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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

So I Was At One of Those Parties

first-time Legsbian 2018-09-06

I stood there, feeling like I was supposed to say something else, when a hand landed on my shoulder from behind quite suddenly, and I knew, knew, knew it was Casey. My treacherous brain, tempted by the sheer, miniscule possibility that she was really offering what I thought she was, began to torture me with images of kneeling on this very bed, driving into her with her legs spread wide and curled over my shoulders, perfect white teeth biting into her perfectly plump lips. My insides shivered as I thought about what that might mean, and I watched with confusion as she twisted and opened the desk drawer by her bed, coming back with a rather scary looking serrated knife in her hand.

Bible Camp Babysitter - Day 01

first-time TimSchmidt 2018-09-06

"I'll go get the giant blanket while Jess picks out a movie." She looked over her shoulder with a coyness that was supposed to remind me of when she was younger, with the imperiousness of a ten-year-old. Jess had snuggled up under my right arm, likewise curled, her breasts pressing heavily against my side, her right hand on my chest as she watched the movie. "I mean, I've obviously been around boys at school, and it's exciting and fun to be near them and touching too - you know like holding hands or holding on to their arm when they're talking and laughing with each other - but it's so different with a...

Fantasy (Mature Woman) Part Three

first-time 2018-09-06

The sensation was amazing, as you frigged my shaft too, the other hand juggling and squeezing my balls, coaxing and cajoling the sperm therein, encouraging it's release... I pulled your hand away, dizzy with the long forgotten sensations as I moved slightly, backwards then forwards, frigging myself between your lips, your cunt like hot, liquid silk.... Further I pushed, deeper and deeper, drawing back each time, letting you feel my complete length as I started fucking you in earnest, the friction on my helmet indescribable as I drove it further forward. Slamming forward I felt my shaft pulsate, foreskin stretched as I ground my crotch into yours, my helmet bulging as it finally and gratefully spat out it's load, jet after jet of warm, silky semen, pumping....

Geri Halliwell gets fucked

first-time stuartmahoney 2018-09-06

He was even redder in the face now even though Geri was still fully clothed so she sat with her legs slightly open as she faced him knowing he could see her panties and it was having a noticeable effect on Stuart as he kept adjusting himself. Stuart finally won a hand with 17 and Geri seductively removed her little dress making sure he got a full view of her body as she stretched. Stuart moaned and shuddered as Geri's lips were nearly making him come so he gently pulled Geri's head off him and pushed her quite hard onto her back on the bed and in a flash he pulled her pink panties off, her legs were f***ed apart and his fingers opened her up to allow his tongue to lick her bald pussy.

The Graduate

first-time Bakeboss 2018-09-06

The only open time slot Ellen had was when Mrs. Turnbridge was at work but she didn't see that as being a problem and the first date was set for Monday. The first week he received two C's and a B on his tests and true to her word he was rewarded with a peek at Ellen's boobs twice and a look at her panties. Ellen promised him extra reward for final test grades and then for added incentive gave him the sliding scale for his report card. For his final test scores he would be rewarded extra viewing time in line with his grades. In the end all of Josh's hard work paid off big time as he got three B's and two A's on his report card.

mind reader

first-time cole11 2018-09-06

He continued to play with her tits until his cock started to hurt it was so hard, he stood up and looked at her, unzipping his pants and letting his seven inch cock spring out " would love that blowjob right now" he said grinning, she smiled and knelt down, giving the head of his cock a small lick before taking it in her mouth while slowly stroking the shaft Erin knew aswell as he heard her thoughts 'i hope he cums in my mouth' jet was happy to oblige, grabbing her head he shoved his cock deep and hard erupting and spurting his hot seed in her mouth, he could feel her swallowing fast, and milking his cock with her tongue, he groaned in pleasure as he slowly pulled his spent cock out of her mouth.

Starting Early Part 1

first-time SFWetOne 2018-09-06

I'm a very sexual person now and I guess I always have been in one way or another, while talking with my husband we started to talk about how far back we had memories of sexual thoughts or actions and things we would do. I remember going in there and closing the doors and I would start to touch myself because I knew how good it felt to do so. I would sneak into the kitchen and find a spatula that we had that had a wooden handle on it a nice sized one, I would run back to my room and hide myself in my little closet and start to rub the handle up and down my clit until it felt really good.

my first sex...

first-time the_chef 2018-09-06

once i was in hurry in the morning late for school i had to pee and suddenly i run like a lightening to the bathroom , i went to school all day thinking of what happened in that morning , my dad went work late and my grand ma went to her village its like 3 hours far away ,,, i said: i don't know thinking of u all day he said : yes u can go and i will be at 12 at home cuz i have lots of work > i sucked her pussy it was wet and warm ,,i had sucked every single inch in her body ,, bitten her nipples ,, sucked her lips her tongue..her ass ,,

