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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Sitter

first-time 2018-09-08

She then turned me over with her arm still in me, and started to fuck me, pulling almost all the way out until the muscle stopped her fist, when she did that, cum would shoot out of my weiner, and she put her mouth on it, and started moving it in and out, drinking my cum every out stroke We did this for about half an hour, until she got tired, and untied me, and took off her outfit. I lubed it up with butter, and proceeded to work it in her pussy, until I was ramming it home as fast as I could, she must have cum 5 times, I pulled it out after her orgasm, and started trying to put it up her behind, and itI was tough going, she cried, and kept moving around until I slapped her face and told her to stop and take it like a woman.

The Young Red-Headed Girl Ch. 01

first-time critch74997 2018-09-08

She told us a story about how James (soooo hot!) had walked her home from school one day, which was so surprising since he's a Senior and she's about to be one, but they do live in the same area (so do I!), so it kinda made sense even though he drives but ANYWAY...I shouldn't be telling you this cause it's her secret but diary it made so fucking wet (I love the word fucking, I know you don't mind and it really fits here!) that I was creaming in my panties! She started moaning and rubbing him and grinding against him (It was our day to wear our cheerleading outfits so he was under her skirt real easily!) She said to us that she was almost cumming just from feeling his dick against her pussy even if their clothes were still in the way, especially when he slid his hands under her panties and squeezed her ass!

How I Got My Bicycle

first-time billy69boy 2018-09-08

I mentioned my bike again, for like the tenth time, and Jason just laughed, and repeated back to me what he already knew: "A red Schwinn, 26" rims, with chrome fenders and a rearview mirror." I blushed, red faced, and smiled weakly. Murray started going a little faster, and it only took a few minutes before I felt his hands putting more pressure on my face, and soon he was grunting and thrusting, and cumming into my mouth. I kept licking him, up and down his shaft, under his balls, and then I took his cock head into my mouth, and then I held still and sucked just the tip.

Absolute Pleasure

first-time Champagne98 2018-09-08

He smiled as he leaned forward and let his left hand fall under his desk and unzip his trousers slowly so she didn't hear it, then leaned back a little "What do you think you should do for such a service?" he asked her, being single, and seeming unavailable, for his devotion to the school coaching the cheer-leading squad as well as taking on detention. Amber moaned softly as he spoke, a soft cry slipping from her as he pulled out and moved over her, this tip of his hard shaft over her face as he came, his cream landing in her mouth which she swallowed quickly, a soft growl of pleasure slipping from her throat. Amber blushed again as she felt his hand gently touching her face, her lips curving into a graceful smile as she said, "I'm looking forward to tomorrow, then, Sabin.

College Break Road Trip

first-time smithE101 2018-09-07

"Oh Sara, you're so bad, leave him alone," Riley said in an effort to comfort a now red faced Ryan. Riley looked over to Sara and smiled, then over to Ryan, "Besides, if you play your cards right, maybe by time you reach Yuma, you'll be a virgin no more." Riley noticed the slight bulge forming in Ryan's shorts, and ever the tease, started to pull her shirt back on. Riley and Ryan looked over to the main office while Sara packed the clothes. Sara smiled mischievously; she was not shocked to see, right before her eyes, Ryan's burgeoning cock swelling within his damp boxers. Sara looked up to an overly smiling Riley, dressed in gym shorts and tank top, then turned to Ryan,

Daddy's Sweetheart

first-time 2018-09-07

Do you know where Daddy likes to puts his cock that makes him so happy?" She was eighteen, of course she knew what sex was, but I couldn't help playing a little game. Your tight little ass is making Daddy feel so good, you want to make Daddy happy don't you?" I grabbed her tits, pulling her up into me and thrusting my cock deeper. "Awww here it comes sweetheart, here's Daddy's hot cum for his little girl!" I groaned like an a****l as my cock twitched in Suzy's ass and I shot load after load of cum into her. Daddy wants to see your little tits bounce." She rode me hard, driving herself up and down on my dick, clearly enjoying it.

Wedding Night Ch. 02

first-time maanmathan_playboy 2018-09-07

I parted my thighs thus making way for his finger to penetrate my wet pussy. I assured her and start moving my cock in & out of her lips slowly. She sensed my need and took hold of my cock.She started working her fingers on my hard organ as her lips sucked the tip. Her cute face compared with my cock inside her lips was too hot and made me cum hard. But soon recovered and took all of my cum inside her throat and I slid my cock out of her mouth. Then I felt his tongue in my still wet pussy as he started licking there slowly. I felt his cum inside my womb as his cock shrank down slowly.

Best Friends Forever Ch. 01

first-time GreatWhiteNorthern 2018-09-07

If Holly ever did notice she never said anything, but I think Holly liked to tease me as I got the distinct impression that she enjoyed grinding her crotch against mine, fully clothed that is. Smiling, Holly moved my hands to her breasts and told me squeeze them gently. Holly pondered that for a moment and then said, "Well in case I forget to mention it later, I think I like the size of your penis. "I want to see your penis explode again!" she said while stroking my cock slowly back and forth. I really want to make you feel good and have you orgasm again, so I guess it wouldn't hurt to try.

