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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time 2018-09-10

I know, I am what you voliš.ne we're still not pušiti.zagrlio I felt his warmth SMA, lijepo.a then kissed me, pomazio me in the face and said no more suza.sad are my samo.heh did just that .. he said he would light a fire watching him, the fire was burning and offered me I pi?em.popila wine and then we started kissing. everything was nice romantic sexy, we went on the carpet near the fire, which was gorjela.ljubio me in the journey we have taken off odje?u.ljubio me everywhere, stroking my face, it was just the way I wanted in my snu.lizao her long, I moaned. so svaj that I will paziti.neko time I lay there I could not dignuti.nisam wanted spavati.spavaj said closed his eyes, shook me je.zaspala alone.

First Time with Jean

first-time JamesHunter 2018-09-10

I started to undress, and after a bit of thought decided to leave my boxers on, thinking no way would she expect me to sleep in my jeans, but stark naked might be a bit full on for the first time since she was obviously planning to be wearing something. I got onto the bed, but had being enjoying what I was doing to her, so knelt over her to let her lick my cock and balls for a moment, then went down into the sixty nine position. As I pushed my tongue back into her slit, I felt Jean pull back my foreskin and take my cock head into her mouth.

A stop for tea...

first-time ibelong2him 2018-09-10

I felt this warmth inside and a desire to touch her auburn hair, taste her mouth and lick her pussy. A million thoughts were running through my head and the most pressing was that I wanted to call my husband and tell him what was about to happen. As we paid our tab and walked out of the pub, I texted my husband these simple words, “Love, I am going to lick a pussy…okay?” He didn’t respond immediately, which I knew meant that he was out on a call… I screamed that I was going to cum and at that moment she pulled the brush handle out and dropped her mouth to my pussy and sucked my clit until I filled her mouth with my juices…

Sometimes Dreams Come True.

first-time 2018-09-10

Joanne and I had been married for alittle over four years, when one morning she told me about a dream...a dream that changed our sex lives. She told how in her dream, we were having sex....(I'm thinking cool)...then she says....with another guy. I couldn't help but notice Joanne giving Joey a wicked tit shot when she set his drink down, all the time smiling at me. Finally, Joanne said,"I will if Joey will". Joanne had jean shorts, white tank top(NO BRA) and sandles. Joanne won a hand, so Joey and I were down to our shorts. Now I had seen Joanne topless so many times it doesn't matter, but to see her topless infront of Joey? I couldn't resist, so I grabbed Joey's hand and put it on Joanne's tit.

Myrtle Beach and Ariana

first-time LouiseFairfax 2018-09-10

“SHE’S RIGHT THERE!” my s*ster began fan-girling and pointing to Ariana, wearing a white and red dress, and red lipstick, entering the building, fifty feet away. I started walking me little s*ster to the front door to wait for them to let us in to meet Ariana. Let Adam get in the picture too!” Ariana said looking at me and smiling. I mean, raising my little s*ster by myself doesn't exactly keep my wallet full, you know?" Ariana looked at me, surprised. Ariana put her hand on her forehead, and shook her head, as her friends walked out of the room, giggling. "You know how I said I loved you?" Ariana breathed quickly, as I pulled her lips back to me.

Dr. No

first-time JamieB 2018-09-10

I'm going to keep Charlie here tonight and send him home in the morning before school." She looked at me, still beautiful even with her black-circled eyes and wet hair. I couldn't take my eyes from them for a long moment, and then at last, I looked down her body at the sweeping curve of her hip, and the mysterious thatch of dark hair between her legs. She looked at my face for a moment, an earnest expression in her eyes, and then she took my hand and placed it over her soft breast. I knew you'd be good.....I've wanted you for so long, Charlie......" She began to speed up and I matched her, raising my head to take her nipple in my mouth.

My Neighbour Aunty

first-time matterboy 2018-09-10

He use to come home very late but now after 2-3 years I did not had any hope that I will get chance to fuck her so I only use to chat with her on sms when free and in just friendly way but later our friendship got even closer she started calling me on mobile when getting bore and we started sharing problems, views etc about daily life. Till then you can email me your feedback, comments, etc and sexy aunties, ladies and girls can contact me for friendship, relationship, etc at my email add and I would love to hear from you coz this is first time I'm sharing this incident with anyone so I'm excited for your views and comment.

A Mother and Her Son 5

first-time 2018-09-10

"God, I needed that," Tommy said breathlessly when their lips parted after a long kiss. "Tommy," Sue said as she felt him slowly moving it up her leg. As soon as Tommy was done, Sue turned his cum filled hand to her mouth. However, when he grasped his penis and pushed it between her legs she said, "Tommy, no!" Suddenly, she realized that she was lucky she had her panties on. She took Tommy's penis and situated it between the wet crotch of her panties and her dripping sex lips. Sue went to work with her sex lips swimming in Tommy's sperm. When Tommy let go of his mother's hands, he grasped her head.

