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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First Kiss...

first-time add1983 2018-09-06

The next day after classes, Ava approached me to collect her phone, and for the first time, I could notice that she is a real beauty. Ava right!" I said, "Sorry, I was thinking of something else." I open my backpack and take out her phone and gave it to her. This became a routine and even though I am a shy guy, I find that I'm comfortable with Ava. One day after classes she said, My heart started to beat faster, my hands sweat, I don't know what to do, and I've never kissed a girl before. She didn't stop, but continue to work on my dick faster and faster when finally I could no longer hold and come hard inside her mouth.

My Very First Time

first-time adel5000 2018-09-06

I looked at him for a long time; he started cupping my right breast in his hand, and He looked at me, kissed my mouth, licked my tongue, and said, “I want to eat your before, I was feeling like I was going to explode inside of my pussy, I started getting looked up at him and said, “OK, do it, I want your cock deep inside of my pussy.” said, “Make me cum with your cock fucking my tight little pussy.” pussy, I said.” He started to fuck me very fast and hard, it did not take long and I felt Denny relaxed and laid there, his hard cock inside of me, as I felt the good feelings in

Woodland Fantasy

first-time kinkster1972 2018-09-06

He put his hands to my shorts and pulled them down, exposing my penis and tuft of short, cropped blonde pubes. “You need to shave all that though” He felt my body, running his hands over my chest, nipples, back and arse, spreading the cheeks and admiring what I concealed within. He pumped me for a bit as I held onto the tree trunk; my cock limp and swinging wildly once he let go there. “I love these though”, he said as he pulled at my nipples again. “Stay there”, he said and placed his hand back on my cock and wanked me. “Good lad”, he said as he shook the last remaining drop off me and proceeded to clean his hands with a tissue.

My Affair With My Substitute Teach.

first-time Traci Spencer 2018-09-06

I was in my English class waiting for class to start when suddenly a man who didn't even look like a teacher came. "Excuse me, Mr. Starbes, I seem to have forgot my literature book, may I have a pass to go to my car and get it?" I asked and I licked my lips and started to feel the wetness between my legs. Mr. Starbes came over and talked to me about our school's football team. "Would you like to stay after school, Miss Hannah?" Mr. Starbes said with a smile. "It'll hurt but it's worth it baby." Kevin said as continued to push his way into me.

My First Time

first-time Bangbiatch 2018-09-06

My mom told me I got accepted into the college. I frequent the Campus bowling ally a lot and always saw a beautiful woman. We'd stare at each other and doze off like we weren't secretly eyeing eachother. So, I went to the party at her home. "Now you know what they look like". Grabbing my cock in one hand and my balls in another, jacking me off and sucking the head of my penis at the same time. I smacked her perfect little ass and julted as I felt her toung moving across the head of my cock. Since it was my first time I didn't last long, I came inside her and placed my head on her breast.

The Night Of My Firsts

first-time joejoejoe1 2018-09-06

I was quite happy to wait for her. We turned over so she was beneath me. She started to writhe beneath me. I bit down on her nipple and squeezed hard on the one in my hand as her body shook beneath me, she pulled my hair and squeezed the sofa cushions as a large climax washed over her body. She started kissing me all over, my forehead, my eye lids, my cheek and my neck before finally making it to my mouth. "Right..." I said with a grin, "your turn." I kissed her as I turned so she was lying on the sofa beneath me. Eventually she turned over and I spooned her. And unbelievably happy.

Seducing a Friend Pt. 01

first-time cutexd 2018-09-06

The first 5 days of the vacation were packed and by the time we got back home, we were usually completely tired. We had a gap of 5 days in between where we basically had time to do what we want. So both of us boys decided that we will go for a run in the forest each day in the morning before breakfast. But for quite some time, I could hear the rhythmic swishing of the sheet and finally (after what I thought was hours and turned out to be 15 minutes) I heard him give a slight sigh and a moan and then silence. So basically, he and I spent a whole day in close vicinity and came back home in time for dinner.

My colleague

first-time ivorp 2018-09-06

She wore only self support stockings when I returned that afternoon from a run in the lanes and fields and lay her on her back and I began to explore her wetness with my lips and tongue to her evident pleasure. I began to move more confidently and she approved a little more powerfully each thrust and then a stabbing lunging f***e inside her produced tight contractions forcing me out ward until I slammed roughly back against them a****l thrusting her extreme pleasure shook her body and she laughed uncontrolled as she craved more and for longer. We are both abstinent for several months each year due to career pressures but she will indicate a wish to unite silently when her need arises.

