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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mom and son go doctor part 2

first-time xxx_hamster 2018-08-25

"Jimmy, honey, can you feel your cum?" a flustered Diane asked of her son, a question which she never imagined escaping her lips as long as she lived. Do you know what it feels like before it happens?" Jimmy moaned dreamily and Linda seemed satisfied that was a "yes." Meanwhile, Diane couldn't believe how good this was, nor how long her son was lasting for his very first time. Dr. Linda awkwardly grabbed Diane's son's young, glistening prick and pointed it near the edge of the plastic cup but he started spewing ropes of cum before she could quite steady it. As Dr. Linda bent over Diane Jimmy peered right at her dark pussy, hairier than his mother's.

our first time

first-time mochagoddess75 2018-08-25

I want some more, lots more, so I take the head of your dick into my mouth and suckle on it, contracting my cheek muscles in and out as I attempt to draw every single drop of precum that exists onto my awaiting taste buds. You moan a little and run your fingers through my hair while I take your ball sack gently into my mouth and bounce it around on my tongue. As I lay there looking up at you, suck-ling on your fingertips, I see you lean forward and feel the head of your dick opening my pussy. I bury my head sideways into a pillow while you hold onto my ass cheeks, one in each hand, and pump your dick in and out of my pussy from behind.


first-time tonibbw 2018-08-25

Again I said nothing, so this lad, Sean was pushed forward and before I could react he was holding, squeezing both breasts to laughter from all the others, I finally found my tongue and said, that’s enough and pushed his hands away, only to be booed at and another said it was his turn, after a quick feel I again said that’s enough, then it was the thirds turn, then the fourth, by then I just let them feel away, then without warning the lad who had always been nasty to my sons just lifted my top off over my head, I tried to grab it back and put it on but he said as they had all seen my tits in my bra there was no point in covering up….just let them have a look for a minute and I could put it back on.

Beach encounter

first-time 2018-08-25

I felt passionate kiss, his lips, his teeth gently biting my lips, his beard on my face…His hand was still squeezing my cock, but my hand started to explore his body, touching his nipples but very soon went down till I grabbed his cock, nice and hot cock for the first time in my life! Fucking him with my fingers and feeling his mouth sucking my cock made me very close of cuming, and I screamed I am going to cum if u don’t stop, but he said, I want u to cum in my mouth, I want to taste it, want u to explode in my mouth!

An Awakening Ch. 02

first-time kathyd 2018-08-25

After several minutes of this foreplay, Michelle's body tensed and she brought her legs tightly together, nearly locking my hand in place on her clit. The tip glistened with her wetness, and I stroked her clit with my cock in the same way as I had my fingers, tracing light circles around it, followed by teasingly inserting just the head of it inside her pussy. Without opening her eyes, Michelle reached down and took hold of my cock, positioning it at the entrance to her pussy, and she thrust her pelvis forward and upward in anticipation. I began a slow shallow thrust, pulling almost completely out, and continuing to insert only the first two or three inches of my cock, and Michelle gasped with pleasure.

My girls first black cock and does it like a pro!

first-time 2018-08-25

A black guy came by and sat at the bar next to us and I saw him eyeing my girls big tits under her tight pink top!We all started talking.Well after awile it was getting late and about time for closing the guy invited us over to his friend house for a party. So one went down and ate her yummy pussyfor a bit then he slowly began to slide that fucken big black cock into her pussy so slowly! He started to power fuck her pussy while she road that big cock and her eyes rolled back in her head and she creamed sweet yummy pussy juice all over that big black cock while she sucked the other.Them they swapped and he fucked her from behind with a even bigger cock!

Smiles to Steamy

first-time MissClassy 2018-08-25

A couple of minutes passed while I sat there mentally hitting my head on the wall when suddenly, I felt a strong, calm presence behind me, that made me self-conscious, and I knew without looking, that it was him! He finally let go, all the while looking curiously at me, with a small little smile etched on his face, that made me difficult to clear my thoughts. I saw his mouth twitch in smile, as I blushed, and he cleared his throat and said, "Distracted, are we?" It was then that I looked into his eyes, and I could see it. I threw my arms around his neck and pulled him close, my head clouded with desire, reaching to his lips with mine, wanting to feel his mouth on mine.

Field Trip Follies Ch. 02

first-time cbsummers 2018-08-25

After half a minute, Miss Ostiago glanced up at Lindsey's naked body again, before looking back down. Miss Ostiago nodded, glancing at Lindsey's pretty brown bush before looking down again. Miss Ostiago stared breathlessly at Mrs. Foster's perky little tits as they bounced about as she dried herself. She was looking down, her eyes hidden under her long brown hair, so Miss Ostiago stared right between the young teacher's pretty legs, drooling at the sight of her brown bush, and squiggly little pussy lips. Lindsey packed her bags, staying nude the whole time, not looking toward Miss Ostiago so she'd feel free to keep staring. Lindsey put on a sexy little skirt, then put her panties on last, knowing full well that Miss Ostiago was staring at her.

