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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Time for Rick

first-time egmontgrigor2010 2018-08-26

Rick said, "When you grabbed my ass and asked would I like to come visit you I said yes because I wanted to get experience." When Holly positioned herself on the sofa with one leg bent down on the floor and the other was thrown along the sofa, Rick looked at her big fat cunt approvingly and said, "Well that's the biggest one I've even seen. Eating his sandwiches Rick looked at his mom and thought if his mom was sexually unattractive to him what about Dylan, his sister? "Ha-ha," Dylan chortled and said he wouldn't need them with her because she knew where she'd been and as Rick had never been in a pussy he'd be clean.

Fall 1970

first-time davidwatts 2018-08-26

I walked around in the rain for a time, long enough to realize that getting drenched and walking around in soggy clothes was not going to improve the enjoyment of the day. I looked down at my watch to try and see what time it was, because the last bus left at midnight. I started to tell Doreen about my bus schedule and everything but caught myself in time. We went to this little market that she said was near her place and headed toward the beer cooler, where I asked her to grab something she liked. "Ta-da!" Doreen exclaimed while holding her hands out like a dancer finishing her act, then looked down at my erection, which was shaking along with the rest of me.

Society Watchman Satisfying Rich Whore

first-time 2018-08-26

He started to drive me crazy and his hands kept fondling my nipples and he pressed my boobs hard and even crushed them. He inserted his hands in my panties and started to finger fuck me, I was wet all over and his fingers were driving me crazy and again with wildness he tore off my leggings and without wasting time off even taking off my satin panties he began to lick me down there. We sat there and drank for half hour when the bell rang and we both rushed to get dressed up, the people from fmg department came inquiring about the fan which I told them is fine and thanked the watchman.

Three Way Storm

first-time 2018-08-26

Even though they had two separate rooms Camille said she felt to awkward to have sex with her in there. Camille told Kristen that my dick gave her the most pleasurable orgasms in the World. Later that night me and Camille started having sex. I started doing Camille harder then Kristen knocked on the door, she asked if she could come in. Kristin came in and asked if she could stay in the room with us the night because it had started storming so bad. I start to think about the fact that I’m half-naked in a bed with two sexy women who are wearing sexy night dresses. Kristen started making out with Camille and eventually I switched vaginas and started eating out Kristin’s pussy.Kristin enjoyed it so much.

First mouthful of cum ...

first-time Cazys 2018-08-26

It was wet, I started licking up and down his shaft, I was feeling like a total slut even thinking of "pleasuring him", I was being gentle and horny, I put his cock in my mouth as I took my shirt off, he was moaning, I was moaning. My mouth was flooded and I also let some of it out to feel it drip on my chin and fall on my body, I touched my mouth with my hand, I felt as if I was all bathed in this delicious cum I was tasting in my mouth, which I had never before (except my own), he finished and I looked at him and pulled out his cock, I wasn't really sure what to do with all that hot semen in my mouth and him looking at me and I swallowed..., mmm, the feeling of it all going down my throat as he looked at me was amazing, it made me feel so surrendered....

The Dance Performance

first-time HKingsley2727 2018-08-26

"It was fucking amazing," Steven said with such sincerity that Mandy broke into a huge laugh, as did Trevor and Stacy. Stacy took a sip of her daiquiri and said to Steven, "I think Mandy likes you." The next night after the performance, Trevor and Steven waited in the auditorium for Stacy and Mandy to change and join them. As they walked out of the theatre, Stacy turned back to Mandy and said, "Little Trevor has always been the brains of this relationship." Trevor looked back and shrugged. Of course, every time he looked at Mandy's dark, perfect skin, her dimpled smile, and her twinkling dark eyes, he got so lost in her beauty that it usually took a loud laugh or some other sharp noise to pull him back into the moment.

It's Too Darn Hot - Day 04-05

first-time Gary_Alexander_2 2018-08-26

Greg was already in his bed, stripped down to his boxers, when Ellen came into the room wrapped in a big towel. She made sure her back was completely turned to Greg, then let her towel fall to the floor and slipped the t-shirt over her head. I mean, her shirt was off and she was jerking me off." In the dark room, Ellen couldn't tell that Greg had his hand in his boxers and as gently stroking his cock as he told the story. Greg woke up at seven, looked across at Ellen's bed, and saw that she's somehow worked her way out of her t-shirt and was lying on top of her sheets, on her back, wearing just her panties.

the basics....

first-time 2018-08-26

She enjoys Sharing her Master Cock with other women like her. I just enjoy the company and love the way she treats me as a Man and a Master. Not here to hook up....unless you wanna share my BIG BLACK COCK with my Lady cool. I don't share my lady. Im special so she is special; not some cum bucket slut for BBC. I own her so she JUST MY cum bucket slut when I want her to be. So you lonely black men and white dudes...GET off the NET and GO TALK TO SOME REAL WOMEN IN REAL LIFE AND FUCK THEM. So just chill and enjoy the pic and video of my sex love life and peace.

