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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

I Had No Choice

first-time cougmiester 2018-08-28

Becky, making sure she was the last one out of class said in the sharp silence, “Mr. Font, I’ll need to talk with you about my homework after school, so I’ll see you at 3 o’clock.” She smiled, flitted her short skirt to show off her long smooth legs all the way up to her ass, and then breezed out the door into the throng of people in the hall. Becky giggled, then stood and gave me a sly look as she brushed her hips against my hard schlong, saying, “I think it’s your turn to wash my back.” I squirted more body-wash on my hand and applied it to her shoulders and moved them up and down her back and once more grabbed that tight ass of hers.


first-time EarthWind 2018-08-28

She raises her arm again and this time she holds her breast in the palm of her hand, feeling the warmth and softness. Using both her hands now, she eagerly caresses her breasts, her nipples growing from the rubbing, and she pulls and pinches them. She opens her mouth and pushes up her right breast with her hand until the nipple comes in contact with her wet tongue. Remembering the sensations of playing with her nipples, she used her free hand to continue pulling and pinching them, first one breast then the other. Moving her hand from her pussy to her clit again, she falls back onto the bed, closing her eyes.

s****r In Law

first-time bigcityguy 2018-08-28

Sue was now sliding her hands down my body trying to hold on as I tried to pull her off my back (I really was trying to hard). She looked up into my eyes and smiled, with a wink she toke my entire cock into her mouth and began to suck on it like back when we dated. My cock began to expose with seed and to my surprise Sue swallowed it all and even sucked little extra out of the head. Once I finished cumming I heard the shower turn off and she turned to release my cock just in time to pull it back into my shorts as the bathroom door opened and Nancy walked out.

Lesson Taught

first-time tonysnow 2018-08-28

Britany was the VP of Sales' 18 y/o daughter, who had been hired to work part time after class in our small firm. Instead, Britany walked ito my office, stood next to me and started talking to me about she appreciated the training she was getting. Britany licked by balls as she stroked my cock, causing me to let out a groan. Opening the packaging, Britany continued to stroke my cock. Then gently lifting her hips as I sucked and licked her pussy, I rubbed her asshole. I pulled Britany towards the edge of the desk and entered her with my cock. The sight of Britany's eyes rolling back with passion and biting down on her lips as she came caused me to explode.

Barens and Noble Girl Part II

first-time anderson0987 2018-08-28

She grabbed her breasts and opened her mouth and made an innocent face, she then turned around and bent a little, then reached with both hands and spread her butt cheeks looking seductively in her own eyes in mirror as if she was looking in his eyes. She moaned on the cock, moving her hand from the arm that was holding her hair and putting it on the back of the man who was fingering her so good. As the one behind her would push his thick cock inside her the man in front of her was pulling back just to come forth again but she liked it more when they were both pushing in at the same time.

Fucking my Bosses Chubby Daughter

first-time apparatus 2018-08-28

The main advantage of the place was that it was a beautiful resort, and it was large and secluded enough that it had housing and apartments for its staff and employees. My Boss, the Chef, was a veteran scumbag, a staggering alcoholic who only got up only to place a few inventory orders and then fiddle in his office before retiring to his cabin on the hillside to drink himself into oblivion and fuck his pet hostess of the season. She was not classically beautiful,but she was definitely built the way I like a woman...a little chubby, extremely curvy. One night, I had loud d***ken anal sex with my bosses daughter in the living room of his cabin, and I still remember that sometimes and laugh...

Sammy's Cafe

first-time SlutsAreUs 2018-08-28

You look like you're going to the beach straight after work!" Sammy says, looking me up and down with a look in his eyes that I've never seen before. "Okay, I'll tell you, no actually, even better, I'll show you." He says, he starts to lean in. "Ohh," I moan, "Please Sammy, please go faster, I can't take it anymore!" He quickly obliges and starts to lick me till I cum and he licks up every drop. Because I want you to be sure that you want me to do this." Sammy replies, his eyes shining with lust and desire. Oh no, I think, I'm going to go on a date with the guy outside and I just told Sammy that I loved him.


Start of Something

first-time Rex Siter 2018-08-28

Gentle, romantic music suddenly began playing and she felt a strange mix of emotions as Guy turned those blue eyes on her, put down his glass and stepped in close her, placing his hands on either side of her waist. Guy's hand moved to the top of her dress and his fingers stroked the skin of the first gentle rise of her breast. Mandy found herself breathlessly eager as Guy's fingers trailed down over the flatness of her belly to linger briefly among her pubic hair, as though tousling the head of a little boy. All this time his fingers had been gently parting her lower lips which made Mandy more than aware of her own wetness.