Winterthur Love

first-time zoelikesjam 2018-09-10

Jumping up suddenly I walked over towards the blanket, turning I saw Leith was following me. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist, bending my spine so I could reach he ear with my mouth. Leith moaned as he carried me, barely pausing, before gently placing me on the floor. Leith wrapped his arms around my waist, resting his head against my stomach, as he clung to me, trembling slightly. I moaned, burying my hands in his hair, my head thrown back, eyes closed. I put my hand on Leith's chest, begging him with my eyes to wait. He tangled one hand in my hair and tugged my head back, opening my mouth.

Astra's Lover

first-time 2018-09-10

I could feel my face turn red as his kiss softly danced across my lips. He slowly turned around, and I gave him the most passionate kiss I could. "I've waited a long time for this Astra." He said, gently rubbed my slick black hair. He pushed his tongue into my mouth, engaging mine in a slow, erotic dance worthy of a porn movie. He gave me another passionate kiss and I felt my body lose control. "Take me, Jack." I gasped as he nibbled on my ear. Jack had given me a slow, burning kiss, rubbing his tongue up against mine again. Please Jack, I need it!" I moaned. Does my slutty bitch like me pounding into her tight pussy?" Jack said, slapping my thighs.

Fluffer in Training Ch. 02

first-time rmdexter 2018-09-10

He looked at her mouth for what seemed like a long time until, finally, he lifted his eyes to hers and nodded slowly, a wry grin on his face as he pulled the bus over towards the next stop. She was used to grown men looking at her curvy plump figure, but the only other grown man who had complimented her like that had been her Film and Communications teacher in high school, Mr. Dexter. He'd had to spend most of the class lecturing while seated at his desk, his cock like an iron bar in his pants as he looked at the girl, her full creamy thighs on display right there in the front row, not to mention those huge plump tits that seemed to be threatening to pop right out of her tight white shirt.

Mom’s Used Cunt

first-time nckboy 2018-09-10

He holds his cock in one hand and aims it towards mom’s fanny, I watch as she lifts up and he starts to fuck her back and forth on the bonnet of the car. I looked at mom on the bed with her lovely round tits then saw the taxi drivers cum splattered over her skirt and belly, I could feel my cock growing again thinking of what I saw. Still no response as I stand at the bottom of the bed and start to part her leg and watch her long slit and fat lips come in to full view. I pulled out of mom some minutes later watching my semi hard cock come out, sopping wet with our love making juices on it.

Sexy Secretary Slave Search -21: Doggy Style

first-time petdyke 2018-09-10

Slender Sexy French Female Friends Ring The Secret Code For A Private Session Such a sexy nice naughty surprise to recognise the face of beautiful Betty, foxy French friend. Petra, I present you Betty, you know her from secretly reading my messages with her, and Nathalie. Betty comes three times more by the relentless poking of mighty Max, before Nath pulls him back. Lick her clean, Max. Needless to explain that Betty kept wet, coming from licking! Petras Eyes Almost Pop From Her Head Seeing Max Perform At Beautiful Betty Betty is beautiful and very hot as a sexy sub, I will love to ride her also. Petra sneaks out with Max, so I can talk to the two lovely looking ladies about their private plans.

young Boy virgin

first-time 2018-09-10

She wanted to get him hard again so she rolled on her back and told him, "now suck my tits til your cock is hard and ready to fuck me. Fuck me deep." He pushed his big long thick cock all the way in her then pulled almost out and did this several times. Ram that cock deep into my cunt." She loved this boy fucking her. "Oh baby, you fuck so good." "Now lay on your back, spread your legs and let me suck that cock till your are hard again. Now spank my cunt and suck my tits because next you will fuck me as I put a plug in your ass to make you cum harder."


first-time SisyphusRedux 2018-09-10

She sucked some more, and I kept coaxing her, "suck it till it cums," and "swallow the whole thing." She kept stopping and asking what it tasted like, as if it might have cum already. We lay like that for a long while, my cock in her mouth, long after the spasms of my ejaculation slowed and stopped; I had never told her to let go! She took a little sip, and said, "Sometimes it leaves a bad taste in your mouth." Then she lay back down to go to sleep. I thought of all the times she had gone to sleep with the taste of sperm in her mouth, and never said anything.

