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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

International Relations Ch. 02

first-time Ninjafish 2018-08-29

I feel your breath against my erect cock and your hand slowly grasps me, again gently moving my skin up and down, I feel a warmth on my tip and the sensation causes a huge twitch and a small groan of appreciation to escape my lips. Your voice becomes more coherent and I can now clearly hear you moaning with my licking, your hand still on my cock but your head now to the side as between my finger and my tongue working your pussy your focus is purely given over to the orgasm about to flood your loins.

BUTT Fucking my Girlfriends Mothers ASSHOLE

first-time funnsun2 2018-08-29

Her mom was named "Martha" (a horrible name but that was it) and looked a lot like Carla's older s****r Lisa, who was a total babe that I had wanted to fuck for a long time but never got the chance. She started rubbing it through the denim and told me that she had always wondered what my cock looked like and she told me she knew I was fucking her daughter too! I started to push it in her hole just a little to see what she would do and thats when she told me to "FUCK my ASS like the slut I am!!" I couldn't believe she had just said that but I eased my cock in her and butt fucked her as hard as I could!


first-time Erocus 2018-08-29

After one hour into the show, when I was sure that Julie would be alone and stuck in front of her TV screen, I took my NYMPHOCOM disguised as a standard remote control, put my camera along with my laptop into a small bag and left my flat with my heart pounding. Her beautiful green eyes were like begging for me, she looked so incredibly sexy and I could not help but notice the soft mounds of her breasts pushing her silk bathrobe apart. I again thought the size of her breasts probably was due to implants but they blossomed off her trim, athletic body with a fullness and heft that would make every men's jaw drop.Julie's long muscular legs curved up to a round, high-riding ass which seemed to just beg to be sodomized.

Night of the Tornadoes

first-time julybear7 2018-08-29

Tempest Coney looked at the plant order in her hand, tears streaming down her face as she swore at her Pap. He expected her to harvest, package and arrange to ship 25 English boxwood plants to arrive in Rushford, Illinois by August fifth, ten days from now. As he slipped his cut-offs down his legs, the young woman, who hadn't spoken since the tornado alert, pulled her frock over her head, confirming Dave's observation that she was naked under it. In spite of her climax, Tempest wrapped her arms and legs around Dave's torso and held on to him like a raft in a stormy sea.

My Iraq Deploment

first-time kycouple265 2018-08-29

As the wife began to strip off her clothes my cock began to get so hard, and as Brandon began rubbing my wife’s sexy 36c tits my cock began throbbing. It was so sexy watching another man rubbing, licking, and sucking on my wife’s tits, and I could tell from the look on her face that she was beginning to enjoy the touch of another man. I could hear my wife saying “fuck my pussy, slam that cock deep inside of me.” As he was asking her if she “liked that cock going in our little wet pussy,” and I heard her reply “Oh yeah, fuck that pussy Brandon.” I could tell by the moans and the look on my wife’s face that she was really enjoying his cock being in her wet horny pussy.


first-time lovely16 2018-08-29

I pushed it up and over his head and let it fall to the floor before reaching up and kissing him passionately. He looked into my eyes as he trailed one finger down my body and slipped it into my slit, I groaned and let my head fall back. He leaned in close to me and had his arm around my head, so I took his dog tags in my hand and pressed them against his chest while I kissed him breaking only to moan. He reached his hand down and started rubbing my clit in circles I gasped and He only looked into my eyes, Hungry, heated, and wanting what he knew was his.

Light the Night on Fire

first-time BeingElly 2018-08-29

Before getting out of the car, you leaned over the gearshift and wrapped your hands around my head, pulling me in for a kiss. I was so aroused that my response was nothing more than a loud moan and me pulling my hand off the toy and giving up control. I feel your cock hit the back of my pussy and with every thrust your pelvis hits my love button. My tits bounce as I try to fuck your fingers faster. When you feel my pussy contract around your fingers, you start to suck hard on my clit. I keep cumming and you keep driving your fingers in me and sucking, never slowing.

A new development.

first-time seelee01 2018-08-29

I was exposed to black cock when I was in high school and it wasn't until college that I dated a white guy, Dave. Our sex life was as passionate as ever, and even enhanced by my love for black men. I think I have discovered that my desire is to be dominated in the bedroom and very few white men can do that effectively. It wasn't the sex, it was the fact that Dave was being dominated by another man, a man whom I had slept with. Dave confessed that he has wanted me to cuckold him and dominate him for some time. I told him that if I were to assume the dominate role, I couldn't have sex with him anymore.

Customer Appreciation Night

first-time sirhugs 2018-08-29

“I know you’d love to play with these a while,” she said, lifting and caressing her breasts, licking the left nipple with the tip of her tongue, “but we just have time for you to give them each one quick kiss.” As we spoke, Gayle began wrapping her hand around my rigid shaft, gently grasping the muscle, slowly rubbing the length. She promptly swallowed my entire length in her huge mouth, closing her lips around only once she reached the root, then pulling her head back, tongue dragging along the underside. As she spoke, her tiny hand pumped my cock, her tongue occasionally flicking across the head, until she tasted my pre-cum.

