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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Kari and The Neighbors

first-time 2018-08-24

He then setup the camera on a tripod, aiming it at the bed and then came up behind my wife, who was still busily munching on Molly's pussy, and rammed his cock to the hilt into my wife's cunt in one thrust and proceeded to fuck her hard and fast, occassionally giving her ass a hard swat, leaving angry looking red marks on her causing Kari to come up for air and beg Jack to fuck her harder. I was surprised at my stamina, must have something to do with being so angry, as I fucked Molly mercilessly until I saw Jack obviously cumming deep in my wife's pussy as she and Molly both were in the throes of huge orgasms pushed me over the edge causing me to shoot a huge, very satisfying load deep inside of Molly.

My First Girl.

first-time 2018-08-24

She lay next to me and we started kissing again, but now her hands were moving more, her fingers sliding lightly over my hips and across my breasts and I never resisted when she pulled a shoulder strap down and let her finger run down my neck, over my chest and my breast until it gently encountered my left nipple, hesitating at first as if to gain permission, but then rubbing it, making it harden and making me gasp. She ran her tongue all over me and eventually got to my thighs which she kissed and licked as I involuntarily parted them, but she did not just lunge for me, she took her time and then looked at me in the eyes as if asking if she could go that bit further.

Tammy asks Jimmy for Help

first-time Charles Petersunn 2018-08-24

Ever since Miss Harding's biology class exercise (see Chapter 5) Tammie could not stop thinking about Jimmy Edwards, or at least his penis. She felt so warm, and it felt so good to touch herself, thinking about Jimmy seeing her dressed only in panties and bra, maybe even pulling them down. She liked hearing that he was concerned about her feelings, and there was nothing wrong with being a good girl, but maybe he was saying that he just didn't think about her in that kind of way. "Well, it's just that, um, actually, I thought it was a good, a useful, I mean, experience and I wanted to learn more about that sort of thing." Finally, she said it. "What sort of thing?" Jim wasn't sure he knew for certain what she meant.

Campground tease

first-time LeCoach 2018-08-24

We walked to the edge of the dim campfire light when I was about to leave and then Janine took my hand and said "It was fun today wasn't it?" Then she leaned forward and kissed me! Without waiting for a reply, I pulled off my tee shirt and dropped my shorts and briefs, exposing my furiously erect penis to little Janine's astonished eyes. I guess believing "What's fair is fair" Janine released her hold on my come striving penis and pulled her tank top over her head and exposed her firm young tits to my excited gaze. Janine treated me to a feel of the soft cotton fabric of her panties and then...then she touched my cock to her pussy lips!

Becky and I - 1st night

first-time WaMan2010 2018-08-24

As time went on, Becky would take tips from Kelly and she said it was because she wanted to deep throat me like Kelly does. I finally told Becky that I was going to cum and she lifted up and said “I want it!”, and took in more air and sank her mouth over my cock and down her throat. Becky started wigging her head back and forth and it felt like my cock slid a little more into her throat and I couldn’t hold it any longer! After dinner, we went back to Beckys and sat around talking and Heather asked if I wanted to go with her and her mom to look at wedding dresses.

Best friend and I tag team wife

first-time 2018-08-24

He tells me," dudude, give me 5 minutes and I bet I can take her into a threesome." I had my doubts, but sure enough my buddy comes and gets me with a huge grin, and we walk back inside and there she butt naked playing with herself and talking about being excited for 2 cocks. So, now my buddy asks her, and she states, "well, me and B*****n like to hae the occasional threesome with my co-worker (story for another time ;) ) and last time I actually let him fuck both of us". We commence to worshipping her body (kissing her, sucking on her tits, and licking her pussy and ass) and then she tells us, " I want those fucking cocks!", so we obey and and take her fucking skiing and let her take turns sucking them making them more rock hard.

A hike in the woods

first-time tonguing 2018-08-24

Looking up and seeing a man watching me fucking Lisa is exactly when Lisa and I would stop and chat, her breasts looked even had out of the way and began to finger fuck my wife even harder. in the entire world could have made me stop fucking my wife Lisa continued looking at him while I remained on top of I pulled my cock half way out of her pussy and pushed it back I said softly, “What are we going to do?” Lisa looked once more before looking back at Lisa as she slowly began but watch as my wife was getting fucked on the ground right Lisa looked at me with a half smile which I watched before

Drama 101 Pt. 01 Ch. 02

first-time SexiKitten96 2018-08-24

He leaned down and looked up at her, smirking before he pressed his tongue against her tight, little slit and pushed her pink lips apart. He moved his finger a few more times before slowly withdrawing it; he also raised his mouth away from her pussy. He gripped her hips as his head slowly pushed her lips apart and began to sink into her tight little hole. He was so deep inside her, and the feeling of his lips on her neck was driving her body crazy if he kept it up her cum would be running down his swollen manhood. He smiled and slowly slid himself out, causing their combined cum to leak onto his desk.

