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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Cuck's Birthday Memory of my fucking his wife

first-time q156omega 2018-08-29

I hear the black man’s pants hit the floor and knowing she's ready to feel the head of his cock against her hot juicy pussy , me, husband kisses my wife and whispers take it all baby, as the black man slides the head of his dick in my wife's pussy for her first BBC experience. I feel her begin to squirm from excitement because it feels so big...she says I can hardly wait so she push back and take more inside her, smiling as she moans it feels so damn good, with me, husband jerking on my dick like crazy watching a big thick black cock enter her pussy.

My First Blowjob

first-time 2018-08-29

He began to reach under my short summer skirt up my thighs and rub my pussy, but I pulled his hand sharply away. There was a small patch of pre-cum on his white boxer shorts, and I realised I was only moments away from tasting his cock. I opened my mouth and slid it along his cock, bobbing my head gently back and forth. His cock pulsed and twitched a few more times, each time spewing more sperm into my mouth and throat, he grasped the back of my head, pushing my nose into his pubic hair as I milked every last drop of virile semen from his balls.

Dreaming of His First Creampie

first-time TongaFrank 2018-08-29

I imagine a day, or night, when we lie in bed close together, enjoying the feel and smell of each other's bodies, and begin to kiss, slowly at first but then progressively more passionately, lips, tongues, necks, earlobes, and so on, while our hands reach for the places we like to touch and be touched. Slowly and deliberately I bring her to her first orgasm as her hands guide my head, listening to the beautiful sound of her breathing and savoring the taste and feel as her body responds to my lips and tongue. I continue to savor the taste and smell of the woman I love, cleaning her like never before, until satisfied and exhausted I move back up to her face and again kiss her passionately, sharing the wonderful taste of our lovemaking.

Perfect First Time

first-time dieroller 2018-08-29

Alex looked back over to Kathryn, who was fully clothed, wearing her white, button up, school top and her green, red striped school skirt, which only went half way between her knees and ass. Kathryn turned and started walking back, "Okay, now you will see why I am still in my uniform," Kathryn told Alex. Alex sat Kathryn back, kissing her mouth, then her neck, then down to her nipples, taking a bit more time on them, then went further, her stomach, than he pushed her so she was laying down and he slowly took off her skirt, happily finding no panties.

The Night I Did "IT"

first-time RedHairedandFriendly 2018-08-29

"It looks like your brother's home and he's having a party." remember brother-in-law-to-be is partying downstairs, and your boyfriend is holding your legs closed, you aren't getting that cock in very easily. I remember him saying how he wasn't sure how we were ever going to have sex, if he couldn't get it in there. I told him I had to be wet and so we kissed and he fondled my sex, my breasts and then it was like he remembered I enjoyed having my nipples sucked. I shook my head no and told him, "Mom said no matter what I had to keep going until you were fully inside me."

Buddies Forever Ch. 02

first-time R E THEGN 2018-08-29

Maybe Jeff would like to read!!! Amy knocked on Jeff's door and walked into the room. His mouth dropped open but that didn't prevent his hands from reaching for the top of her t-shirt and pulling it over her head...Amy happily assisting. Jeff moaned, 'Amy, are you sure you know what you're doing?' You can bounce right back up...Jeff!!!!, it's OK, Mom.' He looked like he swallowed a peach pit. 'Hello, Amy to Jeff...Well, I'm not sure what you think, but C looks pleased.' She twirled around slowly. 'Man, I wish I had a buddy like Amy.' Matt laughed and walked away to talk to a friend.


Office Affair: Jill

first-time ThatGuy88 2018-08-29

Hank tuned out the man as he grasped Jill's thighs and started to push his tongue into her pussy quickly as she closed her eyes, biting her lip as she leaned over and muted her line. Jill leaned her head back and let out a soft moan grasping the arms of her chair as Hank continued licking her wet pussy. Mimi left Hank's desk and he breathed a sigh of relief taking a moment to absorb what had happened in Jill's office before turning his mind back to work. Hank continues to give Jill what she wants enjoying the moans she's letting out with every thrust and reaches around grasping her breasts.

Intern Affair

first-time Decayed Angel 2018-08-29

Feeling the last of the pulsations flow through his cock, the last bit of cum draining deep into Tonnie and the inevitable shrinking of his manhood he couldn't help but think, "I've failed her again." As he caught his breath, his cock slipped out of her wet, unsatisfied cunt and he groans, "I'm sorry Tonnie." Though he wanted to make her come that way, he knew she probably wouldn't this time, so he let himself go, feeling the sensations of her pussy on him and just thinking of how he was the first man inside her inspired him. "Damn," he thought, "this girl's gonna kill me." He turned his head and took a deep breath before moving back and plunging his tongue into her recently fucked pussy, thinking about the virgin taste of her just a few months before.