UPS Package Mistake Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-09-07

Feeling his balls in my hand while he was still working his cock was nearly overwhelming. The angle leaning over him was getting uncomfortable but the feeling of a hard cock in my mouth was too good to give up. When I was close to shooting my cum he pulled his mouth off my cock and came up to kiss me. If I'm being honest I was longing to feel his cock enter my ass, wanting to feel him pumping his cock in and out, needing to feel his balls slapping against me, feeling his cock throbbing and shooting his cum into me. He started moving faster, pulling me close then pushing me away until his cock was barely still in.

Our Daughter's Wedding

first-time sirhugs 2018-09-07

So I twisted and contorted as she raised a leg and I slid beneath the covers, my hands warming her inner thighs before I started working my tongue up from each knee, teasing her by stopping just short of her honey pot, which I quickly noticed was already pretty wet just from her thinking about what was about to occur, or perhaps from the way that my cock had been jabbing her. I contented myself with planting a few kisses across my wife's exposed chest, my head blocking my uncle's view as my hand caressed down from her shoulder and dipped inside her bodice to tweak first one nipple and the other.

Fast and furious

first-time TaxiRabbit 2018-09-07

Jason was our waiter and my girlfriends were flirting all lunch time with him and as i was intoxicated and wearing 10 cms heels i almost feel but Jason gallantly held me by the waist and saved the day A surge of something went right through me and i felt myself grow wet between my legs Ignoring this Jason thrust me back against the wall as his tongue continued to probe my mouth, his hands now caressing me between my instantly Jason attempted to pushed my hand off then suddenly pulled my leggings down my thighs, his hand again caressing my soaking Feelings of orgasm over-came me and Jason caught me as my legs buckled with the ecstasy I was experiencing

Baby Sister

first-time Dar_Jisbo 2018-09-07

When at the house spending time with Sandy, he'd come over when she was busy in some way [normally because she was talking on the phone] and smile at me. "Write to me," Harry told her, as he attended Sandy's going-away dinner at our house. Harry helped me find a part-time job in a local fabric store, for 2 hours after school on weekdays and all day Saturdays. "I have some thinking to do, Baby Sister," Harry murmured as we broke the kiss. "Baby Sister, as soon as I knew I wasn't going to be with Harry, I started encouraging him to court you." This time, I pressed my tongue against Harry's lips, and he allowed me to explore his mouth.

First Day of Summer Ch. 02

first-time fameahsky 2018-09-07

That gave me two and a half hours before Jason was supposed to get here -- we wanted to enjoy the warmth of the beach without heat stroke. Jason and I left with our required Eddie-Bear-hugs and a wave to mom. Always the Boy Scout, Sam asked, "Who needs sunblock?" I took the bottle, knowing I was never completely prepared for anything. Sam and Nate started catcalling until Jason threatened to leave them there. When it got too dark and cold to appreciate, we left the beach for Sam and Nate's apartment. I decided to change that when I heard Jason turn the water off. "I guess I owe Sam a bottle of bleach," Jason joked as he tried to rinse away the cum.

The demise of a once happy marriage.

first-time 2018-09-07

She had been frigging herself twice a day for a long time, only getting bobs hard cock once a week if she was lucky. Jackson undid the zip on Sylvia's uniform telling her to take her clothes off while he took of his shirt and tie. 'These are very wet Sylvia....are you very excited...does this old man make you as wet as this?' Even asking this, he put it in a way that was to make her feel that she had instigated this whole episode. Jackson kissed her again, feeling her firm cheeks again pulling them apart making her cunt open and close. Sure, she liked cock, her boyfriend made love to her but he had never asked her to suck it.

Breeding my wife

first-time mwm4cuck 2018-09-07

"Yeah, I mean if your interested in it, I would love to watch you fuck a big black guy, if that turns you on!" I say and start to rub toward her crotch. So she wants you to pull out before you cum, but it's cool with me if you don't she just doesn't like the mess it makes later, but I really don't think she cares if you can get her turned on enough!" Let me get that shit just like that!" He says as he come around behind Him. Herman pulls out and stands aside as Ernest sinks his big dick back into her.

[TRUE stuff ] Sex with the lady I interviewed on t

first-time Koreaguuy 2018-09-07

Along the way we have a few short conversations , like talk about how is her plan in future , and stuff like if she likes to accept challenge and learn things .She was sweet and chill while replying me all this, even driving on the road I could not keep myself focus to what she is saying so I bluntly ask all sort of questions to know how what kind of lady she is , anyway be honest I couldn't resist to see her sexy legs. I start to put my middle finger inside her pussy ,stroking her clits ,(oh well she got wet so freaking fast) .

