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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Nellie Belle

first-time BOSTONFICTIONWRITER 2018-09-02

"Yeah, Earth Day, April 22nd, the day we celebrate clean air, land conservation, and improving water quality," I said suddenly feeling like an environmentalist or a conservationist. "Do you love me, Freddie," she said without looking at me and removing the bit of wheat that she had been chewing, examining it and discarding it, and, then, replacing it with a new one "or do you just want to fuck me?" She looked at me with a face full of wisdom and she already knew my answer. In tune with nature, living on a farm with Nellie, has taught me to listen to myself because I was born with everything that I need to know to live, to survive, and to flourish on the Earth, today and tomorrow.

Canyon Land

first-time zimabean 2018-09-02

My group of buds started to try and figure out what caused this, did she have a really puffy pussy or did she truly have a gaping cunt ready to swallow anything around the moment this woman spread her legs. I was to them a guy who knew women and pussy and if anyone could come up with the answer of what was between Shelly's legs I would be the man to get this done. I walked up to Shelly and just flat out asked her why she had a huge gap in her pants all the time, did she have a puffy pussy. That would be the best way to know if my pussy is not gaping or puffy." Shelly said.

Adventures of a young teen….continued, Fir

first-time TwinkboyLover19 2018-09-02

He stood up, looked around to make sure no one was around and shucked his shorts, His thick dick slapped me in the face and there it was, 9 inches, cut and beautiful, I wasted no time, I went to work on that cock, slow long strokes over it, I wanted this to last a bit. Then he grabbed my head and started fucking my face like ther was no tomorrow all the while saying, “ I knew you were a little bitch from back a few years ago and I been wanting a piece of you for a long time, now suck my cock bitch boy.” He fucked my face with fury, I thought I would pass out then he shouted, “ you ready for it boy?

The Innocent Classmate Part 1

first-time 2018-09-02

I'm kind of good looking and I've a fairly decent body, thanks to football which I play nearly everyday. Instead, I read stuff which mattered, like about Current affairs, Economics etc, stuff which they didn't teach in school. I didn't feel like eating, and I couldn't walk around with a huge bulge in my pants, so I kept sitting on my seat. My mind kept going back to the fantasy of massaging her naked body and that didn't help in hiding my erection. "Jake, how many times do you masturbate?", she asked, in a rather matter of fact tone and I was shocked."Not a lot", I replied. "Well to speak the truth, I have been touching myself a lot these days", I replied while looking right into her eyes.

Amazing Amy

first-time lifesabeach84 2018-09-02

Like I said before, she was pretty cool and liberal, like me, and we would talk about lots of things online, including sex and relationships. I then asked if I could touch them, to which Amy said yes, and I began to cup both of them in my hands. I slowly took my fingers and spread her out pussy lips apart, revealing her pink inside, and the inner folds of her vagina. Amy then looked at me and asked "do you wanna, you know?" It took me a second to realize what she meant, and I jumped up and said, "Yes, yes, yes". From then on, when me and Amy would work a game together, we would always smile at each other in a little bit of a naughty way.

Paying for the takeaway.

first-time 2018-09-02

So I wandered behind the counter and Mrs Lee led me to the sink area, as I followed her I couldn't help but notice this petite older woman in her jeans and white t-shirt had a very nice round ass that stretched the fabric perfectly. Mrs Lee then let go of my cock, undid her jeans and dropped them to the floor before stepping out of them, she now stood totally naked in front of me and I couldn't help but admire her completely shaven bald pussy. Mrs Lee gave a little moan as I entered her, my big hard cock pushed between her bald naked lips and then I slipped deep into her.

Free Ride

first-time Uma1108 2018-09-02

The motion of his hand on her breast stimulated Dorry; she liked that feeling, but she was frightened of the man. He slid another finger in, fucking her with two fingers until Dorry reached another orgasm, moaning loudly, letting herself feel the full force of the orgasm without any inhibitions. Dorry just sat there, her pants around her ankles, her knees far apart, her bra and top up over her breasts; her hand slowly stroking her swollen genitals. “You are really special sweetheart.” He reached over and put his hand between her legs, stroking her through her jeans as he drove back to town. But he didn’t; he drove her to the street where she needed to get out and pulled the car over to the side of the road.


first-time kanakpalak 2018-09-02

ab ma bhi late gayi aur use apne upar kheench lya uske hatheli ko apne boobs pe rakha..aur dabane ke liye kaha….usne pahle meri nighty utar di fir mere dono boobs ko sahlane laga…aaahhh…aaahhh…babu plz dheere dheere dabao aahh aahh yeah…aise hi fir usne meri bra khol di mere boobs bilkul tight ho chuke the usne meri nipple ko sahlana shuru kiya…aaahhh….meri sans ruk rahi thi alag tarah ka sukh mil raha tha…jab usne apna jeebh firana suru kiya mere nipple pe Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhh…..