I'am a CockSucker and Creampie Eater

first-time 425olds 2018-08-27

Leaning toward Him I lick the head of His cock tasting the pre-cum fluid leaking there. Holding this nice dick I realize the fact that I'm kneeling before a Man I hardly know with his cock in my hand and wearing the panties as He instructed. Freed from the taboos and bonds of trying to be a real man I finally understand my place in the society of Men. I am a panty wearing, slobbering cock sucker and I love it. I watch as He kneels between Her thighs and as told, I hold his cock aiming it at Her pussy. I need to be His cock sucking, pussy cleaning instrument. Cock sucking sissies like me are meant to eat Men's cum from those pussies.

Flower Arranging

first-time Paul44 2018-08-27

This was the first time I had ever kissed a woman's pussy and I wondered what I must do I stretched a little forward and kissed the lips like I would kiss the mouth and heard Henri' voice speaking sternly. As though he felt freed by her pleasure and we both saw his tongue play over her lips and as his fingers gently parted her lips he thrust it through her lips and we heard harder gasps break from Mandy's lips as he lathered her lips and pussy in her own juice. I watched him thrust and twist as he pounded his cock into her and I felt my cock smoothly slip between Grace's juice covered lips and slowly pushed it deep into her pussy.


first-time SafeSexting 2018-08-27

She worked extra hard on his cock until he grabbed her head and took over again, jamming down into her as he pulled her head up, Kylie just trying to sustain it as he pounded her before she choked again, not having any time to react as she powerfully gagged this time, another burst of thick fluid escaping round him as she choked noisily, sounding exactly like a porn star as it ran down over her face and into her hair again, some dripping off her cheeks onto the floor below as he continued, Kylie trying not to fight him.

Alison's Surprise

first-time Mr James 2018-08-27

As he kissed her mouth, his tongue slipping between her lips, he pressed his finger against the tip of her clit, through her panties. Hot, sweet liquid gushed over his fingers as he explored her, then, with his other hand, gently drew the hood of skin right back from her clit and ran his tongue slowly all around the hard bud. He ran his tongue over the tip of her clit and caressed the tiny shaft with his lips, as he slid three fingers into her pussy, gently but firmly stretching her. Alison just looked up, his cock still in her mouth and very deliberately slid her lips right to the base of his hard shaft, then lifted her head.

Mark , MJ and me

first-time robin48 2018-08-27

He said to me a few times, ”Hey I got a big cock.Its why girls like me”. I next felt the top of his hard cock and he moaned..”Danielle do you want to jerk me off”? I began kissing his chest and gently squeezing his hard cock. I was still lying down but stared at his hard cock and the lovely lingerie. My cock was rock hard in the sheer panties and lacey slip. I guess it just comes naturally to suck cock for guys like me. “Suck it you bitch.” He held my head then let me up for a few seconds as I rubbed his cock on my face.

I Watched My Young Niece Masturbate Part 4

first-time billy69boy 2018-08-27

"You have such a beautiful ass, cupcake, I could play with it all day," I half whispered, even as my hands roamed down to her inner thighs, and my fingers barely made contact with her silky smooth pussy. "Oh, Uncle James, that feels SO GOOD!" she blurted out, but she hadn't felt anything yet: I rubbed and squeezed her firm ass cheeks as I continued to assault her pink love nest with my stiff tongue, and then on the upstroke, I spread her cheeks wide and my tongue glided up and over her little pink star. I reached over between her spread legs, and slid two fingers into her cunt, pushing her thong in deeper, and causing her to groan unexpectedly.

Sucking Cock for Carla

first-time germanboi4bbc 2018-08-27

So there I was blindfolded and dressed like a slut, sniffing Carla's panties and moaning as I wanked my 7 inch cut cock. She opened the door and said "Hi Tony come in, you sure look cute dressed like that and I love your cock." Here I was dressed like a slut, blindfolded and sucking on a very large black cock while a gorgeous Italian woman watched me. Mmmmm cock sucking slut Tony, I'm sure Stephan is going to love emptying his big balls into your mouth a lot more over the next 3 months." As I showered I felt excited and looking forward to the next time I could suck Stephan's lovely big black cock.

Anticipation Ch. 02

first-time 5thRing 2018-08-27

By about the second week, we were actually trying to think of things that we haven't talked about yet, but it turned out there was still plenty. We agreed that too many people wanted to rush in to sex and pay no mind to so many little things that can be experienced and appreciated. I don't remember what the last thing was that we had been talking about, but it was maybe around eleven at night, and we had been laying on my bed; fully clothed and on top of the covers, mind you. I carefully moved my body almost to the middle of the bed, so that I could reach out an trace the features of her face.