You're My Bitch Now Chapter 6

first-time nikkiesilk 2018-08-26

Here, take this fresh pair, We’ll have to get you some of your own, won't we?’ Chris handed Rick a pair of white lace panties. Rick thought he would faint as Chris raised his hands and put them behind Rick’s head. Chris smiled and bent his head forward and kissed Rick on the lips, his tongue flicking out to push through into Rick’s mouth. Rick's eyes widened as he took in the lack lace suspender belt and panties which Chris had been wearing under the robe. See what it feels like.’ Rick held out his hand and he gently touched the tattoo making Chris's tummy shiver. Are you going to help me?’ Chris picked up a black stocking and handed it to Rick.

Driver Wilde: A London Busman's Tale

first-time DriverBaz 2018-08-26

Bob got back in to the cab, and drove the bus back to the depot, where he paid in the cash, put his equipment in the locker, and walked Katie outside to his car. Katie stopped, and Bob, still looking around, walked straight in to her, knocking her in to the kitchen door. They entered Katie's bedroom, where she pulled out the most immaculate, impressive Santa costume Bob had ever seen! Katie went back to the kitchen, and Bob stripped out of his clothes, including his boxers, and donned the Santa costume. Using the mirror in the bedroom, he adjusted his costume until it was just right, then entered the main living area, closing the door loudly to let Katie know it was time to come in.

Exploring My Husbands Sweet Tight Little Ass

first-time AryanGoddess_1488 2018-08-26

At this point I start going up & down on his rock hard cock with my mouth really fast deep throating it every time while I start pounding his ass extremely hard with my toy. I ask him if he wants my big thick rock hard shemale cock deep inside his sweet little ass & he says yes so I tell him to start begging for it like the little bitch he is & he complies. So I slam my entire cock deep inside his ass & begin pounding his ass extremely hard like he had begged me to do. He fucks my pussy for awhile & then pulls out lubes my sweet tight little asshole & then slams his cock deep inside my ass making me cum extremely hard.

Giving My First Blow Job and Squirting For First T

first-time Wet_BBW_Pussy 2018-08-26

It didn't take long before I could feel my pussy starting to get wet before he had even touched me down there. I could immediately taste the pre-cum, a kind of startling sensation if you're not used to it, but I quickly got over that and I started licking and sucking him. All the while I'm sucking his cock, he's still rubbing my pussy and I'm so wet, I can hear the soft squishy sounds. It feels so fucking good and my pussy continues leaking and before I know it, I start to feel all of this tingling and pressure between my legs and this sensation like I have to pee.

She Doesn't Pt. 01

first-time barnabus 2018-08-26

I pulled his head into our kiss, but kept my lips closed, like any "nice" girl should. I let my kisses trail down her neck again, but when I got to her collarbone, I followed the collar of her shirt downward, planting kisses all the way, until I reached the top button of her blouse. After a moment, I let my kisses move over the blouse and outward until I reached her right arm that was hanging by her side with her hand in her lap. I turned her hand over and kissed the back of it, then worked my way back up to her shoulder, but moved again toward the "v" of her blouse, continuing over the exposed skin to the arm that was closest to me.

Strangers without words

first-time cummm_junkie 2018-08-26

I ran my hand down to your ass and pushed firmly as I pressed my thigh into you and I was rewarded with the most incredible small sigh I had ever heard as I felt you grind. With one hand full of your hair, lightly tugging as the other held tightly to your hips, slowly, using the full length of my throbbing cock, I withdrew and fucked into you, savoring your sounds of passion, never wanting this to end. In less than a minute he started to tense and tried to pull away from your hungry lips, but you released the other cock from your hand, grabbed him by the hips and pulled him deep into your throat, not letting him go.

Facial fetish

first-time bigS11 2018-08-26

We put on one and it was Peter north where he's fucking Anita blonde, this is the first time I have ever seen anything like this. I remember seeing her pussy for the first time watching her fuck Peter then he seemingly takes his penis out and really enjoys spraying her face with stuff. Over time we of course learn about sex but I still remembered the look on Peter north face as he loaded cum onto a girls face. I remember pulling down her panties seeing her pussy in my face eating it and her telling me to stick my hard cock into her for the first time for both of us.