Sex Studio Secrets #18: Susanne-2

first-time petdyke 2018-08-29

Susanne and her sexy sibling tasty teen twins celebrate their birthdays at my sex studio in Amsterdam. Susanne tells me the twins are no virgins, after ferociously fingering each others tight teen twats. The tasty teen twins are still virgins in another sense as both of them only know lesbian sex so far. The three tasty tight teens will have the best birthday party of their life at my sexy sex studio! I take the rose on offer from Quirine and bang her backdoor, as Roseanne licks her till she orgasms. I repeat the tasty twat treat in both hot holes hidden between the love lips of randy redhot Roseanne. I let sexy sweet Susanne lick the love lips of exquisite Quirine to keep her hot and coming together.

Katy Did

first-time ericthebard 2018-08-29

Like literally, a midstep hesitation, as he's pacing away from me, and he looks over his shoulder at me as I'm sitting sidesaddle on the arm of his leather easy chair, my arms crossed under my breasts (which is a good place for them, apparently, as his eyes keep straying to my cleavage). It comes out as a long, slow groan as he eases out of me, and then slowly, slowly, presses himself back in, and I get that sensation I'd wanted, the one I had always imagined and never come close to getting right, I now find - that feeling of being slowly filled, parted, of a hard rod of hot desire dividing soft walls of velvet hunger.

First Contact

first-time alt_dot_nerd 2018-08-29

His lawn-mowing attire finally assembled, Brad made his way downstairs and filled up a large cup with tap water from the kitchen sink. As he headed into the last little patch of grass he saw Mrs. Trotter come outside of her house. Brad looked straight down over Mrs. Trotter's shoulder and could see a little bit down the front of her swimsuit. Brad hit some more sunscreen on his hands before he started working on her thighs. Mrs. Trotter's eyes flashed down at Brad's erection first before she looked him in the eyes. I have to go inside." And with that, Mrs. Trotter ran inside of her house, leaving Brad baking under the afternoon sun with a raging hard-on.

Teen lured into sex 3

first-time anita8003 2018-08-29

When Jaya madam told her one day that Rekha madam has asked her to go to her flat, Pooja expected Vicky. Rekha never allowed them to have personal communication."Whenever you want to fuck, you can come to my flat, it is safe" She wont mention that it was actually Vicky's money that was important for her. She opened her mouth, extended her tongue and began to lick the lower part of the head of his cock, as she had seen in many porn movies Rekha showed her to teach her.She held it in her hand and started licking his balls and slowly brought her tongue to the tip.

Cross Country Coach

first-time Jdill22 2018-08-29

For a split second, John thought he saw strange expression flash across Coach Campbell's face, one of both surprise and of longing, yet before he could even think about it it was gone and she was looking concernedly as a doctor would examine a patient. At this point she got on her knees and while looking at John's lower abs which were now eye level and said, "flex for me" as she pulled John's shorts down almost an inch on the spot where her thumb was. She bit her lip as she slid her hand up and back down his stomach, stopping at the waistband of his shorts and letting out a deep breath, now looking right at his massive erection with an expression of upmost longing.

Thoughts to help you eat cum

first-time Johnnytames69 2018-08-29

You never know what a guy will taste like, so every time I give a blow job, I tell the guy if he wants me to swallow, to put his hand over my mouth after he cums and make me swallow it. I found out from girls who give head that the best tasting cum is either from a guy who drinks lots of juice, or from a very long blow job. I don't think it is a good idea to deep throat the whole time, or a vast majority of the time you are giving head, but when he is ready to cum you should go down deep, let it shoot straight down your throat (this way you won't taste it), and suck him dry.

Luanne Ch. 05

first-time maadmaax 2018-08-29

She walked over, kissed me on the cheek, and said, "Cute apron." Then she poured herself a cup of coffee and leaned against the counter and started off by saying, "I thought it over and I think your idea would be kinda boring. About ten minutes of that he finally said, 'Ah, baby, you've got me so hot, how about taking care of me?' I did better than the first time and held out for nearly seven minutes by the clock on the stove before I yanked back extra hard on her hips, drove my cock in and up, and started squirting inside her. She came over, kissed me for a long time, and then pulled back, saying, "Yes, but you've been cooking the past several hours.

Growing Up College Ch. 1

first-time FreshPeach 2018-08-29

It was almost a week later when I came in from my Friday night film class to find Liz sobbing into her pillow, the cordless phone lying next to her, looking strikingly like a venemous snake. Liz hesitantly removed her damp shirt, revealing perfect tits and two hard brown nipples against a blank white background. Laying a few parting kisses over her flat belly and her barely there pubic mound, I found what she was looking for and began to caress her hooded clitoris with my sharp tongue, using a few more choice moves learned with the head of Paul's dick.