The first time established a relationship with a m

first-time jamalove 2018-09-06

When we left the bar she turned to me and said, “I don’t know what I’m going to do tonight.” I asked her what she was talking about and she said that she didn’t want to go home. Unknown to her, that knowledge, combined with the very sight of her gorgeous naked body under mine, and the feel of her wet pussy around my tingling cock actually made me shoot a couple of little spurts of cum deep inside her belly. It shot so far, she had to lift her head to keep the cum from hitting her in the face as she had been looking down between our bodies probably to be certain that my cock got clear before I came.

Melissa finds her glory

first-time 2018-09-06

She started stroking it slow at first then took the hand she had been rubbing her now soaking pussy with and wrapped it around that nice hard cock and squeezed tight opened her mouth, lowered her head, and went to town. She reached out her hands and 2 more dicks found their way into them stroking and sucking with all she had she became fevered with the idea of having their cum fill her mouth and cover her face. A hand reached her throat squeezing, she felt the cock pull out of her pussy all of a sudden her face was splattered with hot delicious cum.

First time dressing up

first-time Badassgirl123 2018-09-06

I picked out the clothes i wanted to try on (a purple tank top with short shorts and a padded purple bra with a lacy thong) and went to my room, locked the door then striped down and started to put on the thong and bra. Right when my f****y left i went to my s****rs room and picked out some clothes different then the ones i wore last time. I also got her black strapless bra, her cute black thong, the blonde wig and make up bag from last time, I went back to my room and locked the door to re shaved everything again, I slowly put on the thong because i love the feeling, then put on and stuffed the bra.

I am a straight man that has sex with men

first-time 2018-09-06

Instead after a couple of drinks from her parents refrigerator (I couple of miller high lifes, yeah yeah i know i am a light weight at the time but hey beer is beer when you are 18) she gave me a proposal, as it turns out both Christy and James are bisexual, they have had 3 somes with several girls before but never with another male and guess what, they want me to be the guy. It wasn't until she got a bored look on her face that f***ed my hand, she made for her clothes then i jumped on the bed as fast as i could and pushed my dick into my friends ass and to my surprise it felt really good.


my seduction

first-time Cumlovingolderguy 2018-09-06

Considering I had a good buzz from 2 beers and without thinking I took the robe off in front of him and then took my shirt off, as I stood there naked, I caught him staring at my cock, which was not hard. He reached under the coffee table and pulled out a couple magazines that showed women fully nude, and asked, "have you ever seen anything like this". "It's ok, he said, dont be ashamed" and as he said that he opened his robe and I tried not to stare, but his cock was hard, almost 7 inches and thicker than Johnnys. Charlie began to pull on it and stroke it slowly and I couldn't decide what turned me on more, watching him jerk off or the hot pictures in the magazine.

Homecoming week... pt 3

first-time dontbhatin 2018-09-06

My 9 inch cock gently prodded her in the back she reached her hand back to stroke me feeling my full hardness. My hand leaves her pussy and goes to my rock hard cock. Her eyes light up and head snaps forward right before I slam my entire length in her pussy. I hear her moans go to a higher pitch as she screams, her body stops and she cums all over my cock. I unhook the shower head, and slide it up underneath her to her hand leaving it directly on her pussy. My hand is now a blur on my cock as I can only look at her glistening dripping body as she closes her eyes as she cums.


first-time Beejayne 2018-09-06

She wondered if a man's penis looked anything like a horse's, but realized that it couldn't possibly be that big. "I was looking up your dress when you sat eating an ice-cream cone." She didn't say anything, it was him, the tall man, and her heart started to race. "Hold it with your hand." Elsie heard the man say softly, and she pulled it down into the socket where her neck and shoulder met, her head still turned so that it brushed her lips with each stroke. Mom glanced back a couple of times, and saw the nice man, who she didn't know, still standing behind Elsie.

The Cowboy

first-time wyvernwand 2018-09-06

Maybe you might let me teach you the basic steps if you would like?" Sylvia said as her heart missed a beat waiting for his reply. "Now Brady, said Sylvia not wanting to lose the moment, take me in your arms like so." She took his right arm and pulled him in to her and placed it on her shapely hip. She took a deep breath before saying "Step forward with your left foot, then with your right, then again with your left but turned outward from your body -- in time with the beat of the music." So they began to practice. Brent had never seen a female breast before and when she took off her bra and her breasts bounced a little bit he put out his hand to feel them.

