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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Longtime friend Dana - finally fucked

first-time rayvan889 2018-09-02

My fiancee was also very happy that Dana is in town because she heard a lot of things about her, they even spoke on the phone a couple of times but they never met. A few minutes after, Dana came and she wanted to call for a cab (I was quite upset, I fucked her … but I didn’t fucked her as I wanted) … then, something great happened, my fiancee told her to sl**p over because since I was not going to work the next day, we can talk some more in the morning. After about 30-40 minutes, she had her share of orgasms and her pussy juice was all over my dick and balls … I sensed it is the time to go for the ass.


first-time goodwifebad4black 2018-09-02

I get up and his fingers slide out of me, my husabnd comes over and I grab Mr. Black's shaft as i push my husbands head down to suck his dick, as he does, I begin to kiss my husbands mouth as he sucks his dick and I'm stroking his shaft. So i feel my husbands hands begin rubbing my nipples, I lean back and keep grinding my pussy down on his this dick.. He bgins again by rubbing his dick on my pussy and I keep moving down cause all I wanted was his dick inside me, I needed to feel his cum! Then my husband comes and spreads my legs again and begins eating adn drinking Mr. Black's cum from my stretched pussy...

Art History

first-time Jet_Lagged 2018-09-02

The whole point is to go to museums and look at art." Beth smacked her friend on the upper arm and rolled her eyes. She said, "I'm not sure Magritte knew where her breasts were supposed to go." The painting was a human head whose eyes were breasts and mouth a V of pubic hair. Beth noticed though that Ted hadn't raised his hand, and was keeping quiet so as not to attract the rowdy group's attention to his relative inexperience. While the conversation tumbled along, Beth forced herself to look away from Ted, so she turned sideways in the chair and cradled her beer closer. From where Ted was leaning up against the desk, he was looking directly across the room at Beth.

Realizing I love cock

first-time Happyfella619 2018-09-02

It didn't take long before we graduated to a strap on, I will never forget the first time she fucked me with it I was so horny, my cock was oozing pre come as she slowly worked that fake cock into my tight arse.sam proceeded to thouroghly fuck me starting off nice and slow before pounding me hard and fast even slapping my arse. After a while my lover took hold of my head and started to fuck my mouth calling me his little slut when all of a sudden he pushes deep in my throat and comes not giving me any choice but to swallow.

Roommate rescued

first-time happy_manwhore 2018-09-02

Natalie, liked to be called Nat, was a easy going young woman with a great job and lots of friends. Nat said she felt so bad about Steve trying to **** her, but also about his comments. It was so good to feel her cuming, that I felt my cock swell and getting ready to erupt. I felt my cock erupt deep in Nat's tight pussy and she hugged me hard and was shaking. I woke up a couple of hours later, still spooning Nat. My cock was rock hard again and resting on her ass. Steve the idiot, got arrested the night he tried to **** Nat. He got caught for d***k driving, so we felt good about that he got some kind of punishment for his attempted ****!

Mostly True Tales: My First Daddy

first-time 2018-09-02

I was fucking horny the entire time and it was a turn on to be walking around with this man, referring to him as Daddy and knowing that he would soon be deep inside me. He went inside and got a room while I waited out in the car, teasing my little pussy through my panties as I anticipated the fucking that this older man was about to give me. “Oh my god Katie, you’re going to make your Daddy cum so fucking hard!” I pushed him back and pulled his throbbing length from my lips, still stroking it. I want you to cum in my fucking mouth Daddy?” I stroked faster as I continued to suck on him until I felt that first spurt start to erupt from his swollen head.

Love On The Hill

first-time romeoindian 2018-09-02

As I got out of the cockpit of the IAF transport plane that I had qualified to fly, I handed over my headset and gear to one of the airmen alongside and climbed into the station jeep that was sent to bring me and my crew back to the hangar to freshen up and write out my report. I pressed his head so he could take my breast into his mouth, I wanted to feel it there. Not content with the pressure on my pussy, I moved my hand from the back of his head and groped for the junction of his legs, wanting to feel his hard penis over his jeans and stroke it. His pelvis rocked forward to increase my pressure on his organ, as I pushed my pussy into his hand.

The Bitch Mother! 2

first-time 2018-09-01

I need you to kiss me!" Alex moaned, took another step, and his cock-head was now under his mom's hot dripping cunt. "But, if you want to be nasty and fuck your loving mother's mouth like that...then I'll let you, and if you'd can cum in it to!" she purred, as she leaned into Alex and sucked his stiff cock deep into her mouth. "I love you so much and I can't wait to get my baby boy...back in my horny, little cunt and let you fuck me!" Ronda purred, with lust, as Alex started walking them out to the car.