Teach Me

first-time themermaiden 2018-08-29

She was visibly shocked and stunned as she let the door slam behind her and stood frozen, staring at her teacher, "I...Oh my God, I'm so sorry," she covered her eyes and turned around, unsure even then why she didn't just run, "I left my lunch..." she started to walk toward the desk she'd been sitting at with her back turned to Mister Wilson. She shook her head, "Never been with a boy like this." As she spoke, he returned his hand to her center and used his fingers to spread her pussy lips apart and licked from her hole up to her clit. Jake pulled his pants down to his knees and reached out for her hand, wrapping her milky white fingers around his hardening dick, "Touch it," he said.

GF turned Me Pegged Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-08-29

So when my girlfriend told me that she wanted to fuck my ass with a strap on, I was interested.  "I want to fuck you doggystyle" she told me, so I immediately got onto my knees and stuck my ass into the air. I could only manage a few inches before I thought I would gag, but Josh moaned in pleasure anyway as I started to rythmically suck him off. I felt myself growing hard and started to play with his balls, before using my hands to jerk him off at the same time as sucking him. "Yesss but I'm not gay" I moaned, pushing my ass into his dick and opening my cheeks my with hands.

A Life-Changing Experience, Part Four

first-time cdwantsit 2018-08-29

After a few more minutes, Kerry traced his tongue to my ear and whispered, “Do you like this?” At the same time, he took his right hand and began caressing my cock, which was straining at the fabric of the thong which was ineffectively attempting to contain it. Then Kerry took his hands and began to lightly run them over my shoulders, arms, back, waist, butt, and thighs, all the while deeply gazing into my eyes. It steadily and urgently took ahold of every fiber of my being, and all I could manage was a barely perceptible, “oh, my god.” Then I came in wave after wave after wave of climax, as Kerry continued to bob his head up and down on my cock, extending the sensation.

Put It In Me Coach Ch. 01

first-time Mermaid 2018-08-29

"Ahehehe," I giggle because I know you like that feeling and are a little uneasy at the same time. I feel your hard cock through your pants and start slowly rubbing my panty clad pelvis against your hot crotch. I love the feeling of the breath on my pussy, as you're inhaling the sweet sensation of my juice soaked cotton. "GNAH!" I cry, "oh…" "You're so tight… and wet," you notice, which fills you with pride, knowing this young thing stretching open on the table offered herself to you. As I lay cooing, recovering on the massage table, you smile inside knowing there's more ahead for me, your little cheerleader, this evening.

Sometimes Dreams Come True.

first-time 2018-08-29

Joanne and I had been married for alittle over four years, when one morning she told me about a dream...a dream that changed our sex lives. She told how in her dream, we were having sex....(I'm thinking cool)...then she says....with another guy. I couldn't help but notice Joanne giving Joey a wicked tit shot when she set his drink down, all the time smiling at me. Finally, Joanne said,"I will if Joey will". Joanne had jean shorts, white tank top(NO BRA) and sandles. Joanne won a hand, so Joey and I were down to our shorts. Now I had seen Joanne topless so many times it doesn't matter, but to see her topless infront of Joey? I couldn't resist, so I grabbed Joey's hand and put it on Joanne's tit.

Jemma Teen Virgin

first-time stuntman1960 2018-08-29

I looked at her, slim, beautiful, long dark hair and large, soft breasts and thought to myself, 'If you don't do something now, you are going to regret this!', 'What the hell, why are we worrying, let's just go for it!' I said, and kissed her. I ran my hands over her blouse, feeling her soft breasts, slowly I began to undo her blouse, she seemed a little nervous and I asked if it was OK, 'Well, it's just.. The first sight of her breasts was amazing, I had dreamed of this and now it was happening, they were big and very soft, but because of her age not saggy at all, the nipples were surprisingly small, but erect.

Sex u troje

first-time majajosip 2018-08-29

Mozda da malo bolje pojasnim, ne jebemo se vise kao zecevi sto smo cinili u pocetku nase veze, ali sex je ostao kvalitetan i oboje uzivamo u njemu. Malo smo «svrljali» po oglasima, ali to nije bilo ono sto ona moze prihvatiti. Pomogoa sam joj i da se obuce, mozda i nisam bio puno od pomoci, ali bilo je to prekrasno gledati i biti prisutan. Ne mogu se sjetiti koliko puta smo se jebali, koliko puta mi je pricala sto su cinili, gdje, kako, ali se sjecam da niti sa zorom nismu ugasili glad jedno za d**gim i da se uzbudjenje proteglo na cijeli dan, pa na noc i nije nam smetalo sto nismo spavali.