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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Surrogate Husband Ch. 08

first-time pennylesspauper 2018-09-09

"Don't you wish you'd have stayed home," Mother?" Bobby asked Louise. Bobby briefly grabbed his mother's hand, squeezed it lightly and then let it go. Louise walked along beside April as the Brubaker woman picked up the items necessary for making spaghetti, waited patiently while she paid for her groceries and helped her carry them to her car. "What movie you want to see?" Bobby asked as he glanced over at Becky's legs, quickly noticing that her skirt had ridden up past mid-thigh. The question went unanswered as Becky turned, pulled Bobby's head towards her and kissed him. Bobby couldn't help but groan when Becky lifted her hand and placed it directly on his member.

Sunday's Dinner

first-time MrWright69 2018-09-09

You want to know why I never tried anything." Chrissy looked at Derrick shaking her head. Chrissy saw the look in Derrick's eyes and tell everything that he just said had come from the heart. Chrissy let out a faint moan; she looked back at Derrick biting her lip. Chrissy went to work on his dick, sucking and stroking him at the same time had Derrick going crazy. Chrissy was bouncing hard on Derrick dick as he sucked harder on her nipple. Derrick moved his hands down to her ass and spread them open and started lifting his hip into the air, shoving his dick into her pussy. She got slowly looking at Derrick dick covered with pussy juice.

When I was posted in Germany

first-time Ticlem69 2018-09-09

The brunette's hand has moved to the head of my cock, cock slip along the cleft of her ass as the middle finger of my thumb rubbing her joy-button, the fingers of my left hand rolling She pulls my hand away from her crotch and turns in my arms to She begins to suck on only the head as the hand she The sweet mouth of the young lady then begins to pull me back, mouth open as, presently, I feel her body begin to shudder As the crowd begins to slowly filter out, my lovely brunette tongue sliding my finger as she sucks on it rapidly brings my from her mouth and pulls me along through the crowd by the hand.

The Visitor

first-time eaglefree 2018-09-09

"Horny, that's how I'm doing and Jeff was helping me get over it." I looked over at him and saw that he didn't have pants on and his slick semi hard 6" cock was still dripping cum. After a few minutes she said" My turn" and once my mouth was off his cock she lowered her dripping pussy onto his shaft. She bobbed me for a few minutes and then stopped and looked at Jeff and said "Just do to him what you like done to you." With that said he started sucking and licking my cockhead. I then asked how this got started and Jeff said he knew I was working and waited until he thought I was at home before he came over to ask for some help in cutting a few tree.

First Time Threesome

first-time dragonwelshuk 2018-09-09

"Mmmmmm yeah!" Suzy replied as she turned herself around on the bed, opening her legs wide in front of my face in an obvious invitation to lick her pussy she took my cock in her mouth and ran her tongue around the head before taking almost all of it into her mouth and sucking hard. After another five minutes or so I could feel my spunk starting to boil up and Suzy must have sensed it to as she pulled her mouth off Jason's cock to look me in the eyes as she said "oh yeah!" said Jason "Just what I like." He positioned himself between Suzy's legs and used his hand to run his cock up her slit from the bottom collecting the spunk that had dribbled out and pushing it back into her cunt as he shoved his cock into it.

Educating my innocent cousin

first-time thegreatone123 2018-09-08

Finally, after more than an hour of talking, Sylvia said, "Do you think anyone would believe that me and my girlfriends are going to go through high school just giving hand jobs and letting guys touch our boobs? I gently took each foot and moved it two feet to the side, pushed knees apart and said, “Don’t move!” As I stood in front of her now, my rigid cock at her eye level, her legs were finally spread properly, and I could see her pink pussy and asshole through the dense jungle of bush that covered the entire area.

Deb and Jays first time swinging

first-time er14424 2018-09-08

Andy looked at me and asked if I was ok with this and where it could be going , I couldn't speak so just nodded, he then said something that nearly made me cum, he told me he'd always wondered what it would be like to fuck Debbie and he hoped he find out tonight. Kate was snuggled up to me her hard titties and nipples pressed against me, She said doesn't Debbie look beautiful and she did her long hair flowing around my legs, the arch of her back glistening with a layer of perspiration, her lovely ass quivering as Andy's hips collided with her.


first-time Kryztel 2018-09-08

Her hands slowly stroked his body until he was rock hard. She smiled at him and used her hand over his to show him how she liked to be touched. She lowered both hands to her pussy, with one she held her lips apart and with the other started to stroke herself. Slowly at first and when she started to moan and wiggle around he went faster. He moaned and closed hie eyes, she squeezed harder and pumped faster. "Not to worry, most men only take twenty minutes to recover." She smiled mischievously at him and lightly stroked his penis. "Just like before." He smiled and started to slowly and gently thrust into her.

