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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Young Tommy Ch. 02

first-time mangrove jack 2018-09-05

"My god I didn't thing pussy lips would be so big," he mumbled as he licked along their length before bringing one hand around so his fingers could prize them open to make it easy for his tongue to enter. Through his haze of lust he heard Mrs Moore moan, "oh my god," and felt her hands grab his head. Tommy felt her body shiver at his fingers intrusion then heard her moan and felt her hands return to his head. His brain was a jumble of conflicting thoughts when he mouthed her pussy trying to eat it all before his tongue returned to that hard nub that seemed to be the spot that excited her most.

Under Construction

first-time adel5000 2018-09-05

With ten minutes left in my workout, my dad called and said my b*****r had been detained at another job site; could I please go meet Jesse at the house to go over the details of the brick floor in the kitchen? Finally, I thought we had everything figured out, and I turned to him and said, “Ok, is there anything else we need to discuss while I’m down here?” I suddenly realized I was right in front of him with my mouth level with his zipper. “Well, just for starters, when I saw you on the floor in front of me that day, I wanted to grab your hair, pull your head back, and ram my cock down your throat until you gagged and the tears ran down your cheeks.”

Cherished Memories

first-time CalLorenson 2018-09-05

My cock was erect and straining from the kiss, and while we'd been wrestling, touching, and looking at each other's naked bodies for some time, I was self consciously embarrassed by my arousal. At first all I could feel was my hard cock under my body, but I rapidly relaxed as her hands deftly stroked and kneaded my muscles. Amy was starting to make little noises in time with my strokes as my hands moved higher on her legs. I began to pull back out of her cunt and Amy flexed the muscles in her groin, squeezing against my cock and forcing pushing it the rest of the way out.

First cum and what followed

first-time trevor54a 2018-09-04

It felt great as Pete cupped his hand around, holding my cock tight inside his own foreskin. - It is itching and tingling more than ever, I whispered as Pete was moving his hand slowly back and forth, guess he was trying to copy what Jenny had been doing to him. I closed my eyes as I felt the tension rising inside and something seemed to be pushing it’s way out, through the top of my cock. Soon I felt the same sensation building up inside, I lifted the blanket to see how the white fluid was slowly pumping out from my cock, through the foreskin and onto my belly. Then Jenny quickly stepped up to me, took a firm grip round the front end of my cock, wanting to start pulling my foreskin back.

Me My Girlfriend and My Ex-Girlfriend I set them u

first-time 2018-09-04

next Angel's grabbing my cock and making comments to Janine she said check out what you did to him! her soaking wet pussy Angel stretched a big stretch and began moaning Janine said to me aren't you going to do one cause you Angels Sopping Wet Pussy touched my lips and she moaned as I tasted her Pussy lips Janine said "You better save some of that and get busy " We all three laughed It was time I was going to cum Angel wasn't even close to cumming but her pussy was steaming and dripping and I was just loving every second of this shit. Pumping my cock in and out of Janine's Mouth and at the same time Banging that beautiful wet pussy on my face!

Neighbours Fun Pt. 02

first-time konradj 2018-09-04

I simply can't stop thinking about seeing Jemma's bum and her hairy mound which had just been sprayed with Ray's thick cream. If she has any sense she'll be rubbing it into her wetness, maybe lifting her ass up off the mattress and teasing her bum hole with his warm spunk. Ray is getting changed right beside me. I'm thinking I need Ray to see me naked in the showers. I'm next to Ray in the changing room so hopefully he's checked out my cock by now. In the showers the steam is rising and there are bare asses and cocks hanging out and all are getting a good soaping. I stand next to Ray as he soaps his cock and balls and we exchange glances.

first time with a milf

first-time 2018-09-04

Soon after I felt her finger rubbing my ass as she slowly inserted her finger in and started rubbing my prostate as her mouth was swallowing my cock. She then stood up and got on the bed doggy style and said come fuck me NOW… I stood up got behind her pressing my cock in her hole and slowly started to go in and out.. Just as I was in full thrust, I heard her scream ohhhhh fucckkkkkk and soon felt the warm flow of juices down my leg from her… that pushed me over the edge as I pulled out and straddled her chest and started jerking.

