna's pussy lips, and the insertion of her fingers into her wet hole. Anna must have felt my cock twitch and harden further, because she looked into my eyes and said: "That's right baby, I want you to cum deep inside my pussy." It was her words that finally pushed me over the edge, and I felt my balls tighten as I shot spurt after spurt of hot jizz into her, having a quite intense orgasm.


My first older lady

first-time Davidcars 2018-09-12

Another one !!!!ii keep sucking then it was like a geyser I got on top of here and put my hard dick inside her and just started fucking her hard she couldn't stop screaming the more she screamed the harder I fucked her comes another one she said aaahhhhhhh all over my stomach we were both cover on cum she got on top of me she was ridding me hard and fast it was like she was posses just girding me so good I didn't know a 63 y.o can fuck so fuckin good then she said ...I want you to fuck my ass so she squatted up and grab my hard cock and put it in her asshole and little by little she started up and down and deeper and deeper ....she screaming oh my god I'm cumming again....

Gambler's Luck

first-time fotisampini 2018-09-12

"Danny," my s****r said very seriously, "I want you to know that normally I would never drink a shot that someone handed me under the door of a toilet stall." There was more laughter from Shellie and others. Both of them had hard nipples inside little cotton tank tops, and Shellie's nice wide ass stuck out far enough that from below and behind, I could see her blue panties tight over her pussy. "Danny!" she said, and turned around, and I could see her perfectly, the warm shower water spreading her white dress over her ass like a layer of fresh cream.

Clover Plays with Her Cousin

first-time clovermoffatt 2018-09-12

She had no idea what to do but she suckled and chewed and tweaked, and I writhed and moaned, and after a while she bit me and I said 'ow' and she apologised and licked it better. She took her fingers off my nipples and pushed my legs further apart, then started to suckle on my clit. I moaned and clenched her head between my thighs as she suckled on my clit. ten minutes were up and I was complete jelly on the bed but Georgie was feeding on my clitoris like it was her best friend. And at some time in the middle of it all her fingers slid into my pussy and churned the warm wet juices, and I shuddered with lust.