Chinese Takeout Ch. 01

first-time ChloeTzang 2018-09-01

"Hey Jay-Lin, you'll like Peter." Ginny exuded confidence. I might sound a bit jaded but hey, the guys I knew were all horny little dickheads who thought they were god's gift to a girl because their parents were loaded and they drove expensive cars. I liked Ginny a lot, she was my best friend, but with guys she was just a pain in the butt. "Yes Ginny, I AM coming, okay, but he better not be as bad as that last guy you dragged me along to meet." He'd been awful. Come to think of it, that gweilo guy had been wearing something that looked vaguely like those patched jacket things those Hell's Angels I'd once seen had worn.

The Reunion; Part 1

first-time Dorathesexplorer 2018-09-01

My lips brushed off his, his hand pulling me closer, twisting my hips around for him to push his stiff cock between my legs. Blush creeping up my neck with pleasure, I pulled his jeans down to his knees as he tried to f***e his bulging cock through the damp softness of my panties, our groins pulsating while being rubbed against one another. I thought of his sweet, rock hard cock in the taxi and rammed 2 fingers into my mouth, sucking them hard while my pussy was throbbing in my other hand. He looked down at me, his vieny cock growing again as I stared up into his amazing blue eyes and felt my pussy go on fire with wanting for him.

Sharon our Mom gets trained 3

first-time 2018-09-01

Sharon reluctantly started to suck Rob's cock, which was soon very hard. my juices you can taste on his cock," Karen teased. Sharon found herself without cock, but not for long, as both the others soon was Sharon's face and tits, Karen let out a scream and came in a gigantic orgasm, Karen soon found her breath and looked at Sharon, her face and tits covered with "Sharon, you look like a real slut. Sharon placed herself on the table on her back and Karen straddled the mature "Yes Karen, please tell me what you want," Sharon replied, looking up at the She squatted over Sharon's face and spread her pussy lips. "Lick your son's cum from my pussy.

Kinky Keri and Communal Living

first-time Thattagirl 2018-09-01

Almost like it was second nature, Keri reached up and put her hand on the back of my head as she slipped her hot moist tongue into my mouth. I didn’t even have time to feel awkward or nervous, I was too busy noticing how wet I had become with her hot tongue darting over my moist red lips. Keri, noticing my longing gaze, unwrapped her beautiful full lips from my nipple and pushed Mark away. As I watched the look of pleasure on her face, Mark eased his giant hard cock into her waiting mouth. As I watched Mark shoot his steamy cum all over his girlfriend’s mouth, my own lips were met with a flood of hot juices from her pink, wet pussy.

my first time

first-time pamcdnc69 2018-09-01

I was interested in meeting in the woods in one of the many parks around this area and he agreed on that (after we exchange some pics to “known each other” a little and be OK with what we were looking for). As the pants went down, I gently bend over a little, exposing my ass, hole (barely covered by the small thong I was wearing), and my slim legs. I put his rod in my mouth and I started to suck it gently and deeply, playing it, from time to time, with my tongue. I think he was just looking for a rod and not for a warm, virgin hole or mouth to play with.

The Ski Trip

first-time 4eyedbrit 2018-09-01

After a frustrating morning session and spending most of my time on my backside, I Met Simon for lunch at a café in the small town. His mum was skiing with Wendy and the crowd, Simon had arranged to meet with her for the afternoon and set off for the cable car. At around five o'clock it was pitch black and had been for a while, Pascal arrived looking very flustered, Simon had had a bad fall. She sat on the bench opposite closed her eyes and opened her legs slightly, inviting me to take a good look at her. There was a stunned silence in the room, Gwen caught my eye, she was staring at it, wide eyed and open mouthed, Michelle held back a gasp with her hand over her mouth.

Online Encounter

first-time Zangetsu2113 2018-09-01

That first day I didn't receive a response from a single girl despite seeing that it said several of them were actually online at the time of being sent my message. "I'm in Building H, Apartment 26, it is at the far end of the parking lot to the left, and then about half way down the hall on the second floor. I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest as I pushed the bathroom door open and walked inside. As she continued to stroke my cock, I reached out and grabbed her breast and squeezed it's soft flesh. After a little bit of pushing, the tip slid right in and she let out a loud moan.

