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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My first fuck by Susan Shelton

first-time 2018-09-05

There was a long leafy road we drove down every day and that's where my sex life started. The weekend passed and all I could think about was him at home with his wife and I felt hurt and wondered if he was doing the same things to her. In the car we kissed, caressed, he fingered me and I stroked his hard cock. I sometimes felt guilty knowing he was married but his cock soon made me forget. I like him to finger me in the taxi before we get home and I guess it's a reminder of my first sex in the car all those years ago.

First Time

first-time XxKatiexX 2018-09-05

"Two weeks 'til the concert," he said as I pulled my cello case down the hallway. "Double D," I said, refusing to look him in the eye. This time, I kept my phone in my hands, staring at it and waiting for his name to pop up. I wanted to slap myself across the face for wasting so much sleep time to talk to Jack. I discreetly looked around the room to find Jack, but couldn't pick him out of the crowd of tuxedos. "Do you want me?" he asked, ducking his head to look in my eyes. "You don't know how long I've wanted to do this," he said, a pained expression on his face.

Erotic Education [3]: Anal Assault

first-time Poet-PETER 2018-09-05

After dinner Aisha and Birgitte do the dishes, while I prepare Marjoleen for her first ever severe sexy spanking of private parts. Aisha and Birgitte giggle a lot in bath as I explain what they will see in a moment, erotically excited they play with their pussies. Birgitte is the first to stop our long love play after three orgasms for both girls, where I allow myself only one on Aisha'a boyish bums. "Aisha, two fingers in her pussy and soft and steady up and down inside her holy hot horny heaven down there, Birgitte her sphincter". The girls get hot as well and beg for my pemission to finger each others pussies to orgasms as well, which I allow with a sweet smile.

When a woman needs a woman - Part 3

first-time Honeybabe 2018-09-05

Smiling, she offered her hand saying, “Angie I presume?” Angie took it, feeling the warmth and confidence in the girl’s touch and asked her to sit. “Then why don’t we finish up here and go upstairs… but only if you’re ready?” Angie reached out and touched Clara for the first time, letting her hand rest on the girl’s arm. Male eyes that openly lusted after Clara’s sexy legs and ass as it swayed beneath the taut silk of her dress but maybe also secretly dreamed of being dominated by the authoritative girl who walked confidently beside her, her tight ass provocative under the crisp trouser suit, moving perfectly to her high heeled walk. The women stopped at the lift door and pressed the button, Clara standing close to Angie, her knee touching Angie’s leg; her hand on her arm.

Brotherly Love Ch. 04

first-time Myalyn 2018-09-05

Let me inside you Jaimes, I need to feel you around me." Mark whispered. I've wanted this for so long, Jaimes, I'm sorry if I'm hurting you but I can't help myself." Mark's mouth was half on my cheek, half on my lips, and his words were muffled but I knew what he was saying. I felt a bit like I was spying on him, looking at him while he slept, but then as I thought about it, Mark was now my boyfriend, wasn't he? I wasn't going to make it and I almost lost my balance, but Mark's hands clamped onto my waist and lifted me easily into the tub. I gasped as the water touched the soreness between my legs and Mark pulled me back up a bit.

First Date Blows

first-time maddamdelight01 2018-09-05

Just as I was about to get to my feet, a woman so hot, that fire looked like it would be jealous, came through the door. Too beautiful to be looking at me like she was right now, or walking to my table. "Oh God don't let this be her" I didn't want to have to explain to her, how the way she just looked at me, almost made me cum in my nicely fitted jeans. A pressure in my balls started to build up, telling me, my release was close at hand, but I didn't want to cum too fast, I didn't want it to end yet. Either Beverly wanted this woman to leave, or she didn't like the order I just placed for her.


first-time pornaholic63 2018-09-05

I let go of her arms and laid there between her legs slowly stroking her, running my hands up to her breasts and giving her small kisses around her pussy and thighs and then start kissing my way up her body. Stroking my cock and still grinning she continued, "Hmmm, feeling how hard your cock just got, I take this as a most definite yes?" She reached down with her other hand to massage my balls and squeezed some precum out of the tip of my cock. She slowly put the vibe back in my ass and started to work it in and out, going deeper with every stroke until the last time when she pulled it out and then slid it back in me, I could feel the head of it resting against my prostate.

Sex with our guardian angel

first-time petdyke 2018-09-05

My driver uses a sexy Flemish girl. We chose her together because of her sexy voice. She only talks so hot to us when we are in his car. She usually answers: "Take the second at the right at the next roundabout. --- I´d like to punish her! Before her, I met another guardian angel. Still I wish I would know how beautiful she is ... But unfortunately I only know her name starts with G. Anyway, Erin is as beautiful as an Armenian girl can be. Who can name the name of the guardian angel? She´s American and everybody knows her there. In the rest of the world she´s also well-known. That´s all the help you get.