Trinked into Wanking

first-time ernieboy 2018-09-06

When I was f******n, myself and my mate had mitched off school and were hanging about in the local woods. Two girls from another school came up to us and started talking to us. They asked if we wanted to see their cunts, we couldn't believe it, they said they would show us if we showed our hard cocks. They then said they wanted us to wank each other and only the one who doesn't cum will get to to their cunts. We were like dogs on heat, we grabbed each others cocks and wanked furiously, then after a couple of minutes my mate shot his load all up my arm and on my school jumper, my hand had sperm between each of my fingers.

Halifax Excitement Video Couple Encounter

first-time 2018-09-06

The wife kept sneaking peaks at me, and finally I just smiled back. She said hi and eventually asked if I wanted to "hang out" for a bit. She had such a pretty face I could hardly keep from looking at her. He was looking at my cock and leaned between the seats and took me in his mouth. She licked her lips and said something like "mmmm" as he licked and sucked. a moment later I couldn't hold back and I filled his mouth with cum. I could hardly breath as he kept sucking the cum out of me. I was spent from a massive orgasm, but she said "Thanks for hanging out with us.

Brown's Shoe Store Ch. 02

first-time Slickman 2018-09-06

"I have to open the store in a couple of minutes so we don't have time." Mike said shaking his head. "But, he was surely hard last week." Heather said remembering how he looked when Janet pulled down his briefs. "Shhh." Mike said looking behind him to make sure his parents were not listening by the door. ***** Meagan told Tara she felt so bad she couldn't stay and went home to call Mike but his parents said he had left with Brad and Mark. Mike left Brad and Mark at Mark's house and decided to stop by Tara's to talk to Meagan since she was supposed to be staying for the night. Meagan and Heather know too." Tara said.

Preparing Melissa

first-time MrsJ 2018-09-06

'If it's worrying you, you can always get something like a zucchini and push it right in and out of your love tunnel a few times between now and whenever you have your first experience, and that will open things up nicely for you,' I suggested. 'But if you do decide to get acquainted with Mr Zucchini, make sure you start by fingering yourself well to ensure all your natural feminine juices are flowing, or rub a few drops of olive oil around the entrance area in your vagina to provide some extra lubrication.'

My First Granny Encounter

first-time Nards2006 2018-09-05

To which I could understand why, it was a stinker of a day and around 2:45pm and then went back to finishing off down the road and proceeded toward Marilyn's place, as I reached there I noticed that she had taken all the pets inside, it was now around 3:45 and I was working overtime, I started to get straight to it and trimmed all around her fence and van, once done I did the normal and placed the trimmer in her annex, to my surprise this day was different, I was not greeted with the normal iced tea and chat, so I just continued on mowing her lawn and thinking to myself,

Talented Olivia

first-time blkmagick1 2018-09-05

“Come on, Baxter,” Olivia said in a wheedling tone as she tried to pull him along with her. His cock was achingly hard and Olivia was insistent on helping him out with that little problem. He had not fully recovered from the delightful sensation when she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and started to suck him into her warm, wet and willing mouth. Her mouth and hand worked around his cock as she moved the other hand to that delightful little area behind his balls. Allowing the sensations to wash over him as Olivia continued to have control, Baxter made up his mind that she could suck his cock anytime she wanted.

Bus Ride With Anita

first-time 2018-09-05

In doing so her sari was pulled above her knees and her lovely legs got open up with little portion of her thighs. The bus ride was still little ruff due to that hands were automatically giving little and soft rub on her thighs and because of this her sari came up more and I could feel her most of thighs was open now. I was feeling current passing through my body at the same time I did not wanted to remove my hands. She shaked her head a little, adjust her body and legs and put her head on my shoulders again and buried her face there she did not try to remove my hands there.

An ordinary story from the diary that I coded lead

first-time wolf1 2018-09-05

Very early I got some porn magazines and I felt my face was getting very red and feel so strongly excited, while I was watching hot pictures of naked women spreading their legs and showing parts of their bodies desperately curious to look at. I realized that she is afraid of sex, and doesn’t want to lose virginity yet, so my mind raised, and I thought what I could do .Quickly I got an a idea from an old porn magazine when guy with monster cock rubbed with it, smaller Japanese lady from behind in fore play. I could feel her tight round ass on my lower stomach and I started to push harder, as I felt her thighs getting sweaty and wet from the pussy, Soon I cummed on back sit and rubbed my juice over her thighs and pussy.