Party by Tay'aria Ebony

first-time tayaria_fans 2018-09-06

I told my parents I was sl**ping over at my friend Quay's house, but they didn't know that her mom was fine with us going to the party. We walked a few blocks to the party and went in through the side door which led right to the basement. I told him that I needed to head home and I had to find my friend, but he hiked up my skirt and started grabbing my ass. In the bathroom when I got up to wash my hands one of Anthony's friends came in and closed the door behind him. Right before we walked out the door, the guy who fucked me in the bathroom stopped me.

Allina - Ana's little s****r

first-time 2018-09-06

Taking the bottle away from her, I took my time rubbing her tiny body with the oil, up and down her back, covering her arms and legs, and slid my slick hands between her thighs and butt cheeks. I started driving harder and faster, our well-oiled bodies slapping against each other loudly, and then with three involuntary, powerful thrusts I came violently-the blazing hot streams of cum shooting up onto my abs and chest and onto her back and the side of her face. Holding my cock at the base, I continued to jettison more geysers of cum onto the smooth, dark skin of her little tummy, where at first it pooled, then ran over the sides of her tiny body, leaving steaming rivulets of semen in its wake.

Exploring sex-in young years (part 2)

first-time TinyPetra 2018-09-06

I very slowly moved to the window, and I got a real big surprise when I saw Bengt sitting in the other seat beside Ulla dressed in a bathrobe. Seconds later I saw Bengt pressing a finger into her anus and she was going from one side to the other, in her seat. Ulla took atube of lube and dropped it on her pussy and told Bengt to use the dildos on her. He took the dildo out of her and she grabbed his hand and dropped lube on it before she pressed his whole hand into her pussy. A minute later she told Bengt to remove his hand from her pussy and she grabbed the lube and put some between har ass cheeks.

Watching Football Together

first-time starshine0717 2018-09-06

You tell him, “You can touch her if you would like.” I feel his hand cautiously start caressing my back, then my arm, then down my leg. My boyfriend sucking a man’s cock and having that man fuck him in the ass while he is eating me out.” He stops sucking my tit and looks up at me. I sit back and start playing with myself as I watch him suck your hard dick. I can tell you are getting close and hear you start moaning and grabbing the couch. I hand the lube to him and say, “Lube it good and be gentle with my man.” You are laying in front of me and start eating my throbbing pussy.

The making of a black cock craving wife

first-time MystaE 2018-09-06

she was fucking a large black cock. wanted to be a black cock slut, and when I said that, She continued to suck my cock until I came in her mouth to continue to fuck black men and she said she would Lola said, "Yes master, I will fuck or suck any black Lola just nodded with her mouth filled with black cock. and shoved my cock into her mouth and fucked her face hand and placed it on her cum filled pussy, and said, She looked at me and said, "I love fucking black men, It feels so good to have a black cock filling my pussy, said, "Your wife is a real black cock slut now, she is

Marge Tries Bi

first-time lonlymeem 2018-09-06

Still, I wondered what she would be like under those short shorts and cut-off tee shirts that she always wore. "Come on, Maria, nobody's going to see us and Pete won't be home for a long time. "Becuse I like it that way," was all she said and we went back to our horseplay, enjoying the cool water on our bodies. "If you want to, I don't think it'll feel any different than your own, but go ahead, I like to have my pussy petted, it makes me feel nice." My husband makes me feel that way too." I pulled her to her feet and she embraced me, pressing her body against me.

Kiki Had Waited...

first-time kiki_kisses 2018-09-06

I can feel your hand tickle my side, and your fingers begin pulling at me, so I (not-so-gracefully) get over in the driver's seat with you, straddling your lap as one would when they've given up the fight, and the first thing you HAD to do (of course) was lean over and whisper, "I know what you want to do now, baby..." and pull me so tight against you that my heart was kissing yours. you really want me that bad?" I realize my shirt is still up and reach back and take my bra off from around my waist, then let my hand slide down to the seat control.

My Virgin Nymph

first-time SabLez 2018-09-06

I was enjoying the feel of the hot water beating down on me, and evidently so was Amy. Cassie, on the other hand, washed up quickly and then checked her watch, “Oh, damn!” Still rubbing her nipples with my hands, I began to slowly kiss and lick my way down her belly to her pussy. “Oh, God… yes, Karina, yes… that’s good… keep doing that…” Amy moaned and twitched above me, her hands bracing against the wall of the shower so she could remain standing. This time Amy slid a second finger inside of me, once again curling and wiggling them inside of me while she licked and sucked my clit.