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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

In the Stacks

first-time elguaton 2018-08-28

And so, as they were leaving class, Cynthia had had to say Steve's name a few times before he even turned and looked at her, and when he finally did, he was too surprised to even be wary of the barb he should have expected when a pretty girl talks to a nerd (although if he were honest with himself about his inner thoughts, he really thought she was too pretty and too good to bait him in the silly ways the other popular kids did). She began to pull back slowly, her cheeks concave, her eyes closed as she savored the sensations, and Steve felt the delicate suction of her mouth tugging at him with each millimeter she moved.

Sexy Louise and The Naughty Boy

first-time 2018-08-28

"look, Ahmed just get out!" I said once again looking down at the obvious bulge in his tracksuit trousers, "You're beautiful Louise, I love you, I know I lied, ok ok I'm not 28, Actually I'm only 18 but...I still love you" said Ahmed, Although his words were quite sweet I was still angry at the horny teenager, "just leave right now little boy, I'm almost old enough to be your mummy for fucks sake!" I shouted but Ahmed shook his head and lunged at me, giving me quite a shock, he was rather strong for such a young pup and he easily managed to pull off my towel, I stood there naked apart from my red high heels and sexy red thong, my arms now covering my large exposed breasts.

The Rooster

first-time rhinotoons 2018-08-28

Hey guys, get a load of this freshman and his freaky balls," one Senior said. By the time the door opened, my erection was gone and I had sat back far enough so that my balls were bunched up and looked somewhat normal. I could feel both of her hands on my scrotum as she slowly massaged and squeezed every inch of my sac, all the way to the base of my erect cock. "Are you okay, Mister Howard?" she asked as her other finger began to make a slow circle around my sphincter. The doctor has watched and waited until the nurse was done, then said, "go ahead and put your pants back on Mister Howard."

The Italian Affair

first-time sugarsweet1259 2018-08-28

He began to cut the cheese, finally Arabella got a good look at him. "As pure as an angel," he noted, "Surely you wouldn't mind if I corrupted you a little..."without having much of a choice, and being unable to resist her innermost desires, Arabella held in place as he clasped her face in his grasp, leaned in and locked his lips with hers. You sexy young bitch, fuck yes!" Uri gasped as he stroked her face in one hand and rubbed her clit with the other. Feeling her body turn tense with amplified arousal via his dick, Uri began to kiss her cupped face. Eagerly, she began to lap up their combined love juices; Uri's cock was her new best friend.

Young Love

first-time NoontimeGhost 2018-08-28

He was strong, and nearly a foot taller than Amy. Claire often thought he took everything too seriously, but he could be funny too, and he was the sort of person who would do anything he possibly could to help you. With Tom home from University, Amy would find herself uninterested in summer concerts and movies, and extremely interested in hanging out at Claire's house. Last summer it had almost drove Claire batty, when their favorite band had come into town and Amy insisted that she would rather stay at the Johnson's and watch a movie. "I think we're going out to a family dinner," Claire said, when Amy called. Then a bit later Claire heard Amy knocking on her brother's door.


first-time LanceV 2018-08-28

Finally Tommy saw us all together and asked if we wanted to go to Drewberrys, another bar nearby. Tommy and the rest of the guys came out of the bar and asked if we were going to Pete's. When we got to the edge of the parking lot, Miranda grabbed my arm and quickly ducked around the side of the building behind some tall bushes or small trees, can't remember which but we were pretty much in the dark but could see through the leaves pretty good. I felt like I was back in middle school when I couldn't control my feelings and stuff, when I got erections all the time.

Mrs. Armstrong

first-time 2018-08-28

I had fewer customers by I kept it up with help from my Dad. One day we got a call from Mrs. Armstrong. One day my Dad told me he got a call and Mrs. Armstrong was back. Rita smiled and said “Oh honey, I could feel you. After some time I slid down a bit and began to lick her hard nipple. She lay on her back and I took my time with each nipple, sucking, licking, kissing. I moaned loudly and felt her kiss me hard as I came, shooting inside of her. Sure, she was much heavier than any woman I thought I’d ever be with but I got turned on just looking at her.

The butchers assistant

first-time 2018-08-28

she would always get on to the subject of sex.which i enjoyed, she was a very sexy woman ,one day she asked if i would rub her shoulders,as i rubbed her shoulders she new what she was doing talking about exploits, asking about mine,then she asked if there was any stiffness,"oh yes i can feel stiffness" at which point she pushed her ass towards my groin ,I can feel your cock she said push it into me .only happy to do so i sarted feeling those lovely large tits .I was in heaven with people walking past on the street outside this was happening behind the counter in the shop.she then said her fantasy was to watch someone jerk off spying on them ,I had never thought of this, never been exposing my cock to anyone I said i could do with a wank hoping she would follow me.