My Friend Bill

first-time rcpeters 2018-09-01

I asked if he would mind if I kissed him and his responce was to pull me close and bury his hot tongue in my mouth. I told him how badly I wanted him to cum in my mouth and we went into the bedroom. He chuckled as he asked, "what would we need them for" I smiled and told him that he had gotten me so hot that I was more than ready to see how it would feel to have him put his dick in my ass. He kissed me and asked me, "Would you like to fuck me?" I smiled and we kissed and felt our dicks growing hard again

Fireside First

first-time On_Impulse 2018-09-01

Paul was truly interested in my likes and dislikes and kept me talking most of the time. Paul's parents had called and told him to please not make the drive home due to the condition of the roads. I stopped long enough to tell him that was exactly what I wanted and not to worry, but I wasn't planning to leave anytime soon. He stopped long enough to lovingly look up and say, "that was exactly what I wanted and not to worry, but I wasn't planning to leave anytime soon." We both erupted with laughter. When I turned to hand it to Paul, I noticed that he was unwrapping a condom of his own and rolling it down his hard cock.

First Time Suck Buddies Part 5

first-time couldhedoit 2018-09-01

I knew we didn’t have to worry about getting caught so as Jason was sliding my cock in and out of his warm mouth, I said let’s take our time and go slow so we can last for a while, alright. I pulled his head toward my cock while I pushed my hips forward some and he opened his mouth and let me slide in. He held my head, pushing his hips against my face keeping his dick deep down my throat for a few seconds, then he pulled his hips back, freeing me to breathe again. He was breathing a little heavy but I quickly started fucking his mouth, sliding my cock down his throat as deep as I could.


first-time echosa 2018-09-01

As we shook hands, I couldn't help but notice her looking me over, though I thought nothing of it at the time. I heard Sheila walk to the door, so I pulled my head away. "Well, aren't you going to offer me your arm?" That took me off guard, but when a girl that looks like she did that night asks you to do something, you do it. I shut the door, walked around to the driver's side, got in, and started the car. Sheila placed her hand on my leg and said, She began bucking extremely fast so I wrapped my arms around her legs to hold her still, pulled her hood away from her clit exposing it, and began licking it with all I had.

Young Lovers Embrace

first-time HeavenlyCurves 2018-09-01

Yet, at this very moment she was just a heart beat away in the other room, sleeping like a child. She leaned back against him, brought her arms up and ran her fingers through his hair while his hands softly found their way around her sides, rising slowly and gently, gliding across her shirt fabric until his fingertips felt the hardening firmness of her nipples. He made circular motions over the cloth, teasing her body and making her hunger for his touch before he slid his hand under her clothing to finally enjoy her feminine secrets. While still holding her hair in his left hand, and her bottom with his right, he began to rock his hips into her hot, wet depths, making her shudder with pleasure.

First Time For Everything

first-time Ryan283 2018-09-01

She began to lick her way back up his neck while she slowly slipped her hand inside his boxers to feel a man’s shaft for the first time. Her body arched slightly to press her breast into his hand as his fingers brushed gently across her nipple through the lacy bra. Her hands explored his body while he pulled his lips from hers to nibble tenderly at her neck and give her breast a gentle squeeze. She closed her eyes and laid her head back, tangling her fingers in his hair and focusing on the progression of his lips as they nibbled down her neck. She whimpered softly as his lips left her breast and his shaft left her touch, but smiled as he began to kiss lower down her body.

Addison's New Friend Ch. 02

first-time eroslit 2018-09-01

"Addison, the last time we met you said you were going to, in your own words, 'fuck every guy in town' this summer. The beautiful teenager stared at Michelle, looked out the office window for a moment, and then buried her head in her hands and began to cry. "Do you realize that people that have been married for twenty years don't always have good sex, Addison?" Michelle asked. Michelle put down her dislike for it as a sign of old age...just like Addison said. When he backed away again, Michelle said, "Is that what a female officer would do, Tony? With his hands still positioned inside her skirt, Addison pushed her ass into Tony's crotch.

John gets caught

first-time Tokyomans 2018-09-01

Have you ever had a cock in your mouth or up your ass?” John shook his head no and looked up at him with fear in his eyes imagining the pain he would feel when these three huge cocks speared his virgin asshole. John gulped the slimy come down his throat and Bob pulled his still hard cock out of it asking him,”did you like the taste? The man knelt down and rubbed his cock all over John’s face jamming into his mouth occasionally so John could suck off the cum. James now began to really fucking him hard jamming his cock as hard as he could up his virgin ass knowing he is going to make him into a bi slut that they could use as they wanted to.

Hotel Wanking

first-time horny_but_nice 2018-09-01

The second and third time Ed and I sat facing each other and I cummed all over myself thinking about our hot sweaty legs rubbing against each other and out knuckles bumping as we jerked off our hard cocks. Now sitting in his chair, he has visibly shaking from nervousness and excitement, he was idly stroking his hard cock and occasionally moving down to give his balls a rub. "You know guys, this is really fucking hot, but I do have to run." He got up and went to the hotel room desk, leant on it with one hand and cummed.