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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Me and the nieghbor

first-time joe7 2018-11-26

When we got to the house, we rang the door bell and I was surprised to see a really hot girl, around my age, answer the door. She saw me went got a little red. She looked right back at me and we started to kiss. Things started to get hot and we lay down, still making out. I returned the smile and started rubbing her tits. She moaned a little more and I started to take off her top. "You've seen mine, let me see yours!" She said, with that same naughty smile. She looked at my 7" cock, then slowly started to stroke it. I moaned and she went a little faster. She started giving me amazing head.

Moms best friend

first-time teendreamer 2018-11-26

Why?" I started, "I wasnt sure.." She interupted, "Cody, honey, is there something wrong with me?" she said as she blew out some smoke and tossed her head back and stretched out her leg. "Cody, baby have you ever fucked a woman?" she asked as she stared into my crotch and flexed her foot in, tracing the outline of my raging hard on with the spike heel of her shoe. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into her and yelled "You little stud where'd you learn to do th..OOHH!" She was thrashing about pretty good by now as I ate her pussy and yelled "DAMN!, whats your cock gonna be like?" I then slid my tounge up her belly and boobs and layed another sloppy kiss right on her.

My Aunt. Chapter2

first-time Annamagique 2018-11-26

"I know Miss," Melissa replied cheerily, "Lady Helen has told us all about you but she wants you to feel at home here and asked us to refer to her as your aunt so you do not feel a stranger in your own home." "I told you, Miss," she replied with a smile, "Lady Helen looks after us well." I returned to the main room and Melissa took my coat and hat and placed them in the closet that was like another room which was accessed through an equally large door in the wall opposite the bathroom. "I understand that at boarding school things are a little different, less pampered perhaps," She began, "But the servants here will look after all your needs, Miss Victoria."

Kelly's First Time With a Woman

first-time Mysteria27 2018-11-26

I had looked over and Kelly’s legs were spread and she was fingering her pussy. Kelly was kissing me and then she put her hand over my breasts on my nightgown and rubbed and caressed them. I got comfortable on the bed and Kelly pulled my white panties down my legs and took them off. I spread my legs and closed my eyes, while Kelly licked my pussy. Our hands were both on each other’s bodies and my fingers rubbed and massaged at her clitoris, while we were kissing and enjoying one another. I then got into position and Kelly spread her legs and I began to lick and adore her bald pussy.

My first time at Sea

first-time toucanchow 2018-11-26

  “Brad, why don’t you come along…all expenses paid?”   I was surprised by the offer, I didn’t have much experience on the sea, but Chris explained that he could sail the boat all alone, what he couldn’t do was cook a decent meal.   Although it had only been a few days at sea, my legs we’re unaccustomed to dry land and I laughed as I tried to shake off my “sea- legs.”    Chris had already made plans to tie up at pier near the South Street Seaport and after securing the boat we headed into town.   “Relax my friend, close your eyes while I take care of this…imagine it’s her mouth sucking you” he said looking at the open magazine.” The tips of his fingers gently teased my swollen helmet- stroking down on the head and twisting before pulling back up….

Pumped Kin

first-time Kate 2018-11-26

I'd had my eye on my brother's best friend Jay for a long time and as we'd all arranged to meet at a Halloween costume party, now was the perfect opportunity to carry out my seductive plans. Luke had hired a skeleton costume and as they'd left it so late in the day, Jay was only able to get a gorilla outfit. I took a few gulps of the punch I'd brought with me, took a deep excited breath, and set about trying to find Jay. It took a while with several hundred revelers moshing around the huge fire, but finally I caught site of bones and monkey man dancing off to the side.

One Sunday Morning

first-time lilbit2006 2018-11-26

When I woke up this morning, I saw a text from him telling me to wear the dress he loves. He gasps as he looks at me and grabs my hand again, pulling my body flush against his, letting his hands roam around me to touch anywhere he chooses. Lining up, he whispers this is going to hurt as he starts to thrust in, covering my mouth so I don't scream. He slowly starts to build up speed, thrusting a little harder and faster. I feel myself starting to build up and I tell him I'm getting close. I moan as I feel him start to let go, clenching as he releases his seed.

My First Time And the Rodeo: Conclusion

first-time gloryhole31 2018-11-26

“Fuck no, Joe, you didn’t see me jump out of the truck or anything.” I said with a glance followed by a turn of my head in the direction of the passing countryside off to the right. Once she had touched my arm a couple of times I felt confident enough to grasp her hand as we walked and from then on the stock poop didn’t smell, the rodeo announcer was no longer loud and obnoxious, and I no longer felt the hot wind on my face We started to pull our pants back up when Joe looked back and said: “Fuck the jeans just pull up your skivvies.” Kirby hit the ground first and led us behind a tall pinon pine tree.


