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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

How To Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

first-time annakey 2018-08-31

None of my friends had ever mentioned masturbation, which was the only reason I could think of to try a sex toy, so I certainly wasn't comfortable talking about it with them. I've also heard from lots of people who already enjoy sex toys and would like to use them with their partners, but have been too reluctant to bring their toys to the bedroom for fear of offending their loved ones. Many people express concern that bringing a sex toy into their relationship will hurt their partner's feelings. You might also try buying a book or watching a video together - your partner might be embarrassed to admit he or she doesn't know how sex toys work; "instructional" materials can often alleviate your partners functional concerns.


first-time jaimie49 2018-08-31

So I asked her what is her favorite position.She thought for a second saying" well I guess this would be my favorite if I have had to pick," as she stood up on the bed straddling me.She then put her right knee down on the bed and her left foot down on the other side.I could see her pussy wide open.She took my cock in her hand lowering her pussy on to the head of my cock rubbing it back and forth over her hole.Then pushed her pussy down the head of my cock disappearing inside her as she yelled out "oh gosh that hurts oh yeah this is going to take some pushing but no pain no gain aaaaaaaaaaaaaa yes."

John's Diary

first-time HornyDayDreamer 2018-08-31

Right after Mom and Dave left Stephanie took me into her room and she got naked even though it wasn’t bedtime. She made me cum a few more times while I sucked on her boobs and touched her pussy until I couldn’t cum anymore and my dick got soft. I was really pissed about an early bedtime but Stephanie stopped me in the hallway and said it was because Mom and Dave want to have sex all night. She cumed a few more times like that then told me she wanted to lay down and I could pretend to be her Dad. I got up and stood on my knees between her legs like Dave had done but I didn’t really know what to do.

Camping Shower late night cum pop

first-time tim_likes 2018-08-31

He had both shower heads spraying the floor in front of him and he was just sitting naked on the bench out on the edge with his ass just off the edge and his cock in his hand slowly stroking his shaving cock. I started sucking on his cock and the first time I took him to back of my throat he moaned and said "fuck yeah baby take it all" I kept sucking his cock slowly taking it to the back of my throat with ever stroke. I reached up and slowly stroked his cock for a little bit feeling his pre cum in between my fingers and continued to lick his ass pushing my tongue into his ass and could feel his cock flex each time.

It's Got To Be Perfect

first-time starrkers 2018-08-31

With a happy smile and a light heart, Melissa headed out the door to spend another day bored out of her skull in a dead end job, but today even that seemed like a wonderful idea. Jason kissed her belly button and left her breasts bereft as he concentrated his energies between her legs, his fingers lightly flicking across her clit and back down to circle her soaking wet opening, but never moving inside. Her release swept Jason away with it; his cock swelled as he slipped free from his control and thrust wildly, deeply into Melissa's twitching pussy once, twice and then a third hard time as he pumped her full of his seed.

Lost Inhibitions

first-time rowena_bee 2018-08-31

He gathered her in his arms and brushed his lips against the tender skin of her neck, making soft pecks along the contour until he reached her nipple, and gently suckled on the tip, if only for a moment. Softly, his right hand touched her left forearm as he leaned in for a kiss. Her eyes closed in response as she felt him caress her arm, reaching up to her hand and holding it above her head, down firmly, but gently. He rubbed his hand over her clitoris a few times before splitting her lips apart with his fingers and penetrating her with his fingers just long enough to get her worked up, and then stopped.

Ava's Fantasy

first-time Lacey_St_Sin 2018-08-31

Normally Kane treated me like Jas, a younger sister, but talking about my turn ons had changed that feel, and now there was a strange tension in the car. I was busy watching how his big hands maneuvered the shift stick, there was something mesmerizing about his fingers, though I couldn't quite pin it down, and it took me several seconds to realize we had pulled down a dark road that was not my driveway. Intense awareness of his fingers, slowly working their way to the hem of my shirt, and then inside and back up stoking the heat along my stomach. He shifted me, guiding with his hands until he sat beneath me in the seat, his pants lowered to his thighs, his manhood straight and hard, almost painful looking.

My s****r in Law

first-time carolinafaninva 2018-08-31

The next night all the bros and s*s went out to a local bar in which Megan started ranting on how much she loved anal sex. She looked so puzzled and spacy and said "I don't know what I am doing" I said what do you mean, she then said "I came to fuck you" at that time all i could do was lay a powerful kiss on her lips. I had never had such a great blow job, she started by licking my shaft and rubbing my balls, looking up to me with her doe like eyes, showing me how much she wanted my cock and how she loved every inch.

