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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Sexual Awakening of Virtuous Ch. 01

first-time txshygal04 2018-09-07

Getting a Doctoral degree from an Ivy League school, owning my own home, keeping myself "pure" until just the right man comes along, that definitely describes me. We both know you can't leave here on your first date looking like a school marm." That Liz, love her to death, although I still wonder how in the world we are still friends, the whore and the virgin, go figure. Putting me on the couch, he starts to kiss me again, his tongue feels so good in my mouth. I feel a finger gingerly enter my pussy for the first time, and I want more, a lot more.

My first asian cock sucker

first-time scifo84 2018-09-07

She pushed me on the bed and came over me, sat on ma thighs and undid ma shirt. She came closer and held me strong in her arms and kissed me on my lips. I felt her hot tongue caressing ma right ear and let out a deep sigh. She pushed he chest foward and gave me a better chance to explore her rich chest. I tongue fucked her then landed on her fully erect clit. She parted her feet to let me explore her little heaven. She took my head into her mouth and started sucking on it. I felt spasms racing in my body as she pushed the whole of my cock down her throat.

Naughty Tomboy Neighbor

first-time MrJack 2018-09-07

In truth, this girl Rachel was now a fully-matured young woman who'd just recently turned 18 and was about to graduate from high school. Rachel held out her arms and I slipped the bra over her head and settled it over her small sweet tits. It became very obvious that this 'part-monkey', tree-climbing girl was just as comfortable hanging upside down as she was sitting up. Looking at Rachel's pretty, upside-down face, I unconsciously recalled the Spiderman movie where 'Spidey' had an upside-down kiss with a girl. Answering my own question, I cradled Rachel's pigtailed head in my hands and pulled her face towards mine. Paying no attention to the defiant look on Rachel's rebellious face, I stood back up and wildly attacked the young pussy between her legs.

Wife Gets Revenge GayMaker

first-time 425olds 2018-09-07

I did as he said and felt the head of his cock slide an inch or so into my throat, pull back out, slide in again a little deeper, back out, in again deeper still. He started fucking me again, hard and deep and fast and I kept right on asking for it, begging for it, feeling my own cock twitch and grow as he drove into me, and the pounding went on and on and on. Ken said I told you I could turn him gay of black cock, he's not the first or the last that we turn onto BBC. My wife just laughs at me, you think you could fuck around on me and not pay, your going to pay by me selling your mouth and ass every weekend to all of Ken's black friend's.

Just Ly Back And Sigh!

first-time 2018-09-07

Twirl my tounge on you lips as I suck it inside! Glide my hands down your body as I feel you sigh! Lets take it slowly aint got nothing but time! Make my way down you body kissing licking your skin! You start moaning softly as my tounge hits your clit! I'm just getting started baby aint no stopping ya now! My devious eyes kiss my way up your body! Kiss my way down your back glide my tounge in your rear! Aint a part I dont lick as I kiss down your leg! Kiss my way from your feet till my tounges back inside! Kiss my way up slowly my fingers sliding inside! You suck in my lip as you arch back and sigh!

this weekend i was a lesbians first

first-time hornybiguy88 2018-09-07

In short, after her words/confession, she sat on my laps and hugged me and started licking my lips with her tongue with small kisses, I said I hate this you have a partner, don't like doing anything with someone elses girlfriend/wife etc. She said I don't care she likes me and wants to stay on my laps arms around me, For a bit didn't kiss she rest her head on my chest almost fell asl**p her. \I said are you sure you are just lesbian, you seem to know how to suck a cock good. She said from strap on,, I wonder, but I didn't care at that point, I got laid good and now she says wants more.

A Year Of First Times Ch. 02

first-time Theeeeee1 2018-09-07

By the time I had graduated in June, each time we spent the entire evening parking both of us would end up completely undressed except for Torrie’ panties and my briefs. (The first was a little girl I played ‘doctor’ with when I was a young child.) Although I always assumed I was the first boy Torrie had ever touched, I found out a few years later my dick wasn’t the first one she had wrapped her long fingers around. For the first time she had complete freedom to rub my dick and balls without my briefs being in the way. After riding around for a short time, I took Torrie home, walked her to the door and kissed her goodnight knowing we had crossed another line we could never turn back from.

Does the first time count?

first-time SinSeeker 2018-09-07

After lunch, we studied a bit, but she was still a little nervous, but she found my old notes extremely useful and agreed to meet the next day. When we pulled back, she smirked too, "I thought you might say something like that, but I felt that hard on by the time our tongues touched. She reached down and started stroking my already stiff cock and when I thought I was about to burst, I pulled away from kissing her and started working on getting her pants off. She pulled off of my cock and told me to cum on her face, she had always wanted to try it.

