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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Roadtrip fun

first-time sam_i_i 2018-08-30

The stall wall was at least an inch thick and the man's penis went through the hole and drooped (as it wasn't fully hard yet) a full 3 inches below the rim. I had been standing at this point and I could see the top of the man's head over the stall wall, I couldn't stand up all the way or else he would have seen my face (because I myself am very tall). As the thought of this erotic adventure was going through my head and his cock, now hard, was going through my hand, I heard the voice once again say "You can put your mouth on it, you know?"

Freedom From a Small Town Ch. 01

first-time woodcarverII 2018-08-30

I see them all day long and while it's wrong of me to think anything, I do get flattered as much as any other woman would." All I know is that at that moment all I wanted to do was sink down through the seat, down past the floorboard and ooze my way home somehow. You will pay your own way, but I think that I can help you secure either a student loan to help with your school expenses, or we can apply now for a scholarship." She eased down into the couch a little more and I swear she was trying to feel the newly reborn erection I was sporting at the time.

Great Study Date

first-time russeltrust 2018-08-30

Elise's breathing became ragged as the frenching, coupled with the chest massage Frank was giving her, began to affect her in ways that no good girl should feel! When her pussy was good and wet, and her body was buzzing with sexual intoxication, she lifted up Frank's head and kissed him hard on the mouth, showing him that there was nothing gross or disgusting about her own juices. Frank picked up his pace and began to pound Elise up and down on his cock, as if he were using her cunt to masturbate his dick. Elise was horny, and in a few minutes she would suck Frank's cock back to an erection and make him fuck her again until she came.

At Last, Free

first-time MidnightBRose 2018-08-30

I started my own photography business about five or so years ago, with an inheritance from my parents; I know rich kid thing right? At work I hear my name every five mins, to the point I just want to scream, but I don't and just push through it all praying that time flies so I can close and go home and do it all over again. As time went by, things like going on dates to find 'Mister Right', just seemed completely pointless, and who would want to date someone who has seen it, but not yet lived it? This is where my life changed, where I finally met my 'Mister Right!" My guy was in front of me the whole time, if you had not guessed it just yet, well put it this way.

Reuben's Surprise

first-time alexMB 2018-08-30

Don't want you ruining the whole experience now, do we?" This instruction came from Daniel, who was now almost completely naked, having left only his socks on. When Daniel's hand reached into them to take them off, I could tell Hailey was looking directly at me when she gave a slight, but maybe exaggerated, moan. Both still facing me, Daniel took his left hand and while sitting behind her, reached around and inserted his finger into Hailey once again. Daniel kept at it for a good minute or two, at a decent speed making sure Hailey felt each twitch and motion of his fingers. Daniel had slowed down completely and now without his blurred hands in the way I could fully see how wet Hailey had become.


Discovering my love of cock

first-time smilinwillie2001 2018-08-30

I kept stroking my dick which had gotten hard again as I brought my cupped hand up to my mouth and licked the big gob of cum into my mouth. I knew I wasn't gay, I've never been attracted to boys, but I could not get the image of big, hard cocks, cumming and pissing all over, out of my head. "Oh yes" I managed to moan around his cock." You're such a good little cock sucker he said dreamily as he caressed the back of my head. Suddenly his cock was shooting what felt like gallons of hot, thick, ropy cum in my mouth and down my throat.

Four Plus One 01: Monkey Bars

first-time ReefBeach 2018-08-30

They felt great; they seemed to be stronger when she stared at his lips, or those strong eyes of his, or his beautiful curly hair. She believed in God, so when a devout friend insisted on going to church that Sunday, all four of them made a morning of it to see the place that had told Lanny God approved of self-pleasure... The girls were very intrigued, knowing Danny's part in the monkey bar theology. "Remember you said, all, all Greek names?" Lanny was finding a few words hard to say as the ciders started to take charge. Andrea was silent, but held Danny's hand tightly as she looked into his eyes.

My Son brings me another Part 2

first-time chchboy 2018-08-30

"Don't come the pretty boy with me Jorden, you just had your cock in Susey, and Toby, wipe that silly grin off your face, this is serious. Now it was Susey's turn, I was sure she wanted Toby to fuck her ass, "Lie on your back honey, Diane can sit on your cock and Jorden can, giggle, enter her ass............, hurry" "Look at me Susey, it's your turn next........, oh god son, fuck my ass, you're going to feel so full, two cock's...., yes Toby, get it deep, fuck me............, the feeling........., OH GOD BOYS, FUCK ME, Harder, rub your cocks together in me FUCK, OH GOD, I'm cumming, YESSSSSSSSSSSSS.