Sex Club for Nerds and Geeks

first-time Peterspeter 2018-08-31

I'd made my high school years tough by hanging with the "nerds" and the "geeks." Not that it wasn't correct to call us that, it's just that I didn't like being singled out and called names. "You found 'For a good time call Suzie' and a phone number on a men's room wall, written in neat script, and decided she was my kind of girl?" My sarcasm wasn't funny even to me. They, and you, are what people call 'nerds' or 'geeks.' Male or female, our society today pushes the idea that everyone has to look like celebrities. "Because this is a place where the members go to get beyond the 'nerd' or 'geek' label and meet people like themselves.


first-time FallnAngel721 2018-08-31

Adam finally moved his right hand from her ass, to her hip, then slowly to the front of her jeans. Adam then put his right hand on her head, the moved it to the back of her head, wrapping his fingers in her soft hair and holding it tight. Jenn, almost like a porn star, took his dick out of her mouth. He took his dick in his right hand and gave it a few strokes as he looked down at her soon to be fucked pussy. Jenn was exploring her body with her own hands as she waited for him to become one with her, waiting for him to enter her with his dick and to be fucked good and proper.

Marc and Moni in trouble part 2

first-time 2018-08-31

Wow you are a dumb bitch aren't you she said that is the idea Ho. I put the black crotchless pantyhose and then the skirt which fell to just below my ass cheeks, it covered my pussy as long as I didn't bend over. Ok he said as Gus grabbed my hand and pulled me past the line up of men ogling me. I got to the back and he said time to start paying up as he pushed me to my knees as he pulled out his black cock. I must have been quite the site sucking cock and being fucked at the same time just like a real whore as I looked at my wedding ring hand stroking a strangers cock.

Breaking Traditions?

first-time trindriver121 2018-08-31

I stood still and silent and watched intently as her moans increased, her body pulsing as the man beneath her grabbed her hips to keep her balanced on the arms of the chair, finally with a loud scream, Dawn dropped the toy from between her legs, and nearly collapsed on top of the man. She turned her body slightly, and her breast was directly facing my mouth, she moved forward and I felt her nipple touch my lips. She lifted off me, then turning her body, she lowered herself on to my penis, slowly I watched as she allowed it slip inside herself, when she bottomed out, she sat fully upright, one hand pinching one of her nipples, and the other rubbing the flaps of skin just above her vagina.

Passion's First Time

first-time SilverSexKitten 2018-08-31

You put your hands behind your head and just watch me as I trace my fingers over my own body, in all the right places. We lay on our sides, kissing softly and I feel your hand make its way between my legs again. You run your hands through my small, trimmed red patch and then I feel your fingers trace down to my clean shaven lips. You kiss the inside of my thighs and slowly work your way toward my beckoning wetness. With my eyes closed, I hear every little noise, every breath, I feel your skin as it touches mine, I taste your lips on my own. I feel you pick up speed and push a little harder reaching far inside my cunt.

Harp Un-strung

first-time Sammael Bard 2018-08-31

He sits down next to me after some time, looking with those big brown eyes, hoping I won't be angry. Living alone in a two-storey house can do strange things to your sanity, but I live through it, one day at a time. The crowd will notice a new guy in the middle of a school session, but they'll forget about it pretty soon. "Keep your head high, shoulders straight and put that I-don't-take-crap-from-no-one face," Dan instructs me with a serious look. She reminds me of the bitches from my last school -- heads full of thin air and noses stuck high in the sky. But like all good things that come to an end, the reality dawns over me.

Team Teaching

first-time WayneGibbous 2018-08-31

I heard Mrs. O'Keefe coming down the stairs so I started to stand up when Ms. Lynch took my arm and said, "Sit down, Russell, just relax." Push your cock up into me, Russell, oooh, yes, just like that, yes, just...UUH, UUH, ooh, ooh, aah, so good, yes, oh, nice and hard and so good," and she slowly dropped forward on me, her hips still moving, still fucking me, then, mine happened. It was different that sucking Mrs. O'Keefe, Ms. Lynch's breasts felt more solid inside my mouth, her nipple was hard, like the end of my dick which, need I say, was harder than it had ever been. "Mmm, that's nice, Russell, just suck, it feels good," she said as she played with my dick.


