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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Breaking in New House!

first-time Justal 2018-08-27

he grabbed my panties pulled them off me and proceeded to start fingering my pussy, I started to moan his big fingers felt so good inside me, I was wet now, Darren unzipped his pants to release the Largest Cock I had ever seen, it was at least 12 inches long with the girth of a shaving cream can, I gasped as he crawled in between my legs took it in hand and started inserting into my wet bald cunt.

Christie's Summer Job

first-time unlucky266 2018-08-27

With a shaky voice Christie said good morning, she felt so stupid for these thoughts she was having and couldn't even look Nick in the eyes. Christie thought, damn now would be a good time to hit that nice cool pool so she asked Nick if it would be ok. That night she was confused not knowing how she could allow a married man to touch her like that, and she wasn't sure if she would return the next day for fear that maybe Lynn would find out and fire her. Lynn and Nick decided to go for a swim and Christie could hear that they were having a nice time in the pool together but she tried to ignore them and give them their privacy.

My first time!

first-time adel5000 2018-08-27

She was a beautiful woman with the typical attractive curves of a Latina American woman: wide hips, round ass, tanned body, black hair, beautiful Spanish eyes and large tits. My cock has always had just an average size, but Carmella seemed to like him, because she couldn’t take her eyes off it. Though it was more than 15 years ago, I still feel her hands rubbing my friend. My whole body was on fire, she started moving her athletic thighs and I felt my cock sliding deeper in this greedy hot abyss. Then I felt her strong hot hands explored and caressed my ass. With my cock deep into her and her round 43 inch ass in my hands I felt like a young god!

My Dear Pooja

first-time fuckutonight 2018-08-27

Next day we were sitting in computer class,Pooja came and said that her mother and my mother knew each other from years so I know your mother also but I didn’t know you till tomorrow, looks like you are very shy boy. I replied yes that’s right I am shy .she smiled and sat beside me I just start feeling uncomfortable she noticed that and smiled and said why you are shy of me I am your new friend , girls got shy like that not boys .I smiled back . I lay on bed.Pooja came up on me and started kissing me she started sucking my nipples, I said put it in darling she got up and held my cock and put it in her pussy “ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh " she moaned.

The Deflowering of a Daughter Ch. 01

first-time Stardog Champion 2018-08-27

"If I was a few years younger, I'd think you're either sending me to some out of the way boarding school...or your simply bringing me out here to kill me and hope those people from CSI might find me one of these days after the vultures have picked my bones," Lindsey croaked, her eyes focusing on the approaching driveway to the ranch house's property. Standing statue still as Geoff approached, the cologne he was wearing began to fill Lindsey's airways and she couldn't help allowing her eyes to scan the contours of the older man's muscular arms and chest.

Virgin Boy

first-time espnman 2018-08-27

When I got in the bathroom, she said to lock the door and turn off the lights, so we only have this dimmed night light....I saw her uniform hanging inside of the bigger stall but I wasn’t able to view where she was, I moved a little bit closer and saw her standing in the corner fully naked, one of her hand was caressing her boobs and the other hand was between her thighs, the light was dimmed but I can see her hand between her thighs moving in up and down motion, I figured she had fingers inside her pussy, she told me not to get any closer, I was about 10 feet away from her and asked me to take my clothes off which I had no problem doing, then she tossed me a small bottle of lotion and said “you know what to do from this point right?” and I just nodded my head and squirted lotion on my hand and started playing my cock, at this point my mind is going blank and didn’t know what to expect or do, Mary Lou was in complete control of the situation, which it didn’t really bother me.

Getting Ready for College

first-time LegsattheLake 2018-08-27

She told me about a party that she had gone to, and how she had found a really good looking guy to talk to, and then when it came time to fool around, she freaked out and ran off. Your tits hold your shirt out just far enough to tease with your belly button, and your ass holds your pants in just the right spot to see that you are wearing some pretty sexy little panties. "Now I know that I don't have a lot of experience, but it sure feels like you have something for me." She said as she wiggled her ass against my hardness. She awkwardly tried to lick and suck on my cock, while trying to look sexy.

my one gay love affair

first-time 2018-08-27

we went out a couple of nights later to get drinks or something (this was several years ago and i don't drink that heavily anymore) she ended up staying with me in our apt we made out and she really liked when i kissed her armpits and breasts. we hung out the next day got really fucked up and i eat her pussy and ass for a while then she asked if she could pee on me. The last time V and i got together i almost was begging for her to let me put my cock in her warm wet pussy after eating it for at least 45 mins. the last time i saw her b*****r i practically begged for him to put his big fucking cock in my ass, but he couldn't.


first-time thick71948 2018-08-27

We sat and talk the day away her k**s came over and played in the back yard.Got to remember my wife know that i wanted to make it with our neighbor sense they all moved in a few years ago. This time i set in a chair letting her have the swing .We talk and drank another glass of wine i sat down beside her now as we talked i began to rub her inter thighs she put her hand on my knee. As i was enjoy her sweet wet pussy i heard her moan with pleasure.she was getting close she put her hands on the back of my head and press my tongue deeper in her .She told me a long time ago that her husband won't do anal and she always wanted to try it .

