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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Nikki's Awakening

first-time NicoleSix 2018-09-04

It kind of pissed me off to have him pushing me, but then I held my breath and slid his cock all the way into the back of my throat until my nose tip was buried in his pubic hair. His cock pulsed hard a couple times and then started filling my mouth with semen. There were about five or six good pulses of hot come and I wound up with what felt like a very big load in my mouth. Suddenly my boyfriend slid a finger all the way into my pussy while licking my clit hard and a few minutes later I went right over the edge.


first-time u24me2 2018-09-04

I was hoping for a turn too, if you think she can handle it." I slowly lifted my head from Eddie's cock and started to slide over to suck Kevin, when Eddie put his hand on my shoulder. I somehow managed to get my head at the right angle to take Kevin's throbbing cock in my mouth while he continued sucking Eddie's dick. Kevin pulled his cock from Eddie's mouth, looked at me and said "I want to lick your pussy while you fuck him. When I felt like I was going to collapse, I raised up and let Eddie's still rock hard cock slide from my sopping wet cunt, and right into Kevin's eager mouth.

s****r ordered me to sl**p with Daddy

first-time 2018-09-04

Last year he split from my mother and she, like Emma's mother, left both us girls with daddy, and Emma started to be sexually involved, when I came home and saw her on her knees sucking his cock. I looked at the door and Emma was standing there watching us, then I saw her smile and start to undress, and get into the bed with us, 'You're a very lucky man daddy', she said, and for once I had to agree, feeling daddy's warm semen fill my pussy.

Claire's First Time Penetration

first-time pure_lust 2018-09-04

Claire was a real beauty, a swim suit model type and extremely sexy, shoulder length brunette with short bangs, perfect sweet innocent looking face, blue eyes, perfect white teeth, nice full lips, stylish dark rimmed glasses, very strong fit legs and butt, and nice firm smaller 32b breasts. Her principal sitting behind her, jerking off his cock while he was looking at her, with a hiked up skirt, bare ass and glistening wet swollen pussy. Claire's head suddenly cocked backwards with her mouth wide open and eyes tightly shut, her face cringing with pure lust, and the sound of air escaping from her lungs as he pushed into her.

Obsession Ch. 05

first-time rachlou 2018-09-04

Jess's mum looked at Kelsey with some surprise when the front door opened. Daniel's voice sent hot shivers though her body and Jess squeezed her thighs together helplessly as she curled up on the bed with her phone pressed to her ear. Neither of them said much but Daniel's free hand rested on Jess's thigh for most of the time and she occasionally caught him watching her. Feeling wrong footed, Jess opened her eyes and saw Neil and Ethan heading her way. Without thinking of the consequences, Kelsey leapt to Jess's defence and tried to pull Imelda away. "It was my fault Imelda was having a go at Jess -- I said something I shouldn't have." Oh God. Why did she tell spill her guts in front of Kyle?

In College With Allison

first-time isuktoes 2018-09-04

So hot that I wanted and wished that I could pull my t-shirt off and walk half naked to my dorm room. Just thinking of her sexy eyes, her perfect tits and heart melting smile makes me want to touch myself; I really want to touch myself and pleasure myself until I cum. "Why else would I be in this dorm room, silly?" she speaks with more confidence now, then she looks kind of sad and asks "Aren't you happy, Alex? "So you enjoy to stare, Alex the little pervert?" she asks and puts her hand on her hip and looks at me, then I'm caught off guard and she laughs and jumps on me pushing me on my bed.

That Bastard! GayMaker for Hire or No Fee

first-time 425olds 2018-09-04

Heinz rolled his hips upward, exposing his tiny anus to me, I sought it out with my tongue, and heard a long groan escape him as I licked from behind hid rosebud, over his heavy ball-sack, and moved up over the underside of his shaft. Holding it in her hand, she pushed the younger man down to his knees and directed the cock to his mouth, As he began servicing the older man, the woman took her clothes off, kissing the man who was standing, and encouraging the kneeling man to keep working the cock he lovingly nursed. Heinz stroked his cock once, pulling a drop of clear pre-cum to the tip, which rolled down the shaft.

My fantasy about my wife

first-time 2018-09-04

When she came in she put the keys down saw everything on the table and went to the kitchen to put her food from work in the fridge and she gives me the look of "what's going on here" but she didn't look mad and I said oh hey (high out of my mind) I tell her time flew by today cuz I met somebody and we were playing games and just talking, I saw her face turn from interested to kind of just lost and I switched by playing it like its no big deal as to make sure she is mellow as well and I ask her how her day was and she says "ughhhhhhhhh long" then she looks at the blunt and says "I wouldn't mind hitting that" as she finished her thought, Robert comes out the bathroom rubbing his hands dry from the little water left after washing them and as he walks towards the couch his eye brows raise as to say who's this and yet I could see his surprise to her beauty as well and he came over introduced himself and sat back down and went back straight to the game on the tv she asked if she could smoke the blunt and he said "sure" without even looking at her as to not alarm her to our plan in anyway shape or form and that he's genuinely just somebody I'm gaming with..