The Best Week Of My Life, Pt 4

first-time redbeardsley 2018-08-27

Rachel, who had had a candle lit earlier, blew it out, leaving the room to smell like fresh-picked strawberries and went into her bathroom to change for bed. “So she HAD planned this from the beginning!”  I took this as a good thing and to continue, so I reached under her nightie and gave her pussy a little rub. “Mmm, I taste good.” “Got that right” I said with a little smile and went to fingerfucking her. “Ohh my god, Will!”  “Oh yeah, Rachel!” “I’m coming!” we said together. AHHH!” “I’m coming!” we announced simultaneously, but this time I had no plans to pull out, and kept going faster and faster, harder and harder, inside Rachel and matching her stroke for fuck.

Son's black friend?

first-time jameshung27 2018-08-27

He said alright but the way she was teasing him yesterday he knew she wanted him to fuck her and he had his hand down inside her top and pulled her breasts out and was squeezing them and telling her how he like her milk white titties and big nipples. He told her he had been thinking about fucking her all summer and after yesterday, he knew she wanted it and he pushed her back on the couch and pulled her shorts and panties off telling her not to scream or he would tell everyone how she had been teasing him and let him in the house. She said she couldn't help but look down and watch as he penetrated her and he saw her and told her he knew she liked seeing his black dick going in her white pussy.

Roommates Become FWBs Pt. 02

first-time yak51 2018-08-27

Last night I had masterbated to thoughts of her, tonight she moaned and screamed with my cock inside her. Now when I think roomie I think of the guy that's about to take me upstairs and pound my tight little ass," she said with a seductive grin while wrapping her hand around my cock. After the way you just fucked me I think you're up for the job," she said, now stroking my ever growing cock. I followed her up the stairs and got a good look at the ass I was shortly going to be inside of. I climbed into bed and got right behind her ass, which she pushed up higher in the air, inviting my cock.

Full Anal, At Her Request by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-08-27

She was wearing tight knickers and I had enjoyed pushing my cock up against the material, dry fucking her between her legs, letting my cock move against the soft skin of her thighs. I held it there, just the head of my cock, gripped by her tight arse, letting he adjust to the sensation and loving the feeling of such a tight grip around my hardness. For me it was Heaven, the warm tightness of her arse wrapped around my throbbing cock like a little fist. I moved her back on to my cock like a life-size fuck toy, pulling her back on to me, pushing myself deeply inside her. She would feel the warm sensation of cum filing her insides, spurting out of my cock, deep inside her arse.

Sara Met Dad's Friend

first-time slnaughtygirl 2018-08-27

"Sure, I'd love too," Mark whispered and leaned forward, kissed her ear and slid his hand between her legs, and began caressing close to her dripping pussy. Bowing to the gentle pressure on the back of her head she opened wide and he took advantage of the opening and pushed forward with his muscular ass and Sara's virgin mouth felt full of cock for the first time in her life. Mark took his hard monster in his right hand and pushed the head between her pussy lips to her dripping love hole. Mark pushed his cock further into Sara's cunt and thrust, slightly penetrating her pussy. Sara cried in Mark's arms and she wanted him out of her, but he just kept kissing her and did not move his cock.

Skirmish in the Sexual Revolution

first-time Boxlicker101 2018-08-27

Marilyn was wearing a topless bathing suit, like those in the Chronicle, except there was no driftwood to block my view of her lovely breasts. She continued holding her pussy open as I leaned forward, one hand supporting my weight and the other guiding my cock, until the head pressed against something soft and wet. When I read it, I couldn't help thinking somebody wrote it about you and me, and I realized they were right." I hadn't read the magazine, but I agreed with what it said, and I told Lynnie that I felt the same way. We also enjoyed what we learned was called "the cowgirl position", with Lynnie sitting on top, rocking back and forth, with my cock driving up into her, and her lovely breasts bouncing and swaying above me.

Sex Drugs & Craigslist Sex Parties

first-time enderfling 2018-08-27

We ended up sitting and chatting and drinking with them for an hour or so before Nina leaned in and said quietly, "So this is your guys first time with another couple or at a party?" The other women at the party had spread out, a few made their way to the couches on the outside edges of the room, and Margaret had claimed one of the couches in the center of the room right next to where Carolyn and Nina were. A group of the men began touching themselves while watching Carolyn and Nina, Jackie was softly rubbing herself while filming Margaret as deep throated my cock. Nina wandered to a random man and began playing with him, while Margaret's husband looked Carolyn up and down for a moment.


True story of being seduced

first-time holidayjim 2018-08-27

As the train lunged forward his tight little butt grinded up against my pants. The train cut into a turn and he was pushed into me again and I reached down to stop him from falling too far and grabbed his waist as I did I felt him grind his zippered ass right into my crotch. He began unzipping my pants and sucking my dick right then and there and it was at that point I decided I was going to go all the way with this guy. He handed me a condom and some lube and lay flat on the bed, placed a pillow under his lower abdomen and unzipped the back of his tight leather pants revealing his butt to me.