Fantasy to Reality

first-time gazzan50 2018-09-07

She then laughed at me and ordered me to clean up the mess, I had mixed feelings of excitement and jealousy and apprehension on tasting another mans sperm but she grabbed my head and pushed it between her legs shouting'suck it clean you little dick tosser, clean me up and make sure you get every last drop out' I tried to pull back but by then she thrust her soaking pussy into my face screaming again' clean it maggot cock, taste the cum of a real man'. To my surprise the mess was very sweet, in fact it tasted like yogurt,she looked down and said 'you are lucky puny dick, I just pushed half pot of yogurt inside of me,next time will be for real'

Popping Ronnie's Cherry

first-time Grey Beard 2018-09-07

We kept this going for quite awhile until finally she looked at me with pleading eyes and whispered, " Please kiss me down there." She got up on her knees facing me and raised the front of her skirt. Although most Drive In Movie Theaters just charged a flat admission per car, The Blue Moon, charged for everyone over 12 years old, and then provided a dated card with the number of paying customers written on the front. Because Ronnie and Sandy were close friends, we saw each other at school and we even doubled dated a few times, but our time together on the warm summer night was never mentioned again.

Surprise Encounter

first-time Ladyhespa 2018-09-07

I reach down, crossing my arms as I go, taking the ends of my blouse in my hands and pulling it up over my head, exposing my lace covered breasts to his bulging eyes. He shakes his head and says, "Let me." He wraps his arms around my chest, taking the bra ends into his hands, he stumbles at first but then the hooks snaps free. As I start stroking this massive cock, I notice the moisture oozing from the head and I lean in flicking the tip of my tongue over the wetness; I savor the taste. Then I wrap my right hand around the shaft, squeezing hard as stroke him, my mouth working the head of his cock.

And I'll Grant You Hers

first-time Nakod Apa 2018-09-07

'Know thee, My Lord, that I was preparing to host a small party at Laydown House come next month. So, my dearest Alex, much as I feel for thee, I vow I am overjoyed that it is Sir John whom I shall first admit to my private parts. 'And hast thou advised Mistress Alexandra of our undertaking Sir John? Still glaring at his cousin Sir John's rejoinder was somewhat sharp, 'Assuredly, My Lord, the pick of my housemaids shall humour thy fancy.' Then, as the young woman curtsied to him, her face demure, Lord Wray said, 'My dear Madame, thy most obedient servant. 'Look thee there, Madame,' Lord Wray said pointing to a small round building half hidden at the end of the grassy ride.

First Strap-On with my Girlfriend

first-time 425olds 2018-09-07

I knelt over his face, and settled back until I felt his tongue fucking me. I felt the need to be fucked coming hard, and I fairly lept off his face and onto his cock. "Don't you DARE let my cock drop out of your mouth, slut!" I commanded after he returned and got on his hands and knees. What a sexy feeling to be stroking my cock, looking at a very willing slut wanting it soooo bad; the whole thing just thrilled me. I watched as his asshole gripped the cock, and wondered if my own pussy did that when he fucked me. I gripped the dildo and began to fuck him again, while setting my mouth over his cock.

Caught By The Teacher

first-time hot_horny_babee 2018-09-07

To her horror, Elizabeth liked the way the cock felt in her mouth, it was the same size as Ryan's, but Mr. Burlin's was at least 2 inches thick. Mr. Burlin's hand moved towards her moist pussy, and he began to rub it through her panties (he had already removed her skirt.) "Such a tight pussy," Mr. Burlin thought out loud, "Can't wait to fuck it!" He slipped in another finger, and began to plinge them in deeper and deeper. Yell, make me know it feels good!" Mr. Burlin said, sitting down on the carpet, Elizabeth seated on his huge dick. "OHHHH, OHHH, OHH, OHHHH!" Elizabeth yelled, "yeahh, yeahh, fuck me Mr. Burlin!

Jim and Alicia Pt. 01

first-time of_ones_own_volition 2018-09-07

Jim smiled and brought his left hand to rest above his right, quickly sticking two fingers into her soaking wet pussy, fucking it in time with the fingers in her ass. Jim diligently kept up his efforts on her clit, pussy and ass until he heard Alicia scream and felt her holes tighten repeatedly around his four fingers as she flooded his hands and sheets with her love nectar. He took hold of her slim hips and jammed his entire cock deep inside Alicia's tight asshole, and instead of stopping to make sure she was okay, he kept fucking as hard and as fast as he knew how.

How I became a dick sucker.

first-time Tom4dick247 2018-09-07

Well, when he told her he was going to fuck her ass and she laid her head on the couch and reached back with both hands and spread her ass hole open and said "give it to me baby" I just about lost it cause she had never let me do that. I was getting really turned on knowing she was fucking this man I started eating her pussy every day to see if I could taste him without much luck till I decided to come home early one day I knew she was with him and when she got home i got her to let me eat her out and I tasted his cum in her.