ME With Tripthi

first-time nana414 2018-09-08

I was waiting to see my dream lady but manohar opened the door and smiled at me and told come in i went inside he asked me about studies and all i ws no intrestd to chat i want to see her but how can i ask suddenly she came she was happy to see me and given me a smile i was so happy she told me i was about to ask your mother wheather she can send me here i asked she told we want to go to market and buy things manohar uncle not familier with thes place I told get ready bwe will go they both came she was stuning if any movie director see her they will ask her to work for them she was that beautiful when she came dres up i took chnnu from her while taking chinnu from her i purposely tried to touch her boob but she gave me chinnu in my hand so i missed the chance.

cheating on my husband

first-time hot_mike21 2018-09-08

so me and john are messing around im sucking his cock and he is rubbing this tight little pussy and asshole so I said you want this pussy john and he said yeeeesss fuck me so he pulled out a condom and I said no bearback daddy and his friend texted and said im here so his friends name is mike so mike came in and said wooooow shes hot and shes ready to take both cocks!!!! i don't know what it is about guys and feet but after they fucked me we sat around and they both wanted me to give them a footjob so i pull off my socks and with my pretty green toes and i stocked both cocks and played with there balls and then went on for the next hour and john busted on my toes and mike busted on the bottom of my feet!

A Priestess's First Adventure

first-time Phallicwhale 2018-09-08

With her hunger sated and the constant threat of attack removed Maria began to wonder how it would feel to go to sleep with Isaiah's arms wrapped around her. A delicious little shudder ran through Maria as she pictured herself kissing Isaiah and her body began to tingle as she imagined Isaiah's hands moving over its soft curves while a strange warmth seemed to grow in her abdomen. In the next room, Isaiah was also trying to control his imagination, from the first time he had seen Maria as she tended to a sick old man in her village, He'd been in love with the beauty.

Party Slut 2

first-time cuteb0y25 2018-09-08

"Aaaaghhh," I gasped, swallowing more of Alex's spunk in the process, "I'm a dirty little cumbucket slut," I moaned, using the words that Sasha and the guys had used to describe me and causing them to giggle, "And I love sucking cock and drinking cum. I was still dressed in stockings and a pink satin babydoll, albeit rather dishevelled at this point, and my face was still made up like a slut, only with sticky cum crusted over it now, however, my rock solid hardon was also pretty apparent hanging between my legs, swaying rhythmically as Alex's much bigger cock penetrated inside me.

The Palace Bride

first-time 2018-09-08

As he thought about big milk filled tits his cock was ready to fuck again and he began moving in and out of that tight hole. As he watched his finger fuck her ass his cock got hard and began to throb needing more pussy so her rolled her back to her back and mounted her once again. After tonguing her hole and making her cum several times he then mounted her and rammed his cock deep into her cunt and fucked her hard. His bride was also loving the cock fucking her ass and he reached under her and pushed two fingers in her cunt and fucked both holes hard.

A Haunting Fuck

first-time fillmeup2 2018-09-08

The tongue felt cold and so damp, as it glided down my body. I began to grind my hips to meet the cold tongue that was swelling up my clit. Just as soon as I felt things were over, my legs flew open and up in the air. After what seemed like a lifetime the monster cock was turning my hot little pussy on. The ghost was tearing my pussy up and I didn’t want it to stop. All I know is it had a huge cock and it made my tight little pussy feel good. I closed my eyes, remembering the incredible ghost fuck I had earlier and came in Mike’s mouth.

The View from On Top

first-time MsBond007 2018-09-08

"Oh fuck!" I moaned as I threw my head back, his large cock stretching my pussy. I let out a moan and ran my fingers through his hair as he nipped my nipple before he continued sucking my tit. Throwing my head back, I continued to groan as he worked up a rhythm, his finger fucking my hole. He gave me a smile before he let out a groan and threw his head back as I leaned down and ran my tongue along his tip, tasting his precum. Groaning, he began to pump his long, thick cock in and out of my mouth, throwing his head back in pleasure as I gagged while he facefucked me.

The Gardener and the girl

first-time fitzy40 2018-09-08

" grown up girl eh" he replied and then his eyes slid down her body lingering on her breasts then back up to her face she blushed again and felt heat between her legs, a melting sensation in her tummy she nodded jerkily not trusting her own voice, with that she turned and ran into the house she giggled as she went always something she did she couldnt help it, the guy watched her go thoughtfully smiled to himself and started work.

