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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Virgin's Tale

first-time monaangel 2018-08-31

Being the cheerleader fantasy meant she normally serviced older men looking for a younger girl, and as she lay waiting, she pulled aside her French knickers and flicked a finger over her clitoris, to give the impression that she was turned on. She slowly continued, gasping as she took his whole length and she stayed still, holding him close inside of her, gazing into those widened blue eyes and she smiled again, before rising up again, putting her well toned thighs into good use as she sunk down again, slowly, rising up then down, becoming faster and faster, breasts shaking, smiling as he closed his eyes in desire, watched as his breathing became faster and faster, as she rode him, her own movements becoming a blur, as he shuddered, pushing his hips up into her, she gasped as he slid deeper as he came, hard, twitching as he released the last of his cum inside of her.

I Hate Christmas

first-time Decayed Angel 2018-08-31

I hate Christmas, Santa Claus sucks, the reindeer should be ground up into dog food and the songs, the fucking songs, it's either advertisement that the road to happiness is paved in all those presents under the trees or praise for something that so many people have packaged into a religious icon and then put it up for sale. I pull my cock out of her, we both quickly dress and rush back into the service, joining the song, "Hark, the Herald Angels sing..." Later we walk out of church together and I watch the people head home, telling myself, "Perhaps some of these people really mean it, perhaps just a few of them can ignore all the glitz and glitter and just love the time they spend with their friends and family.

To Be Just Like Her

first-time nextdoorwhore 2018-08-31

Taking me in his arms he took his hand and drew me in, delivering the deepest most passionate kiss my freshly cock teased lips had ever tasted, he turned me around, pulling me close and wrapping his arm around me, taking my hand in his, he placed it between his legs and onto his swollen cock, once I had a firm grip on what I had wanted so bad he took me by the hips and said to me "You've been a good girl Bobbi, You know that right?" I quickly looked him in the eyes and the only words that would come to my mouth were, "Now a good girl wouldn't go and tell on herself for getting what she deserved would she JC?" A nervous grin replaced the soft wet lips that were wrapped around his cock only minutes before.

My Very First Time - losing my innocence

first-time matureamateur 2018-08-31

I felt his engorged erection moving up and down until he was sure he was in position, I nodded in agreement and said "yes, that's it" and felt increasing pressure and a stab of pain and he relentlessly started pushed against my pussy, the head of his cock resting against the gossamer tissue of my hymen, I started to panic and was gasping for air, my skin felt flushed, I was getting frightened and tried to wriggle away from him but he reached down and pulled me back towards him by my hips really hard, there was no escaping him now, I screamed out in pain, my breath being f***ed out of my lungs as he expertly pushed into me breaking through my hymen in one powerful thrust as his cock broke through into my virgin cunt, I gasped as he held me tight to stop me moving away and I remember biting his shoulder as he f***ed his way inside me, I was crying now - I just wanted him to stop.

The Older Man

first-time damonaffleck 2018-08-30

"I'm 19." "You sure look like you're older than 19, honey." I said " yeah, I got that alot. I told him I would like that, and he said he would pick me up at the station the next day at 6. “You really like bigger girls?” His reply to that was “No, honey, I LOVE big girls.” I was smiling the biggest smile of my life and never wanted someone to fuck me so bad in my life. I’m so close, but I want to hear you cum first.” At that, I fucked myself with abandon, my fingers slickly jamming in and out, the sounds and smell of my sex filling the room.

On the Beach - Part I (Halo saga)

first-time sindorei 2018-08-30

Understandably, having previously spent her whole existence as an Artificial Intelligence, whose appearance to everybody else was nothing more than a hologram, the simple yet intricate aspects of human living were all new and fascinating to her. Fortunately, her new physical form looked just like her hologram, except without the blue tinge to it, so her physical beauty remained as obvious and appealing as it had always been. Things like these intense feelings and desires had always been beyond her. Running her sunscreen-coated hands over her legs, her stomach, her sizeable breasts, Cortana once again felt the tingling of pleasure inside her being, and her mind was teased with images of John.

A Big Meeting Ch. 02

first-time mybaby 2018-08-30

"Can't beat a good shag with a big cock on a Saturday night that's what I reckon." Tracey said a little too loud, mush to the Barman's amusement. "Bet you got your plastic friend out too didn't you?"Kathy blushed even more, but didn't deny it, "Ha ha, told you," Tracey winked at me, "Close your mouth Jackie and tell us about your new fella." Steve grabbed my hand, I felt a shiver go through me as he did so, he was looking around the crowded room, "This way," He said and headed off to the far corner of the bar, I glanced behind me to see a very despondent Tracey and Kathy dutifully following us.

