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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Best Sex Ever Made me scream!!

first-time 2018-08-26

I was picturing in my head what it would feel like to have that big dick inside me. He worked on my nipples so good with his mouth that I was squirming & moaning in pleasure and thinking when was he gonna fuck me with that huge dick. He continued down to my hardness and sucked on my cock slowly as he fingered my ass. I watched in anticipation as he lubed up that big dick and very slowly he put it inside. 5 inside me he stroked me very slowly telling me how hot & tight my ass felt. When he got hard he grabbed my ass and spreaded my cheeks and thrusted that dick up in me til I was moaning & screaming in pleasure.

The Weekend (bi-male first time)

first-time naughty_bi_interest 2018-08-26

I sat on the bed as she pulled the stockings over my legs and took time to get the suspenders just right. Still holding my gaze, Marie said 'I think he needs his cock to be released John'. John stroked his hand over my stomach and into the thong. I felt John's chest on my back and his erection was pushing against the softness of my buttocks. I couldn't resist kissing his stockinged legs following the route of my hands. He closed his hands over my head, pushing my mouth against his cock. I took his cock deep into my mouth and gripped his thighs tightly with my hands. I could feel the muscles around my balls forcing the cum into John's mouth.

Holiday surprise (True story first time gay)

first-time jamiesolarip 2018-08-26

Everyone you speak to seems to have visited or know of someone to have visited, besides, Abdi and I have always planned a trip together and this seemed like our chance, so we took it. We lay on our seperate beds and chatted for a while about the day's events, shared our opinions on the variant joints we smoked, the hot girls and making some plans for the next day. He repeated his actions of slapping his penis against my bum a few times before returning to rest against my crack. I feel both his hand rest on top of my head triying to hold it in place while he tried to gently tries to ease more of his dick further in.

The night Mariel gave a good blow-job

first-time 2018-08-26

My girlfriend breaks from her suction on his neck, 'Mariel', she pronounces my name in a d***ken slur, 'Cant you see we are busy', and she looks into his face as she says it, then returns to sucking on the nape of his neck, meanwhile I revel in feeling his hand caress my bare ass, his finger finding my anal opening and push it up with the finesse of a bored doctor, still at least one hole is being attended to. 'You guys going to Fuck', I ask again, as I reach between them and fondle his cock beneath his trousers, 'Mariel, pleeease' slurs Pia, 'Leave us be', she pleads helplessly as she knows I need to be serviced, by now of course I am holding his dick and dropping down to suck his cock, forcing my head between them and feeling his warmth ease into my mouth.

The Summer of '79

first-time ChuckEPoo 2018-08-26

I was walking along with my best friend Tom, on the boardwalk in front of the Holiday Inn. We weaved our way through the crowd carrying our surfboards, following closely behind two bikini clad girls, and taking no opportunity to pass. Standing in front of Chrissy's car, we all talked, but Tom and Jan wasted no time getting into a lip-lock. "Yes, I want you to, but you have to talk with my dad, and he's a hard nut to crack." The serious look on her face made it seem like an impossible task. "Chrissy, I called to ask if you would like to see me play in our home-coming game Friday night.

Becky's First Analbyf

first-time zopri 2018-08-26

She heard me spit in my palm, and then felt me rub that saliva over my cock, my other hand bruising her ass with sharp smacks. "Will you let me fuck your ass whenever I want," I asked, "my little anal whore Becky?" I felt her ass spasm around me, and knew that my little whore was cumming so hard from being taken. I kept pumping into her ass, finally pausing to hold my cock buried balls deep, and she was violently moving her hips in a circular motion, her hand reaching between her legs to rub her clit as her orgasm took her to another dimension.

Gangbang Payment

first-time newman822 2018-08-26

I open the door and they ask where she at, I told them that she is in the restroom changing. they walk to the living room and notice that the t.v is playing porn, they smiled and we hear the restroom door open. we all stood in front of her and she grab are black dick and started suck each of us one at a time. Brown started to fuck her from the back, Armstrong started fucking her mouth and I was playing and sucking her teeth. when I slide my dick in her warm mouth, I look in her eye's and I notice tear drops. so here I am, condom in my left hand and holding my black dick with my right hand.

Nurse Jenny Experiences Midway Ch. 02

first-time BlewWater69 2018-08-26

The night before, Jenny had been delighted to see that the doctors had redressed Jerry's wounds and reduced the size of the bandages. Jenny wheeled a sailor into Jerry's room on a gurney and along with an orderly got him into the other bed. "Yes, Jerry, I'm here," Jenny said, as the orderly left to attend others. Reports that kept coming into Midway Headquarters and filtering down to the enlisted men and nurses were stating that four Japanese carriers had been left severely damaged and ablaze. Jenny pulled up Jerry's gown with one hand around his back and with the other took hold of his soft penis. "Oh, that's quite alright," Jenny said, and then wondered exact what had Jerry told Roger.