Deep Throat Games for Husband

first-time 425olds 2018-09-05

"So you want me to suck your cock and take this big thing all the way down my throat do you?" Lori spit on my dickhead and rubbed it in. Lori said, "Lick my big dick all over and get it wet before you suck it." Lori got the ruler and announced, "Well done lover, you just got five inches of man meat in your mouth." She said, "I think your dick licking inspired you to a new record. I licked her big cock until it was sloppy wet and then started sucking on it, all the while pushing the rubber band up it's length. Lori strapped her big cock on and said, "I'm watching you honey and I'm going to see if I can tell what turns you on in this movie."

Working too hard Part2

first-time unseen69 2018-09-05

Lady P had started to look at me intensely at first asking me some difficult questions like was I seeing anyone and what I thought about people in the office? So am' I you want to meet up later I might use the company hotel for a night" "Really I heard voices coming from your room that night and though you might have wanted company?" Come to think about it, there was a knocking on my hotel door that night, I thought it might have been one of the lads trying to get more booze from my mini fridge. I was thinking, couldn't have opened any fuckin door that night, the course director a pretty darked haired lady called M was sucking my cock like a Hoover around that time.


first-time NickMariah 2018-09-05

I told the Hunter ladies that my mom wanted to hold a house-warming party for them over the weekend and they graciously agreed to attend. I told her my mom had felt the same way and maybe they should talk. "Mom told me she wanted you a couple of nights ago" she hesitated for a moment for effect. She went on to explain that this wasn't the first time mom had done this and likely it caused her divorce. I felt her vagina clamp tightly around my erection as she rode the continuous waves of orgasm that had begun. Mom called me one day while I was away and told me that the Hunters' had inexplicably and suddenly moved out.


Fun with Kevin

first-time loloishorny 2018-09-05

I spread my legs a bit further and Kevin puts a finger in my pussy. I spread my legs to have Kevin wipe my clit and to my surprise, he gets on his knees to lick my pussy clean. Kevin has me sit on his head board, spreads my legs and begins to kiss my thighs onto my pussy. I'm moaning with pleasure as Kevin says that the rest of the night will be all love making and No mention of fucking. I told him about the party, my new job and all about last night at the shop and the love making I got from Kevin. He rolls me on my back and makes slow love to me, just like Kevin did the night before.

Everything for my s****r Chp. 3

first-time 2018-09-05

I walked out of Dad’s room and told Bethany that we should start getting ready. When we arrived, Bethany and I ran inside and asked the woman at the desk which room our dad was in. The officer looked at me when I said this, and then asked if there was any way that I could take care of Bethany over the next couple days. The woman put on a look of business and asked Bethany if she would like to go live our mother’s parents. We continued to kiss as I ran my hand up-and-down her side, and after a minute or two Bethany stopped and said that we were ready.

Dark Stag Ch. 08

first-time StillnessIsTheTruth 2018-09-05

It was the great white kite, coming in, hoping to startle Richard's horse. The raptor, realizing the the horse wasn't startled by the surprise swoop, continued to bank hard, staying between the quarterbed and the highland. The falcon narrowly missed colliding with the solid head of the horse, continuing to pursuit the kite as the powerful bird spiraled upwards in tight turns. Both horses began to lean deeply into those fifty mile an hour turns, Richard desperate to steal back the ring I had taken. Just as we began to leave Richard in the dust, the red breast came swooping in, grabbing the ring in its talons. "Wait," Richard began, panting heavily, "What do you mean, I wouldn't believe you?"

A Day at the movies I will never forget

first-time 2018-09-05

As the movie goes on I start to notice that she is slowly moving her hand up my thigh. Then very slowly she starts pulling down my zipper and I am thinking holy shit her dad is fucking right next to us, but I dont want her to stop. I feel her warm hand start to rub my cock through my boxers and at that point I stop caring about her dad and simply focus on the wonderful sensation I am feeling. Finally after what it seemed like an eternity she finds the hole in my boxers and gently puts her hand around my cock.

The Party

first-time dep258s 2018-09-05

"Yeah I heard about it, but how the fuck what to go to a party with some stale white boys." Jerome told you, and even though you felt offended, you also felt rather relieved that he wouldn't be coming. "Take me to your bedroom, I want to fuck that sweet ass of yours in that fool's own bed." Jerome told her, which made you feel so weak and inferior, knowing that he was going to have his way with your girlfriend in your very own bed. I thought you would be bigger than my boyfriend but..." You then heard your girlfriend say which made you feel so inferior, as you then looked inside the bedroom, and as Jerome turned, you saw a glimpse of his huge black cock.

