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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Angel in the Night 05

first-time ReefBeach 2018-09-11

I didn't actually know if Thien could drive; that topic had never come up, so I was puzzled by that part of the note as well. I'm fairly slim, with a few muscles here and there, but I got the sense from Thien it was how you moved that made you look good. I want to feel you come." She got up on hands and knees. It didn't take long to respond to Thien's little hand and wet pussy lips. "Thien I love you, love you, love your hair, love your walk your smell your breasts your laugh. When she lay on me I ran my hands over her thighs and felt her cunt lips stretched around my shaft.


first-time artiepuy 2018-09-11

As she held one arm strategically across her bared chest, we each watched the other like that for what seemed like a long time, then, slowly shaking her head, she moved further into the bedroom, out of my narrow line of sight. Her hands retreated then, leaving mine still in place, still covering her breasts, able to feel their soft, silky texture, the gradually stiffening points beneath. Places that no woman had ever let me touch before, firm, soft, naked breasts, the full cheeks of her ass, the smooth skin of her stomach giving way on one end to solid hips, on the other to hard ribs.

Fluffer in Training Ch. 01

first-time rmdexter 2018-09-11

Rachel turned to the new semi-hard cock in front of her, the blonde-haired guy stepping right up to her as he inserted the head of his dick between her ovalled lips. His words caught her off guard and she instinctively looked back, seeing his eyes focussed on her big tits, a smile on his face as he closed the door of the bus and started to drive away. The woman was nicely dressed, and wore fashionable glasses that gave her the look of a librarian—much more like what Rachel had been expecting from a film company than the women in the waiting room.

The Babysitter Ch. 04

first-time snaillover69 2018-09-11

Jeff stood up, it was Becky's turn now, she placed her fingers inside the waist of his jeans and tugged them down, her eyes were glued to his crotch as his boxers came into view, his hard cock bulging against the material. Sue looked at Becky, she could see that Becky was eyeing Jeff's cock, she knew that she wanted him to fuck her. Becky grabbed his cock and rubbed the tip against her pussy lips, and lowered her body down, feeling his cock push inside. Becky shoved a finger into Sue's cunt and latched onto her clit, sucking the little bud hard into her lips, bringing Sue to a massive orgasm, her hips bucking off the bed as she came violently.


Beginning of a great long weekend! (Part 3- the fi

first-time Van2010 2018-09-11

I can feel your fingers gently pulling apart my ass cheeks. Suddenly I feel your other hand slide up my leg, towards my tight ass hole. Feeling your fingers gently caressing my rosebud I start to get more excited about it and you can tell. You pull your dripping wet fingers from my pussy and switch hands, using my own juice to lube up my ass. You start kissing me again, working your hands all over my body, you reach my still wet pussy, rubbing the wetness down towards my ass hole. You gently start to rub your hard cock against my ass, making sure it is well lubed. You reach your hand down to my pussy and start fingering me while you fuck my ass.

Janie Learns to Fuck

first-time LeCoach 2018-09-11

Until Danny pulled his cock from the woman's slippery pussy hole and began to spit streams of white liquid which Janie quickly understood to be sperm, right onto her sizable tits! "It's Janie," She corrected him, "And I already got yelled at for not having the guy at the Chevron station check under the hood last time I filled up." She tried to smile but, again, she couldn't shake the the vision of her neighbor, nude with his cock buried in that woman's pussy. "Go ahead and open it honey..." He quietly instructed her..Knowing what he meant, Janie reached back and used her fingers to spread open her defenseless young pussy, showing Danny all of her interior pink flesh!

Twice In One Night

first-time Wolfsonofpaul 2018-09-11

As I talked to her I fantasised about her hot wet pussy and tight asshole and it made me think of a story I’d heard about a singer in the sixties who’d had cocaine blown up her ass hole to save her voice. As the thong slid from her ass crack it revealed first her tight round little anus. As she felt the string of her thong slide out from between her tight lips she let out a little moan, then a giggle. I had other ideas though and as she lowered her head, letting out a final long moan, I quickly pulled my cock out in one movement had a second to gaze at her fantastically split anus, now a gaping hot wet hole.

First Swinging Meet

first-time bullman480 2018-09-11

he quickly went over to the spare chair, undressed and watched us, whilst wanking.Things were hotting hot, Sue's breathing got heavier as i sucked and pulled on her nipples, and she rubbed my cock through my pants. She smiled and said now that first lot is out of the way, i want you both to fuck me.Having swallowed our cum, we all sat down on the couch, and had a glass of wine together and Sue played with both our cocks. I looked down at my cock entering Sue's pussy, on the outward stroke, and could see Carl's face smiling each time i entered Sue, and her pussy juice splashed between strokes.I'm sure my balls brushed once or twice against Carl's nose, not that it bothered him or me.

