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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lisa Missed The Bus and Her Cherry

first-time pleasureseeker420 2018-09-09

"You can use Debbie's room" said Ken, watching her teenage body from behind as she strolled into the house. I think it's pretty normal for a man...wanting to smell pussy, I mean" said Lisa, closely monitoring his reactions and body language. It doesn't go away on its own for quite a while" said Ken, looking at her near naked body, with lust in his eyes. "Yeah, Ah at least for a while" said Ken. Lisa sported a big grin on her face, licked her lips and ran a hand over her face, gathering Ken's cum. "Your thing is so big, daddy," said Lisa, staring at Ken's cock. She moved her hand down, holding the lips of her cunt apart while Ken guided the head of his cock into her tight little pussy.

Natalie's Smile Ch. 02

first-time thebanana 2018-09-09

Jason was holding her head as she bobbed and tried to swallow as much as she could, but with his cock taking up most of her mouth, hot cum flowed out the corner of her mouth and down her chin dribbling on to her wet tits. "Good, because now that I know what a big cock feels like I think I want it all the time." She said as she flashed her cock hardening smile once more. Jason started to build up a slow rhythm pushing a finger into her ass and then his cock into her pussy. "Yes, she does," Jason said with a laugh."It's time to get you cleaned up." He reached over and pulled the buzzing vibrator out of her pussy.

More Than a Movie

first-time EscapeButton 2018-09-09

We watch a movie cuddling, like we do all the time, and afterward you hug me like usual, but this time after you pull back you hold on to my hips, then slide your hands up under my shirt to the smallest part of my waist, pull me closer again and kiss me softly on the lips. Breathing a little easier now, I cock my head and say "Well that's not very fair, is it?" And before you can stop me, I grab your shirt and pull it off over your head. I relinquish my grip on your arms as I go back to work on your cock with my mouth and one hand, using the other to keep playing with your balls.

Grammy's Surprise

first-time whybea10 2018-09-09

"Grammy, they look good to me!" There was honesty in what I said but then I also realized I wasn't looking at 25 year old breasts so I didn't expect to see the same things and yet I had to admit they still looked really nice. The feelings were just too intense to resist and I felt a sudden and very large surge from my balls which made me yell out "Oh yeah!" I immediately exploded into her mouth and as I came grammy seemed to change the way she was sucking me just slightly so that it seemed she was urging my cock to give a little more than I thought it had.


first-time Bray123 2018-09-09

"I'll be going away in a couple of days to Uni." With that she raised the T shirt to her waist and lay back on the quilt showing me a full mop of golden curls, "Stroke me here this time." I was shocked and disconcerted to realise that she had removed her panties and was showing me her private area. "I want to know what it feels like to be touched down there before I go." She closed her eyes and spread her legs widely, letting me stroke her pubes just like I'd caressed her breasts many times before.

Sex Ed

first-time zimabean 2018-09-09

Mom started to talk about sex and told me about her first time. Listening to her talk about fucking made my cock get super hard. Then she had me lay on my back on the bed and she mounted me, my hard cock sliding easily into her super wet pussy. "I am going to teach you everything you need to know about sex, seduction, women, everything." mom said. "I will be your fuck toy, you will just have to share me with your father and not let him know anything is going on between us." Mom said as I started to slow fuck her. I fucked a lot of girls after that and I pumped a lot of cum into mom's pussy since then.

First Time in Thailand

first-time Tyler222 2018-09-09

Time to focus and observe, I start walking on the left side of the road because I don't know any better. But the girls standing outside the massage parlors didn't care about the distance. A couple of places have beautiful oriental girls standing outside. She is the same girl from before and has a massage rate card in her hand. She comes back and starts the massage again as if nothing had ever happened. She took my penis in her hand like a samurai unsheathing his sword and pulled my foreskin back in an instant. Then I moved my hands up from her waist and started to pull off her top. I placed my hand on her right shoulder and start pulling the bra strap down.