The Hastings Whore - Part 1

first-time Mikey2100 2018-09-04

I shoved one finger deep into her slutty cunt and started to finger fuck her, she started to moan harder and harder, whilst we continued to kiss, I then took my finger out and sucked off her whore juices off my finger. I stuck my big hard cum covered cock deep into her wet abused and used pussy, i thought that this slut doesn’t want me to go slow, so i started hard and rough, gaining pace every second, thrusting my cock deep into her pussy, she was screaming out in pleasure, pulling her hair, shouting out abuse and fucking her hard was getting her more and more turned on. Her slutty whore holes, opened up so much that I stuck the vodka bottle deep into her arse whilst my cock finished working on her pussy.

summer meet

first-time suejones 2018-09-03

I felt my pussy open wide then wider and wider still as his hand slowly entered my wet pink pussy, turening it left and then right I wanted to scream but knew I couldnt, more of his hand went up inside me and my legs started to buckle, I grabbed the walls and held myself he pushed more and more of his arm inside me, I was cuming over and over again what I didnt know at that moment was my juices were running down his arm all I could see was this man looking up at me with a huge grin on his face sitting there on the toilet were before only a woman had sat, it was at that moment that we heard a womans footsteps as they came into the toilet and then the bag of the door as it shut follwed by the ruffle of a dress or a skirt being lifted and a pair of panties being pulled down all this followed by the sound of the womans piss as it flowed from her into the bowl and then paper being ripped from the dispenser, again the ruffle of clothing this time being replaced and straightened before the flush of water and the clip clop of the shoes as who ever she was walked unknowingly from the toilet.

Talitha Ch. 03

first-time ny_girl14 2018-09-03

That night, Talitha sat at the kitchen table eating dinner with her family, her mother having declared that they were going to have a nice "family dinner." As she sat there eating quietly, letting the conversation flow around her without participating herself, her father turned to her. I should invite him over for dinner." Talitha nodded, grateful when her mother turned her attention to her father. "I just- umm, it looks like we may have to make Saturday night a little later than we said originally, because I have to go to this charity thing with my parents. "Not at all, sir," Matt replied, as Talitha, her eyes widening, finally saw who her father had been talking to.

My 18th Birthday Ch. 02

first-time Luna_22 2018-09-03

I got horny, and since I was alone I started rubbing my titties and pinching my nipples, then I stuck my hand into my bottoms and started playing with my clit. He was looking at my body and he stopped at my crotch and I realized that my hand was still there, inside my bottoms and my finger was right at the opening of my pussy. Since I hadn’t taken my eyes off of his dick, I saw his hand reach down and rub it through the material of the speedos, and then he reached in and started stroking it. I kept this up until I cummed, then I moved back down, and lifted his dick with my hand and put my lips over the head.

Fraidy Cat

first-time showoffmybod22 2018-09-03

my butt, and I fucked my mother with long slow strokes prick spurted into my mother's pussy for a long time, mother was asking me to fuck her again! nice hot sticky sperm, and make his Mommy cum like a act of young son fucking his mother in the glaring belly knowing that you had fucked the baby into me?" I fucking a baby into my own mother was erotic beyond my Give it to me, make me cum Honey, fuck your mother, "Anything Mom!" I told her, I loved my mother as I "Yes Mom, I'd love to suck your cunt!" I was thrilled Mom laughed again, "Oh," she said, "He fucks a dribble

Best Friends Discover... Each Other

first-time d4c4c8 2018-09-03

"Perfect, this is just like Kent's mom's car." Then she turned to him, reached her hand behind his head to caress his hair and leaned in. "You've seen this in videos before, I thought you needed a little something special, as frustrated as you are." Without waiting for a response, he lowered his head again and slowly laved her, his tongue first caressing below her opening then caressing over her lips up to her nerve center circling it lightly, causing a new whimper. Each time she lowered herself onto him she could feel him stiffen, each caress of her tongue over his shaft or head caused a moan of pleasure.

At Nineteen

first-time Theresa Moore 2018-09-03

I need to feel this man's touch...I have fantasized about this since the first time I laid eyes on him! His shorts were open and he could feel my wet hot pussy as I was grinding it on his cock. After watching my ass sway in a very short skirt as I walked in front of him and then bending over to make believe I was picking something up...The show he received was enough to let him know that I was willing! Reaching my clit, I could feel his heart start to race...and then he felt how swollen it was! As I pressed my body into his, I could feel his hardness throbbing through his shorts. I wanted to suck his cock with my juices and his cum all over it!

One Night

first-time YourLittleAngelle 2018-09-03

The shifting social circles of St. Alfonse High soon meant Brett and Amy grew ever closer, while Chloe and Robert Martin—the most promising football player in the class—became serious. Brett's father kept trumpeting on and on about his fine boy getting accepted to Harvard's School of Business, and his mother eagerly set about planning a soiree that would rival that of the lavish event for Chloe to be held the preceding afternoon. They held hands as they made their way out to the stable, Amy tugging the pins from her hair to let it tumble in abundant curls down to her shoulders while he got the stallion saddled up and ready for a ride.