Cramming French

first-time NoJo 2018-09-11

She put the boy down a spoke to him in French: "Bennie, Maman doit enseigner maintenant, aller à la chambre à coucher et joue!" She kissed him on the top of his head, holding her lips to him for a full second, then half patted, half smacked his bottom, propelling him towards the door as she turned to fix me with a stare. The lesson began immediately in French, with Mme Mendelssohn sitting next to me at the dining table asking me a few simple questions from the textbook, which I answered slowly in what even I could tell were appalling English accents, and with every possible error of case, gender and tense.

Hot Zoe (wrote by dave180nn)

first-time 2018-09-11

My tongue pushed across Zoe’s nipple to the satisfied gasp of excitement before I captured it into my mouth and gently sucked. Only when my tongue touches her fingers does she feel my presence, ordering her she presents her fingers for me to inspect and soon Zoe is tasting her own excitement pushing her two fingers down her mouth as my tongue stretches across her pussy. But that doesn’t compare to the first time I attack Zoe’s clit, having licked her lips for a while and pushed my tongue as deep as I could I move to the base of her pussy before taking one long lick to the top of her clit before capturing it in my mouth and gently sucking.

My First Time Pt. 01

first-time BondiLisa 2018-09-11

It seemed like only moments before he grunted out that he was about to cum, and Anne moved her mouth off his shaft and started stroking the entire length of it with her hand, positioning the tissues with her other hand, only just in time to catch squirt after squirt of cum shooting out of his dick. I could feel an urgency growing in me, I wasn't sure at first what it was, but all of the sensations of our bodies touching, our tongues exploring, were ending between my legs, the urgency was sexual, but there was another aspect as well, touching Stef like this was incredibly erotic, it was turning me on, making me wet and opening my lips, but she was lighting up my heart as well.

Kirk & Erin

first-time alaskaxxx 2018-09-11

Erin finally got up and said "I know this tiger I saw him and gave him some tuna the first time we meet and then I kept on feeding him. I asked her "You love this you little cock tease?" "I love it some much of how your dick acts but I want to be in a 69 and I also want you to put pieces of the banana in my pussy while you suck my clit!" After a while she asked me to pound her like a tiger and I did then when Tiger heard his name he started to come up on the bed and he saw liquid on Erins pussy and he started to lick it which was by her clit.

wife and neighbour

first-time alan1952 2018-09-11

i crept up and saw our neighbour with his cock [all 10 inches of it] up my wifes arse.they had there backs to me so i stood there and watched as he pounded her arse and she begged him to fuck her harder. i watched for a while then crept back downstairs to the kitchen about 20 mins later they came down and was supprised to see me sitting there.he was dressed she was wearing a dressing gown. i came right out with it and asked her if she had a sore arse after the fucking it just got. she asked what i was going to do i said take your gown off and bend over so i can fuck your arse while you suck his cock.after i told him he can fuck her anytime he wants and he does.


first-time fukkerguy 2018-09-11

RAHUL was on his knees by now and she was sucking on him ,running her tongue up and down his 5 inch cock going faster and faster as my finger rubbed her clit and I buried my fingers deep inside of her. Holding my 7 inch cock in one hand she would run her lips and tongue the length of it and gently lick my balls as she got to the bottom, you could tell another orgasm was coming by the was she was sucking on me. RAHUL was rubbing and fingering her pussy with intensity now and she was finding it very hard to stay still, her body was moving very rapidly with every stroke if his hand, her body shaking with anticipation of the orgasm coming.

Daddy's Little Girl pt.4

first-time 2018-09-11

Mom was still asl**p next us but I figured she would wake soon once she heard the noise going on and felt the bed creaking as I slipped my father's hard cock into my cunt. And no one could compare to the feeling of Daddy's cock buried in my cunt and my mother sucking on my tits. It was a hot sight to see me down on my knees with my mother fucking me from behind and my father's fat prick down my throat. I could almost feel my mother's cunt throbbing thanks to her strap on buried inside me and I could feel and taste my father's succulent come spilling out of his cock and down my throat.

Beautiful booby Beata

first-time petdyke 2018-09-10

She was the most pretty girl this Summer and the most sexy. Unlike my usual taste, I love the look of her big boobs. Cute curvy to see her move, swim or bath in the sunshine. Hot beautiful butt as(s) well, but that's only her outside. A lovely voice sang along with the guitar music of a sweet stud. Coming from deep inside her heart she sang so happily along. Use the "Red Hot Chilly Peppers" repertoire to make her long. Tasty lady, she clearly longed for the tall blond guitar man. I only watched them getting hot, but too shy to get closer. Endless courting, guitar play and sweet sexy love songs.