Sexy Secretary Slave Search -7

first-time petdyke 2018-08-26

We welcome our London loves to help hot shy sweet Sappho into the proper position for you all three tasty teens Lovely looking Kate comes on sweet Sappho's face at the same moment warmly wetting it with her hot pussy juice No single detail is missed of seven sexy great girls coming together in my boudoir full of young yummy beauties For sure I was right, what a lovely sight to see sexy Sarah beat the bums of longing Lea even harder than Kate could Eagerly Petra possesed Lovely Lea's mind and sexy slit by her hot attentive attention sending her screaming again Eagerly Lea gives in and comes cutely from Sappho sweetly flogging her love lips with long love licks along love lips

Ride Home

first-time brento669 2018-08-26

Sitting next to my in the front with her short skirt and sexy legs she started to talk to me and said, " Amanda told me that you like me." This shocked me because I was beyond embarrassed and I had no way of getting out of this situation. I said yes I did out of panic and she said, "thats good because over the past few years I have always liked you and wondered when you were going to talk to me and ask me out." This shocked me even more, but nothing could come close to what was yet to happen. I was in disbelief and I asked her when her parents were coming home and she told me 8 with my dick her in mouth.


first-time kinky_in_helsinki 2018-08-26

It's a pretty widely accepted fact that overweight people tend to have good personalities because their looks can't speak for them. Sure, I had a pretty face—bright blue eyes, high cheekbones and full lips, but boys didn't look at my face so much as my fat stomach and double chin. I looked over and saw that James was sitting on the roof outside my window, tapping on it. So, come on, you can take Shannon's room 'cause she's away college." As I had done many times before, I moved over to help him up so we could walk. I wasn't sure where the condom came from, but it was there before I knew it and James was pausing for the first time.


first-time Lykesemyoung 2018-08-26

Now when Viry or Amanda were working a rabbit deep up in Shelley's pussy, they would be playfully asking her if she was thinking about Bill's big hot cock pushing up inside her. Viry felt her face come close and she leaned back, took my wet shaft in her hand and pushed it over towards Manda's hot mouth. I took my time to explore her mouth, exploring down her throat, wanting her to think of how my hard cock would feel thrusting up into her tight young cunt. Now I was thrusting my finger into Shelley's hot wet hole in rhythm with the thrusts of my cock into Manda's warm soft mouth, feeling her work the magic of her tongue.


first-time storytime79 2018-08-26

“Oh I know you're fine,” she said in her breathy voice again-- her eyes surveyed him once more and he felt the hot pang of butterflies erupt in his stomach, and his cock began to swell, ever so subtly at first, but that only meant it was a matter of time before... Staring into his eyes, she felt her pussy physically writhe as her two arms cradled each side of his huge dick that jutted up between them, the inside curves of her tits gently caressing his pungent, gooey cock head between them. The pleasure he felt at her warm, spreading pussy surrounding his cock, her clutching arms and legs surrounding him, her hot breathy screams demanding deeper fucking into his mouth, was making his balls draw up close to his body, hard and with increasing anticipation.

My first anal

first-time 2018-08-26

As it was slowly going in it started to hurt again and I just gripped my sheets with my hands and dreamed of being fucked in the ass hard like the girl in the video as he slid in in a bit farther. He was going really slowly in and out, but it seemed like only half of his dick would fit; every time he would push it in it would hit a point that would hurt and I would start to pull away, almost like it hit bottom and couldn't go in any further. After a minute or two my ass no longer felt like it was on fire, and the feeling of being so full was amazing, but it still hurt when he would try to stick it in deep.

TV's 1st Cottaging Experience

first-time uktvmaid 2018-08-26

The final command, which I still love today, almost like a trigger, was given to me "Suck it you fucking slut" I passed my lips over the end, luckily it tasted as if it had just been washed, so it didn't feel or taste as bad as I thought it was, now lots of disgusting commands were being uttered from all sides, including several eyes in several holes in the door, and the glory hole that I hadn't seen in the door was moved open (It was a small piece of wood that could be moved left or right) and a smaller cock appeared through that, my left hand was taken to the glory hole on the left, and put on another large cock. I dressed, rinsed my mouth out again, flushed the loo roll and wipes, kept the note and then slid the door open, just 2 people were at the trough, obviously wanking each other off, as I left, one said, "See you Friday you slut"


first-time Tritondives3 2018-08-26

He bit his lips and smiled at me again and caress my hands on the table, of course I responded immediately as a sign that I agree whatever he wanted to do with me. He asked me if I want some drink and I said “Rubio, let us have wine again”. He told me that he wanted me to enjoy our fuck and just feel the pleasure. Then he slided his cock inside my pussy and fucked me there. I felt so good with his thick cock even a little bit strange feeling because of a condom. After a few minutes of sucking his cock, I ride him good. We face each other and kiss, and we fucked in a stand up position with my leg up on chair.


first-time 2018-08-26

A couple of times Julie would catch me ogling her breasts and just smile like she knew what I was thinking. I started stroking it slowly while thinking about Julie and her big breasts. Julie said, "hang on a sec I'm sweating like a pig." She reached down and with one swift movement grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and pulled it over her head. I looked down to see if Julie had noticed and could tell she was looking right up the leg of my shorts at my cock. When I started to slow down she pulled me out of her throat and took the last few spurts on her tongue, which she rolled around her mouth before swallowing.