Memory and Loss Pt. 01

first-time electricblue66 2018-09-04

Another day and, oh bliss for my eyes, her white panties finally peeled down her slim legs, and I gazed with wonder at her dark, hidden slit, and her triangle patch of black, curled hair. Pamela wrapped her arms around my back and eased her legs further apart, and took me inside her, sweet and wanting, and her eyes were wide with the wonder of this first time. Just before I left her, she raised her arms to pull on a white gown, and the drop of the white cloth and the fall of her long dark hair hid the black triangle at the base of her belly, falling down her pale skin like water.


first-time ktmccoll 2018-09-04

My eyes would roam the pool and eventually stray to the water at the base of the chair and there she'd be, wading and occasionally smiling up at me. I felt more comfortable now, so I sat at the foot of her lounger and perched one of her legs on my shoulder and then the other as I slathered tanning oil over their length, and finished by running my hand from her ankle up her inseam to just shy of where her legs ended. I placed my hands on the soft flesh above the pelvic bone and traced the tan line to the middle until my fingers met at the hair that crowned her pussy.

Race Car Widow Part 3

first-time BeckyInLove 2018-09-04

And what if I told you that I want you to fuck me without any birth control?” His eyes got as big as plates and before he could say a word, Michael walked in and Jason couldn’t respond to what I just said. I mean, I wouldn’t mind it, but what if Michael finds out?” I said that if I talked it over with Michael and he agreed to letting me skip my birth control, would he be okay with it. I haven’t spoken with Jason, but Michael said that he told Jason that I wanted to go without any birth control with him and that he was okay with it.

Finding It Again

first-time edgiver83 2018-09-04

But that face lingered in my mind for a long while, only when I lay in bed that night was I able to call up Becky's tingling touch, and once again, cold showered, I took my midnight walk, noticing as I passed number 78, a light shining in the window of what would be the smaller bedroom. For her part, she worked steadily down my body occasionally muttering, "Nice, nice." until her hands reached my cock, and her eyes held mine as she said with a sly grin, “Oh, yes, this steel rod is like the phoenix, rising again." My body moved round so that my swollen cock wasn't far from her face, and as I introduced a second finger into her entry, her lips ran along my eager stiffness.

On-line with daddy, and what happened next

first-time 2018-09-04

Dad left the room and I immediately started doing as he suggested, and as I did, men had sent in photographs, where all the chatters, including daddy, had made comments of a sexual nature, as they looked at them, but I could see some of the girls were as young as I am, and men were talking about wanting to fuck us. When dad came back into the room I got up from the seat to let him sit down again, he hesitated, but eventually sat down and I resumed my position on his lap, this time though, I could feel he was hard and pressing against my thigh.

Devine Defloration Ch. 01

first-time vantyaak 2018-09-04

As a hijra is unable to have sex and is physically strong like a man, medieval kings are known to have employed hijras to look after their harems. He would hand over the 'pious' duty to his son the Crown Prince Rativir who was at the time 21 years of age. As a duty the Prince would have to deflower any bride that happened to come to her husband's home on the day of debut. They were told to arrange the homecoming of the bride on a certain day, They agreed and went home happy, each one with a gift from the Queen. On the bed was sitting a young girl bedecked in traditional choli ghaghari and odhani with hands and feet decorated with menhdi designs.

Charlie and me, pt 2

first-time Cumlovingolderguy 2018-09-04

So I had dinner with my parents and then took a shower, knowing I was heading over to Charlies and most likely getting my dick sucked, but more importantly I wanted to feel his dick in my mouth this time. I had sucked Johnny off twice now and it really got me turned on having a cock in my mouth, and still does to this day. I asked "do you think Mr B knew why I was here tonight?" Charlie replied, "oh he knew, we talked before you got here, he's homosexual too, but living in a tough situation and he's worried about me getting in trouble because of your age".

Her First Couple

first-time trumpetwasher 2018-09-04

We put her on the bed between us, and my boyfriend and she started petting hot and heavy, while I licked and sucked her very hard and sensitive nipples. When we started up again, I was in the middle, enjoying my boyfriend's kissing and her titty play. My boyfriend rescued me by saying that it was his turn in the middle, so he laid down while she sucked his cock, and I played with her pussy and asshole. She gently teased his balls as I pumped up and down on him, and was both sucking my titties and holding his balls as my pussy tightened around his cock and milked him of his second load.

My first blowjob

first-time addrenaline 2018-09-04

Val was always understanding, and said all the right things to make me not feel like a loser. One night while watching TV on the moon chair, Val turns to me. Val moved aside to get out of the firing range of my cum. I was back on the moon chair with Val once again removing my jeans. After removing my boxers, Val slowly grabbed my dick and looked me in the eyes. I didn't even have time to say a word before cum began to shoot to the back of Val mouth. She gagged and pulled my dick out of her mouth as the last bit of cum came dribbling out.

