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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Negotiating a Mortgage

first-time fotisampini 2018-08-27

I watched her work her oral magic on it for a few minutes, doing everything I could to keep from cumming in this woman's mouth before I got a chance to fuck her. "I need to feel you inside me," she said as she finished cumming. "Take that cock, Jan!" She cried out with another orgasm just as I started to rub her clit with my thumb. "Fuck my pussy baby!" she said just seconds before screaming out with another orgasm. I grabbed hold of my cock and rubbed it frantically as I started to shoot my cum onto her face. When I finished, she gave my cock a little kiss and started to scoop my cum into her mouth.


first-time EroticMonster 2018-08-27

Then a terrible thought hit me and I felt utterly foolish; what if this perfect girl was a lure, a set up by a dirty old man to get pictures? I thought of a porn picture I had once seen and described what I wanted, begging her not to think too badly of me, but that it was unlikely she would have it. I wasn't too excited about it, but I figured I could concentrate on her amazing body while she watched guys fucking. I still wasn't sure about her fingering me, something she mentioned the day after my first ass pic, but she assured me it was cool and she loved it as well.

Island Fantasy

first-time SandyCrossdresser 2018-08-27

"Come on Sweetie, I called ahead and our boat is waiting for us on the pier, and I can't wait to see how you look under the sunny sky with the breeze blowing your hair and your dress around." I take your hand and lead you out the door, down the short covered path, past some of the staff and I see Rym. We both wave at her as we turn the corner and head for the pier where we find our launch powered up and ready to go. "Darling, you were getting so close to making me feel "too" good, and I didn't want it to be over just yet." I pull you back to my lips for another kiss as my hands work at gathering your pretty dress along your hips.

His Fantasy Her Wish Come True! Gloryhole Blacken

first-time 425olds 2018-08-27

'Vanessa this is so great watching you jerkoff those two massive black shafts but the next big cock that appears I want you to suck!' 'Good girl Vanessa, so horny to watch you enjoy sucking that big black cock, I never thought you would look so sexy doing this!'  Suddenly with a glint in my eye and a smile on my face I look directly into camera and say 'Brian this one is for you, watch me take this big black cock deep into my sopping wet pussy!' Just as he says this I feel the big black cock in my throat swell even more and know its going to erupt hot salty cum very soon so I take his cock out of my mouth and jerkoff him hard until he spurts his cum all over my face.

The Blind Girl in the Rain: part 1

first-time Ian56UK 2018-08-27

The fuck was as familiar as a comfortable sweater and just as hot as I fell into the cut and thrust of maintaining my reputation as an expert cocksman and smiled as the glazed eyes of number 18 rolled back into her head as she cried out her first orgasm of several before I made them both kneel at my feet and let them both taste the fruits of our labors. "Sorry," I muttered, watching as she brushed down her raincoat and took her stick from the taxi driver, "I um just wanted to make sure you were okay." "Morning, Mr. Sloane," said Debbie as I walked through reception and approached the girl behind the main desk, "Good weekend?" she asked, giving me that all too familiar 'Don't you know that ALL girls talk' knowing look.

My ex girlfriend ????

first-time lambo79 2018-08-27

Her comments just turning me on even more ,i thought this might b my chance 2 fuck her ass ,she'd always refused but i knew as after 2day we'd not see each other again so wot the hell .While fucking her i spat on her asshole then slowly inserted a finger, she tried 2 pull away but i hasd hold of her with my other hand ."U said u love being my slut , so thats how u'll b treated ."After a few moments she became acustomed 2 my finger so i pulled my cock out of her pussy then went for it .

Mom and her Toys

first-time loloishorny 2018-08-27

Mom picks up one, looks at it, asks the girl if she could hold the real thing in her hand. The girl gets one and shows mom all the different ways it spins. As the girl is looking for the color, mom goes to the magazine rack. When the girl comes out, she asks for help with the undies. The girl helps her out, finds some naughty panties and a bra that will lift her tits and has peek holes for her nipples. Mom has her finger in her ass and is getting more and more excited. Mom then just takes her fingers and pumps her ass and the rabbit is in her puss again.

Eight Months With Only A Kiss

first-time ShaunaM 2018-08-27

While running by the girls' locker room he noticed Amanda push the door open and walk inside, her short cheerleading skirt inch its way up her leg making Jason want to see more. As she stood in front of the stove cooking bacon, Amanda felt Jason's hand gently brush her sides and reach around to her stomach where they locked together as he kissed her neck. No matter what Amanda did however, she could not stop thinking about Jason pumping his cock and moaning her name, which kept her pussy soaking wet, all day. Amanda stopped in front of Jason's door and looked in, her mind bringing her back to that morning when she had seen Jason's cock in his hand.

