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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Gloryhole Virgin

first-time HairyHippie 2018-09-12

Then, all of a sudden the guy's cock pokes through the hole, then pulls it away. I get it now and pull my pants down, sticking my 1/2 hard cock through the 4-inch or so hole in the wall between us. His mouth was on me immediately, it felt warm and wet and good and I was hard in no time. I didn't last long this first time, his hot, sucking mouth made me cum so fast and so hard, and so fucking much! I kissed the head and licked at it for a while, losing track of time, then I sucked his 6 or so inches of hard cock into my mouth as far as I could.

seduced by gay guy

first-time roddersxxx 2018-09-12

It was one day just as he left that a male asain guy about 50 years old came into the shop and was asking to look at samples of formica/plastic sheets that get glued to work surfaces. He took out his enormous cock and pushed it at me, I had heard about oral sex so knew to open my mouth. A great experience lost I think now looking back as I saw him a couple of times between sucking him whenever he came to the shop with about 4 to 5 guys.I still imagine how it would have been going to his friends and having to suck so many cocks and maybe then finally fucking me.

My Aunt is a Lesbian - Part 2

first-time timbo101 2018-09-12

Once, her fingers went under my body slightly, and I felt her fingers just touch and slightly rub one of my nipples, and a couple of times when she was massaging the inside of my thighs, my legs slightly apart to let her do so, she toughed and I felt deliberately, let her fingers touch, and almost press against my slit through my pants. All I knew was I wanted to get back to the room again and see her naked body, watch her undress, see her lovely tits and nipples, maybe ask if I could touch her shaven mound again, and God, yes, touch myself again. We were standing close to each other, our breasts almost touching, our eyes looking into each others, as she slipped my fingers down her pants, her hand over mine, and gently moved my fingertips over her smooth mound.

Discovering watersports ch 4

first-time 2018-09-12

Fancy some more cross dressing?” Anna asked as we went into our bedroom, having just fucked on our daughter’s bed. Somehow I don’t think he had this in mind”, she said as my piss started to flow, slowly at first onto the shower tray and then onto her body and, as I strengthened the flow, on to her beautiful, small, outward swinging, 34B tits. She went to my drawers and found a pair of black, wet look boxers. Anna looked fantastic in my shorts, the glossy black nylon with the three stripes just above her knees, and her nipples through the pink bra. I was so aroused by her wet body, the smell of our piss, and the kinkiness of our games, that I quickly came, pulling out and creaming up her back.

How To Become a Slut in 7 Days

first-time Erlikkhan 2018-09-11

When Ron kissed down her neck and then sucked a nipple into his mouth Cheryl gasped. Ron, looking into her eyes, slid both hands under her smock and squeezed her naked breasts. Cheryl was exhausted when Ron finally pulled his fingers out of her quivering cunt. Ron looked down at Cheryl stroking his cock with her tits jiggling on her chest from the rapid movement of her hand. Cheryl finger fucked her pussy while staring at her cum covered body in the mirror. Ron put his hand on the back of her neck and helped Cheryl lower her head. Becky said that guys like it when a girl lets him shoot in her mouth so she didn't pull away when his shaft swelled between her lips.

Mary in Istanbul

first-time Longstretch 2018-09-11

Peter hooked his fingers in my panties and slid them down and off, then kissed inside my left thigh. When I got to his erection he said "please kiss my cock." This got a little pleasure squeal from Peter, and another, then he went "ummmm." I pulled off with an exaggerated "pop" and we laughed. He moved down and kissed inside my thighs, then began fingering my opening, as he had said he would. After working some more with three fingers he said "We're going to become lovers now, Mary." When I said that it hurt, Peter pulled back. Peter insisted that I experience every position and learn things that he didn't necessarily find pleasurable so that I knew what was possible.

Charlie Gets a Tittyfuck Facial

first-time clovermoffatt 2018-09-11

come on honey baby, sweetie, cum like a good little girl for Daddy and Uncle George..." and I'm moaning and cumming as the cock comes out of my mouth and I can moan and beg at last..."oh God, I'm on the edge, Oh Christ, Oh God that's good, oh keep your fingers in me Daddy, feel Baby's pussy..." and his hands are in me and my pussy petals are on fire... My orgasm heightens as the fingers rub and probe at my clit, and then as I moan and scream Steve pushes my oiled titties together from behind and George starts to rub his prick between them, tittyfucking me like a whore.

Coed Cheerleader Daughter joins him in the shower

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-09-11

Reveling in the way it felt, as it spread her lips and pressed against and down her throat, Mandy rocked back and forth on her knees, sucking the big, hard cock in and out between her lips. He loved watching as his shaft glided into her cute little mouth, with her lips pressed firmly against it, taking it all the way in, until her tongue snaked down to lick his balls. Mandy's lips were just tight enough that they felt like an extra snug pussy or ass, and the inside of her mouth was a warm, wet chamber of pleasure. Mandy knew how to take that tip down her throat so Daddy's whole erection could be taken inside her mouth, until the hair that surrounded it was tickling her nose and lips.

