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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Self-Delivered Submissive

first-time bunny_ears 2018-09-08

He sent an email asking after a fantasy that drove her wild, toy play, where the woman is forced to orgasm while the man stays dressed. His next email had told her that he knew she rubbed her pussy reading what he wrote, and then used a finger to play with her ass. In the story the man would then pound her from behind and shoot his load inside her, then push her to the ground and say "bad girls don't get to cum on the first date." He writes an address on a card and drops it on her half-naked, abused body, and tells her to present herself later that night to him.

The Artist

first-time TheHiddenPen 2018-09-08

Taken all her clothes off, sat there naked, kept her hands out of the way, let the guy admire her body at his leisure, capture the shape of her nipples, the shadow of her boobs, that feminine v that disappears between her legs, hiding the very parts Poppy was now rubbing so furiously, that a guy would so love to get his hands on, get his cock inside. After spending such a long time focussing on such a private area, and with her mind on her naked posing the next day, Poppy slipped her clothes off and was about to get under the covers naked, knowing that her cooch had already started to get moist and was asking for attention.

Planning and Hard Work

first-time Callista_Felix 2018-09-08

The girls were Angela, my former buddy and now secret love (lust); Dianne, brunette, five six, C-cup maybe, nice ass; Sarah, tawny blonde, five four, big C or little D, slightly heavy; Fran, brown hair, five eight, slim, maybe a B, a touch skinny; and Karen, five six, red hair, a definite C (I'd checked her bra when we had sex) and a very nice ass. Karen, who'd come out on one of my earlier trips with me, to learn the way and for other reasons, brought three other girls: Sarah, Angela and Dianne. Maybe it was the comfort of going back to the years when Angela and I had held hands so unconsciously, even at ten, when boys were supposed to hate girls.

Dirty Chrissy Goes to College Ch. 2

first-time DirtyChrissy 2018-09-08

Rob heard it, quickly put his hand on my thigh and said, "Let's go!" I moaned, softly, while moving my hand lower, playing with his swollen, huge balls. Rob groaned and moved his right hand under my ass and back to my moist cunt. When I finally reached the base of his cock, he said, "God that feels incredible!" I lowered my chest onto his and we stared held each other for a few moments, before I slowly lifted my pussy off his cock. Rob quickly grabbed it form my hands, tore it open and hurriedly covered his cock. Rob put his hands on my ass, as moved faster and faster over him. Rob started meeting my pussy with rapid thrusts of his hips.

Mature Encounter

first-time Alwyzrdy 2018-09-08

I said "sure, go ahead" and he took out a really hard cock, much larger than mine and began slowly stroking it. I'd guess another five or possibly ten minutes went by and he said "you can suck it if you want, I don't mind." It's difficult to explain what was going through my head, but it took less than ten seconds for my mouth to find his cock and go to work. He kept sucking and stroking so I let loose what felt like a gallon of hot cum. Even though I really didn't feel like doing it, I put my mouth on his cock and took his cum again.

Exploring with Jenny 2

first-time JeanDauvere 2018-09-08

'Jenny honey' I said as the start of an apology, and she immediately stood and turned to look at me, understanding the tone of my voice. "Surely you don't expect all those teenage boys not to notice fantastic tits like this do you?" she said whilst gently lifting and squeezing them and she rolled my hardened nipples in her palms, "In fact they wouldn't begin to believe what we had done this afternoon. I waited a moment and then started to fuck my finger back and forth gently inside her, moving it slowly then quickly changing the angle and the position, whilst listening and feeling her getting more and more regged at the edges.

Fucking Karima Ch. 02

first-time TheFaceMan 2018-09-08

Her body shook and twisted and shivered and she pulled hard with her legs now wrapped around me, holding me tight as I felt my cock get wetter with her pussy juice all over it. Karima reached down with one hand between my legs and cupped my balls when I pushed in, feeling the hair on them, loving the way they slapped against her clit with each thrust.Her big yummy tits bounced each time, jostling under her T- shirt. My thrusts became irregular, my breathing paused, and I whispered loudly to her "I'm going to come, Karima I'm cuming inside your pussy baby." Karima couldn't believe how erotic it felt.

Weird s****rs

first-time sexykamel 2018-09-08

"Okay, baby, drop your pants and let me suck you for a bit." Her voice was sultry as she murmured into my mouth, saying something I didn't expect: "I guess I'd better lube you up good if you're gonna stick your big cock up my ass." I lost myself in the mix of sensations that Deb's expert cocksucking routine was giving me, unable to say what felt better; whether the massaging friction of her tender hollowed out cheeks, or the wet whirling suction of her mouth, or the smooth up and down of her cock-stretched lips gliding on my shaft, or the warm clenching grip of her swallowing gullet.

