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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My first time...true story

first-time 2018-09-10

Things started to get serious and most of the time my hands were playing with the cheeks of his firm ass..and he was always trying to reach out my dick. I kept on sucking his nice cock till I felt his ball coming tight and I stopped. I got him on his knees and started to lick his ass cheeks and his sexy hole. I got him on his back and we deep kissed again and this time I tried to insert a finger in him. He rubbed my ass with his fingers and he got his dick covered with his sexy pre cum nearer to my ass and tried to penetrate me.

Medic's Dreams Cum True

first-time mikevandyke 2018-09-10

Her breasts are massive, topped off with the roundest, firmest buttocks a man could wish for in a women, also her long flowing locks of golden natural blonde hair which curl round a face that makes me melt on the floor every time she looks at me. I and a lot of my friends think I act like I'm jack the lad, so when I was walking up towards her desk I put on the best strut not knowing exactly what I was going to achieve by this but thought it might make me look cool in her eyes. Finally slipping out of her saturated pussy my once fully erect monster dwindled away to the only size that could have been called normality after a marathon session like that.


The Cherry Poppers Ch. 16

first-time BlewWater69 2018-09-10

With two outs it looked like the Thunder might strand another runner in scoring position until the next batter lined a single into left-center. By the time the pitcher got to the ball, it was too late to go home when he looked there, scoring the runner from third, and the speedy lead-off hitter was safe at first, just beating the throw. "He's probably telling him not to walk this guy if he can help it because John Ward is up next," Jason said, referring to the Thunder's clean-up batter, whom had had a good year too. "No, he wants a ground ball so they can turn the double-play," Tessa said, surprising Jason and even Kira with her knowledge of the game.

The Ladies

first-time Suburb 2018-09-10

Our arms got tired and we pulled them in some and I instinctively let go of her hand and put mine on her waist like the other one. We were in a full wrap slowly moving in a slow dance with the soft music, lights down a little low, and she whispered 'yes' right in my ear. The next day we moved into each other and kissed the erotic and about half way through I said, "I would like to start interchanging our arms. We were front on as was the normal, not hard, so she just slid her hands right down and slowly wrapped her fingers around my buns.


Two F***ing Years at University Ch. 02

first-time MrsJ 2018-09-10

But I had to admire the audacity of the three guys and their inventiveness -- they would be regularly getting into the pants of three girls they already knew were 'good fucks,' they were to be given sex that was both new and exciting to them...and, of course, were being sexually satisfied seven times each! I was thankful that I had a couple of weeks to complete this first phase of the research project because on several occasions I became so engrossed trying to imagine the pleasure I would be receiving, when Ed and I were trialling one of those amazing new positions, that I found myself having to suspend my research to lie on my bed and give myself some orgasmic relief!!!

Just a Kiss

first-time HappyOldGuy 2018-09-10

I struggled a bit with my mouthful of cake - and looked back at her - wondering if she meant "right here in Starbux, right now", and prepared myself to lean across the table to chastely kiss her cheek - maintaining my position as "not a knuckle-dragging stereotypical male". But she matter-of-factly suggested that we each take another good sip of tea, then pulled out a lipstick-sized breath-spray, spritzed her mouth a couple of times, and offered it to me - adding "It's essential oils. Eyes fluttering from time to time to verify that the world still did exist, then plunging closed again to just marvel at the amazing, beautiful, chaste, pristine, erotic, soft, firm, lips-to-lips kissing.

The first cock I deep throated

first-time Naughtynursejennifer 2018-09-10

He strokes my hair soothingly, and replaces his thumb now with his index finger, pushing it slightly deeper into my warm, wet mouth. He reaches down with his free hand, still gently stroking himself, and pulls my head closer to him, pushing my face against his body. He breaks my train of thought when he puts his hands on either side of my head, asking "Do you want to taste my cum?" I can't say much, but do manage an "uh-huh" to tell him I do. "I'm gonna cum on your tongue, you just open your whore mouth for me, got it?" I nod, replying "yes" like a good girl.

The Castle Ch. 05

first-time nisaea 2018-09-10

Without delaying any further I pushed in, opening the welcoming warmth that seemed to pull me inside, and closed my eyes in ecstasy; the priestess was making some kind of pulsating squeezes that hugged my cock like a sex-vise. So instead of pulling out, I moved one of my hands to her luscious breasts and the other under her loincloth to her clit, and began to fuck her as hard as I could. Still, seeing this priestess, one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life, kneeling in front of me and sucking my cock filled me with more pleasure than she probably intended. She moaned in pleasure as her tongue was tracing a line all the way up my cock; her breasts were incredibly sensitive.