Fluffer in Training Ch. 03

first-time rmdexter 2018-09-08

It's been a very long time since I've seen anyone as pretty as you, Rachel." The usual physical examination he gave most of the girls, including Lori who had just left the examination room before Rachel—ended after another five minutes or so of answering questions about sexually transmitted diseases they may have had at one time or another, asking about drug or alcohol use, and similar questions pertinent to their work in the porn industry. Try to take a bigger breath this time, and hold it." Rachel did as he asked, and the doctor felt himself start to sweat, his cock now an iron bar in his pants as he looked right down into that deep inviting line of cleavage, the girl's huge tits seeming to fight for freedom from the confining bra.

Trip with granddad!

first-time TinyPetra 2018-09-08

We need to hurry up and start packing, and exchange money and so on, said mom, you will leave tomorrow morning. Your grand dad will be here any minute so we can pack your things into the motorhome. I went up and started to pack some things, and soon I heard the motorhome coming outside. I jumped in his arms and gave him a big hug, and we had a coffe before they started to pack my things into the motorhome. Early next morning we went away, and said bye to mom and dad, and started the trip to the south of Sweden. Soon my grand dad took his shorts and dropped them to the floor, and was standing naked by the bed.

The New Girl

first-time hopelessidiot 2018-09-08

Don't get me wrong here, I had dated a girl before her and had made out with her...I was no stranger to breasts but with Sandhya, her angelic face, those black curls running down her shoulders and accentuating her lightly tanned skin all these sent my endocrine glands in a frenzy. She must have noticed me staring at her breasts, but as she went back to the kitchen, I saw a different grace in her walk, it almost seemed like she was proud or maybe it was the 'Sandhya' drug taking it's toll out on my brain. In a while, she pulled back from my neck and looked into my eyes, the world seemed to stop, the only things that mattered at that moment were those hazel eyes, I was lost, all my senses were lost, the concept of time was lost to me.

Him Inside of Me

first-time leucite 2018-09-08

My hands were a little occupied with undoing his belt buckle and with all this fumbling, I could feel him growing beneath the jeans and I knew he wanted to be freed. They were (and still are) much larger than average and very sensitive to the touch and being exposed to the air just heightened the sensation of eagerness which was driving me mad – as all I wanted was to feel him moving inside of me. I could feel the tingle of anticipation build up again as I knew that I needed as much inside of me as possible, hurriedly pumping away, relentless until I was screaming and pushing him in deeper, begging for more.

Relationship Counseling

first-time faggyboi 2018-09-08

“It’s been so long since I had your mouth on my dick,” crowed five-foot-nine-inch, medium build caramel-skinned brotha as he pushed down on the head of the sissy cock sucker. “Oh really,” laughed Uncle Hal. “You can drop the act with us. “Boy, you got an ass like a grown woman,” Uncle Clarence declared. “That feels good, boy,” Uncle Hal said. “Do you like it,” Uncle Clarence asked. As Alicia alternated sucking their dicks, the uncles began rubbing cocoa butter on her juicy booty. Jayshawn had never been fucked by Jerome, but figured it would probably happen tonight. “You don’t wanna fuck my tight pussy, Big Daddy,” he purred. “Wait till you feel this pussy, daddy,” Jayshawn shot back as he twerked his fat ass.

Invitation to a Beach

first-time 2018-09-08

But when I got to our towels, Max had already gotten into the water. “What?” I said, looking down at my swim suit which I thought was maybe even a little too revealing. “Well,” Max said, “I suppose you can, but it’s just a whole lot nicer without one. When you swim naked, you dry off much more quickly, and the feeling of the water on your body is amazing. I said sarcastically to Max, “As long as you’re naked, mind if I get some sun on my titties?” Swimming in the water felt amazing too, like you said.” “The only one likely to come is you!” I sucked Max’s cock back into my mouth and felt it get a little harder.

Brad's mom

first-time 2018-09-08

Right at that moment I felt my dick start to grow what a white woman's pussy really looked like. live white woman's pussy. what her pussy looked like naked. pull her panties down, I went real slow, while looking in her pretty It was wonderful, her pussy was like moist silk. by the hips and started pounding her pussy like a mad black cock and went deep in to her helpless pussy. pussy squeezing my cock and milking all my cum. life, my cum leaking out of a white women's pussy. me and said, I love it from the back, please fuck me good with that nigga dick Your black dick felt inside of my tight pussy.

A welcomed intruder.

first-time chefjohn2112 2018-09-08

He slowly started pushing my pants down,(I was going commando, just got out of bed) exposing my growing cock to his eyes. He looked into my eyes as he slowly circled my shaft with his long, skinny fingers, asking to be allowed to touch, and stroke my cock. As he slowly knelt in front of me, looking up into my eyes, I told him to start stroking, and licking my cock. His eyes at first got big, then they got a dreamy look to them as he felt my cock head deep in his throat. When I felt my load ready to blow, I pulled his face tight to me, and shoved my cock deep as I could, and just blew.