The Glory Hole

first-time keen2trybi 2018-08-28

He appologised but before leaving told her if she did not have a boyfiend he would fuck her right there on the beach & when he left to walk away she could see a very thick outline of an erect cock in his brief speedos. I continued to suck the round firm knob & long thick shaft I soon heard a french accent say, "Thats it I am Cumming", i pulled my mouth away & received a thick blast of cum right in my face, some landed in my eye, some in my hair, i quickly gripped the ejaculating member & placed it back into my mouth where another 4 steady jets of semen blasted into my mouth.

Me and my twin s****r are so close

first-time michaelalwayshorny 2018-08-28

We both laughed it was funny when we said the same thing together, but then we stopped and smiled at each other and again both said "sure" at the same time, I dont know if it was the video and that we had both had some drink but it just felt right and we leaned closer and our lips met, so light at first just touching then we started kissing more deeply, our tongues flicking in and out of each others mouths is was so amazing I mean were both gay just incase you didn't figure that out so kissing women happens all the time but this just felt ever better.

The Teachers Tale Part Two

first-time 2018-08-28

Harriet stood up straight and announced , "Now I want to suck some cock, I want one in my mouth and to feel it's wet end with my tongue." Jesus, thought James, that's just what I want, I am so fucking hard now. So this was the actual surprise, Julie was a transsexual, he wasn't sure what amazed him most, that such an attractive girl was now sporting a large and very hard cock or Harriet hunger to envelope it with her mouth? Then Harriet said gently "James darling, I have let her fuck me in my cunt and my arse and believe me if you like a finger in your bum, and most men do, you will just love her cock in there, c'mon sweetie you have come so far finish the course with me?"

New House Fuck

first-time xXgwenaninieXx 2018-08-28

He grabs my waist and pulls me closer to him, I am so close I began to feel a bulge developing in his gym shorts. He bites and gently kisses my neck giving me that same chills as before, my body begins to grow warmer with every touch. I wrap my legs around his waist feeling his cock through our clothes. Still paralyzed under his touch he slowly pulls my shirt up over my eyes, I feel his breath on my chest before he teases me. His touch is driving me crazy, I moan at his tongue moving across my nipple. He teases me with his touch as he pulls my shorts off, they then join my shirt and bra across the room.

First Date

first-time Sally5050 2018-08-28

We kissed some more as he stroked my nipples but he couldn’t reach my bra as I was wearing a dress rather than a top as on the previous night. Bobbie’s cock entered me making my clit enlarge whilst he went in and out – I screamed and screamed as he went faster and faster – my body quivered in ecstasy as my juices flooded out during my orgasm – but he didn’t stop – I could hardly take any more as I had a second even more potent orgasm while my pussy clamped over his cock which after the longest fuck I have ever had he eventually started pumping cum deep inside me.

My Firsts

first-time 2018-08-28

I lost my virginity to a girl in a car. I had my first blowjob in a car (from a girl). I ate my first pussy in a field at night. I gave my first blowjob through a gloryhole. I first gave anal (to a woman) in a bed. I first received anal from a transexual.


first-time ShyxGirl90 2018-08-28

I tease your cock through your panties gently with my teeth and hot breath, at the same time teasing your asshole with my perfectly manicured finger. I slip your panties down and off, dipping my fingers into the small bowl of oil, spreading your cheeks in front of a mirror to watch as I run my fingers round your hole, your little whimpers getting louder and more frequent. I slip my fingers out from your little hole and stop the torture over your manhood, to which I smiled thinking of how you see it as more of a clit than a cock. It feels so fucking good that when you lick it furiously and pop your little tongue into my pussy I yell and cum, messing up your face.

The neighbor

first-time 2018-08-28

I am going to teach you how to please my body as I please yours." As he kissed her and she sucked his tongue and he played with her tits she put her leg to his cock and pushed it tight to him. As he sucked on her nipples she reached down and grabbed his hard cock and began to stroke it. She laid down spread her legs and told the boy "Now you get to fuck my cunt. Then fuck me hard as I play with your ass." He laid on top of her and pushed his cock in deep. She put two fingers in his ass and fucked him as she sucked his cock and took his cum.