My Teacher's Pet

first-time LorenzoAbajos 2018-09-08

I had started to care a lot for this little American Indian girl, and I didn't like what I was seeing. I took one hand and placed it on my cock, which was hard as a rock, and she just naturally squeezed it. After I had removed her blouse with one hand, exposing small titties, which were about enough to fill an A cup, or a mouth, I decided to introduce her to the wonders of cock sucking. So I took her little hands, playing with my cock, and put her on her knees in front of me. So I leaned in, put both hand on little titties, and started licking all the sweet pussy I could find.

The Sculpture

first-time GoodGrl1983 2018-09-08

Look, I know how long you worked on that piece. My eyes blur and I find myself looking past the sculpture to my own reflection... I stop there to cup my breasts, feeling my hard little nipples through the thin fabric of my wet shirt and white cotton bra. Still cupping my breasts, I turn this way and that, looking at my body. With my shirt unbuttoned, I let it slide down my arms, enjoying the feel of the cool, wet material dragging across my warm skin. Not sure I can even stop myself, I slide one hand away from my breasts and down into the open V of my pants, lower, touching myself.

Bathroom Incursion [Literotica]

first-time 2018-09-08

Luckily I was sitting at the table so nobody could see it, and my parents were facing away from Kara so they couldn't tell I was staring at her ass. My hard cock popped out into the fresh air and Kara's eyes snapped to it like they were magnetic. She started pulling on my cock, slowly jerking it as she bit her lower lip and looked straight into my eyes. I then redressed and left the bathroom as Kara started running the shower, my cum still plastered all over her face, neck and chest. Finally, as I'm wiping my dick clean against her right ass cheek Kara speaks for the first time since entering the room.


first-time deepinyourthroat 2018-09-08

just couldn’t stand to look at her pretty face, I just wanted to be away from her at that moment. Her flushed pink face was right in mine and she looked deep into my eyes for what felt like closed my eyes and felt her warm smooth skin rub right on my pussy and then she pushed her warm, wet, wonderful tongue into me, the feeling was amazing, it made me gasp and I felt the going to come I felt the dildo being pushed between my lips, opening me up, while she sucked I wanted to make her come real bad, so I sucked on her clit as hard as I could, pushing my face

Love Lessons Ch. 01

first-time KenJames 2018-09-08

I want to feel your hard cock pushing against my skirt. I want you to kiss and lick my legs all the way up to my pussy. MMmmm, Mr. James, your cock feels so good and hard against my pussy. I think they're planning to try to get into my pants, even though I saw them kissing and stroking each other in the Dean's office yesterday when I went to hand in my permission slip. Their tongues were in each other's mouths, and the coach was moaning, "Oh, Harold, your hard cock feels so good against mine!" The Dean was panting as he humped the coach.

Becominh sadi

first-time qudduse 2018-09-08

Smiling " mhm....I want you to be my first Garet....I trust you.." He smiles and grabs her ass cheek with one hand and starts to slowly push his head into her tight hole "oooohhhhh....." her mouth wide open as she begins to feel pain instantly. Garet laughs " if you just had a pair of breasts no one would ever think you're a boy....god i'm looking at you now and don't even recognize look amazing Co...I mean Sadi" He winks and smiles and she smiles back at him " wanna walk me out?" Sadi gets up and straightens the dress out and extends her tiny hand to him with a smile as the big man extends his and tightly grabs a hold of hers.

Shemale fun

first-time 2018-09-08

I reached down and help her beautiful cock and began to pull her foreskin back and forth. I then began to suck on thw head of her cock and continued for several minutes. Lisa pushed me on my back and began to suck my cock. Lisa's cock was spent, so I began by placing her soft dick in my mouth, moving my tongue around and around until it began to get hard again. After lapping it up, Lisa came to my face and kissed me with a mouth full of my own cum. I spent a lot of time sucking her cock and kissing her with the tate of cum in our mouths.

My first taste of cock

first-time Wantingone2 2018-09-08

I suggested meeting closer to you at the park where we met the first time and I'd give you a hand job. I would run your cock from the head all the way down the shaft until I hit the base of your nuts. You said I'm going to cum and I went balls deep on your cock and felt your first volley o cum hit the back of my throat. I pulled back until just the head was in my mouth and swallowed the first shot just in time to run your cock deep into my throat again and feel you shoot another glob of cum in my mouth.


first-time 2018-09-08

I pulled out my phone and showed him a couple nude pics of my girl. I secretly hoped he would get a boner from looking at her and a kept eyeing his pants as he took my phone and began to flip through it. His opened his pics and showed me the tight sexy nude body of his girl. He started playing a video of him and his girl fucking. My cock was throbbing and he seamed to be jerking it faster as I watched some of the videos. He stroked his cock with such aggression it looked like he would pull it off. The voice of his s*s called out on the video “cum on my face baby” as she jerked her bf's cock onto her face.