Ron & Trish

first-time rmlooker 2018-09-09

As Trish was taking her gloves off, Ron took hold of her arm and said sadly I could not feel your hand or anything else. After a period of silence Ron said I know you like looking at and feeling my legs and I have no problem with that at all. Ron asked if she had a good run and she said yes fantastic tonight. Ron then asked her if she masturbated and she said yes right after I got home from my run. Ron asked if she liked sex during her period and Trish was very quiet for a while finally saying she had never tried it at that time and would tell him more later.


first-time keriya 2018-09-09

Inoka's hands moved to cup my balls and tease the damp fabric covering my ass as I unclasped her bra and sucked on the small hard nipples that crowned her beautiful breasts. I pulled my pre-cum and sweat dampened briefs off and pressed my burning cock shaft against her soft smooth thigh. Inoka rolled onto her side and pushing the back of her panties down told me to press myself against her butt and rub my prick against it till I came. I squeezed and toyed with her breasts as I pushed a hand down the back of her panties and stroked her ass, my fingers teasing her butt crack.

Our life turned fantasy

first-time MMG113 2018-09-09

You come home one day when the k**s are with a friend or f****y expecting to spend time with me but you see I'm watching fights or sports with a guy friend so you come to the living room to have drinks and try to hang out. As you go back to all fours towards the edge of the bed I take your hand and place it on something. I turn you onto you back and continue to fuck you but now your head is hanging backwards off the edge of the bed and he shoves his cock straight down into your mouth. You then start to stroke me and fuck me at the same time until I explode.

s****r is a slag 3 !!!! Final part x

first-time sexy-18-guy 2018-09-09

She keeps leaning forward as she fucks me I can se my hard cock plunging deep in her pussy this makes me want to cum so bad so I tell her I'm gonna cum soon, she looks at me and says okay stick it in my Arse I know you want too, so I say okay and grab my dick and slowly push inside her tight asshole we both moan at the same time as she leans back into me and starts bouncing her sexy Arse on my hand dick she tells me " don't cum untill I tell you I'm cumming I wants us both to cum at the same time sexy" I agree and start to pound her tight Arse.

Higher Learning

first-time Riggs 2018-09-09

She kissed me again, pressing her tongue deep inside my mouth while her hand worked on my crotch. She was downright ferocious now, swinging and thrusting her head, taking my dick with her every way she wanted, tightening her lips on me, running her tongue along me. I had my hands around her ass the entire time, and my eyes on her breasts, loving the way they bounced with her every movement. Again she licked her lips, smiled up at me, and then gently lay herself down on top of me, caressing the underside of my jaw with her long slender fingers, and kissing me lightly.


first-time 2018-09-09


Dorm Room Adventures

first-time 2018-09-09

Now, let me preface this by saying that I had, in the past, made out with Haley a couple of times while we were out at the bar dancing and grinding but her b*****r, one of my decently good friends, had no idea and I intended to keep it that way. Maddie then turned around and pulled my head down to say something to me, as you could only hear from yelling to each other very close by, and she said, "you and Haley are turning me on so much, I'm really getting wet with you two grinding on me." This completely took me by surprise, because I know she had been drinking, but here was this gorgeous girl who I barely knew, telling me how turned on she was and how wet her pussy was getting just by dancing with me.


first-time 2018-09-09

How she could have turned to look at me, her perfect eye brows arched upwards in surprise, her pouting full lips slowly letting out an excited “I’m sorry.” All of that just before her hand landed on my arm. Her peach colored nipples would slide over my lips and into my mouth, where I would press her breast firmly to my face, and indulge myself in her body. With doing that, she said to me “Now taste me.” Slowly she moved my hand to my mouth where she placed my own finger in my mouth. She turned her body around, with her back facing towards me, she leaned over, whispering, “now taste me more.” My hands latched on to her hips as I slid my tongue up and down her slits.

Polka Dot Passion

first-time 2018-09-09

He pulled away from their kiss and with his mouth against her ear he whispered coarsely “Mmm, you naughty girl… I’ll have to teach you a lesson about what happens to naughty little girls who don’t wear panties…” and just as a despairing moan escaped her lips he plunged himself deep inside her to the hilt. Four inches… she was moaning and rubbing her beautiful breast while running her hand up and down his chest and torso, he knew he would probably still be hard even after he came, this was just too damn hot, and he was anxious to fuck her right, and a bit embarrassed that he couldn’t last longer… 5 inches… almost there, he can feel it about to blow…6 inches… Suddenly her legs wrapped around him again, pulling him back in.


first-time eskimokissesxx 2018-09-09

Do you think your father will be proud to hear that you've been looking at naked women?!" he asks, walking over towards me. "Do you think he'd be proud that you were getting wet to these women?!" he demands now, placing a hand on my exposed pussy. "You know, Stephanie, I wouldn't have to write to your father if we could come to... "An arrangement, Sir?" I ask as he slowly removes his belt. He places his hand back onto my pussy and closes his eyes. He roughly grabs my left breast, forcing me to lay down on the bed with his other hand. "Yes, s-sir," I stutter from the pleasure I'm currently recieving by him fondling my breasts roughly.