Krissy's First Good Lover

first-time c7racer 2018-08-30

As soon as I said he was married they kind of dropped the subject, though with a mocking, "Shame, because you look like you fancy him!" I laughed it off and they passed any further opportunity to grill me. I began to worry about how it would look when we arrived to the event together; I thought about his wife and my folks and what they would have said if they had seen us; but somehow it just all felt so easy I couldn't stop myself. Instead he grasped my point straight away, tipped his head forward to kiss me full on the lips, his hand up on the side of my face gently stroking it whilst the other pulled the small of my back into his waist.

A taste of my Aunt

first-time mt33 2018-08-30

i decided to make myself soft again because i could hear my grandmother approach the kitchen, there wasn't enough time to put my dick away so i started to act playful with my aunt. when my grandmother turned around and began to leave the kitchen, My aunt still joking around not noticing that i was cumming on her butt, was shrugging me off, saying that she would get me when i least expect it. When she walked away and closed the door, my aunt had turned on her back and began to snore. Since i heard her footsteps again i turned off the lights with the controller and turned my aunt on her side, pulled the cover over our bodies and stuck my dick in her ass.

Losing It Ch. 2

first-time MathGirl 2018-08-30

I whispered, 'Is Herman all the way in.' John got back up with his weight on his hands and told me to put my hand down to feel. You're fucking me with big, warm Herman, aren't you?' John said that we were definitely fucking and that my cherry had definitely been popped. Warm, soft, wonderful.' Then he pulled almost all the way out and pushed really hard, almost roughly back in to the limit of me and held Herman there, throbbing and jerking. I loved the feel of myself opening for him each time he plunged back in After a while, just as I was starting to feel a little sore from all the rubbing Herman was doing at my entrance, John started breathing faster, and fucking me harder and faster.

What A Way To Lose It

first-time flyinpete2001 2018-08-30

I was screaming humping Jane's hand as it rubbed my clit, her other fingers working on the entrance to my pussy and my pee hole, all at the same time. I rubbed her as she had asked and her moans told the story, she loved it, and once I had worked out that my thumb could rub her clit at the same time it did not take long for her come. We opened some nice wine and sat watching the sun set and chatted about sex, normally when Jane turned the subject around to this I didn't really listen, but tonight I was happy to chat, I needed to catch up on the years I had lost.

Long Loves Lasts Longer [1]

first-time Poet-PETER 2018-08-30

LONG LOVE LASTS LONGER introduces intimately tiny tit teen Tineke in private pretty pictures and warm words I have her name [/Esma isn't that an erotic enhancing name for a tender terrific tight tiny tit tantalizing tasty teen I have her pose prudently in privacy inside my home: I capture: I go fast forward to show her to You dear reader: I will write a continuation of this story slowly and successfully seducing the tasty tight teen I will write a continuation of this story slowly and successfully erotically educate teen Tineke I will take my time to take away initial inhibitions: I will take her bent-over, always preferred pose: I will make her pregnant at exact exams:

My Obedient Wife Made My Dreams True

first-time altaff143 2018-08-30

After 3 days my wife went to the tailor and collected the dress and came back home. But my wife was not objecting After few minutes of boob play, he started biting the nipples slowly, while he gently moved one hand down and pulled the thread of the salwar. The tailor started squeezing her ass and asked her to lift her legs one by one so that he can remove the salwar completely. While the pee the tailor asked my wife whether she had locked the door of the house or has left it open. Once the boy was nude, my wife started sucking his cock. My wife hugged the girl in front of our gate gave her a good lip kiss and came inside.

Help from IT pt 8

first-time silklust 2018-08-30

Without realizing it Charlie started rubbing his cock through his pants, it was so hard it was straining, and all he could think about was how amazing Dani was. He went back to looking at them and absently stroking himself before he realized he had his cock out and was jerking off furiously as he thought about climbing on the desk and fucking Dani senseless. Soaping Dani up in the shower was definitely on his to do list, just thinking about her got his cock throbbing again and he started stroking it without even realizing. "Oh he is going to have a great day, and an even better night!" Dani giggled as she squeezed Charlie before they headed back into the market hand in hand.

Khrystle - Sad and Tired

first-time goinstrong 2018-08-30

When she asked "What would you like," I said "Two twenties and a ten would be fine." She actually began counting out the bills. You "get it!" I said, "Maybe you need a man instead of a boy?" She smiled, leaned over and kissed me full on the mouth. She took a step forward, raised her arms in the air, and said "Please!" Grasping the hem of her top, it was slowly removed from her body. I didn't touch her tits, but slowly leaned forward and gave each nipple the slightest kiss. Thank you for showing what a MAN can do for a woman!" I responded with "Khrystle, it's important for you to remember this night.