Pleasure With A Stranger In A Train

first-time 2018-08-26

I touched his bulge over his pants and he unzipped it, I took his big dark cock out and started sucking them hard. I took his whole shaft in my mouth and made his cock covered in my hot saliva, I spat on it and sucked them hard, he was not able to control himself and let out a moan. And fucked me hard and he took his dick out and gave me a painful yet pleasureful surprise by entering in my ass. Even I protested him, he continued doing this and I could see the hard cocks bulging through the lungis of people and every one was staring on my boobs and I too started enjoying it.

Nye's Desires: My First

first-time Francis_Nye 2018-08-25

My breast got bigger, my hips pushed out, my ass got rounder and stuck out, and you know I started to look like a woman instead of a little girl. "What's it been like seven years?" said Jesse. "Let's get together tonight and talk about old times," Jesse said with a wolfish little smile that I remembered from back in the day. As we sat there eating our takeout and drinking our beers I couldn't help notice Jesse kept looking at my tits. "Whatever - loose the bra too." He said as he took a step toward me as if he was going to help me off with my underwear. The second load of his hot man juice hit my chest and splattered like a white Rorschach ink blot test.

Love her lessons

first-time petdyke 2018-08-25

My very first time! Ever since, I dream of dominating Her. Hope her tight ass is still virgin. I make love to my wife like in the days we married. Give in to all her kinky wishes, as She taught me. Wish to meat Her again. Roles reversed this time. Pray that my employer will send me again to her town. While my wife was happy with my flowers, She send. We even tried the pleasure of pissing over each other under the shower, after we came both many times. Big bulge in my trousers, when I read my employer sends me back to her town. Wonder what more She could teach me to satisfy my wife better?

A Virgin's Seduction

first-time LittleOne14385 2018-08-25

Without a thought my hand traveled to my own breast and I allowed my fingers to graze my own nipple through the fabric of my camisole, gasping at the intensity of a simple touch. Now shut up and let me make love to you." I nodded weakly as he began to more fervently kiss my neck while his hand continued caressing my breast. He helped me to position myself over his lap and holding his cock in one hand and with the other on my hip he began to guide me downward.I placed my hands on the tops of his shoulders for balance and continued moving down until I felt the tip of him pressing against me.

my first time

first-time eskimokissesxx 2018-08-25

we began by kissing, and i then realised he was sliding a hand slowly up my leg, he ran his hand on the inside of my thigh. he unbottoned my skirt and i let it drop, and he pulled off my white cotton panties. i go to pull off my school tie but he tells me to leave it on and it lies on my heaving breasts and the material rubs the hardened nipples. he is the first man to ever touch me, taste me and he has taken my virginity, but all is okay as i love him. he is kissing my pussy and i cannot stop cumming.

Pungent flower 10: Do you want to play?

first-time TheAgantuk 2018-08-25

I asked her about the kurta and she said she had just worn it today. I looked at her and told her yes it doesn’t smell bad. Looking at her I said “this does not look dirty, are you sure you want this washed?” and I took another long sniff at her sweaty kurta. I told her it actually smelled good and did not need washing. But she said she saw the girls in the club today and everybody had clean underarms. I took her hand and touched her fingers on my underarm. When I got up I saw in the reflection of the TV showcase, Anita rubbing her fingers that she had touched to my underarm.

Barcelona Beauties Ch. 10

first-time Artist1 2018-08-25

"Chhaya," said Carmen firmly, "I think it would be better if you told him. Who do you think would even want to..." Chhaya's question faded out as she appeared to realize what, or rather who, Carmen was driving at. "Carmen," I returned, "I think you know that men like me don't usually seduce the women we're intimate with. I went to the kitchen where I was intercepted by Vesna who grabbed me for a kiss then spoke into my ear: "Carmen knew we were under the portico and could hear everything. "Okay," I said, "this is where you pretend to tell me what I already know but which Chhaya thinks I still don't know. "Well, said Carmen, "I had to respect Chhaya's privacy so I didn't tell anyone. "Thanks Carmen," said Chhaya with emotion.

Riverside Lessons

first-time rdsouza 2018-08-25

Krish was a little reluctant but we started tickling him and Anita managed to pull of his T shirt. Krish’s eyes were pooping out and his mouth was wide open like a fish – he told me later that he felt he was going to faint! I don’t remember how long we stood like that, finally Anita pushed us gently towards the river where we frolicked for some time. Slowly I took his entire cock inside my mouth and started to suck him. Krish continued to lick my pussy which kept throbbing and twitching while I went through another orgasm before finally collapsing onto Anita who continued to caress and kiss me.