Boy Plus Girl Equals Love

first-time Samuelx 2018-11-26

How does a chick who's fat, ugly in the face, has a huge plump ass and an aloof personality gets to become the most popular female on a college campus teeming with rich and sexy women? Thanks to political correctness, lots of men keep their emotions under lock and key around members of the opposite sex, especially in places like school and work. Zachary laughed, and told me that Sylvia was a spoiled brat who got really angry and loud when she didn't get her way. Zachary smiled and told me he only wanted to bring me pleasure. As Zachary began thrusting his cock into me, I felt a little bit of pleasure.

Easy Money- 3

first-time ColletteXx 2018-11-26

I pinched my nipples and massaged my tits as I ground my cunt into James's face I looked at Toni, mouthing obscenities as he lapped at my clit, his fingers dipping in me. "Wanna clean her up?" he said, and Toni moved up the bed, her tongue touching my skin as she licked up James's cream. He winked, and mouthed 'Good job.' We shared a deep kiss, James tasting Toni's juices on my lips and tongue. James pumped his long cock into her wet hole, her tits bouncing beneath me, and I felt behind me and grasped at her nipples, pulling them gently at first, then harder.

The Promise

first-time Rosiekiss 2018-11-26

“I didn’t think you were ready, Rose, I know we have done everything else, but I thought you wanted to wait a while before we take this next step,” he said with caution. Then he began to passionately kiss my lips, I felt his tongue explore the inside of my mouth, he sucked and bit my lips, bringing out a quiet moan in the back of my throat. I felt his hot breath down my neck which gave me chills up my body, “Rosie, I love you so much, I...I think I’m in love with you, and I think I have been for a very long time.” “Come on Ron, I’m ready, I want your cock inside of me, please baby,” I moaned in his ear.

Sex With Riya- My English Teacher

first-time bava12 2018-11-26

I sat close and occasionally I started brushing her hands and thighs as if by mistake. I got bolder and placed my hand on her boob and pressed it. I placed my hand around her waist and started kissing her cheeks softly. I kissed her cheeks, eyelids and she just closed her eyes making moaning sound.. I got crazy and started biting her ear lobes and cheeks and started biting her lips and pulling them. I couldn’t believe it and started sucking her boobs and cleavage. I took it off too and started kissing her thighs and pubic region. Before leaving she stopped me, took her right boob out of her tee and said bite me!

Making Of A Cum Eating Cuckold

first-time Lildb 2018-11-26

The other guy said “wow man I can’t believe you’re really going to let us fuck your hot wife and use her as our slut all we want”. She looked at me kind of funny and I told her that if she wants me to be her cum eating cuckold and fuck six guys, that she had to go back to their room with them totally naked and come back the same way, naked when they were all done using her. The guys laughed and took my wife by the arms and said, you heard what your cuckold husband said now come with us like a good little slut we have a gangbang party waiting for that sweet ass of yours.

The Minx (Part III)

first-time John_Doe 2018-11-26

"Would you like to put your big, hard cock inside my tight, young cunt, Mr Andrews?" she said, showing no concern for being out of breath a little still, from her orgasm she just received. I picked up rhythm, and speed of fucking her pussy as the sound of the wetness of my cock slipping in and out of her dripping cunt, and the explosions of my body slapping against her firm ass could be heard around the room. I did as she wanted, as my hand came down and spanked the soft perfect ass that was shaking from the impact of my cock thrusting deeper in and out of her tight, young wet cunt.

The Helpless

first-time SueBrasil 2018-11-26

The moment I said that he was going to be spending the night with me, I felt him hesitate and try to pull his hand out of mine, but I maintained a firm grip on his hand as we both went upstairs. Getting braver by the second, and obviously not liking the feel of the cloth against his hand and wanting to touch me, he hooked his fingers into the top of my low-cut strapless top and carefully pulled it down. Watching him intently through half closed eyes, I saw his mouth open, as he brought out that tongue that he had used to bring my pussy to life a few minutes earlier; now that same male organ was about to be used to bring another part of my already quivering body to life; my nipples.

My First Virgin

first-time UncleTom 2018-11-26

I had only the head of my penis inside her, but as I tried to push further, I found her vagina resisting me, with every fraction of an inch gained provoking further cries of pain. I got on board one more time that morning, but did not come - aside from the distress it caused her, her vagina did not feel right - there was no muscular grasping of my penis.. As I did so I realised that her vagina had recovered from the trauma of being stretched by the invasion of her body, and was now milking my penis beautifully; whilst only my deepest thrusts caused Wan any pain now.