Sandal Tales 01: Garage Sale

first-time sammyman5 2018-08-30

I was feeling so good that I pretty much resigned myself to the pleasure- and a movement to my left made me look to see Beth had pulled up her dress and was again massaging her pussy while she watched. Annie saw this too, and stood up, leaning against the arm of the chair on the right side as she had seen Beth do and spread her legs. So I answered, "Well I would say that you are not a virgin anymore because this in and out movement with my cock is called 'fucking' and that is what I am doing to you right now, you little cunt." And I reached down and grabbed her ankles just above the straps of her sandals and pulled her legs up and drove into her with all I had.



first-time jadon69 2018-08-30

I opened it and he pushed his way inside, the door shut behind him as he pressed me to the wall, kissing me so deeply. He felt for my breast, as i could feel his cock getting hard against my leg. His cock felt so hard and smooth. I licked the underside of his shaft and gently squeezed his balls before my mouth enclosed on his cock. My tongue tickled his slit and licked his head before I worked him deeped into my mouth and throat with every bob of my head. I reached into my panties and felt the wetness of my cunt as i rubbed it over my clit. his tongue licked my clit so fast and light as i had described to him so many times before.


first-time JayEll 2018-08-30

She was now wearing a black pair of fleece pants with the word "angel" printed across her round backside and the matching hoodie-style top that ended at her bare midriff (which was trim and tanned, but still soft-looking.) I averted my eyes just in time to avoid getting caught staring. All was well when I saw her mesmerizing smile break through and she exclaimed, "But I did get an A, one hundred percent!" She kissed me on the cheek and did a little dance that involved a lot of bouncing (oh yes), and a few pelvic thrusts (oh god yes!) "How's 'bout me and you start that celebration?" she didn't have to ask and didn't wait for my answer before jumping in my car.

Single mom just move down the street.

first-time 2018-08-30

Over time I get to try breast milk. I tell her what feels good. NO that's not right, I head of this and mom said only gay men do this. This time she opens the legs and guides my head down there. turn the fan on and have a good time. She has an orgasm orally and wants to give me a Blow job. The first time for her was a smooch, man bent her over the table and jammed a dry cock in her virgin dry pussy. This feels good she said. I am enjoying this and its cum time for me, I pull out and she immediately starts crying. The cum build up after the blow jobs is pretty good. She and I have a good time for months.

dirty, sweet n' slutty cathy...

first-time mrclitoralman 2018-08-30

Cathy giggled at my response, then her eyes narrowed as she gripped my shaft tight and my looked deeply into my eyes as she hissed, "Did you like what you heard last night...did our fucking make your balls fill up with all this cum?" I could only murmur, "Oh yeah", and she sucked the tip of my swollen cock-head between her lips, then let it pop out and grinned, "Did we make your cock it feels now?" I couldn't resist a smile, "I think you know that you did." Cathy giggled and luxuriously nuzzled and massaged my hard shaft against her face, "Good, I hope you were stroking your cock while we were fucking." The sight and feel of her rubbing my cock against her silky smooth face caused me to draw in a sharp breath, and I could only respond with a "Mmmm, yesss".

Sparking Ch. 03

first-time Rubnesque 2018-08-30

We'd met through my boss; by that time I'd graduated with a Masters in Linguistic (my way of sticking it to my father) and discovered no one needed an overly educated English major with no real desire to enter that particular world. Having never allowed any man to dominate me since my father, I was surprised by the rush of pleasure that coursed through my body originating from the bite mark. We hid our passion for one another because "what we had was special and couldn't be shared with the outside world yet." I, being the stupid fool I was, swallowed that hook line and sinker until the day I went to an office meeting and met Mrs. Barry.

A School Girl's Lessons

first-time Sassiwolf7 2018-08-30

He gave a hardy laugh and locked the door, "Today's lesson is easy on you I'll start by teaching you the joys of my tongue." He instructed me to take off my panties, they were so wet. I smiled rolling over grabbing his hand and placing it on my still contracting pussy, "Incredible!" I was still feeling the effects when he said that my lesson was over for today, but if I wanted and was good during class I could get another new lesson tomorrow. Mr. B came up behind me and nibbled on my neck as his hands kneaded my breasts, "Today's lesson is extra special, you are going to learn the joys that woman can bring you and you to them."


first-time AnonFreak68 2018-08-30

As I sat there, all that I could think of is the way Carol would look like when she goes in to take a shower. We later grabbed a few sodas along with our plates, and made our way to the living room to start watching the movie. The scene then ended, and Carol began to catch her breath as she continued to watch the movie. Without hesitation, she took it in her soft hands, and began to feel my hard cock. "So, I was the one who got you excited that night?" Carol later asked. "So that's what gets it exciting, huh?" she said as she began to stroke my dick.

i am bowled

first-time 333johnwick 2018-08-30

He told me that whenever there is any new girl coming from India, Pakistan or Bangladesh, the lady invites him first to have a shot. Yesterday only he received a call from this lady and also she sent him this photograph, but because he was busy in the auditing he couldn’t get a chance to visit there. He said that Mr S**d is my boss and it is the first time he is visiting such a place and requested the lady to make me happy. I stopped and after a while I pushed a little more now half of the lund was inside her, she was in real pain but I was so excited that I want to continue and this time with some f***e I pushed my lund fully in her vagina.