Sex Journey

first-time hottest_indian_guy 2018-08-29

"Don't you think that we should have drinks when we get down in Mumbai we can be great friends." That old man said tentatively. My huge cock going in her mouth and coming out. I held her hand and gave her a good mouth fuck. I didn't withdrew my cock from her mouth so she had no other option except to swallow all the cum. After waiting for few seconds so that my cock adjusted inside her I started pumping. "I am going to cum sweetheart." she shouted and suddenly she her pussy juices started dripping. "I am going to cum you wore take my cum" I said to her breathlessly while pumping her pussy.

A long time ago

first-time 2018-08-29

He kept turning a flashlight on my face so all could see who I was. He then took my purse and went through the contents , taking my lipstick and applying it heavily to my lips, He said" I needed to look more like a whore" his whore! we headed out of town and went way south and he pulled over on a dirt farm road and started kissing me. he reapplied my lipstick and pulled out his penis and said "suck it slut!". As I laid in the dirt rocks poking me in my back I looked up to see a flash, he was taking polaroid pictures of me, He said I would be his from now on.

Old Lonely Finds a Friend Part 2

first-time n2oral 2018-08-29

This time I paused for a long moment with my dick against her reddened lips, then grabbed her ass with both hands and plunged back inside quickly. I stayed there a moment, savoring the way it felt like I was in a bowl of hot oatmeal, then gave her buttcheek a slap as I quickly withdrew and slammed back in. Amy began ramming her backside against my groin, and it felt like I was in a tight bowl of warm honey as she continued oozing her musk. I took her finger and guided it to her dripping pussy, and then placed it on her hard nipple and began licking it off.

Indian Daughter-In-Law Tricked

first-time altaff143 2018-08-29

As Shaq missed the last one, both raj and shyam smiled.dolly turned her head toward shyam and said in a soft voice “Umm I don’t have the money on me, but I’ll pay you back.” “I think its time for us to fuck that sweet tight pussy of yours”, shyam said as he picked up dolly and carried her into the master bedroom. “No its my turn to fuck that tight cunt of yours”, he said as shyam got up to make room for raj. I’m going to fuck you till you cum out of your ears”, raj said as he spread dolly’s thighs, giving him a view of her swollen pussy lips.

The Potting Shed

first-time strapped4cash 2018-08-29

We could only dream about owning a car, and my Dad was still angry with me for reversing his much loved Morris Oxford into a lamp post on the promenade at Ayr. It was a fine big car, with lots of room in the back, and I’d just given Sally a good fucking on the back seat after she’d sucked my cock up to full hardness. The second time I’d lasted much longer and had given Sally a good ride, so good that after five minutes or so she’d bucked her hips up off the bed as she came strongly. I don’t know if she’d seen me or was simply speculating, but I’d finally got to ride her and was looking forward to it again as soon as possible.

My wife's best friend

first-time ghawk1068 2018-08-29

They lived with us for a little while between houses. I never thought about her sexually until we got a few drinks in us and it came up that I would be nude if they weren't living with us. Years later, after they moved out, we were out having drinks for their anniversary and the topic came up again. The place I choose is one where I go on my days off to play. We decided it was time to get out of the sun so we went to the club house . She told me she wanted to see me get hard then she would suck me off. The owner had come in a watched most of the BJ.

Patience Loses Her Virginity

first-time MoonCarrot 2018-08-29

With measured strokes Flora began on Patience's left buttock, kneading deeply with oil soaked fingers. Flora paused, her hands pressing lightly on Patience's chest, silently counting. "First he will kiss you here." Flora gently stroked her fingers down Patience's neck, "Then here." She touched Patience's face with her fingertips. Doctor Gray did finally propose, though it was many months after Flora's observation, and many treatment sessions later. Flora paused before replying, "If all the married men performed as they should, their wives might not need the treatment we provide, put it that way." "Come here and take a look what's what." Patience joined Flora next to Jack,

My Loving Daughter

first-time adel5000 2018-08-29

Allie was my brown haired, green eyed beauty (Just like her mother), she had long ringlets reaching to her lower back, with full, dark eyelashes casting shadows upon her perfect skin. Hungry, I took my usual place at the table, only to look up and see Allie wearing her black bed shorts, riding up her thighs, and revealing some of her cute little ass. I just wanted to let you know I was home early..' Stunned that I even had to come up with an excuse for watching my father masturbate in the shower, I apologized, and ran to my room. I saw sweat beads forming on her breasts, wanting to lick off and tear her shirt off of that body, made my penis grow larger.