French Lesson

first-time J G Parkes 2018-08-25

In today's moral climate when young girls barely into puberty are given sex advice, condoms and pregnancy tests and their parents don't even have the right to know about it, the sexual mores of the past are quite unbelievable. Such images were, of course, completely banned in all the media and in films when a man and woman were in a bedroom they were never allowed to lie together in bed, even though they were supposed to be a married couple. Ignorant about the actual sex act I might have been, but I knew that something happened and somehow I also knew why so many women were strolling up and down the streets in such an aimless way.

"A New Role"

first-time surfgirl420 2018-08-25

I took a deep breath and imagined it as David must have seen it - me with my legs spread and my ass in the air, my hungry mouth full of Keith's cock, and him holding my head and apparently controlling my movements - and I smiled. "Here," I said, "you look like you could use some chillin' out after this morning's show." I squatted on the floor before him, knowing he couldn't help but stare at the soft sheer material of the yoga pants, and enjoying the feeling of being enjoyed that way. "Okay," I said, "sit down and let's do this." I didn't even look Keith's way, but stared directly into David's now-glassy eyes.

Swing Time Ch. 02

first-time l8bloom 2018-08-25

It was he, along with Allison's father, who had stopped Craig from sexually assaulting the young clarinetist right after the fall concert. And finally —" he looked into the teenagers' faces to underscore his next words "— consider how you have felt, when you made a dumb mistake and you wished you had a second chance." Olaffsen thought to himself that his last point might be somewhat tenuous. One negative image popped into his mind: Craig Stewart, pushing Allison's white formal dress up her legs while she yelled at him to stop, Jeff Mullins pinning the girl's arms behind her back... He wanted to affirm their love, to somehow make sure that he was the one she would always want, not some good-looking bastard like Craig Stewart.

Airport Screening

first-time floridabillyboy 2018-08-25

My cock began to twitch as she continued to search, and I tried to adjust my position to give it a little freedom. A little precum oozed out onto my belly as she snapped on a pair of tight latex gloves and applied some lubrication to the fingers of her left hand. Finding myself completely in control of this TSA girl was incredibly exciting, and my cock throbbed as she gently inserted her index finger into my ass. She slipped a second finger into my ass as she began stroking my cock with her right hand. My cock finally began to soften as she slowly pulled her fingers out of my ass and stripped off her gloves.

Star Trek: TNG The doctor bites back

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-08-25

Beverly now saw that Deanna had sat back into the captain's chair and spread her legs over the arms of it, slowly massaging her wet pussy through her thong. "We'll see, it is just a question of getting used to it." Beverly said matter-of-factly as she wiped away the tears that had formed and took the cock back in her mouth, this time even deeper but making sure she was breathing through her nose. Kroos slid his cock into Beverly's wanting mouth and she began to suck on it once more as Kobor continued to pound her pussy. Wesley leaned back and was clearly in heaven as Beverly then moved her hands inside the waistband and began to slide his pants off him, finally exposing his hard cock to her.

The Other Side of the Window

first-time furryfan 2018-08-25

I went to work and had a distracted day, comparing every woman that came in the store to Mrs. Yates, wondering what surprises they had hidden under their clothing. There was little chance that she hadn't seen me, but I clung to that minuscule hope as I went inside, fully expecting to hear our doorbell ring, hearing either Mrs. Yates screaming to my parents about their perverted kid, or the police coming to haul me off to jail. Lots of other women came into the store with their tits practically hanging out, trying to look sexy, and there's Mrs. Yates, hiding all those treasures from view.

Giving in to the old man

first-time nightowl58 2018-08-25

I closed my eyes and grabbed it in my hand and started sucking it slowly, he pushed my hair back and i covered my ass and legs with the sheets. He kept pumping away and i felt his cock getting thicker and start to throb, with that he pulled out and shot a big load all over my belly and breast. He then told me to stop and get on all fours, i got on all fours and waited for him to put his cock in, as put it in i moaned softly as i felt him spread me apart.