Mother In Law

first-time mrlolgg 2018-09-05

By the time I was done decorating her room I decided to snoop in my girlfriends panty drawer.. My mother in law came into my girlfriends room barging in catching my smelling her daughters panties. I then told her I knew how stressed she was from working two jobs and feeding her c***dren that she has no actual time for herself. My cock was pumping with bl**d ready to penetrate her but knew it wasn't going to happen unless it was what SHE really wanted. I fuck her holding her wrist as she was holding onto my hands and I pull out before I cum inside her and cum from her pussy all the way up to her face.

Satin panties in the bushes

first-time morepantiesplease 2018-09-05

We took off one day just after Jodi had been out there hanging clothes and when we got back she noticed that two pair of her satin panties were missing. Jodi hugged us both but gave Phil a kiss on the cheek on the way out the door and said to him “Thanks for giving Paul a hand with the pool” Oh did that k** blush... As the k**s were walking away Jodi called out to Phil and asked him if he could come inside and help us with something real quick. Then (as Jodi told me later that evening) just took the last couple minutes of his time running his tongue deep into her pussy and tasting her.

old flame

first-time cplus 2018-09-05

eventually we got back to the night at the hotel, she said she was naked and put on my t-shirt,her ass showing and next thing she knew i was naked and passed out... i posted where i was going, i took a picture of the crappy rental car in front of my hotel and posted that with a joke the next night as i got out of the shower there was a knock at the door. as she walked into my room dropping her bag i saw that beautiful round ass and was instantly hard. it was all too intense for me to handle, i pulled my dick out of her, before i could shoot my load on her ass, she rolled over and i shot my juice from her pussy to her perfectly round pink nippled tits.


first-time hotrod111 2018-09-05

Tammy looked me in the eye and said, “I was thinking that if I went upstairs and laid on the bed, you could rub my back for me.” I sat back a bit and watched my baby as she lay on the bed moaning and breathing hard. Tammy meanwhile was slowly moving her hand up and down and admiring my hard cock which was standing proud at a full 8 inches. “Oh fuck baby!” I could feel the load of cum shooting out of my cock and down Tammy’s throat. Taking hold of my cock Tammy looked up at me and said, “I want this inside me daddy. When we finally caught our breath I got up off the bed and reached my hand out to my baby girl.

Beth & Michael

first-time LSanders 2018-09-05

Beth Anderson had the best legs in the whole school -- in the whole world, as far as Michael was concerned. Since Beth liked to run and Michael was on the track team, they started going on runs together. Michael was on the tennis team and ran track, but since he wasn't one of the studs in one of the major sports, he always figured Beth was just way out of his league when it came to dating. And, and if guys like stupid Steve Masterson are such dickheads that they can't see that, they don't even deserve to talk to you, much less date you!" Michael had now gotten himself so worked up he was now marching up and down, waving his arms and shouting.

Husband's Fantasy

first-time bif30 2018-09-05

Desiree and I then looked at each other and quickly stripped my husbands clothes off before he knew what had happened. We took turns licking and sucking his balls, bringing him to the brink of exploding only to hold him off a little longer. We layed Desiree down on the bed and Trevor and I began to suck her nipples. I too wanted to feel the pleasure of another woman eating my pussy and Desiree was more than happy to fulfill that fantasy. She licked and sucked my pussy with gentle strokes of her tongue that nearly shot me thru the roof. I positioned Desiree doggy style on the bed and guided Trevor's cock into her sopping wet pussy.

An Intimate Secret

first-time EroticPrincess 2018-09-05

I lean in and let my tongue slide up the length of Nick's cock, when I get to the top I take him into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the tip, hearing him moan turns me on even more, I feel his hand on the back of my head, urging me to take his cock into my throat, I gag a little as it's my first time, and I wasn't expecting it, but somehow I feel my pussy getting even wetter. Nick moves his hands from the bed and holds onto my legs, pushing them wider apart, grinding his cock deeper into me, I can feel my orgasm building, my fingers frantically rubbing little circles around my clit, I start to moan.

Buying A Car

first-time Ashson 2018-09-05

Holding Natalie's eyes with his Graeme reached forward, placed a hand on the inside of her leg and then ran it up until he cupped her mound. "I'd be prepared to swear that you're a virgin and that mine is the first hand to ever touch you like this," he said, knowing from the shocked look on her face that he was right. Natalie's face was scarlet and shocked, partly from what Graeme had said and partly from the way he continued to hold her. I want to look at you," said Graeme, finally moving his hand away but continuing to hold her eyes. Natalie found herself leaning into Graeme's kisses, returning them with enthusiasm, while feeling his hands capturing both her breasts, teasing them and playing with her nipples.