In the Moonlight

first-time Freddy50 2018-09-10

I took a break from kissing her lips, and gently progressed to other areas - her cheeks, her cute little ear lobes, the sensuous curve of her neck - applying tiny kisses to all those erogenous zones, ensuring Jen was getting wetter and wetter. Seeming to sense my inability to vary my actions much, Jen made a decision, moved my hand out of the way, lifted her hips and started to slide her panties down her legs. She then pushed them halfway down my legs, slid her body further underneath me, grasped my rock hard member with her fingers, rubbed the head up and down her slick wetness and then began to feed me into her warm space.

Hunting (For Love)

first-time tankengine123 2018-09-10

She obviously spent time looking at these bits of the past… when mom was still alive. I asked her about that and she explained that she had been inserting hotdogs, brush handles and the like into her pussy for some time now. When I carried a naked Wanda into Sam’s room, his eyes flew open in shock. I had a long talk with them about the loss of their mom and how sad their dad was, and at the end, they confessed that they loved their daddy and would do anything to make him feel better. From time to time, one or the other would stop licking Sam and turn their sweet faces to kiss me. After returning Chris and Pris to their rooms, I had a long talk with Sam.

My Son Caught me Masturbating one Morning

first-time Fridagirl 2018-09-10

The park was devoid of people, as I opened my blouse, perhaps a little too much for decencies sake, but it made me feel warm and sort of delicious, like it did when I was a girl, running around naked on the beaches in Southern France, only this time I was a grown woman, with breasts exposed, it excited me. Feeling my sons grip on my hardened nipple as he sucked freely, gave me a dull ache deep inside my vagina, I could feel myself swell in lust, the same feeling I got prior to having sex with my husband, and as his stranger approached me, the feeling increased, as I eased my blouse apart to show my other breast's nipple, I knew this was beyond how breast feeding in public was meant to be, this was me advertising my need for a man.

1st time with a Prostitute (i spent about 50-70 bu

first-time 20Biboy 2018-09-10

"Look i dont want to pay for sex. I'm tryin to get guys to pull over, i dont think many would want a sweaty whore." She got in my truck. "If i took you to my house & we fuck, how much would it cost?" "50, take it or leave it." I handed her the money, she put her tits back in her shirt & put the seat belt on. I pulled in the driveway & realized i just payed a prostitute to come home & have sex with me. i kissed her & started slappin my cock against her pussy. I said "your not moaning because i payed you are you?" "No, omg your so big!

Cory's Senior Year

first-time DudesDudes 2018-09-10

Cory thought a moment and said, "Actually, I think the black dress would be classier." Tyler asked astonished, "She blew you right there in the dressing room?" Cory nodded with a big smile. Cory worked his way back up Tyler's cock to the head, and then took it into his mouth. "I just didn't know how to suggest it." Cory got up, took off his pants and sat on the bed, hoping Tyler would take the hint and give him a hand job as they had often done before. She asked the occasional "How does this look?" or "What do you think of this?" Cory remembered what Mrs. Lambert had told him and tried to come up with new, but honest, compliments.

The Perfect 10

first-time Up4Cyber 2018-09-10

Sammi caught Blake staring at her chest a few times, and true to her teasing yet hard-to-get nature, she leaned back a little, breathing heavier, slower, as to make her breasts rise teasingly. "I don't know what you want to do about your wet clothes," Blake said from under the towel he was drying his hair with. His hand slowly began to stroke his cock, and he thought about Sammi. He couldn't resist just one more feel, so he reached slowly with his other hand and lightly ran his fingers across her rear. Sammi stroked his cock so lightly he could barely feel it, yet he still felt immense pleasure from it.

Jack and Julia

first-time fenrys 2018-09-10

Pete's mom – her name was Julia – was always inviting Jack over to spend the night with Pete, or to help with yard work, or move furniture or something. One part of Jack's mind kept telling his eyes to close, and the other kept saying "Shut up, you, we've got better things to do than not look." Julia stepped right up to Jack and ran a hand over his bare chest. Julia wrapped her mouth around the head of his cock, sucking gently. Jack's dick was already hard as iron again as he felt Julia buck slightly against his hand. Julia closed her eyes, sat up a bit, moved forward, and began to lower herself onto Jack's cock.


first-time IMth1 2018-09-10

She held up her index finger and spoke into the phone, "Mr Peterson, room 410, CBC and full work-up , yah , got it." Sara hung the phone up and looked at me. Looking into my eyes, she leaned back against the gurney and said, " long enough to know my way around" Sara jumped off the gurney and I handed her the strings to her scrub pants . At this hour , the hospital was coming to life, as people started arriving for the day shift. Stu asked, "what took you so long?" I said , "I got lost." He looked at me with a quizzical look, " well you didn't miss much."