My First Ch. 02

first-time Hoping2makeit 2018-09-04

Even though she was young, she was pretty attractive. Small things like that, but then I started to notice that it made her uncomfortable. I also made the mistake by asking her several times to go drinking with me once she turned twenty-one. Her distrust of me was obvious, so eventually I stopped asking. One time I was talking to her boss about relationships, and I asked her about her past relationships. The nail marks she left on my body were starting to itch. Go back to sleep," I said and pulled the comforter over her naked body. I noticed her body stiffen as she took steps towards the bedroom door. She looks up and gives me a forced smile.



first-time chrish24 2018-09-04

The thought of Jake not taking his granddaughters to his bed and showing them all the beautiful ways that a man and woman express their love for one another was simply out of the question. Her strawberry blond hair and lovely green eyes was just one of the things that made Jake's cock jump for joy every time he saw her. But I think its cool that our f****y love each other in such an open and wonderful way.'' Kate said as she started to play with the little white hairs on his chest. ''Grandpa, I love you, and I have waited for almost three years to wear that beautiful gown that grandma gave me, and come to your bed.

Greatfully Tutored

first-time cremebrulee 2018-09-04

I drove on to the town where Michael was going to college (he was a freshman at the time) and to the designated meeting place. I pumped a little harder, faster and could feel him coming up to meet my hand, pushing against me. I felt the pressure building fast and wanted him to feel so good, I couldn't help myself I just kept pulling, pumping, jerking that kids cock. I took his balls into my mouth, one at a time, then ran my tongue flat up the entire shaft of his perfect young cock to the swollen head. "Glad to meet you, Michael" I said to him, smiling, his cum still on my breath.

i watched my Mother in Law and my dad having fun!!

first-time 2018-09-04

Jane's tits were bouncing all over as she rode his big cock i could see his length going in so deep it was huge it must have been 10"inches and thick, Jane was moaning away then i heard my dad say is it good Jane can you feel him deep inside your pussy, YES John he is fucking me so deep and hard i LOVE it,, come here John i want you to suck my tits and rub my pussy. i said to myself i better make a move and go down stairs,so i decided to ring my dad again telling him i was walking through the door cos collage had finished early just so they could make an excuse up why he was still at home and WHY was Ged there??

Mom showed me

first-time showoffmybod22 2018-09-04

Mother dried the tears from her eyes and looked at me. "So tell me why you didn't come to me," my mother asked me softly. My heart stopped but my cock pulsated while I looked at my half-naked She took a little step forwards and stopped just a few centimeters in Mother took a little step back and stood for a short, oh too short, a I leathered my hands and slipped a little forward to enable me to reach She reached out and took hold of my hips and started to fuck herself buried my cock as deep as I could in mom and her pussy clamped down reel Her pussy gave my cock another squeeze and she shut her eyes and sighed.

The Carpenter

first-time 2018-09-04

contracted nuts, Dean turned off the hose and stood staring I turned onto my side facing away from Dean. Dean said, gazing lustfully at the sizable bulge straining My entire body trembled as Dean stuck the tip of his ass,” Dean said, slowly pushing my legs into the air so that Gently, Dean began caressing my ass, filling me with Slowly Dean sank down onto the cot and buried his face “Damn, you’re tight,” Dean sighed, easing a second finger “You got it buddy boy!” Dean said, slipping off his Dean grunted, slamming his man-rammer deep into my ass, cock, I thrust my ass up off the cot, driving the soggy knob Dean seized my cock, his tight fist hammering away at a

A Simple Experiment

first-time dilpickle 2018-09-04

Jen moves into position, stares at my cock for a little bit then places it into her mouth. Jen pulls me out of her mouth and begins running her tongue all around the tip of my penis, exploring me on her own time. She runs her tongue all the way down along the bottom of my shaft and back up, then takes me into her mouth. She begins to work faster and faster on the head of my cock with her mouth at the same time as she runs her tongue all over the place and strokes the length of my shaft with her hand. She massages me with her hand and continues to run her tongue all over the head of my cock as I cum.

Kendra Wants to Lose Her Virginity

first-time KissedMany 2018-09-04

As often as I could, I would say things like, "What ever you think, Keith" or "You sure know what's best." I wanted him to know that I'd follow his lead whatever he decided. When we finished our meal and Keith ordered us coffee, I went to the girl's room and put on perfume, "Like a Virgin", by Madonna. "Spread your legs my dear, I want to feel all of you." I moved my feet apart and his hand slipped over the camel-toe notch to the nether lips below. "Oh thank heavens," I thought, "he likes me." I could feel the strong muscles of his chest through the shirt and I moved my hands over them in wonder.