Teasing Goddess Ch. 02

first-time erekose686 2018-09-07

The days went by, and I could think of little else than that burgundy room and what unimaginable things would soon take place there. She clicked my hands into those cuffs like she has done that a time or two. Placing one clip on each nipple, she wasted no time showing me that she was in charge, and was going to have fun at my expense. The second smack came, and it was much firmer this time, and her hand lingered, leaving a strange feeling after. "You love feeling full for me, don't you darling?" She reached between my legs from behind, pushing on my new toy, before grabbing my waving member.


Girl On The Beach

first-time fotisampini 2018-09-07

Ray had lifted himself up slightly at this stage, resting on one hand, while the other played with Teresa's breasts, watching her face to check her reaction. The second bow popped open and Teresa could only watch as Ray gently lifted the bikini away from her, revealing her to him. Starting at her feet, he moved his hands slowly up her legs, fingers trailing along the sensitive insides of Teresa's legs, and without knowing it was happening, Teresa's legs drifted steadily further apart. Biting her cheek, Teresa mimicked what Ray had been doing, running her hands over his feet and then started up his legs.

Impassioned Ch. 02

first-time ShyOKBoy 2018-09-07

A moment later, I was kissing her lightly on the cheek; then the back of her hand, down to the tips of her fingers; then slowly, as seductively as I could, nibbling the tip, teasingly sucking one, then two knuckles between my lips. Catching me off guard yet again, she began massaging the sensitive bit of skin between my ball sack and ass, stimulating my prostate I suppose, and instantly forcing a mind-numbing, hip-thrusting, cum-shooting orgasm out of me, sending my seed deep down her throat, never even touching the rest of her mouth!

Fuckin Lisa

first-time Sexualstorms 2018-09-07

I position the tip of my cock with that nice and tight butt hole she begins to moan I grabbed her long hair and pulled it back. Her ass feels so fucking good I took the big rubber cock and placed it in her pussy and gave her the best of both words. It felt so good I wanted cum in her ass I told her u little slut your ready to cum for me she screamed yes I fucked her even harder and shot my load in her ass . She said she didn't want her s****r to find out I told her it was our little secret as long as I can fuck her ass as I pleased.

Relaxing Lunch on June 22nd..

first-time damaximus 2018-09-07

About 3 minutes later she walked back through the door and handed me my change and I felt i nice sigh of relief. She rotated from rubbing my balls and cock to using both hands to stroke my dick up and down. Although I was in total fucken bliss and felt like i as just about to cum, I thought to myself it would be nice to turn around and see someone sitting in a chair right next to me playing with their pussy. She leaned over and the top of me stroking my cock with two hands and I could feel her tits on my balls and thighs and I began to shoot my load every where.

I just read this. It made me so hot!

first-time 2018-09-06

It began to be a kind of routine and my mind wandered to the cocks in the video and that I must look like some porn actress kneeling on the floor naked. Steve's body was quite good I had to admit, a sudden unwanted thought, and he was slowly rubbing his very hard cock. You're my b*****r!" My body refused to accept what I was saying, I continued to rub the head of his cock over my pussy lips, I even moved so I was kneeling over him more. Initially I fought my position but gradually I came to accept it in a strange way, and though I would never admit it to him there were many times I began to look forward to the times he used me like this.

Meeting Suzy

first-time aquilegia 2018-09-06

Ricky had his bike there too so he gave Denny a lift and Suzy climbed on behind me, I felt her warm body snuggle up behind me, it felt so good, I was rigid in my jeans. Denny and Ricky were sat sank in two armchairs either side of the fire and Suzy and I were on the sofa under the window facing the road with its pulled curtains. The little joint ended up being passed back and forth between Ricky and Denny as Suzy and I were busy with each other as we kissed and cuddled on the sofa. Suzy sat up and looked over at Ricky and Denny who were still quietly sitting in the armchairs passing the little spliff between them and I guess watching us getting it on.

Orienteering Each Other

first-time HectorBidon 2018-09-06

I was usually pretty shy around girls, but since we were both interested in figuring out the map, I was able to hold my own. I took a quick glance around to make sure Carrie wasn't looking. I was shocked that she'd taken her clothes off, and I was just as shocked that she'd thought it necessary to check herself all the way down to the skin. She held the tweezers parallel to the skin, right down touching it, to grab the tick as close in as she could get. It was pretty clear now that the only way to know for sure whether she had ticks would be for me to check her.

My Sexual Awakening

first-time jr0berts 2018-09-06

I had a lot of time to think about our relationship, I really like being with Nora and knew I was in love with her. There was a long run down the side of her right leg, as she was about to unfasten it from the garter she got a twinkle in her eye and said , "Would you like to help me take my stockings off?" I took my knife, starting at her foot; I slowly worked my way up her leg to the top of the stocking, the razor sharp blade meeting no resistance from the sheer cloth. We had got to the point that when I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh, Nora would slowly open her legs, inviting me to go further.