My High School Teacher

first-time Jackielvs420 2018-08-28

I love to suck cock, and I love the taste of cum even more. I began to suck harder and harder while his hands pushed my head deeper and harder against his cock. I look up at him while still having his cock inside of my mouth and watch him pant and become all hot for me. I like fucking my boyfriend because he has a very thick and large dick, and it felt so good when he pounded me from behind. He pulls his dick out of my pussy and I quickly turn and suck his cock putting him over the edge. He tilts his head back letting me know that he is going to cum soon and I suck harder.

Remembering the Sting

first-time RenaeNicks 2018-08-28

Mark and I eventually began talking to each other before class about various things. Before class, Mark approached me and asked if I wanted to rent a movie with him that evening. In infants, you actually cover both the nose and mouth with your mouth, and you have to give very shallow breaths to them because their lungs are so small." He then tilted my head back and began reaching his hand towards my face. I told Mark that I didn't plan to ever perform oral sex on a man because, "I just don't think physically I can do it. I continued on like this, moving on to other parts of his cock, and eventually taking the first inch or so into my mouth.

b*****r-in-law Rode Me To Heaven Part – 1

first-time 2018-08-28

Now he started kissing & licking my entire body [(head, forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, chin, neck, shoulders, hands, breasts, stomach, abdomen, pussy, thighs, knee and foot) from head to toe]. Then he started to move up towards my lips by kissing & licking my stomach, breasts, shoulders, neck and chin. He paused for a moment without entering his dick in my pussy, started squeezing my boobs with both his hands and kissing & sucking my lips. I felt a great pain and tears rolled out of my eyes, then again he did the same thing (he paused for a moment without entering his dick in my pussy, started squeezing my boobs with both his hands and kissing & sucking my lips).

first experiance :O

first-time drtaboo 2018-08-28

just as i was going to touch his cock again, "his got a nice cock eh" came a voice, it was Jack the college bully who every1 including me was scared of..he then said "did you just have a wee and not whip clean ur cock" he said to david the nerd, "errr yees"...Jack with a smug look locked the toilet doorz and commands "that dick aint gonna clean itself, get you toungue out and clean it for him" without hesitation i got down on my knees, took my toungue out looked straight at his cock which still wasnt fully erect, and licked the tip of his cock, it tasted salty, i looved it, and i dont know why, i went stright back with my tongue, but this time i stright sucking the end of his cock because i wanted more...Jack the bully by now was undressing ..

Wearing Down A Virgin's Resistance

first-time wallyrutherford 2018-08-28

He wrapped his arms around her tighter as he cummed and she felt his wet juices and knew she'd brought him to excitement and realized she was close to becoming a woman, which kind of frightened her. Realizing she'd played the "Good Girl" and had dangled her vagina in front of him long enough, Tammy figured it was time to let him in, like she knew he wanted and as she had also been secretly increasingly desiring. As he pierced her womanhood, Tammy raised her vagina up from the bed a little, bringing it closer to the man she loved and the man she gave her sweet virginity to. After a brief pause, Tammy took his penis in her hands and moved it into her mouth, sucking out any remaining juices, which she found salty tasting.

Camping with Stepdaughter continued

first-time 2018-08-28

She gave me a little pouty face and grabbed my hard cock that was straining to be free of my shorts. She shocked me when she said that she would slide her hand down her panties and finger her pussy while she watched. She stopped just outside the door and got a devilish little look on her face. She looked around and pulled the shirt up over head and threw it into the van. She looked a little shock, but started cleaning off her face and breasts with her fingers and slipping them into her mouth. I wanted to look and her tight young ass as I fucked her hot little pussy.

Horny men

first-time dlbiblkm 2018-08-28

I was SO FUCKING HORNY at that point; my dick was oozing with pre-cum “look man… yo… yo… you really…no one right?” “That’s right I said…no one… now I’ll stay like this, you don’t have to do anything else but slide that dick in this wet hole, think of it as your girls pussy” I said gently with a smile, “Shit he said getting on his knees, I couldn’t really see what he was doing but I heard him open a condom wrapper, my heart was now racing faster than an Indianapolis 500 race car.

A Cheerleader's Release

first-time KarmasToy 2018-08-28

"I-I'm fine" I stuttered, feeling unable to raise my voice from a mere whisper, and I realised he could literally feel every breath I took with the way his hand was moving down my chest, barely brushing along the line of my uniform and pressing slightly harder against my nipples, making me realise that they had hardened and were straining against the fabric of my sports bra and uniform. I nearly whined out loud when our houses came into view, thinking whatever was going on would be over as soon as I turned off the car, but even as I did, Jack's hand continued moving slowly down my body as his other continued pressing lightly against the seat cover and my underwear, rubbing tiny circles up and down.