The job that changed my life.

first-time lush2222 2018-09-11

My friend got me in touch with a guy she knew that needed bar work to help over a two month period. I was working behind the bar when Tyler walked in. I poured it up as I saw his two friends walk over to the table by the jukebox and drink their pints they had just bought. I didnt see Tyler all evening, his group must have been the ones getting the drink. Tyler: Heya walking home? Tyler: I'll walk you home. Tyler: Tell you what...i'll call you a cab. Tyler: Well....I better be going Donna...early start tommorow. He walked over and placed his hands on my hips and kissed me on the cheek. As he picked up the pace I started to moan louder.

"The Black Experience."

first-time tintop 2018-09-11

The thought of this young black man being soexcited by my naked body really made me hot! With that, Richard removed the covers, exposing hisshiny, hard black weapon I had been staring at in secret onlymoments ago. richard got off the bed and grabbed me, sucking a nipple into hiseager mouth. I then begged Richard togive me all of his hard black cock in my hot white pussy. When his uncle called say he would pick him up in anhour, I wasted no time in giving my black lover a blow-job hewould not soon forget. How can I now go back to the gentle, yet boring sex I havewith my husband after "the black experience?" I have becomehooked on beautiful black cocks...Richard has used hisoutstanding welcome to our house many times!

My Eighteenth Birthday Part 4

first-time masti011 2018-09-11

Each session began with a "training tape" that Daddy had made with my mother, whom he had divorced years before because of her alcoholism. Then Daddy wrapped my hand around his enormous shaft and told me to put what I had learned to good use. Since then, I had tried to train my jaw by keeping cylindrical objects the size of his cock in it for long periods of time. While Daddy sucked my pussy, he worked the plug in and out of my ass. After the fourth plug, I begged Daddy to forget about the other two and to fuck my ass. Daddy's cock sliding smoothly into my chute intensified my orgasm.

Santa Lovers – Alicia and Sam

first-time tankengine123 2018-09-11

Uncle Santa had a special surprise arranged when they landed; the limo was decorated like a giant sleigh with reindeer along both sides. Uncle Santa took his other hand and started to spank Sami. As the three of them watched a holiday film, Santa would slowly slide a cane deep inside a tiny hole for a minute or two and then put that one into his mouth and taste it. For Uncle Santa to finish eating it, Sami had to crawl backwards and push his little hole against Santa’s mouth. Alicia wanted the same attention so Santa broke off a piece in his hands and pushed it inside her.

Mom and me

first-time StarScreamUSA 2018-09-11

I said it had all been okay and that I’d had to jerk off in the bathroom because she had sent me more photos. I looked into the shot and said 'I liked it and I’m doing exactly what you hoped I’d be doing’ and then stood up straight to capture me tugging on my hard cock’. During lunch at work I decided to act first and sent her a photo of myself after my jerk off session the night before with the text 'I think you’ll agree I jerked it hard last night x’ and within a minute I got a reply. Her legs started shaking and she looked like she was going to fall over so I stood up and put her hands on her dressing table.

My first sex without strings adventure

first-time sam_slade69 2018-09-11

much effort I moved her hand to my cock and she took over stroking me. It did not take long before she moved down on her knees in front of me and stroked my cock with both of her hands. She wrapped her breasts around my cock and started moving them up and down. Before long I felt my cock start to tingle so I warned her that I was getting very close. Her sucking was getting faster and faster and I stopped trying to hold back and just let her work my cock. My hands went numb as I felt my cock start spurting my load into her mouth.

Confessions #2: Clara sins in Church

first-time petdyke 2018-09-11

Clara gets wet from stimulating her mind by best friend in the net, and Andi licking her sexy slit Clara I look forward to sweet sexy scenes like that in my Church, love - I warmly welcome you two Clara continues her hot holy cunning Confession of two lovers for life at poet Pope Pete Clara we warmly welcome you two make my holy Confession booth as wet as your bath was, my c***d Clara: feels too good bliss - God bless you two my dears for coming together in our holy Church Clara: I just orgasmed on his cock, oh my God - please Poet Pope Pete forgive our sins in Church

Part Two - More Cheating

first-time jenniferlikesmen 2018-09-11

Saying things like: “Oh yea suck my pussy.”, “ God I love your cock.”, “Fuck me harder.” She was lost in her imagination. I like to say Jennifer has that 'cum fuck me' look and I'm sure Jay saw it too. The way my wife tells the story; at this point she knows whats up and has a hard time saying 'no', so she slides over the seat closer to him and that was all he needed to see. (Although I did not know it was called that then.) Days later a friend of mine asks me why he saw our car being pulled into a garage at 11pm the other night.