Just another day at work

first-time UrRenee 2018-09-02

We would basically mess around all day and dare each other to do stupid things. He got the biggest smile on his face he walked over to his door and locked it. I sat next to him on the couch and he started to kiss me. He layer me back in the couch and slid off my panties. He kneeled on the floor and pulled my legs apart he started to lick my pussy slow at first then faster and faster.  Then he thrusted hard my reaction was to grab his arms which he had on the arms of the chairs to prop himself up after a couple of minutes he stopped and got up.

Kelly and I

first-time bblover 2018-09-02

Once I saw her stomach come into view I leaned over and kissed her tummy and moved my face upwards to her braless boobs. I roll her on top of me where I continued to kiss her I moved my right hand along her back into her pj short bottoms. I line up my now hard dick to her opening and remembering from last night I grabbed a hold of the futon arm rest and pulled myself into her warm eager pussy. As I moved myself back and forth I started to pick up speed all the time looking at her shirt pulled up to her exposed boobs and on occasion kissing her lips.

Starting Out

first-time sportsman_sammy 2018-09-02

As I made my way inside I was startled to see Norma naked on the treatment table with Gloria between her legs. Gloria then went to work on my chest; the playground as I told my girlfriends. I told her that I love to masturbate but I would never tell my girlfriends As Gloria went along she noted that my nipples were very sensitive like a women's. Gloria told me this would facilitate her treatment to fish me off and the she removed the sheet to expose my rock hard cock. I told her I need her to wrap her lips around my cock and stroke it hard. Gloria resumed stroking me and stimulating my prostate as more shots of come shot from my cock head.

Evie and the Trainspotter

first-time johndstories 2018-09-02

Her sister watched from the office window and teased her mercilessly, but the jumper-clad, bespectacled young man returned to the bridge with his notebook as he watched the dozens of trains traversing the busy railway junction opposite the busy office block. I just need to take my top off to dry," she muttered and looked into his eyes as her hands removed her see-through soaked top and lifted it over her head. He clenched his fists and begged Evie to stop tormenting him, but the young lady moved her sensuous body closer and pinned him against the cabin wall, kissing the reluctant young man on the lips.

How I lost my virginity, by a girl

first-time 2018-09-02

I must confess I was momentarily disappointed; he was a lot older than I wished for, but he seemed nice and he stood aside as I pushed the trolley inside the room, I swear I was running between my thighs, I just knew I would have to go upstairs and change my knickers, my wetness lubricating my inner thighs, the sound of the room door closing made my heart jump, now it was just us, alone, and I could feel myself embolden, my aroused and fevered brow was making me feel really naughty.

Back Dive Ch. 06

first-time Strawberry_2051 2018-09-02

Andy and Karen fell hard into each other's arms with gloating looks toward Aline. Aline stomped across the basement room to the bed without looking at Andy or Karen. "The condoms are at the back of the drawer." Then Karen grasped Andy by the shoulders, looked meaningfully into his eyes and said, "No orgasm, just do enough to prove her wrong." In a softer voice she added, "And don't hurt her." The first time Aline pressed the head of Andy's dick against her clitoris they both froze and grunted with open mouths. Aline slowed to an exhausted-looking seated position and gently removed her hand from her clitoris, but she held tight onto Andy's dick.

My Spiritual Awaking

first-time zimabean 2018-09-02

It is very special and my spirit and soul are telling me this is the right thing to do." I must have looked puzzled as Jenny stood up and took off whatever she was wearing and stood before me completely naked. As we finished Jenny said "I am not here to teach you, I just feel we need to share this with each other, you should still go out with other girls and have girlfriends but I want you to come make love to me when ever you feel you want." I thought about this for a second, go out and fuck other girls but still fuck your super hot body when ever I want, I can most definitely do that.

Ethan and Carrie Ch. 05

first-time jallen944 2018-09-02

Ethan threw her legs aside and tried to quickly climb on top of her, but he started to come before the head of his cock reached her mouth. Carrie had both hands around his cock and was sucking the come from the head like a baby sucks milk from a bottle. "Thank you," she said, but it was slurred by the fat head of his cock that held her mouth open awkwardly. "Hi, Carrie," Ethan said, looking down at Claudia. Claudia sucked the head of his cock hard and he had to fight back a deep moan. Carrie's mother was pushing the head of his cock deep over her tongue to the back of her mouth, like she was trying to take it down her throat.