My date with the boss's daughter part 2

first-time mrbigdaddy93 2018-09-10

As soon as we got into the room, Lissa was already out of her tube top. She noticed and said, "Well, are you just going to stand there or are you going to get ready to fuck me?" I then got on my knees between her legs and put my face at her pussy and started licking. I had been licking her her clitty and finger fucking her, for 25 minutes, when I noticed that she went all stiff and started moaning louder. But right now, just put your dick inside me and start FUCKING MY PUSSY! So I lined the head of my now very hard 10-inch cock to her pussy, and started to push ever so slightly.


first-time MNGuy 2018-09-10

I tried to pull my hips back into the sofa, but doing that actually made my erection press against her arm harder. "So, in my dream, you made me pose naked for you," Brandy ran her hand farther up under my shirt to my chest. "I made you get naked," Brandy ran her hand down my stomach, brushing my erection. "Are you a virgin?" Brandy repeated as she finally put her hand on my sweatpants and wrapped her fingers around my erection. "I suppose if this is going to happen I should examine the package." Brandy deftly grabbed my sweatpants and pulled them down to expose my erection. Brandy ran her hands over her tan body, guiding my eyes on a visual tour.

Soaring Chapter 1

first-time HarryT93 2018-09-10

Rather, the world's countries each supply a percentage of 18 year old girls and boys (even rich women need some pleasure) to attend a 3 year long course in a private island school on the arts of sexual pleasure and obedience. Ana slowly said her farewell to everyone, especially her mother as she was sad and scared of being away from her mom. Ana giggled like an elementary school girl as she noticed their cocks swinging around when they made the bow before flushing red when she realized what she had just seen and did. When she was distracted and her legs loosened a bit, Dr. Connor immediately tried to rub her clit but was pushed away by Ana. In resignation, Dr. Connor called Cathy the redheaded nurse in.

Mr. Jones & My Virginity

first-time deepemerald 2018-09-10

Then he pulled away and took my tits in his hands, sucking on each nipple in turn. My whole body was convulsing but Mr Jones didn’t stop tongue fucking me until I’d stopped cumming. When were we ever going to have time for me to suck his cock and for him to fuck me if we only had these short afternoon visits together? Once more he sucked on my tits, but this time he didn’t do it for long enough to let me cum. I let my other hand cup his balls and I slowly sucked his cock into my hungry mouth. Oh baby, now that I’ve had your mouth I don’t think I’ll ever want to be sucked off by anyone else ever again.

Patti's Son

first-time youngsex 2018-09-10

She was going to enjoy sucking and fucking her young son. "You have a nice cock and I am going to stroke it till it is hard then let you fuck my cunt. You will fuck me till you cum." He wasted no time playing with his mom's pussy. Go deep then fuck me." As he pushed in her she felt his cock fill her hole. You feel so warm and wet on my hard cock." She whispered, "Yes baby boy. Keep fucking me." The son lasted a long time and fucked his mom pounding her wet cunt before he then filled it with another big load of cum. My cock felt warm and hard in your tight hole." "You fucked mom good baby.

Teaching the Teacher

first-time pornoperson 2018-09-10

I tried to plead my case and she finally told me to get my ass inside, that her neighbors would talk if they saw one of her students loitering on her porch. She wanted to know how often I played with myself, how far I've gone with a girl, she even asked if I've ever thought about being with another boy! I didn't even need to ask what she planned on doing as I felt drops of lubricant hit where her fingers had just been. "Damn, you little slut, if we had more time, I'd fist your fucking ass," she said, finally pulling her hand out of me and leaving me crumpled on the floor.

When the Rainmaker Came

first-time MSTarot 2018-09-10

I am proud that you and you alone in this little town had the common sense to come to understand that something so simple as a lost hymen cannot begin to compare to the good that the return of the rains would do," As he spoke he laid his hand upon the Bible. "Come my dear, let us not dally any longer." His smooth words brushed at the short hairs on my neck making them want to stand up. Women that can call themselves that and not 'girl.' If I was a female and your age, I would be ashamed to know that I had not yet felt a man's touch."

The Perfect Woman, Plus (Part I)

first-time freegre 2018-09-10

I grit my teeth and took her power pole deeper and deeper, gasping, panting, covered in sweat as she continued that sexy bump-and-grind until “Miss Clitty” was buried balls deep between my quivering ass cheeks. “Miss Clitty “ had recovered her amazing powers during the night, and I let Amber fuck me “spoon style” and then “cowgirl,” and finally “doggy style.” It felt even better the second time, and I was able to take her whole incredible length with more pleasure and less pain. I turned around and gave her lovely cock “Miss Clitty” a long, loving “kiss goodbye.” I felt her cum in my mouth, and this time I yanked hard on her prick and squeezed her balls until I’d drained every drop of that strange, wonderful tasting “pussy juice.” This time I swallowed it all.

Neighbor Makes Me Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-09-10

My dick has now become rock hard and I've even noticed that he removed his hand and it is now fully me sucking his cock.  I suck on the head of his dick, exploring the hole with my tongue as I jerk his cock in my hand.  I can feel the head of his hard cock rubbing between my ass cheeks as he stands behind me.  I lie between his legs and take his cock in my hands then slowly lower my mouth over the head of his dick. "Yes boy, take all of Daddy's cock in your mouth!" he says as he grabs the back of my head and f***es the last half an inch into my throat.