Being Her Bitch

first-time 425olds 2018-09-03

I thought, "Damn my mouth is already full and I just have the head in there." I was breathing hard thru my nose as I sucked this cock before me and felt her pushing every inch of the dildo up my ass. He said, "Here bitch I'm going to cum and I want to blow it all over your face." He pulled his cock out just as the first shots were coming out. She said, "Damn you look like a slut that has been rode hard, as she got up from the bed next thing I remember is a big flash as she was taking pictures of me with dried cum and tears on my face as well as this big dildo sticking out of my ass.

TOT 3 Discovering Cock

first-time talesofted 2018-09-03

I have two older b*****rs, John is 3 years older and Jamie is 18 months older than me, our house is a small council flat, ( Rented from the government) both my b*****rs shared a room and I had a converted cupboard as a bedroom, I remember when I was twelve and had just started Secondary School, I came home from school and went straight to my room to get changed out of my School uniform, I decided to have a little play with Peter as I always did after school, I had started cumming about two months earlier, although it was only little spurts it was fucking amazing, so there I am lying on the bed, god only knows who I was thinking about probably some guy in my class, Gary Stewart, or one of my older b*****rs mates, I was stroking away like a right little wanker when John my oldest b*****r barged into the room, he was 15 at the time and a right pain in the arse, I tried to pull my boxers up but I got caught exposed.

Jonna and the Gladiator

first-time sugarsweet1259 2018-09-03

Jonna stood frozen in the corner of the room, watching as the man shook out his honey brown hair before advancing towards a cabinet. The man's jaw shifted some, "Mmmm, young...unbutton your dress." Hesitantly Jonna brought her hands to the small pearl buttons on her dress, and began to undo them; choking back more tears and a sob. Jonna looked up with her timid childish eyes, and hesitantly, began to stroke his dick the way he had done so before. Jonna's face was red, her eyes were closed, and tears streamed down her cheeks. Oh, he's so strong she thought, this big beautiful man is destroying my little pussy with his fuck meat.

Oddball Ch. 07c

first-time JimBob44 2018-09-03

Mary had to smile; Chin Li was a cute eighteen-year-old Asian American, and the elf costume seemed to enhance her cuteness. "I just want John," Chin Li said quietly, smiling up at Thomas. Cheryl took the picture, Mary handed the girl a sugar-free candy cane and Chin Li guided the next waiting child to Santa. He had hand-holding, he'd had sneaking kisses in between classes, he'd had sitting out underneath the oak tree (well, in the brutal winter, she and Mary and Chin Li and Thomas and John sat at a table in the corner of the cafeteria (, he had long phone conversations late into the night. "Want a ride?" John asked and David quietly got into the car.

I suprised myself

first-time 2018-09-03

She turned on the charm and all the old feelings flooded back but this time she was being nice and flirting I was happy to oblige. During the first two dates she told me how things had gone wrong for her with a bad marriage and then not being able to get a job that paid a decent wage. And as much as I wanted her, and had accepted her total submission and had dreamed so often of this very moment, all the horrible things she had done to me over the years, the insults the sneers the humiliations..... I was cured of my obsession with her, but I do confess that when I had my thing in her mouth, it was a very sweet moment, but she was not having a drop of my bodily fluids.

my gloryhole requested

first-time Cumlovingolderguy 2018-09-03

I usually stayed til about midnight and since I knew the wife would be asl**p when I got home I would stop by the adult bookstore on the way home, go into a booth, play a hot video, usually a shemale video and jerk off onto the floor. I really didnt want to suck another as I knew it was getting late, so I just sat there, I didnt try to get a peek or anything, and the next thing I knew, this cock started to appear thru the hole. Once I got a good look at it, I saw that it was a black guy, his cock wasnt real thick, but OMG was it long.

To Gillian on Her 19th Birthday

first-time darrkmysticrayvn 2018-09-03

"Now you try sweetie," Carmella said as she quit sucking Stan's cock and handed it to Jill. Carmella watched as Jill sucked Stan's cock and soon it wasn't long until Jill had a good motion going. No sooner than Carmella had said that, Stan's cock erupted like a massive volcano sending it's cum like a steady stream of hot lava into Jill's mouth. With that, Carmella helped Jill guide Stan's cock into her pussy It went in slowly at first and met with some resistance but with Carmella's coaching Jill was able to move her body where Stan's tool slid all the way in her tight box. With Carmella's help Jill would lower her pussy on to Stan's cock and begin to fuck him.

First view

first-time harrymunx 2018-09-03

Joy started fidgeting around on the seat and then I noticed that her hand was under her pleated school skirt and she had that far away look in her eyes again. These shorts had wide legs which meant that once I had got to school and taken my underpants off, Joy could easily slip her hand in the leg hole and fondle my cock and balls. Jimmy started to slide his big willy into Tina and Joy was amazed that it could all go in. Joy said Jimmy’s hand went really fast and then his willy spat over Tina’s face and chest five times. We both sat breathless with our thoughts and I said let’s play like Tina and Jimmy.