My first time with him Part 1

first-time laylapup16 2018-11-26

So I look at you and that cocky little grin of yours, and just keep repeating in my head ‘omg, he is so cute!’ I had missed you when you went away, but I knew you had other things on your mind, other people especially. We were kissing passionately and I pulled away suddenly, I was still a virgin, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to “do it.” I looked at you, I must have given you a funny look because you cocked your head to the side and said, “What did I do? You touched me in ways I had let no other, I moaned as you slide your hand to my crotch and began fingering me.

That is so cool

first-time candytales 2018-11-26

He was caressing my breasts and sucking my erect nipples and it felt wonderful but I was aching for him to turn his attention elsewhere so, after a few minutes, I took one of his hands and placed it on my tummy just below my navel. Soon we were kissing passionately and I could feel my legs parting as I worked myself into a position where I could guide the tip of his cock towards the opening of my waiting love hole. It was really easy to just rock backwards and forward in this position and he was so deep inside me that I’m sure I could feel the tip of his cock pressing against my womb.

Anne Makes the Grade Chapter 3

first-time NOLANCMike 2018-11-26

“Tell you what, Jessica,” Anne said softly as her gaze dropped to the raised skirt, “give me your panties now and I’ll tell you every little juicy detail.” It’s got to be better than ‘I think you should go on the Pill, because I think you are going to seduce Mike and I don’t want you to get preggers.” “Ok. Continue,” Jessica said and tugged Anne’s foot closer so she wouldn’t have to sit up. “That feels good,” Jessica breathed the words into Anne’s mouth, “the softness of your hands; the hardness of your nails.” If we can look each other in the eye tomorrow then, yeah.” Anne gave Jessica a half smile.

Sam's Saturday Night

first-time JennyGently 2018-11-26

Usually by ten o’clock I would be the wrong side of a few vodka shots and out on the town with Kim and the girls, carefully dressed in the right short skirts, the right high heels and the right short, sleeveless tops looking for the right bars with the right boys inside and having a right good time. Over the next few weeks I heard from friends with younger sisters still in school that this new confident, good-looking Robbie was now a favourite with the girls in his year, especially now he and Mary had broken up and he was ‘available’.

My First Experience

first-time leppy80 2018-11-26

Laura came to stay in my house with two other females after they enrolled in a local college campus. Initially I felt no attraction towards her, but that changed as time went on and we got to know each other. Laura and I started flirting, while her room mate was flirting with my friend Greg. She grabbed at my crotch and her eyes opened wide as she gasped, "Oh my, what have we here?" Laura leaned back against the wall and spread her legs, pulling me in towards her and grabbing my arse and started grinding her crotch onto mine. I stood back and pulled down my pants, grabbing her hand and placing it on my now rock hard, ready to explode, cock.

The Pool

first-time DanishPastry 2018-11-26

But occasionally, in front of her mirror at home, she would cup her big breasts in yet another new bra, slip another pair of French knickers on, flip her red-gold hair and critically eye her curvy figure, and wonder if the boy she couldn't stop thinking of ever thought of her? Anna King wraps her hands around Rhys Northwood's cock and slides her lips over his head. Though the feeling of being sunk to the nuts in shy little Anna King's mouth is almost too much to bear, he gently, tenderly moves her head back up to the end of his hard cock, where she resumes, bobbing her head up and down, licking, spit dripping off the shaft.

Buddy's Mom Chapter 5 6

first-time Tomanon 2018-11-26

It was hooked up to some motion detectors around the house, and let his Dad keep an eye on the help to make sure they weren’t poking around where they shouldn’t, or picking up things to take home. I clicked on the Living Room icon and scrolled down to history, and sure enough, there was a video of Angela cleaning the room.  I wondered if  Dad had a voyeur streak, since the shots of her bending over to dust were mildly titillating. As she washed the plates, I moved behind her and cupped her breasts with both hand.  She must have felt my cock pressing on her ass.

Penetrated Her Hymen For First Time

first-time bava12 2018-11-26

She gently pressed my thighs and got her hand near my dick and she told “seems like some1 has grown big”. She grabbed my dick harder and said ” u are gonna b my first inside my pussy but u r not the first in my hand ” that got me even stiffer. And I pulled her over door of the bathroom and started licking her neck and grabbed her ass and pressed my hand in her ass crack. She took my one hand and placed it on her boob and started pressing her melon it was getting denser as her nipple was getting hard. Licking her navel she was going crazy pleading to fuck her I then went down and smooched her pussy with her panty.