Field Trip Truth or Dare Ch. 01

first-time ValarieP 2018-08-27

Val laughed hysterically and showed Hannah a picture Jen took of Sally and Ben in the mirror. Val and Hannah had just agreed to a two-person game of truth or dare when they heard a knock on the door followed by Mr. Hardin's voice, "Bed check, it's Mr. Hardin." "Actually, we were watching this really cool video." To Hannah's horror, she opened the laptop, typed in a few key words and then handed it to Hardin. Hannah recomposed herself, and, taking the laptop from Val, she also pulled up a clip she'd been looking at earlier - another humorous one that made Will laugh charmingly. "Well, Hannah and I were actually talking about maybe playing a little game," said Val.

My Angel - Sudha

first-time matterboy 2018-08-27

My erect hard cock was getting pressed and rubbed against Sudha's soft, silky, fleshy and round hips as her heavy launching hips were projected back sexily. Feeling my erect hard cock making its vain effort to enter into her, Sudha told me sexily ooohhhhh dear your smart dick is getting restless it is trying to drill me from behind. Sudha sighed heavily in sexy voice aahhhh dear then I started to and fro movements of my torso in order to make my cock go and come into and from her vagina. I took rest and went to the nursing home with Sudha along with the food, etc after getting back we both got into the bed room and we kissed each other.

The Night I Discovered a Woman

first-time ofloveandlust 2018-08-27

I know it's expected that the male half is going to be down to fuck pretty much whatever she looks like, but with David that wasn't true. I guess we were lucky that Henrick and I were doing okay because I hadn't seen David click with anyone like this. She didn't kiss me but her hand moved between my legs and I remember how hard I came when she fingered my clit while her husband fucked me. I don't really remember moving off the ottoman to the couch but I can recall sitting there, stroking Heinrick as David replaced me. "I love the way her pussy looks when she is bent over like that." He said.


first-time ccnyman 2018-08-26

My hands tangled in her long hair and I guided her face, wanting every inch of it to feel my hardness. I pushed deep, slowly, enjoying the feeling of my hardness going into her mouth, moving her head in time to my slow rhythm. My hands went to her waist, pulling her towards me as I stood at the edge of the bed, Leaning forward, holding my cock, I let the tip of my cock brush her cunt, touch her slit, pushing in up to the head, then taking it out before rubbing it along her slit. Her head was bent, her long red hair spread on the bed, her body jerking forward as I rammed my cock in, my hands around her waist pulling her back.

First Date

first-time Gatorchick 2018-08-26

He told me he really didn't want to do the whole bar scene and asked if we could maybe just go diving down some of the dirt roads where we grew up and reminisce. As we pulled up to a stop sign, I turned towards him to say that and he caught me completely off guard with a kiss. My arousal grew, and when he slid it up and began cupping my breast, i couldn't help but moan louder this time. He slid both hands up into my hair and holding my head kissed me hard, then pulled back and looked deeply in my eyes. Looking deep into my eyes, he said softly, God, you are beautiful, I am honored and kissed me again.

A Slow Day in the Library Ch. 01

first-time XxSabirahxX 2018-08-26

"What the-?"I got nothing but a glimpse of bright blue eyes, sandy hair and a devilish smirk before delectable lips devoured mine in a kiss so searing hot and demanding that my knees went weak. I felt his erection push against my center and threw my head back, breathy pants escaping my lips.My leg suddenly dropped; my lacy panties disappeared. Suddenly, he slid his middle digit inside of me, pumping in time with his tongue, faster and faster until I was panting and whimpering, incoherent profanities I would never be caught dead speaking in front of my parents streaming from my lips, my hands fisted in his hair.

Squirt for the first time

first-time Nawtygirl4u 2018-08-26

While I was getting so turned on doing this I felt his tongue on my clit making me wet. I eventually decided to ride through the pain and about 5 minutes of this I felt the weirdest feeling from my pussy and a gush of cum oozing out of me. He was getting more turned on and ramming harder and saying come on baby I want to see you squirt..Then all of a sudden I came so hard and I felt my cum squirt out everywhere I swear it was the most amazing sensation of my life. The mattress, sheets were soaked so I climbed on top of him and started riding his cock, getting it so deep inside me.

Trailer Trash Ch. 03

first-time Slickman 2018-08-26

"I heard she had to leave her big house but I...I never expected this," Emily said wanting to smile but didn't. Missy glanced out the small window and saw Emily Miller running down the dirt road with the dogs at her heels. Emily moved back to make sure the girl had not been bitten when she heard Missy laughing. Emily smiled and began laughing again until Missy stopped and suddenly started crying. "You know what I like," Missy grinned as Emily and she walked towards the ladies room. A few minutes later Emily was still in one of the stalls when the door opened and Allison and Brandy walked in to see Missy at the sink.