His Son's Ass

first-time dongerdoug 2018-08-30

The door was open and We watched as Kevin,who was on his knees,leaned forward and sucked Brian's hard,little dick into his mouth. Kevin said he knew that it was Wrong and Wicked for Him to have Dreamed about having Me Fuck Him Up His Ass. He said,that no matter How Much He Wanted To Feel My Cock Deep Inside Of Him,Filling Him with Pleasure,or How Many Times He Had Thought About Me,Cuming In His Mouth,or Me Giving Him His First Orgasm,he would never ask again. Holding hands they looked back at T and I and in unison said,"We'll be going to bed now." They walked away on shaky legs but right before they left the room,Brian turned and said "In the morning,If You're Up For It,Be Sure to Cum Get US!"

First Time Shower

first-time dodger125 2018-08-30

He gazed at my own body with my slim frame, bare chest save for a few hairs round my nipples and my blonde pubes around my three inch cock that, like his, was starting to grow at the anticipation of what was to come. The warm water splashed our bodies as we both washed our hair with some shower gel. My cock was poking out at a right angle as was Steve’s and occasionally they would swipe at each other like fleshy swords! “Here, move back a bit and I’ll soap you down”, Steve said lathering his hands with the gel. He moved over my chest, brushing my nipples and down over my stomach, through my pubes and worked around my cock whilst the other hand massaged my testicles.

Succubus Meal Catcher(Part 1)

first-time 2018-08-30

And it said "Meet me in the alley,Love your mystery friend" I quote, Mystery friend,had a lovely face, Her lovely tongue went back to work,as if it's only purpose was pleasuring, Held her hands back,and my body started to talk, Using my tongue,kept grazing it onto her bare chest, It was like as if her body begged for more, In the back of my mind,i wanted to know why me, My underwear was being frisked as her hands were going in and out, She kept digging my waist,slighly bleeding about, Her movement of her tongue,felt like the pistons from a gentle car, Repeatedly rolling her tongue,going faster,making my mind only go so far, Pressing my head against the wall,trying to bare the pleasure,

Being pegged by the whole street

first-time nickfun69 2018-08-30

Meanwhile Carol straddled my face as I was f***ed to eat her pussy as my wife worked on my ass with that dildo. What really got me was my wife and Carol left me on the bed all tied up as they headed to a gay bar. Debbie yelled, “eat that pussy you two-timing asshole” you better be good because Carol gave us permission to whip you ass again if we want to. After our months of lovemaking Jennifer knew what I liked so she began slowly sucking my cock so I could savor the emerging orgasm rising from my balls. Then I heard Jenny said “ hey Debbie, give this asshole the whole thing, ram it in his ass!!!

The Milkmaid Ch. 06 Pt. 02

first-time Melkiss 2018-08-30

Her lips met mine and we kissed, my eyes closed, her breast hanging in my cupping hand, my cock lurching forward at the touch of her soft lips. Now she straddled me in reverse, my delicious cowgirl, my cock waving tantalizingly close to the dark crack in between her full ass cheeks. "Oh God!" I yelled it into the night air as she grunted, feeling my cock fill up her tight cunt, and she lifted herself off of me in one motion. Ache for more of me." She breathed the words and slowly let her ass sink downward, her dripping pussy lips parting like the Red Sea to let my heavy throbbing member pass into her deep ocean.

How I tuned office newbie into my sissy (Part 1)

first-time BritishPsycho 2018-08-30

Me (walked up behind him as he was stirring) "actually make that 2 and a half" (I then moved directly behind him, my body inches from his, took the spoon out of his hand from behind, put half a spoon of sugar into my cup and stirred slowly.. **no video of this but I did have photos which were since deleted as I didn't need to f***e him to be my sissy!** He kept trying to stroke his dick through his trousers but after the 3rd time I put my hand around his neck and told him "you cum when I let you"..

Teacher, Teacher

first-time Malomar 2018-08-30

I covered her upper arms and worked it into her shoulders but then my hands involuntarily started to slow down as I rubbed the lotion across her neck and slowly down her back. As I worked my way back up this time and got to that soft flesh, Kathy turned on her side, exposing the bare breast to both my hand and my eyes. She worked her hands up under my T-shirt, her nails raking softly into my skin as I sucked her long nipple between my lips. Kathy bit her lip again in that cute little girl way as she reached out and ran her hand over my dripping cock.

Adventures of Mikhail - Chapter 2

first-time 2018-08-30

"Hey, Gudbrand, did I tell you what happened between me and my teacher last week?" Mikhail asked Mikhail sat on a chair, still coughing, as Gudbrand went to his room.  Gudbrand dipped his large middle finger into the jelly and slowly slid it into Mikhail's tight anus as Mikhail moaned, feeling stimulated but also bizarre at the same time. "Alright, Miky, prepare yourself." Gubrand shoved his massive cock into Mikhail's virgin asshole. Gudbrand fell back on a chair and Mikhail lay on the table with his ass still uncovered and filled with cum, both of them sweating bullets and panting like tired dogs.  Mikhail went to the tub and washed his cum covered cock, ass cheeks, face, hands and back of his robes.