Jill and her boys (home Improvement story)

first-time griffen1 2018-09-05

Just the thought of fucking their mom drove both boys "Randy, Brad, come down for breakfast," Jill yelled, we'll be fucking mom," Randy bragged confidently. Tapping Jill's shoulder Randy asked, "Mom are you As Brad watched, Randy held his Mother in his arms as under her gown, Randy began to feel up his mom's panty As Brad watched, Randy parted his mom's long, well In and out -- Randy began to fuck his sl**ping mom. of a hard penis in her pussy, Jill began to rotate her The hard contractions of Randy' penis drove the Mother "Mom I've dreamed of fucking you all my life," Randy Rock hard, Randy felt his mom's hips began to rotate

cum on her breath

first-time cuck420 2018-09-05

after about an hour my wife comes out with him and he goes to his car and she comes over to my car to let me know to sit tight they were going to sit him his car and talk. they did little talking as i sat only 2 car spaces away i watched my wife make out with this other man watching her mouth hanging open while he sucked on her tits drove me nuts. which turned me on like never before mostly because she never let me cum him her mouth. the whole way home she kept making out with me at any givin chance letting me taste her lover in her mouth.

Just Could Not Resist

first-time rcpeters 2018-09-05

I reached for his throbbing cock as we kissed and found myself whispering, "I want to suck you off." We had only planned to give each other a hand job but then we wanted to rub our cocks together and cum but now I had this desire to let him cum in my mouth. He told me that h would tell me before he started to cum so I could stop sucking and with that I took him into my mouth. I told him that I was going to cum but he only took me deeper into his mouth and reached for my balls. All I can say is that if you are a guy and have thought about what it would feel like to have a man's cock in your mouth, give it a try.


first-time Gwoutattenk 2018-09-05

So I got up and grabbed a hustler mag I had snagged from my Uncle James and was once again going to get off with my hand and then door opened Kathy came in and closed it behind her and once again all I could was stare she wore a small night pink blue with thin straps over here shoulders she looked amazing I dropped mag and said I did not think you were going to come she said take off your PJ'S I started with my top she walked over and sat on the bed and told me don’t stop I want to see that big dick of yours I moved as fast as I could finally I stood naked in front of her!!

My First Time with an Older Man

first-time nargatoula 2018-09-05

She tells me that after nineteen years he has no place in our lives." I said and looked away from Angela's inquiring expression. "Nineteen years and not a sign; wow," Angela said staring me with her big blue eyes that pierced into my heart. If I find you a way to meet guys without leaving home do you promise you will date one of them?" Angela said waiting for my answer with her gaze fixed on my eyes and her finger pointing in the air. "Don't hold back if you like him," Angela said, she continued "You play it right and you could get him hooked on you". "Yes, Yes, Fuck me!" I told him looking him behind my half-closed eyelids, feeling the wetness of my pussy in the cold air.

Mr. Gister What a Tool You Have

first-time BrandonKav7 2018-09-05

I was in my last class of the day before storming out of the college and I couldn't help but to think of Mr. Gister. God knows what you think of these days.." said Mr. Gister in a laughable voice. After class was over and I was on my way out of the classroom to start my vacation Mr. Gister walked up behind me and simply put his hand on my shoulder squeezing a bit and said "Matt could you stay after for a few minutes after?" |OH SIR IM CUMMING!!| Mr. Gister started to pump harder and harder into me causing me to moan ever louder. Within half a minute Mr. Gister Pulled out this throbbing cock and came all over my smooth body which was covered in my own cum.

Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Ch. 04

first-time BlewWater69 2018-09-05

Stef jerked the two in her hands, wanting them to coat her tits in their come even as two others teased her distended nipples. The lust-filled gangbang continued as Stef fought to get each of Cole's beautiful cocks off in turn. Stef told Michelle and Kendall she was going out with Cole tonight on the ride back home. "Oh, shit," Stef groaned, as Cole's hands caressed her tits and teased the sensitive buds. Stef's hands held his head to her breast as if encouraging Cole not to leave. Cole thrust one last time as his cockhead swelled even bigger inside Stef's cunt. "Fuck," Cole groaned, as his cock spewed repeated wads of cum into Stef.

first chance

first-time sexysandy 2018-09-05

she said never i convinced and we started i started slowly making her hot massaging with my hand he was smiling and i asked did ever seen a erected cock of a young guy she said no. then i just took her hand and placed it on my short and my dick was really erected she just smiled and slowly started rubbing it. i took her hand just slipped in to my short i did not even wore inner wear that day.we both started a deep kisses i removed her dress i saw a beautiful boobs fully muscular and red hot i started sucking them hard suddenly she screamed with pain as bit sweet juices came from tits .