Tired of Waiting

first-time fairytalefantasy 2018-08-24

He took my left breast in his mouth, licking and sucking it gently. I felt that familiar sensation of wanting more. He finger fucked me, and I couldn't contain my moans anymore. He forced my head down lower as his tongue went deeper. I felt my hips convulsing and the orgasm hit me like no other had before. I wanted to put his cock back in my mouth but he rolled me over and got on top of me. I felt my pussy contracting around him, pulling him in deeper. He thrust became harder and deeper and with each one my little screams turned into louder ones. I was a cock loving woman who wanted nothing more than to be fucked long and hard.

The Divorcee

first-time slave4owner 2018-08-24

At thirty strokes david’s ass was a mess of red raised welts and he was crying softly into the sofa cushions, but Ms. Marcy was having the time of her life. At the adult book store Ms. Marci charged david’s credit card with thousands of dollars of sex toys, bondage gear, erotic wear, etc… More importantly she found the trophy cock she was looking for at the bar, and she had david drive while they sat in the back of his car making out along the way. While david spent a rough night on her couch sl**ping on his side because of his severely whipped ass, Ms. Marci was screwing her lights out with her young amazing lover who made her cum over and over.


first-time Joseki Ko 2018-08-24

There not really enough left of them for any practical purpose and right now they are just keeping you cold and wet." Jorge told me this with a real look of discomfort on his face. I was thinking if this was dad he'd just turn me over his knee and tan me right there, when Jorge said it. "When your sorry you wondered off, let me know." Jorge said in a flat voice. Jorge stopped spanking me and then with a smack to my bottom to punctuate his words he said. When Jorge let me off his lap I hugged him and gave him a kiss just like daddy, because I knew he was doing this to protect me.

Conference bed partners

first-time john1195 2018-08-24

I wailed into the bed sheets as he slammed his hard cock deep inside my Todd gave my ass several more deep finger fucks and I groaned as my body going to ass fuck me, but his strong hands now held me by the hips and he going to fuck you now, deep and hard," he crooned as he began to stroke into my bowels, Cumming deep inside me, filling me with his hot juices. He held out his cum dripping cock to my face and taking me by the hair flesh, I was sucking and taking his entire cock now, long deep strokes as Todd pushed me back on the bed and began to lick up his cum from my face

Peter Plucks #2: Panda's Peach-1

first-time petdyke 2018-08-24

Panda is also having a walk at the beach with a guy who gets excited to easily coming in her hot hand Panda is living between her hot fantasies after watching sexy scenes here and some shy sex experiments Panda is very amazed an elder gentleman takes the trouble to travel all the way to the town she lives! Panda is sitting down with a sweet shy sexy smile as she listens to my list of first possibilities Panda is such a newbie, so almost anything is an interesting first time try to the tasty teasing teen Panda is listening to my long list of possibilities for us now, which is my way to tease back at her

Lover’s First Fuck!

first-time mooremike 2018-08-24

Ever since the brief episode at the bus stop where she had felt that big cock with her own hand the horny girl wanted nothing more than to be Jake's willing sex plaything. Natalie shuddered as she felt Jake's cock slide between her lips and up her tongue until the head pushed against her throat. Her pussy and ass were exposed but Natalie felt very safe the boy stroked his large cock. Jake had never felt a stronger need to be in a girl than at that moment, he moved behind her and his cock pushed against her young pussy that was sloppy wet and burning hot! "Damn Natalie that was the hottest sex ever!" Jake said as he watched her licking the cum off of her face.

Stories from wife's journal (cont 2)

first-time 1stime4u 2018-08-24

He was moving , kissing on my neck hard now, my legs and hips were lifted and i felt the man move me up and onto his waiting cock. He kissed my neck and into my mouth, and said ..Ok babey, lets cum together, it was Artie. Artie and Jes, told me , the room is paid for, and i could stay and sl**p all night i f i wanted.. they had sucked both breasts to firmness, lifted my one leg, as both thier cocks , each found a home inside me. .Then as i lay back , each one, lean over to me, and brought a cock to my mouth, as i pulled and sucked on it, llike a baby nipple.

Biggest Boobs in Guyana

first-time al_Ussa 2018-08-24

Like I said before, I was kind of nerdy back then, and being the only Indian kid in a predominantly white school district probably didn't help things. I grabbed a couple pieces of toilet paper (one of the few typically American luxuries my uncle's family allowed themselves to have, thankfully), then started to stroke my cock and think about Mrs. Patel. Now, it was at about this time that the whole thing was starting to seem a bit too much like a scenario from one of those old school porno movies where the lonely middle aged house wife tries to seduce the handsome young delivery man or pool boy.