The Nurse

first-time Martinium 2018-08-27

Mia tried not to stare but she kept looking down at my dick. She took the cloth and wrung a bit of water on to the head of my dick and watched it drip down to the base. "If you lose, then I get up and walk out of this apartment and you never get to touch me ever again." Wanting to feel that tight pussy wrapped around my dick, I didn't hesitate to agree. The stroke on my dick along with the sucking feeling on my balls was getting the cum to begin to rise. "I like the sound of that Mia." She reached over to the side of the bed and got the wash cloth.

Lost Loves Surprise

first-time writermike 2018-08-27

"Yes…!" I exploded then calmed as Michelle put her hand on mine and continued, "So I would try to get her to cum on my face and at least pleasure her that way and not because I felt I had to either; I wanted to. "She was and is an exhibitionist." Michelle started, "She was really into exhibitionism; and me, I think what a couple share should be kept to them selves, unless the two of them want to like Lanai and her new friend. "I have an idea!" Michelle exclaimed, "Lets go to your place…" she paused a broad grin beamed as she looked around took my hand gently then whispered, "lets go to your place I want to suck your cock, and get your cum in my mouth." Then she giggled impishly and held my hand.

Angie's Education Ch. 2

first-time CNDPhD 2018-08-27

She was somewhat startled when D’vante opened the door for Cindy and they both entered the dorm. While Angie was surprised by the ease with which Cindy broke the rule, she knew that boys did occasionally end up in the dorm late at night. As Cindy and her friend entered her room, Angie caught a glimpse of D’vante’s hand caressing Cindy’s rounded flank. Angie could hear Cindy’s door open, and then close, perhaps D’vante was on his way out of the dorm. Walking past the stalls she could hear water running in the large open shower room. Closing and locking the dorm room door behind her, Angie collapsed in shocked silence on her bed.

Swap Girls

first-time CamScorp 2018-08-27

Jack had one hand on a bottle of beer and the other on his new girlfriend's soft ass. "Jack and I were getting ready to go." Jess said. I wished she and Jack would start making out, but they were just watching Jen initiate things with me. I wondered if Jess was a little envious of Jen, since her rear-rend definitely needed more curves. Jess pushed Jen's lips back on to me and held her with two hands. Jack and Jen started to kiss as Jess walked back towards me. "Jen doesn't know anything." Jess said. Jen waited a few seconds and then grabbed Jess by her hair and forced her back down on me.

Jail House

first-time TinksNottyMomma 2018-08-27

I wanted to fuck you senseless as soon as I saw your beautiful body, but from what Gary told me, you were assaulted while you were in jail. Please, baby, come out!" I told him I needed to talk to him alone, to tell Gary to wait in the living room and come back. Gary went to the living room and Jake came in. I told Gary we'd meet him at the food court; that I had something I wanted to look at with my "husband." He agreed, and off we went to Frederick's of Hollywood and Victoria's Secret. Callie, my love, if you ever find this, know that I want to fuck you to submission, but Robert would kill me if I do.


my first time

first-time goodguysam 2018-08-27

Dad use to send money every month it made mom,s life easy. I told mom that I am not good at study it be waist of time going to school. My cousin got her gf on his bed and started kissing her. In the mean time my cousin told me that we should fuck our girl friends. My cousin started to remover his gf,s cloths as he was kissing her. Cousin started to lick Judy,s tits and later licked her pussy. Then I got in her legs and started to lick her pussy and pushed my tongue in her cunt and started to fuck Bero with my tounge. Judy said I like you dick it is very nice long and think.

Wild Walk

first-time sszreads 2018-08-27

While Blondie is talking, his dark friend pulls his dick out and begins slowly rubbing it from root to tip and back. "Fuck baby you look so good with my cock deep in your mouth and your eyes tearing up. Come on baby, relax into it." Blondie gathers juices from my pussy and uses it to slip the tip of his finger in my ass. I'm moaning like crazy with a cock in my mouth, one in my pussy and a finger entering from behind. God, don't stop." I'm inconsolable until I feel the head of Blondie's dick pressing slowly into my ass. I look over to see my dark haired friend stroking his cock as he watches the huge dick pulling slowly out of my ass.