A driving fantasy

first-time socal77 2018-09-08

As I pulled over I noticed it wasn't a man as I thought. got in the car and asked me where I was headed. Finally she asked why I wasn't making any moves on head and started sucking. earlier, being that close to a hard cock would have freaked So having him thrusting away so close wasn't figured cock wasn't as scary as I had thought it was. We fucked a bit more and then she asked rubbing I felt his hard cock. about sucking a cock but the idea of being fucked by a cock in me but I was sure about how good being touched As I pushed I felt the head go in a bit.

A Man and a Woman

first-time shankly 2018-09-08

In high school I kept girlfriends but never chose to pass third base with them. I felt like a man and was ready to do more mature things. I starting talking to a few girls, but warded off sexual advances. I studied the pictures of her and her fiancé. "I can tell you don't love him," I said. I didn't want to get her pregnant. I began groaning and calling out her name. She passed out naked in my arms. Before falling asleep, I stared at that picture of her and her fiancé on the wall. I'd never been one of those guys to take another's woman, but he didn't want her. We slept in each other's arms, a man and a woman.

gefickt vom freund und seinem onkel

first-time 6franke 2018-09-08

felix und ich haben uns zum ersten mal schwule pornehefte besorgt und sie sofort in seinem zimmer konsumiert. es kam, sie es kommen mußte, unsere jungsschwänze spannten in unseren hosen und wie von selbst zogen wir uns gegenseitig aus. felix nahm sofort meinen harten schwanz in die hand und fing an zu wichsen bis der erste tropfen vorsaft zum vorschein kam. plötzlich ging die tür zu seinem zimmer auf und sein 35jähriger onkel stand in der tür. dann winkte er noch felix dazu und wir lecktn ihm beide seinen 19 cm schwanz und die prallen eier. bei der gelegenheit drehte uns onkel karl beide auf den bauch und spreizte unsere beine. die rosetten lagen so direkt vor seinem gesicht und er zögerte nicht lang und leckte uns beide.


Busting my virginity ( my first anal fuck!!)

first-time warmtitenjuicy 2018-09-08

Some very many years later,I've had the constant nudging feeling deep inside me to experience having a man's cock inside my ass! Nothing happened straight away as I tended to find there were a lot of time wasters on these sites,but knew that I would eventually fish out a genuine punter! How' is this big rock of bl**d engorged flesh going to feel inside my virgin ass that's never been fucked before,I asked myself. Each time I pulled my lips off him in a very naughty and seductive manner, bits of stringy saliva would trail between my gooey mouth and his rigid cock!! The comment got me even more horny and my thoughts just then were " if you think my ass looks good,wait till you feel what it's like inside"!!

The First Encounter: Rebecca

first-time Sodicox9 2018-09-08

"You know, I am a bit of a submissive and I was thinking maybe you could be my Dom, if you want." she said shyly. Grabbing her hands and moving them above her head, I softly kissed her lips. Flicking her clit with my tongue, I began to run my finger down your lips before sliding it into her warm wet pussy. I flicked her clit faster and sucked harder as she began to cum. I grabbed my cock and began to stroke it as I pulled her up and off the bed. Pushing her against the wall, I pressed my body against hers, pulling her close and roughly kissing her luscious lips.

Losing My Virginity

first-time missmoaney 2018-09-08

In high school I was a little computer nerd and he was a jock, but when we had the same classes in college and he saw me for the first time. He got invited to a party to celebrate a winning streak that the college football players had and asked me to come with him. I knew he was pretty big into partying but when I saw him taking shots and prancing around like he was on top of the world, I felt a little weird. I was slightly confused why we were both in the backseat, but when he started making out with me and was touching me everywhere over my body, I soon figured out what was on his mind. He looked slightly relieved at what I said and started by gently fucking me.

my first time with alyssa milllano and tony D

first-time tomreefe 2018-09-08

she showed me all these fancy clothes that she would have to wear and she said she wanted me to help her pick out what she would wear for her first big live filming. she was scared , bein g a tomboy like was she was and all she didnt know much about fancy dresses and make up, she would stripp down to her lil panties right in front of me... cause we were good friends, it didnt bother her. i got my first erection while watching her parade around almost nude and i didnt know what was happening, so i showed it to alyssa... she grabbedonto it rather roughly, like she was playing with oneof my G I Joes or something, and said "its so big, what happened to it?