Sweet Sensations..

first-time yelloducky 2018-08-24

You pull back and smile crookedly as my finger tips brush your eyelashes, I giggle under my breath and you feel it more then hear it, smiling wider.. I run my hands back over your shoulder to your chest, my fingers exploring as I kiss and nuzzle your neck. My lips, teeth and tongue slowly work their way across your chest, my breasts pressed against your ribcage as I move. I brush my fingers over your right nipple, feeling it get hard, along with your breathing. I feel your hard cock on my belly as I lean forward and resume exploring your chest with my lips. I’m looking deep into your eyes as I run my hands into your hair, my nose touching yours.

Pizzaboy delivers

first-time john1195 2018-08-24

shot a load of his teen spunk into his sexy white nylon briefs. Dean smiled and tugged the clinging spunk-sodden strip of nylon down his my hand down the front of Dean's bulging briefs and gasped as I felt the his hand slipped inside his nylon briefs and gently wanking on his boydick. pressed through the shining blue nylon of the borrowed briefs, wet from my pair of white nylon soccer shorts under his jeans, which both surprised and Jake leant forward to continue to feel Dean's nylon-covered cock, and the As Jake flipped Dean's cock free from the blue nylon briefs, I sat on the sucking the boy noisily through the tangy scent of his black nylon briefs.

Black and White

first-time mrsrobinsonx 2018-08-24

Black underwear, he’ll like the contrast with my white bitch skin, I thought. In the lift, his strong arms wrapped around me and those big hands grabbed my bum cheeks. His hands outstretched he pushed them inside my bra and grabbed my tits, squeezing them tightly. I grabbed that firm bum as it went up and down, back and forth, pounding that fabulous cock up me. This time, he’d pushed me face down into the bedclothes, his hands around my waist, lifting me, pushing me back and forth, up and down his cock, like I was just a rag doll. Then, taking him just a little deeper, and with just a back and forth motion, I started to clench and unclench my bum cheeks.

Jenny (part 3)

first-time NashMan51 2018-08-24

Inch by inch I can feel my hard cock slip deeper and deeper into Jenny's tight pussy, her squeezing me intensely as I slowly slide inside. We both start to moan loudly as we carry on moving up and down, with each stroke of my hard cock we speed up, my hands lifted up and massage Jenny's firm breasts, rolling each nipple between my finger and thumb. I can't hold back anymore as I feel my own orgasm approaching, and with a loud moan I pull Jenny's body down against mine, my hips thrusting my hard cock deep as I pull her ass closer and I explode shooting hot sticky cum deep into Jenny's pussy.

When Amanda’s moaning

first-time adel5000 2018-08-24

Kent never removed his one hand from Amanda’s delicate waist as he turned into her for the slow dance; she could feel his warm breath gently exhaling across her neck as her black hair wisped lightly around. Kent continued to kiss Amanda’s wonderful alabaster skin working his way from her neck until he placed another round of butterfly kisses across the tops of her ample breasts. Kent continued to gently and softly kiss Amanda’s breasts though the material his hands caressing her back. Amanda continued to moan and Kent removed his left hand from her back and placed it cupping her right breast as his mouth gently suckled on her left.

Became Daddy's Slutty

first-time savita009 2018-08-24

As such, when I came home that summer from college and my mother was just a short while away from death, I noticed that my father's gazes were now turned to Charlie and I feared she would let the man act on his impure thoughts. I felt my cheeks flush in shame and arousal and when I looked up at my father with my mouth full of his cock, his eyes met mine with an evil knowing leer. My father continued fucking my face and when I would gasp for breath, his cock would often manage to lodge deeper inside me on the next stroke. Once the head was inside from my own body's push, my father took over and began slowly stroking inside my tight pussy.

Bible Camp Babysitter - Day 03

first-time TimSchmidt 2018-08-24

I've had fun learning about your penis, and sex has completely exceeded my expectations, but I want to know what you can do to me - what kinds of touches, or acts, or whatever you can do like when I make you feel good with my fingers or my mouth." Judging the time was right, and knowing I couldn't stand it any longer anyway, I pulled my fingers out, worked myself closer, and took one long, glorious leg in each hand. How many times I wanted to ask you to stop, urgently, frightened by the pleasure - but I couldn't! "Oh Jessica," I said softly when we parted, mastering myself when I really wanted to squirm some more, slide in and out, make her feel pleasure instead of talking.

My Dirty Summer

first-time dirtymaria 2018-08-24

Why he was giving me these weird vibes, I wouldn't find out until barely 2 days later when Cathy headed out for work, leaving her free-lancing business consultant of a husband as well as her little sister with the house to themselves. Realising it was coming from Kevin's study, I found myself standing in front of the door, my ear plugged to the door as I sipped my coffee, making sure not to let the slurping get in the way. How could a girl, that looked like this, be self-conscious about her body?' he asked, now blatantly staring at my tits and then my bare legs sticking out of my tight shorts.