Learning Experience

first-time ntygrl 2018-09-10

“I want to see your mouth all over those huge tits, Liz.” Liz complied and began licking and sucking and I couldn’t help but get lost in the feeling, even with the voyeur in the room. I wanted that incredible feeling to keep going, but when she started sucking my clit, I lost it. He licked and sucked me with his hot mouth and Liz began grinding her pussy against my face again. I want you to give my balls a good tonguing, and then you will lick and suck my dick until I tell you to stop.” Liz came back into the room with some towels, handed them to Michael and announced that she was going to bed.

A Schoolboy's Fantasy

first-time angelinindy 2018-09-10

Sometimes in class, she’d look at me with that knowing grin and I’d swear she knew that all she had to do was lick those lips and I’d get a hard-on. She was looking right at me, her hands were perilously close to brushing my cock, which was hard and throbbing, and her lips were parted, like she was thinking of kissing me. She didn’t remove her eyes from mine as her hand finally covered my hard dick. I looked down and watched with amazement as her hand with its soft fingers grabbed my dick, which was rock hard, and started to stroke it. I couldn’t not think about what was going on but God knows I didn’t want her to stop.

Nothing Between Us - worth Read

first-time kap007 2018-09-10

As the shirt fell away, Thuy's hands fell on my body, sliding up my stomach, over my chest, and through the dark hairs there. However, as soon as I placed my free hand on the glass door, Thuy did a hard U-turn, spinning as fast as she could, her hair falling down to cover her face. "I know she's flirting with you." Thuy looked at me like she was going to start hitting me again, so I covered my face. Come on, let's go buy something because you are looking really cute with that what-who-me grin." We walked to the back of the store with Thuy saying, "You'd be in trouble more about the cute butt thing if you hadn't completely forgotten she existed in the parking lot."

Perfectly Synchronized

first-time asiaindia 2018-09-10

I let my eyes wander over to him for a few moments, ready to dart back to the television if he happened to look my way. "Isn't this what you wanted?" Before he could answer I removed my hands, letting my breasts sway, and I pushed him down onto the bed, swinging a leg over him so I was straddling him. All in one big blur I felt his hand reach up and pull down my shirt, letting my tits bounce free. "God, you're so wet," he finally let out in a deep voice, breaking the silence, and then quickly planted his lips to mine once more while inserting a second finger deep inside of me, moving them around furiously.

My husband and I

first-time ovadose 2018-09-10

I know all of my husbands fetishes, all the different types of women he likes to look at, and love when we get pictures of eachother nude. I love hearing his past stories of sexual adventures and plans we have for creating more. The only thing I cant imagine doing with my husband is sharing him with another, but then again, it may just change in the future, because what man does not want to be pleased by two women at once? I have yet to find something sexual that we can share new to both of us. Not that is a bad thing, it just goes to prove how his sexual prowess has me twisted and loving it.

GF first time not with me. Cuckold

first-time pussyhealer 2018-09-09

He did, I saw how big his cock was and A got into his lap, started to kiss him once again, than got of, and went down onto his chest than on his belly. When A saw the bulge in my pants she told me" if you want me to fuck you any time soon, you'll swallow this load". A got on all four facing me, R went behind her and he started to push his cock onto her pussy. A started to acomodate R's cock and while looking at me she said"last night I gave you a blowjob, you should lick me after he's done. I started to kiss her mouth, her breasts, her abdomen and made courage to like her pussy while trying to put my cock in her mouth.

Mick meets Lou ( Wendys babysitter ) Part 2

first-time oohmick69 2018-09-09

Suddenly its as though you are just woken as i drag you out of the cab -- your eyes where still closed ---- You look at ma and say ------ what the fuck just happened to me Mick --- i have never cum that hard ---- i just say i know babe -- you say how ?? finally you f***e yourself back harder -- i telll Lou to loose me now --- and watch as you work my shaft yourself --- then when i know you are seconds away from your orgasm --- my hands on your hips -- i pond my cock deep into your bum --- so hard so fat so long --- the strokes take you past your first secon d and third spurts of cum !!!