Jimmy's First Time

first-time FRED_S 2018-08-26

Then he pulled her butt across the seat so that she was lying on her back, crawled between her legs and began to rub the head of his cock up and down her wet gash. He said sure and when she did he quickly turned to the side as his cock began to jerk uncontrollably and shot five long strings of pearly white cum in an arch four feet across the room splashing onto the floor. He began to apologize for making a mess and she told him that she had heard the first time a guy is touched by a girl he often has an orgasm and that it was nothing to be embarrassed about. Reaching his crotch, she began hefting and rolling his balls with one hand and took hold of his beautiful cock with the other.

first time for everything

first-time 2018-08-26

I ran my fingers over my breasts again, feeling my nipples harden..mmm I moved my other hand lower, going down my stomach and to my pussy. "Don't worry about that." He walked closer to me, "Sean you said you wanted talk, so explain." I took another step back. "Sean, what is going on?" I couldn't help but notice how good he looked in that towel. I looked away, " wrong." He leaned down to kiss me, pulling the towel away at the same time...I was not ready for that. I kept trying to pull my hands aways as I felt his lips on my breasts. He moved his other hand over my pussy and slid a finger back in, and start to thrust it in and out.


first-time laceysgirl 2018-08-26

We arrived and I didn't need to pack my underwear thank goodness she let me get hard but kept me from cumming but now I was very horny and as we entered the party and were greeted by the Host's a very handsome couple very sexy wife she looked amazing even next to my Patricia we were ushered in and invited to make ourselves at home so we did and we got ourselves some drinks and wandered about chatting to different couples I happened to notice a lot of the couples were interacting very intimately touching each other in a sexual way I saw a guy kiss another guys woman and the other guy liked it hmmm somethings going on here I began to get suspicious and I whispered to Patricia “Are we at a swingers party?” Patricia smiled “Yes we are I knew you wouldn't come if I told you exactly what kind of party this was and I wanted to try it my girlfriend says she and her husband do it sometimes and have an amazing time tell me you wouldn't like to fuck one of these hot women with me watching and participating too sound like fun?” I had to admit the thought was incredibly sexy and made me even hornier she knew it too the bitch LOL I thought for a moment then shrugged my shoulders and said “Okay if your sure about this?


first-time helena_snow_renn 2018-08-26

His body was my playground, his skin hot and firm under my hands as my nerve endings went wild with touching him. Soon we were grabbing and pulling at each other, a storm of sliding hands and mouths, driving each other into a what felt like a blast furnace of sex. Picking me up under the arms like I weighed nothing, Jesse laid me down on the car seat and flattened himself over he, grinding his cock, which was thumping in a rhythm of its own, against my lower belly.

first time but not the last

first-time irisandsteve 2018-08-26

Just then Iris turned her car into the lot and pulled around to where we were. Now that the lot had suddenly uncharacteristically become a bit more busy with activity then normal I suggested they hop in the back seat of her car and that I would drive around for a while. Iris had undone her pants and slid them down as best she could in the cramped quarters, revealing a black garter and stockings that He had asked for. Iris was down on his cock immediately, licking and sucking the engorged head. Iris sat up and grabbed my cock, He was working a couple fingers into her wet pussy from behind.

Waiting for Mr. Right

first-time BlackSnake 2018-08-26

He didn't ask me out after I told him that I wasn't married, had kids, or was dating anyone at the time, and he didn't give me that, "I want to fuck your brains out" look. I don't recall a thing he said until I was staring at the bed in his hotel room. There was no way I was going to let this guy get away from me. He kicked my legs apart and then I felt the head of his dick. I wanted him to do it again, to keep fucking me like a bitch in heat, but his dick shrunk and fell out. It is worth the risk of getting pregnant to have a big black juicy dick pumping in and out of my pussy.

Rusty Knife Ch. 03

first-time MissBri 2018-08-26

Angel flitted back to him from the door to the bowling alley, stood on tiptoes as she wrapped her arms loosely around his neck and gave him a quick little butterfly kiss on the nose. Rusty, Sam and Angel were jumping the gun a bit; they would be the first to head off and start their adventure. Wisely, the parents realized that it would be pointless to separate Angel and Rusty when they'd be living together in New York all summer; the pair made their way up to her bedroom after saying their goodnights. Angel stripped down to her panties like she would any other night; Rusty ended up in his briefs, looking a bit sheepish.

My still virgin ass :-) Excuse the grammar i was s

first-time Mg100691 2018-08-26

as you continue to slide your fingers in and out of me i start playing with my clit again, and you feel my whole body clinch as i begin to scream and have an intense orgasm you slowly pull you fingers out of my ass. you slam me good and hard four or five times pull your cock out and see how juicy it is you come back to my face and slowly push your cock in my mouth so i can taste my tight pink pussy. Then you push your cock in side my pussy and slowly start to push your fingers deep in my ass you feel me reach to play with my clit.