The Sailor and the Sea Goddess

first-time 2018-09-06

Also did that burning need, which arose when Calypso's skin pressed flush to Ragetti's, and all of her was achingly close to him. Fabrizio's tongue scaled the area that he had bitten, and Calypso tilted her neck to expose herself further. Fabrizio's eye darkened in realization, and without breaking their line of sight he enclosed his lips over her clitoris so sweetly she found herself temporarily boneless atop his shoulders. Ragetti nipped under her breast and ran his tongue across the contour of Calypso's collarbone, hardening at her arching up. Calypso lounged astride him, Fabrizio's shoulders in her hands. When his fingers ventured to her sweetest spot and Fabrizio claimed her peaked breast for his own, Calypso could take no more.

The Old night watchman and the two girls

first-time 2018-09-06

The place was still deserted and as I stood on the edge looking down, I had an urge to walk around nude with in the labyrinth of rooms my mind created with these concrete pipes. We sat over him as he looked up at us, 'Come over to the hut' he suggested pleadinly, 'Why' she asked, laughing and adding in the same the sentence, ' You want to fuck us?' This time her voice dropped as if the realisation of what she asked him was grown-up and excitable rolled into one. We decended and soon we stood in front of him and with our clothes left on top of the pipes we walked across the open ground and went willingly into the hut that served as his residence on the site.

A Country Girl's Dildo

first-time 2018-09-06

daddy's dick was throbbing. daddy's dick, I was muttering how I loved him, how I Daddy's dick pumped several times, great steaming globs of cum as best I hungering for daddy's dick. and drip with fuck-lust for daddy's dick. figure ways to get daddy's dick inside me, fuck my b*****r and be dreaming of daddy's dick ramming home me if I wanted my present and the little girl rose up gave daddy a "thank you" kiss and pulled on his dick oilcloth was feeling harsh, so I pulled the Gift out Bobby licking my pussy some too, those husks softened I pulled Bobby's dick into my mouth and was working sucking his dick regularly, and my honeypot was

When Fantasy becomes Reality

first-time 2018-09-06

That time *** pulled her hips in a little, but then popped her ass right back into position. ### knew what she was thinking, and said "not yet honey,soon." $$$ stopped directly in front of ***, brought her face right up to hers and kissed her. Then she felt her tongue slide into her mouth...this made her lean forward, pushing herself closer, wanting their bodies to touch. *** enjoyed having $$$ on her face...licking her sweet clit...sticking her tongue into her pussy hole...feeling juices drop down her face...all while her husband fucked her pussy hard. *** could feel $$$'s legs starting to tremble...which made her stick her tongue further into her pussy, then flicking her clit.

My First Time with Mom

first-time 123nik 2018-09-06

My first time took place one New Years Eve, In our house we always for as long as I could remember had a New Years eve party then people would all leave and wander until the very early hours of the morning Mum and Dad always had a babysitter for us so they could join the party fun.However this new year things where different the Baby sitters had all grown up and wanted there party times this meant either Mum or Dad had to stay in as it was Mum choose to.Around 1am all had left our house except myself mum and younger s****r who was fast asl**p in her bed I had been allowed to stay up as it was New Year Mum was sitting on the settee and myself on the floor in front of the fire the music was playing quite softly now and Mum decided she wanted to dance with me she took my hand and pulled me to my feet and started dancing to the music my hands rested on her waist and Mums went around my shoulders as we danced to the music Mum moved in closer and I could feel her tits pressing into me and making me feel quite excited as I had often admired them but until now failed to actually see them.

First night out as a sissy

first-time CumLovingKitty 2018-09-06

As I was doing this, Rickey easily had my whole cock in his mouth, and he was sucking me hard. The warmth of his hand, the hardness of his sucking, and his expert cum was too much for Me. I shot a load right into His mouth. Soon, Rickey was moaning in rhythm also, and his cock was getting even harder, his swollen head entering and exiting my throat faster and faster. Soon, he backed is cock out so that just the mushroom head was in my mouth, and reached down to stroke with one hand. I sucked and licked his head as he pumped each liquid load of cum into his mouth, hot man-juice delivered right into my mouth.

CFNM When My Sister Makes Dinner

first-time 2018-09-06

“Just jerk off on my hamburger already!” I feel the spasms begin and move closer to the plate – Sandy begins giggling as I point my erection at her open sandwich and ejaculate onto the burger. Having fun with the bun?” Sandy asks, then adds “Maybe you'd like a hot dog roll?” I never associated food with anything sexual but right now I'm still turned on – my penis is still hard. Sandy says, “Imagine one of those windows in a restaurant where you watch the chef prepare food, but you look in and see a row of guys jerking off on sandwiches and stuff. Without so much as a warning Sandy puts her burger down, leans forward and begins licking the mustard off my erection.