Oh how i miss it pt 2

first-time Bareass13 2018-09-09

As i turned around to walk back to the bed she had her hand slid down into her thong and was fingering that sweet little pussy that i wanted so bad. I gave her pussy a long slow lick from back to front and she grabbed my head pulling it tight to her body. I gazed into her eyes and could see that this was it she wanted to feel my dick inside of her and wasn't going to take no for an answer. Once she felt that hot cum hit the walls of her pussy it set her off one more time and we just layed there my dick still inside of her both of us unable to move from the stregnth of the orgasms we just had.


first-time lovely16 2018-09-09

I stripped of my clothes and waited for the water to warm as I looked at myself in the mirror, palish skin, spotted with some freckles, though not a lot like you would normally see. I was washing my body the first time around when I noticed that when I got to my pussy I was extremely Wet as Well As sore, Like I had been fucked the Night before. When I seen the curly dark hair I knew It was Michael. That I wanted him too, He smiled and walked towards me kissing me and running his hands down my body and between my ever moistening love lips. I smiled looked down and pulled my panties aside.


first-time 2018-09-09

I was about to speak ahead but before she ordered in harsh tone… OUT… I couldn’t do anything and was looking outside to check if someone is outside but like before she pushed me and said I think you are not clear that you are not allowed to do things which I didn’t ordered and I just ordered to step outside and not to look outside. I again screamed and asked why this time she again said sorry baby your ass is so good that I can’t wait till the count of 5, in fact couldn’t for 3 as well, I got impatient on 2 only and hit.

College Fun: Alexis

first-time Arraiga 2018-09-09

I was just making them laugh, right guys?" the kid, Dante, asked the group. Sure, the dude over there is Max," I said, pointing to Max. He waved at Luke, "The girl in the middle there is Anjeli, and the last one over there, is Alexis. "Guy, are you paying attention at all?!" Alexis asked, pulling me back into the conversation. "I want to tashte sho cum," Alexis said, keeping my cock in her mouth. After we had finished getting dressed we carefully left, making sure we weren't heard, or that Alexis wasn't seen walking out of the guys restroom. Then I heard you fucking Alexis, and I got really jealous and sorta called you over on a whim," she said, looking thoroughly ashamed of herself.

The Real Estate Agent

first-time Newkinkstories 2018-09-09

Charlene felt herself become flush at the open display of affection as Lisa stared at her while Todd kissed his way down her neck. Charlene liked the way she looked naked and worked hard to try and stay fit, but she was never sure if she really appealed to others. When Charlene got home, she rushed into the house, threw her coat on the floor and raced to her bedroom where she gave herself two more orgasms as she lay there imagining what she might have done with the stranger on the street. He joined her and she turned to face him again, they kissed, tongues darting, softly moaning, Charlene let go of herself, completely trusting this sexy stranger.

wifes surprise

first-time leaftea 2018-09-09

While I am in her she holding onto her hip, she seems to especially enjoy fantasizing about fucking a stranger while I joined in she likes the thought of me underneath looking at the guys cock going in and out of her, she even told me that she would like me to suck her large pussy lips at the same time. As she suck my cock and fucked the dildo, I grabbed her legs and pulled them to me, caressing and licking her feet and toes, and allowing room for Sam to get into position for the change.

Sarah's and Carole, her lover

first-time BBWSarah5545 2018-09-09

Your eyes are widening as you notice the damp patch that is spreading from my clitoris down past my love tunnel and between the cheeks of my bottom. By now you will be desperate to touch your nipples, your love tunnel will be pulsating at the thought that my fingers could easily be exploring you inside. Just watch my breasts moving in rhythm with my fingers entering and exiting my love tunnel. Work your thumb in and out of your love tunnel while using your index finger to caress your clitoris. If you are still able to concentrate move your hand so that you have three fingers entering your love tunnel and your little finger nudging your anus as you thrust deep inside yourself.

In Person At Last Ch. 02

first-time DontThankJustSpank 2018-09-09

He kissed her deeply, tasting the coffee on her tongue, until he felt her relax, her body soft against his. His hands on her, teasing her clit, her lips, until she was wet, then she felt him ease his cock into her. She was naked, lying back in the chair, he pulled her hips to the edge of it, spreading her legs gently apart with his hands. His warm breath on her, she felt his hands stroking her legs, all the way up, and he could see her wetness. She felt him pull away, then his body moving over hers until she felt his mouth between her legs, and his cock once again at her lips.


74 First blow to Avril!

first-time alibodge 2018-09-09

He bent down and cupping my left tit, began licking my nipple, moving his tongue all around my stiff nipple and areola before taking it in his mouth and sucking on it. "Suck it slut" he now demanded in a harder tone, this being the first time and not the last I was to hear the word ‘slut’ being used to describe me, I gently took his cock into my mouth it went in easier this time a more welcome visitor. Bill put his hands on the back of my head and I heard his voice say, "Suck me you fucking slut" as he now began a pumping motion with his cock, fucking my mouth so hard at times I thought I would gag, but for some reason filling me with a great desire to have him do it to me ever harder.