My Hero

first-time GotBacon 2018-09-02

She pulls on her mini skirt, tosses her bra away and puts on her t shirt. Beautiful legs, will look good open. She turns around and puts her arms around his neck and he kisses her on the lips. He slides his hand up inside the leg and feels her dripping pussy. He opens her pussy lips and licks up to her clit. He pulls her on top and puts his cock head against her pussy. He sits up and strokes his cock and cums all over her breasts and stomach. "It feels so good to lay here in your big strong hero's arms." He slides his hand down inside of her shorts and holds her pussy. I want to lick your pussy and make you cum."

She Loves to swallow

first-time assluver7 2018-09-02

A few moths went by and we were closer than ever, she was feeling the like a local in the city, and she began to get a nice group of friends. Crystal and I were the last ones in the back, the back room at Target always closed and hour early before the rest of the store,(atleast back then when I worked their) it was perfect for us, because we could shower and get dressed for the party. Then as I was readyto blow, I told her I was getting ready to cum and she never once took her hands or mouth off my dick, she only suck harder and jerked faster, I released what felt like gallons of cum down her throat and into her stomach.

Fantasy Comes True

first-time 2018-09-02

I knew exactly where my cock was touching her and it wasn't going to be long before she would know also. I wanted to bring her off fast and quick where I could taste her and them feel her hot pussy wrapped around my hard cock. I could feel the heat coming from her cunt as I let the back of my hand touch her pussy. Her hands came down and pulled my face close to her cunt and I went to work on it. It was feeling too good and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer and I pulled away. She didn't need to use her hands and neither did I as my cock made swift work of finding her open cunt.

Me & My Friends Fiancé. Part two

first-time Karlos79 2018-09-02

As her lips enveloped the head of my cock I let out a moan and laid back on the sofa, I placed my head back on the head rest of the sofa, closed my eyes and enjoyed another amazing blow job! “Oh Amy, I’m going to Cum” I groaned as my hands moved from her shoulder to the back of her head. Once the final load of jizz had exited my cock I released my grip from her head, allowed my arse to fall back onto the sofa. Amy followed my cock down, with her lips clamped on my bell end, sucking every last drop out of me.

Her First Time at a Glory Hole

first-time gamemanx 2018-09-02

You like having some little slut sucking on this big, fat fucking dick?" I had pulled him out and was sliding him between my tits. He was fucking good and I started to wonder how much better it would be if I invited him into the room with me but just as I was about to another cock slid through the hole on the opposite side of the booth. Suck that fucking dick." he was pushing back and forth into my mouth while the first guy was still hammering my little pussy. You wanna fuck them?" his hand pulled away and then his cock slipped through the hole. Play with your wet fucking whore cunt!" Again my tits were bouncing as he fucked my mouth and I finger fucked my cum filled pussy.

Little Sister Squirt

first-time elguaton 2018-09-02

She has small little boobs and no ass, and like I said, she's not much to look at, but shit-howdy, when your cock sinks into that pussy, it's worth it. It was one of those little ones where the lips don't even stick out much, and no matter how many times she fucks, she still feels like a virgin. Plus, I don't know if Carla talked about what we were doing or what, but Squirt always seemed a little suspicious around me. By then, Carla had this little smug grin on her face all the time, like she was the queen of some sex embargo, and it was working. I glanced up, hoping to see a light on in Carla's room, her watching me face-fuck her little sister.

An Experience of Love

first-time bouncecloud 2018-09-02

Jenny's face was a hurricane of emotions as endless ecstasy and erotic stimulation, staring into me, grabbing me to push harder into her, as she bit her teeth hard at the feeling of my cock going deep inside her tight pussy. I felt my own orgasm built up as the heat and pleasure waves in my hard cock from the wet feeling inside Jenny's pussy turned into a burning stream going from my head to all my insides and to every corner of my body as I felt it coming up in a burning physical ecstasy.

My Celtic Cumming of Age (Conclussion)

first-time jayco666 2018-09-02

In the morning she woke me up with a kiss and told me that I gave her the best sex she had ever had. After that night, we were completely inseperable and here we are, 15 years later and still in love. My first girlfriend, My true love, My Celtic Queen and now my wife. She showed me what true love is and has been showing me more and more everyday. The night that I went from a self-concious s*******n year old shut out to a s*******n year old man in love with the best woman in the world. The woman who taught me that everyone has someone out there, and although they might live on the other side of the world,they are still out there waiting for you.