First Handjob

first-time prabh0612 2018-09-11

She called out "Deshraj College?" I said "Yes", she said, "hop on, I am going there too." Without hesitating I took the pillion and sat there holding my breath (I am not a big fan of women driving and certainly not on two wheelers, and this? I was sitting with friends at the college canteen and having fun when I heard a sweet female voice asking me "How are you my pillion rider." That sounded like such a corny thing that all my friends were shocked and then burst out laughing. She came up to my face and kissed my cheek and whispered," take off your underwear, I want to feel your cock".


Naked Twister

first-time C2RJ 2018-09-11

As I walked in the door, George grabbed me just above my waist, right under my breast and gave me a long, slow, wet, French kiss that had all of us breathing heavily. I began moving my mouth up and down his dick, with my tongue pressing on the underside of the shaft as I went up and down, slightly applying a pressure with sucking, but not too much. I took his dick in my mouth and moved slowly again, until he started pushing on my head harder, wanting more. I looked up at George with his dick in my mouth, and got smile #3. He moved down my body and began licking the cum from my swollen pussy.

Extra Credit in Japan

first-time Kawaii Anime 2018-09-11

"Lexie-chan," you say with a welcome smile, "How can I help you?" In answering, I let the books fall from my hands and thump-thump-thump on the floor. We are still kissing slowly as you open my shirt and push away the kodachi tie. I cry out in pleasure, as your other hand moves to my skirt and under, wanting to know how much I need you. You pull away to see me sweating through my shirt at places and my hair fuzzy from my hands going through it with orgasmic fervor. As you are coming, I reach for you and kiss you as deeply as I can; feeling the orgasm in both of us and loving the feeling.

A May-December Romance

first-time fotisampini 2018-09-11

Doris took pity on the young man and said it wasn't necessary -- that he likely had a lot more fun things to occupy his time than to tour around with an old lady -- but Grace would have no part of it. In truth, whether she knew it or not, despite her body's imperfections and battles with age -- the encroachment of cellulite, the slightly less buoyant breasts, the wide hips, bigger behind, and fleshier arms and thighs -- the fact was, Doris was still a very voluptuous and desirable-looking woman; a fact that was not lost on the young man in her midst.

Unexpected encounter

first-time fotisampini 2018-09-11

Without and invitation, Jeremy plopped down of the ground next to her, and while staring out at the water asked softly, "Have you ever wondered what it would feel like when you found the one for you!?!" "Of course I have," she replied softly, "hasn't everyone!?!" "Uh huh," he replied slowly, "and I think I know why you're so scared!!!" She shivered again and asked haltingly, Y-you do, why?!" Now turning his gaze from the lake and looking her right in the eye he answered softly, "Because last night you had that feeling and are worried about who you're having it for, that's why!!!" Nervously she looked away from him, and in a wavering voice replied, "T-that's crazy, that's just not true!!!" "Really," he asked while gently caressing the inside of her tanned thigh, "then why are you shaking like a sixteen year old girl at the mere touch of my hand on your leg!?!" She had no answer for him and he knew it, so gently, he took her head in his hands and after kissing her softly on the lips, whispered in her ear, "I am that man you've been looking for and you are the woman for me!!!"

The Menu Ch. 04

first-time Bad2Bone 2018-09-11

"It's a combination of my bladder screaming for relief, and of course my cock responding to your sweet sexy body, but as smart as your analytical ass is; you already know all of that!" Eyeing her fantastic young looking body, Jeremy knew his cock would be just as hard as it was now even without the "nature calling thing" in the mix. Kim laid on her back with her ass strategically at the end of the bed, her legs splayed open and feet touching the floor; inviting Jeremy to kneel and feast on her cherry flavored pussy.

A night at Mr. Scott's house

first-time fengunn 2018-09-11

Scott went to bed I laid there listening to the rain. "Just relax and watch " he said " I'll do it for you." As I laid there he pushed by legs apart and took my dick, holding it softly he stroked it. Like that he asked, I said it tickled but yes it felt good. After a few minutes he squeezed my balls and some liquid came out my piss slit, he rubbed it around the head. I told him I had to go to the bathroom, he said just relax and let me worry about that. My dick started to throb and I could feel something coming up from deep inside me.


first-time klammer 2018-09-11

Also just the thing to strap down his little pussy boy and remove every picture perfect little pussy boy sissy. my dick hard from the first time he told me it was what he wanted to do He'd been working on this pussy boy for some time and it showed. that little trollop as I knew I'd be in her place soon enough. He pulled away, brushed my hair back a bit, and told me "Your all mine to me and I will transform you into a perfect pussy boy sissy." I'd liked rough play before but at his hands I came to love begun transforming into the pussy boy we both want me to be.