Two in one night

first-time 2018-08-29

She loved to suck cock and would swallow every time. She had 36 c tits with nice pert little nipples. She loved sucking cock. She said to pull the car over so we could fuck. I went down on her wet pussy and began to finger her. I told her I was about to cum when she reached down and grabbed my cock. She swallowed my cock and stopped squeezing it. She told me that she loves cum and wished it could be bottled. She gave me a sideways smile and said she was horny and wanted my cock. She said, well tonight just fuck me, maybe another night we can have Michelle over too......

A meeting from my perspective

first-time funlovingcouple1 2018-08-28

She was looking me in the eyes and smiling in her "Thankyou" way I know well. Watching your Wife's mouth suck on another man's cock is a weird thing. And this is where I realise that my friendship with this guy has changed and that he's going to fuck my Wife and he looks like he means it. My Wife likes the feeling of deep penetration and always we strive for it. I swear he went balls deep into my Wife in one long hard push. Moved round to her head, lifted her drooping chin with my hand and fed her my cock gently working it in her wet, very wet mouth. She reached out for my hand and had a look saying help on her face.

The Tie on the Door

first-time lizkeigh 2018-08-28

He's making me angry because I'm thinking about that god damn smokeshow he gets to fuck, and it makes me feel like something bad needs to happen to him to make up for it." But after being accosted that morning, accused of being, in essence, a shitty male specimen, Josh felt like maybe what he was supposed to be doing—rather than absorbing a British sci-fi show—was ogling the fantastic-looking girl undressing in front of him. It seemed so bizarre to Kristin now, how she'd spent the past semester making fun of the guy who lived in this room with its perpetual tie on the door—the "hyper fratboy", the "player" with the freshman girls cycling through—and all that time it was Andrew, the charming guy who'd taken her on the best date she could remember.

A Mere Figment

first-time attics 2018-08-28

She couldn't see his face, but she could feel the warmth of his breath spreading across her skin like a morning fog in autumn. His hands moved to her buttocks and pushed her as close to the edge without falling off, barricading her with his body. Once he was deep in her, past the barrier, he growled in annoyance, "Why didn't you tell me?" She could feel him ready to pull out, despite how hard he was. She heard his moans, felt his hand digging into her buttocks as he pulled her close, to match every thrust. God, you don't know how long I've been tormented with the thoughts of sleeping with you, to see your naked body, to feel you against me, beneath me, moving with me.

The Girl Next Door Ch. 02

first-time zzim 2018-08-28

I knew she must be close to coming and I quickly sucked her clit into my mouth while at the same time slipping 2 fingers of my right hand into her tight little cunt, rubbing just inside and at the top of her entrance, stimulating her clitoral shaft from both ends. God she was tight, I didn't feel any sort of barrier, but as a regular to the pleasure of her own fingers I guessed that little obstruction had gone a long time ago, instead I felt as though her whole cunt was gripping my prick, almost sucking me in. Dawn was pulling on her nipples, squeezing her lovely tits, her head thrown back, face screwed up in concentration as she felt another orgasm grip her body.

You're In My Seat Pt. 02

first-time JaneSaysIt 2018-08-28

I know I'm not totally a skinny geek now, I mean I do work out a bit and I look a lot better after finishing my acne medication, but for awhile there I was just a total mess. It was hard to move my eyes from them to actually look up at her face, but I'm sure from the way she angled her body she wanted me to look. "You're in my seat." This time Carter leaned towards me letting me get a long look at the outline of his thick cock, which I'm pretty sure was at least a little aroused and I knew he did it on purpose. "Ally, did you talk to Paul?" Carter sat down, his eyes unreadable, but the goosebumps on his arms showed some reaction to our touch.

dady and me first time

first-time 2018-08-28

I met Tom (thats his name) after we talked for like two months, i was nervous, but he was so cool and understanding in emails and then finally on the phone, that I wanted to meet him. we were kissing and striping our clothes off and i finaly got to see and hold his dady cock! but after a while my jaw was hurting and dady said he wanted to do things to me... we did it like this for a long time, but then he said he wanted to do it with me laying down and him on top. we layed there like that for a long time kissing and he would like make his dick throb like he was still pumping cum in me...

Snow Storm Fun

first-time van532 2018-08-28

After a few minutes we got the car out of the pile of snow and I drove across the street and stopped. I tried to keep the small talk going but probably because I was so horny I had trouble keeping my mind off sex. We got to another cross street and he told me to turn right and that he lived a couple of blocks down. I wanted to get a better angle at him so I took his left leg out of his pants and it was much easier to suck him that way. We said our goodbye's and thanks and Dave got out of the car and disappeared into the snow.