Discovering Patricia

first-time dixieman54 2018-08-30

She took the same hand away and pushed it into her elastic running shorts and under her white cotton panties. When I took my bath after practice that night, I noticed the brat left her white cotton panties on the floor. She then said the girls talk about it at school and she always wondered what it would look like. She said “yes , when girls get excited.” My cock was getting so dam hard and it started to hurt a little. The only sad part about this was that when I went practice the next day, it was obvious that by the way all the guys talked, they never got to fuck a girl yet.

Daphne's Memories of Love

first-time ImmortalRomance 2018-08-30

Daphne didn't see him right away when she entered the 'Midnight Blue.' There were a lot of people there that night, and the dance floor and the nearby tables were packed with dozens of hot, sexy men. He made her hot all over with just his look, and Daphne found it suddenly difficult to breathe normally as he approached her across the crowded room where she stood near the dance floor. "I want to spend the night with you, Daphne," he suddenly said, the words coming fast, ramming into Daphne's heart. "Daphne," she heard him whisper, and she suddenly realized he was no longer kissing her, although she remained crushed against the length of his tall, muscular body.

That night with Groovi

first-time hakabhai1234 2018-08-30

Well I don’t know what got into me, but like I said, I was a horny teenager with raging hormones, but I slipped out of my covers in the middle of the night when everyone was asl**pand went to go see if I could see that sweet naked ass of Groovi’s that I had remembered from those few years back. Inside her, her wet walls were gripping tight and clinging at my cock, and if I wasn't pumping it in and out of her so slowly, I would have liked to have given it to her rough, pull on her ponytail and smack her beautiful ass, tell her how beautiful she was and that I've always wanted to fuck her, and came so hard...

Men can have multiples

first-time 40kinky 2018-08-30

She covered her hands in baby oil and grabbed my cock wanking hard and fast ohh god I was about to come nearly there just lifting my ass off the bed cause it was going to come hard. She carried on the feeling was building so deep with in me then come started to surge from my balls into my cock I could feel my tube and cock expand more. It must have hit the back of her throat hard cause it surged out my cock. She was licking me clean I was still hard she was sucking me now and I was feeling it again not even 40 seconds after the last one. Vicky was still sucking me deep and gentle I could feel my balls filling up.

Ashley's Mix-up, Josh's side

first-time KittyFlower 2018-08-30

He starts to feel pain in his cock as he continues but refuses to give up. He starts to stroke his dick faster as he sees in his mind the girl he loves sucking his cock. He tries to hold back but he feels his cum start to shoot out of his cock and covers his hand and stomach in hot cum. He starts to stroke his erect cock again as he pushes into her in his fantasy. He pumps his dick harder and faster with his hand as he fucks Ashley in his mind. Josh decides not to waste any time and starts to rub his cock against her lips. He lowers his hand to her pussy and starts to push his fingers inside.


Sex and the Office Ch. 01

first-time sarahloveitt 2018-08-30

The first time Tony met Shula was the day he went to the Yorkshire office to look over his new position as Development Manager. Since Tony was a personal friend of James and not responsible to him, he enjoyed a less formal relationship with Shula and, when on their own, he could pull her leg and share silly rude stories, which made her giggle. A break came in the dancing and Tony noticed Shula come into the room from the bar, clutching a glass. Angel-tits Shula stood with a puzzled look in her eyes as Tony held his jacket in front of him to hide the bulge."That's if you really want it.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 28-2

first-time BlewWater69 2018-08-30

Where you getting the money for a ring like that?" Chad asked when the happy sales rep walked away to have it shined a bit more for Jason. I can see you keeping secrets for other people, even me maybe, but Beth is the woman you love, just bought a ring for, and planned to give it to her tomorrow," Chad stated the obvious. After relating the exact story to the others, Haden wanted to know if this had anything to do with the secret Jason was keeping from Beth. "Yes," Jason said, stretching the truth and wondering if a fraternity brother, which Douglass Caulfield technically was, would meet the strict definition of a relative.

My first time with a man.

first-time albertrobert 2018-08-29

“I don't know what is happening here Glenn, but this is my first time.” Our lips touched, our tongues intertwined exploring each others mouth, exchanging saliva, as our bodies pressed against each other. When the last of the jism was in my mouth, I moved up and kissed him once more, sharing the last of the cum as he sucked on my tongue. I grasped the base of his cock, lowered my mouth and gently and ever so slowly took the head of his penis between my lips. Glenn began to buck upwards, but I moved my head back still holding a firm grip on the base of his cock. Glenn grabbed my hips and began pushing and pulling, my cock moving back and forth up his ass.