They Called Me Horse

first-time Sugardaddy6969 2018-08-27

"Go ahead and go Jessica." Eva said but as she looked at the girl she noticed that she was not hearing a word but her eyes were glued to Eric's crotch. Jessica watched as the teacher slowly stroked the cock and then as her tongue licked over the head making Eric groan. "That felt fucking great!" Groaned the satisfied boy as Eva walked up and pressed her large firm tits into his back as her hand reached down to stroke Jessica's cum covered face. Come on Eric let me introduce you to the art of eating pussy!" Eva said as she pulled the teen girl to her desk. She then pulled the girl to her and as they kissed Eric watched as Eva pushed his cum into a moaning Jessica's mouth.

Doing I.T.

first-time JohnIT 2018-08-27

While I was doing this Stacey was standing behind me, she placed her left hand on my left shoulder as she bent over to look at the screen I could feel her long brown hair brush against my neck as her head hovered over my right shoulder, her face just inches from mine. As I fell to my seat she turned and walked a few steps away from me still with her back to me, kicked of her black shoes, she looked over her shoulder with her cute pixy grin and slowly one by one pulled the rest of the poppers on her lab coat apart leaving only the bottom 2 around her thighs fastened.

Meeting My Girlfriend's Grandmother

first-time 2018-08-27

"Jeez Sherry, from looking at you, Cyndi and her mom it's pretty clear women in your f****y age very, very well." I went on "If Cyndi ages as well as her mom and grandmother she will still be a stunner in her mature years, " I said, and then feeling really bold now, I added, "I think mature women are much more alluring than are younger girls really." Sherry cocked her head and replied, very forthright and to the point "I almost feel like you're flirting with me Cody!" "Me, flirting with my girlfriend's grandma?" I smiled at her. You are way hotter now then you were then and you were real sexy then too!" Sherry looked at me and sort of leaned toward me, placed her left hand on my knee again and said "You're quite charming Cody.

Silk and Silver

first-time TBP95 2018-08-27

So here I lie in bed in my chambers, my shaggy, freshly cut but quickly growing hair still wet from the bath, clutching a leather-bound book filled with two hundred wordless pages -- make that a hundred and ninety-nine wordless pages -- and I hold in my hands not a quill pen but a silver-forged "dip pen," a recent curiosity from Persevia. With times good like they are, with great wealth and little fever being spread, there's one singular thing the nobility want from their future King, and that's simply "more of the same." And when the nobility see Norman stand beside Father, looking as a spitting image of him, handling a sword as he does, speaking with his silver tongue as he does, that's exactly what they think Norman to be.

beach sex part 1

first-time 3knockers 2018-08-27

“ohh you have nice strong hands” Jamie said in a relaxed voice, then without thinking I touched her ass check with my hand and was fondling it, then I whispered in her ear “how do you like that?” “it feels so good” she replied. Jamie started off nice and slow then she began to suck faster and faster, I could hear her moaning and gagging on my cock and it felt like I was gonna cum very soon so I said “hey babe it feels like I'm gonna cum very soon” jamie who had pre cum and spit on her mouth looked up at me and said “mmmm..sounds good baby.

Becoming a Slut.

first-time 2018-08-27

Mistress smiled and led me to the room, allowing me to open the door and following me into the room. I selected matching bra, panties and suspender belt in white, trimmed with ivory lace and proceeded to dress, I found a pack of flimsy black stockings and began to roll them up my legs, attaching them to the suspender belt. As I was fastening the sandals I felt a throbbing and buzzing inside of me and turned to face mistress who explained that this was the lowest setting and that she would vary the intensity as she pleased. I licked along its length until I reached his bell end, encircled it with my lips and proceeded to suck gentl as I took his length into my mouth.

The Hymen Theory Ch. 03

first-time seriouswriter12 2018-08-27

Across the table Imogen chuckled and shook her head at them while Chris, in spite of his present mood, could not stop a genuine smile from coming out of his face. Imogen put back the phone inside her purse then turned to look apologetically at Chris. Not trusting himself to talk, Chris escorted a tearful (and sniffing) Sam outside the restaurant, passing a confused Stuart along the way. Sam looked completely horrified and turned her head the last minute so the kiss landed on her left cheek instead. Seeing Sam looked like she was thoroughly devoured, Stuart swallowed audibly, blinked then leave without any comment whatsoever.

Massage To My Innocent Chachi (aunty)

first-time nana414 2018-08-27

I said to her, chachi, dont tell others that i have massaged you. Chachi said, beta do whatever you can do with my body but make me rid of back pain.Her statement aroused me. I laughed and said, chachi, after massage the body becomes hot. I said to her chachi, now please relax and close your eyes I reached her bottom and gradually untied her petticoat knot. Then I intentionally touched bottom of her pussy and began to massage the region near her pussy when my fingers got enough of aroma of her pussy, I smelt them for some time. Chachi suddenly got up and scolded me; I have not given you the permission to massage my pussy. I saw that my chachi have started moaning and began pressing her boobs.