My special birthday

first-time 2018-09-09

I could here what sounded like a bottle of something; I could here Laura Popping the quark as she lifted my head up, the cold liquid rushed through my mouth it was my favorite Rum. She then ordered me to lay back down and she had fastened my left hand to the bed post then my right; she hadn't really touched me and I was in heaven. As both Mika and Laura start kissing and licking the rest that leaked out of my mouth. Laura grabbed her vibrator and started playing with herself standing next to the bed as I kept slamming harder and harder into Mika's tight hole. Mika let out a scream and started spurting out what little load she had left and I couldn't contain myself any longer.

First Successful BJ and Much More

first-time Tina420 2018-09-09

She said to Mike, "Take your pants off." And right there in the living room with the curtains open and the TV on, he just stood up and slid his jeans down and kicked them into the corner. She turned to look at me and said, "watch and learn." She turned back to him and with her hands around his back side, on his nice buns, she leaned down and scooped up his still hanging penis in her mouth and seemingly swallowed it all up. For the next several months, I spent at least one weekend night at their house sucking on Mike's penis as Chris gave me more tips.

sexy cousin

first-time 2018-09-09

but i remember that summer i was alone at home watching tv well porn i wanted to get off bad that day, it was hot and i had my bathing trunks on ready for the pool after a good jerk, im watching the porn movie and my cousin comes right in the door of the basment, i didnt jump or try to hide the movie me and my cousin were always tight, we talked about life school the girls i dated sex, she was also 6 years older than me, she was sexy as hell, about 5'3 120lbs long brown curly hair green eyes and tan skin, she had 38DD tits beautiful.

My First Gift

first-time tightie 2018-09-09

While in December it wasn't too badly cold, just right for he unzipped his jean pants to where he pulled his big, 8 inch throbbing penis, I knew it wouldn't take too much to make him cum. As we got ready to leave we were in somewhat of silence, I noticed him looking at me in a pleased way, he opened his lips and out came a ringing sound, I asked him to repeat, and he did it again, then disappointment came over me, I knew what it was time for me to wake up!!....I opened my eyes and realized that it was all a dream, my panties were soaked though and I apparently fingered myself until I came, so the night wasn't a total waste.

A sexy blonde Mature gets a surprise called Mandy

first-time mandy_66_night 2018-09-09

Anyway, one night, I took my yet fitted red dress, with transparent sleeves, dekoltee and cutouts for visiting a new club, looking for some cute younger ladies, that maybe I'd take home. I saw a few ladies casually stirring their drinks, or just flat out eye fucking my pushed up boobs. "I saw you looking my way," the woman said with some deep sick sounding voice. She put her left hand onto my right boob, and it felt good. She stuck her tongue deep inside my pussy, and I wanted to scream. She took her cock in her hand, and stuck it right into my pussy. I was unsure how long her cock was, but it felt very good in my pussy.

The Daughter Downstairs/Duplex II

first-time t1914 2018-09-09

A little embarrassed he said, "yes", and she asked him if he'd heard of _____ amateur series. Like I said before, she was pretty hot and could obviously get any guy to do what she wanted. Her loose shorts were exposing almost her full ass cheek and she ran her hands up and down her legs asking me "do you want to fuck me Timmy?" Are you k**ding? She jumped up off the couch, ran downstairs, and met him at the door, giving him some bull shit story about us having to leave to go to a party. She stepped closer to me and started rubbing my dick and pulled my shorts off of me while I took off my shirt.


first-time violetflowers 2018-09-09

Rancid pulled out his fat, dirty member with his grubby little fingers and thrust it between my breasts, pumping it up and down. Soon his hands wandered across my exposed collarbone, impatiently pulling the dress down and he quickly moved to suck and kiss and bite the smooth, pale skin of my shoulder. My pussy quickly became drenched with juices, my fluids flowing freely as he sucked and licked deep inside, stretching me with his tongue and pulling my sensitive nub with his lips. Richard was unable to sit up any longer and quickly laid flat on his back as my head bobbed up and down, trying to draw his entire member deep into my mouth and throat.