Teaching Sally part 1

first-time rich_7 2018-08-25

But one summer day my doorbell rang and there was Sally, one of the hottest girls that had been in my class the year before. She then surprised me with, “I am not in your class and I am 18 now.” She looked down and said, “I am a virgin and you are such a good teacher I want you to teach me about making love. “Ok, but I want to do this right.” I told her to meet me at a motel in the next town the next day. Sally looked me in the eyes and said, “ I want to make love to you, show me how, teach me.” “Watch my hands caressing your breasts, doesn’t it look so good?”

Sarah's House Ch. 01

first-time susannahtowers 2018-08-25

Drifting to sleep, I found my eyes closing and welcomed the dreams I knew would come (hopefully involving Marcus, I smiled at the thought). A flush of cool air came as I felt my singlet rise up, and instinctively I pulled my arms free, annoyed by the confinement that it would give pushed up over my chest. Moving forward, careful to keep his head in the dark, the shape reached out to me, his left hand finding my pussy. I abandoned the hand on my nipples as I held his hand to my mouth, gasping and panting and desperately trying not to wake my sleeping best friend down the hall.

Sexy Secretary

first-time romper1 2018-08-25

Kissing her full on the lips, Di’s tongue explored my mouth my hands felt her naked arse pulling her closer, I steered Di over to the desk pushing her back against it Di sat on the end of the table while I knelt down in front kissing up her to her stocking tops then tracing the taut suspenders, my mouth nibbled along the edge of her thong until I was licking at her wet pussy lips, Di moaned as my tongue prodded at her clit Di laid back on the desk parting her thighs wider, Mmmmm that so good, easing over the tiny wet strip of material I lapped at her cunt lips parting them with my tongue to find her love button.

A Special Underwear Fitting

first-time ewriter 2018-08-25

While on these occasions he enjoyed looking at some very lovely ladies in skimpy underwear, he always maintained his rule of not dating customers, and made sure a female member of staff was with him in the changing rooms with customers. The bra did not dig in like her normal one, and she was sure from the look on his face that Billy found her attractive wearing it. Part of her felt very self conscious and did not want to leave the changing room, but another part was aching to see what Billy's response would be to seeing her in such sexy underwear.

Raw Pleasure

first-time rigs03 2018-08-25

Now the fire inside Jacqui was burning very strong and she wanted more, so without adding a word she leaned in and kissed Steve again, this time with a lot more passion, teasing his tongue with hers, kissing his breath away. As they kissed Steve gently leaned back and they fell on top of each other on the couch, Jacqui on top of him, her hands now busy grabbing at his hair, at his neck as if she was trying to pull him into her. Steve found himself gently scratching his fingernails across Jacqui's back and with each pass between her shoulder blades he felt her press herself a little further into him and every now and then a little breath would escape, which sounded more like a moan with each one.

Painters Delight

first-time A_Nipple_Lover 2018-08-25

"Hold on." She said, "I was looking for a woman, but you seem like such a nice guy I guess I could show you the room. I don't think I said a word, but I'm sure the look on my face was all the answer she needed. Her hand reached around my head, and pulled my face into her breast. I then moved my head down to her breasts and once again took one of her nipples into my mouth. I moved my head between her legs and reached my tongue out and tasted a pussy for the first time. At some point I reached up and cupped a breast in my hand, feeling the nipple poke out between my two middle fingers.

Locked Out

first-time pleasureseeker420 2018-08-25

that sucks..." I hesitated for a moment "Do you want to come in and wait for your mom?" I wasn't sure what the hell I was doing but just trying to be nice. Still giggling and being playful, "I thought of your dick getting hard and just wondering...?" wetting her lips. that feels good." Without asking, I began to unbutton her pants, revealing white lace, kissing and sucking her cold body. I don't know about this." At this point I couldn't understand what she was trying to say, but the musky smell of her pussy and soft feel of her pubic hair on my lips drove me nuts. "Diana..." making eye contact "do you really want me to stop" as I pushed my cock deeper into her.

Birthdays Suck

first-time Sean Renaud 2018-08-25

"Tough day?" Lance looked up at his neighbor, Chelsea, staring at her door. "You wanna come in, you can see you'll be able to hear when he gets here and I can't just leave you out in the rain." Chelsea paused a moment then nodded and let him lead her into his home. Lance closed the door and noticed that Chelsea was staring at his gaming supplies. "See any guy who wasn't preoccupied with his insecurities would realize that we are both in your house, dripping wet, needing to get out of our clothes, drinking beer and oh I've been leaning over so you can check out my ass." There was a long pause. "Just get used to it." Chelsea leaned forward and bit Lance's lip.