The Preacher's Daughter

first-time Lola49 2018-08-31

I felt Derek's penis began to grow hard in his pants, knowing I was causing it made my panties dampen. I had this hot hunk of young man pressing his solid penis against my mound and I had the greatest desire to know how it would feel inside of my pearl. It was time to take this intense experience to the next level; I grabbed Derek by the hand and walked with him to the bench facing the pond. A dammed reserve of lust lotion burst, allowing Derek to push his cock deeper inside me, he beat up my little pussy because my slippery pink walls flowed with cum. Each time I looked across the aisle at Derek sitting with his family I felt a tingle.


first-time cep69 2018-08-31

With one hand he helped her slide her bra off and with the other he massaged her slightly damp, tight virgin pussy through her cheerleading panties. Stacia slid his boxers down and off and began to work his cock, which was as hard as a rock by now, with her hand. Stacia slid her head up and down on Mike’s cock, taking in as much as she could handle and sucked with all her might. Mike crawled up on top of her and kissed her passionately as he slid the bottom of his cock up and down on her clit. He slowly slid the head of his cock into her pussy and she started to moan. Stacia breathed heavily and looked into Mike’s eyes, trying with her hands to pull him in deeper.

Farmer's Daughter Seduces b*****r

first-time 2018-08-31

When Jeff moved in beside her, she asked her older b*****r if his cock gets that big and hard when he’s turned on and ready to mate. Then Megan really floored her older b*****r and asked him if he moves in from behind to mount his girlfriends like the horses and cattle do. When Jeff just stood there and stared, she asked him if those looked like the tits of a little girl or a big girl. As he turned to walk away, Megan slid her jeans down enough to show her bare butt and called Jeff and told him she was ready to be bred. As his hand moved to the lower part of Megan’s butt, Jeff heard a soft moan coming from his little s****r.

Welcome to Jamaica

first-time kinkstar 2018-08-31

My best friend had been dating her boyfriend for half a year and they'd just started having sex for the first time and were generally radiating a coital glow. He was from Jamaica; tall, lean-muscled, chocolate skin, halo of baby dreads, sad eyes, absolutely succulent lips and that accent, man, every time he said my name I felt a delicious tingle. He had to be about eight inches long and when I held his cock in my hand my fingers and thumb didn't meet so he had considerable girth as well. I stopped worrying when he progressed from slow strokes to plunging one, than two fingers into my pussy.

The fitting room clerk

first-time 2018-08-31

I went to try on the first nighty, the bra wasn't right. She then had me release my tits, and reached behind me again, this time brushing my erect nipples with the hands. I went to reach for her chest and she pushed my hands away, lifted her head and told me no. she slid her finger into my throbbing wet pussy, pumping me with a few fingers, then had me turn around and she began to pump my ass with the other hand. Her tongue is going crazy on my clit...i'm ready to cum again, She feels my juice on her chin and goes further down to lap up every drop.

First Time with a Man

first-time patrick53 2018-08-31

Not wasting any time at all, he got to his knees , unzipped my trousers, pulled down my underwear and started stroking my cock I was almost shaking with anticipation, excitement, trepidation. I swallowed and swallowed as he twitched and gasped and he held my head close as he continued to spasm and pump his hips with quick, short jerks as he emptied his cock in my mouth. I think of him holding my head as he fucked my mouth and pumped his juice into me and I can still see his hard cock inches from my face.


The Cello Lesson

first-time frotted_cream 2018-08-31

As he stepped through the front door of the house he heard his teacher Mrs. Richards play a piece he recognised but couldn't name, she was passing the time between her previous student and William, who was the last for the day. On one of the chairs Mrs. Richards was perched on the piano stool with her back to the door, William glanced briefly down to the curves of her behind, she was wearing a black mid-length skirt today and it displayed her shapely form perfectly. William twitched with arousal, his penis straining once more behind the wooden body of the cello as his teacher leaned forwards, pressing her bra-supported breasts against his back.

Strip Poker and Speedos: Part 2

first-time john1195 2018-08-31

residence says this is naughty and i*****l, well, I'm afraid I don't have a Do not forget to donate to, our host. This was so confusing and totally lazy light of the moon. Less than ten feet in front of us with his cell phone aimed at us, grinning If what you are saying is true, then why is there "The whole thing was my He was afraid all of this do it if you promise one thing. his tanned feet. my confusion. shave them off." I could tell by his brief Speedo tan that he really did the tent was the moon's rays which were filtered through the mesh panel on forget. I needed that so much. That was the encouragement I needed.

Shweta & Susmita's Naughty Night-out

first-time blue_butterfly 2018-08-31

"You really did it?" Susmita said while laughing. After finishing my dinner, I went to my room and called Susmita on her cell phone. Then I jumped into bed to sleep, though quite excited about my plans with Susmita. Susmita said she would reach Dumdum station at about 09:30am. Are you ready?" I said looking at Susmita. Someone had to start, so I took my clothes off and got completely naked in front of her. Come with me." I said and took her left hand in my right. She did so and started sucking my horny, wet pussy. My juices burst out of my pussy like a water gun. You are such a sweet best-friend!" Susmita said while taking my hands in hers.