Emily's First Cock

first-time nakedjohn 2018-08-24

"Were all set to go for Friday night," she said, "I've got 5 guys of various shapes and sizes all lined up!" Emily could almost hear triumphant laughter in Katie's voice over the phone. Katie walked over to him, and took his soft penis in her hand, and lifted it up, uncovering his balls, which were good sized, with a light covering of dark hair. Katie grinned deviously as she stepped forward, declaring Mark the winner by grabbing and raising his big, hard cock, like a referee would raise a fighter's arm. With that, Emily felt Mark's cock start to pulse in her hand, and a huge rope of cum shot up into the air, splashing down on the floor next to her.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 13

first-time BlewWater69 2018-08-24

Jason tried to concentrate on what he was doing to Stef's cunt but Pam wasn't making it easy with tremendous suction to his cockhead and wickedly teasing licks each time more pre-cum oozed from his slit. ," Jason groaned awaiting his cum, then, "Oh, shit," as he felt Pam squeeze the head of his cock hard. Jason felt like the top of his head blew off as he bucked up into Stef's tight cum slick cunt. Jason felt the bed move and turned to watch Pam shift up and kiss Stef. The girls stayed at it for several minutes until it was obvious Pam had fed Stef anything that remained in her mouth of Jason's cum.

Look But Don't Touch

first-time xtcnymphette 2018-08-24

The old man had fucked the beautiful call girl that taught her these moves a dozen times and the memory combined with the hot vision before his eyes to firm his cock and send shivers of lust through him. In her unusual teenage life she had only managed to steal away with a young man a few times and each time she did she found herself aching with desire and allowing her kisses to invite his hands to wander to her pert breasts and send tingles through her she wanted them to touch her. The old man had been seduced by her many times and each time he had emptied himself inside each of her sexy openings he felt the power that drew him into her sucking his energy as she shivered ecstatically recharging her temptress body and her sex driven life.


First Cock

first-time sambuca 2018-08-24

So, we're up in my bedroom and he starts telling me about sex, and I can't believe him but he strips and talks me into getting naked and without so much as a by your leave he grabs my cock and to my surprise it tarts getting hard and he starts telling me about something he calls ඍ" and that sounds like it might be fun so we get down on the floor and the next thing I know his huge black cock is sliding through my lips and I barely notice that he is sucking on my dick.

First time cheating

first-time X_PAC6969 2018-08-24

not long after we got married the sex dried up to about once a month or less, but i never cheated on her. she had been away all week and on saturday a mate from work asked me over for drinks that night. when we got back everyone decided to hop in the spa and keep drinking. it wasn't long till kirsty had my pants off and was riding my cock like a melbourne cup jockey. we got to the bathroom and started showering, to my surprise (after coming 4 times already) i was so hard again within 5 minutes, so i pushed her up against the wall, lifted her up and started again.

A Matter of Time Ch. 11

first-time absoluteid 2018-08-24

"This is our life," Marty said, looking at his young bride, his older self and future wife. "We are going to travel time, in this life and the next," Vicki said, giving her antiquated wedding band to her young husband. Marty kissed her neck and ran his hands softly over Victoria's breasts as her breathing quickly enhanced in the moment. The elastic band of his tight white underwear hugged his hips, but his excited penis stretched the fabric upwards, Marty pulled his jeans off his thighs and lower legs, kicking them off to the floor. His penis, hardened by blood inside, looked much like the penis she'd watched fuck the 55-year-old version of her while on Lake Monroe yesterday.

Str8 Guy Seduced By A Tranny (ch1)

first-time 2018-08-24

because I am pretty qualified to know what a hot girl looks like. I have a very feminine face, and have pretty good hips (very girly) as well as an ass that guys tend to notice from across the room. Spring break - I know it is cliche', but well, seriously all those HOT bodies rubbing up against each other all in one place... as I was returning I saw a guy with a really hot body... and I watched as a drip slowly made its way down his tight hot chest, and I dreamed for a moment of licking it... but, in honesty I did not know if he knew exactly what he was getting into...

Buddies Reunite Ch. 05

first-time joeyo43 2018-08-24

I carried the food behind the old couch to the bar, dropping Bobby's clothes on the arm rest. Bobby pulled out three plates and put a big pile of potato salad on each. "I sat on the steps and watched the Slacker give you a really good tickle. Her hoagie gone and her potato salad nearly so, Marnie took a big gulp and drained the rest of the Sundrop. "Man, oh, man, was that good," she said, placing her plate in the small sink behind the bar. "Um, uhhhhhh, no; only Bobby," I said in the high-pitched squeak that always marked my nervousness. "Well, you are tonight, Slacker," I've always wondered what it would feel like to have two sets of hands tickling me.

Sheila...The Exhibitionist

first-time fotisampini 2018-08-24

Moving my legs apart in a better stance I pressed harder and watched my wedge-shaped cockhead slowly widening Sheila's pink pussy into a very taut "o" making that sultry bitch of a cunt drool and release more of her heady scent. Fuck my ass, dammit!" Sheila demanded as she tried to wiggle her way back to my cock grabbing her high arched feet and lewdly spreading her legs wide open. "OoooooooOoooooh!!" Sheila screamed and passed out...her asshole involuntarily gripping and releasing my hotly embedded man muscle...her liberated pussy drooling its slick fragrant ecstasy around my delighted cock and over my balls pressed against her u*********s ass.