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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Very Unexpected First

first-time S3lwyncd0g 2018-08-24

"Oh Chuck, you don't know how long I have wanted to feel you touch them like this. "God Chuck, I can't believe how good it feels, this this is great." Kate said. I wondered if I should warn her but Kate was really focused on sucking my cock and I really wanted to cum in her mouth like I had heard guys talk about... I mean, yeah it was fun and she tasted great and I figured that I had to be good at pussy eating if I wanted to be a hit with girls... Kate was moaning and her hands left my head and she grabbed her tits and began squeezing them.

I agreed to

first-time mariafatima 2018-08-24

The pumping slow movement was turning into deeper thrusts and he said "here hon, let's see what if really is like to be helpless with a big cock feverishly fucking you" and he started the most realistic thrusting of this cock-like dildo and I told him I had never been fucked this way and with such a large penis and he knew I was getting extremely horny as he commented on the sounds my pussy was making and the creamy substance sticking to the dildo. I asked him "you don't want a divorce do you?" And he said "no, but you will do exactly as I tell you from here on is that understood?" I agreed and he untied my hand and as I was going to hug him he got up and got more lube and told me to fuck the dildo like it was the black men in the DVD's he saw.

It Started on New Year's Eve

first-time scorpio415 2018-08-24

Each time he would get out of the pool, I would sneak a glance at his slim build, his firm, taut muscles, even though I knew I would never get to touch them the way Robyn probably did. In a dark corner, gathered around a nondescript coffee table were a bunch of guys from the swim team, Zack, Robyn, and several girls I used to know well before they got popular. I was almost to my haven, the bathroom, when New Year's struck, and right in front of me was Cole and Robyn, faces plastered together. Want some more jello shots?" Cole called from the clutch of boys and girls around that coffee table.

Forbidden Fruit

first-time Demira 2018-08-24

As I cut her little blouse into shreds and pulled each piece from underneath her, I couldn't help stopping to run my lips and tongue across the swell of her perfectly tiny and pert breasts. I continued to stroke in and out of her pussy and tease her clit, until her body started to tense and her hands balled up into little fists. As soon as she stopped shuddering I moved down her body between her legs and ran my tongue across her entire slit, from bottom to top, ending by flicking over her clit, and then delving my tongue inside her pussy and coming up to lap across her clit, back and forth, over and over.

Pure Bliss

first-time True North 2018-08-24

Thinking of James' body as she had seen him several times at the beach, she took the sheet in her hands and began to pull it gently across her breasts. As James enjoyed the feeling of Lauren's nipples firming up to his touch, she ran a hand down his chest and under his T-shirt. As Lauren looked into his eyes once again, she tentatively reached to put her hand on James' shorts, feeling the stiff penis beneath. "I really liked the scene where she reached into her blouse to touch her breasts, then moved her hand between her legs." As he whispered to her, James continued running his fingers over the skin of her arm.

Hot Sunny Day

first-time beccajane 2018-08-24

There on this sunny day we stop on a island with a sandy beach and there we let the moment overtake us. It started when we rode by this island and I asked to stop, he beached the boat and we waded to shore. I sat in the hot sand and he approach me, laying his lips upon me, kissing me passionately until my body told him to overtake me and that I was his. He started to caress my body and removed my bikini, the sand creped into my body`s creases as he began to lick me and rub my breast. I laid back and let his tongue explorer my femininity, he just had his way and my body would not let him stop.

LANGSUIRS: Shadow of the Old Ones. CHAPTER 1

first-time crazyxxxcash 2018-08-24

Fuck it...maybe they'll remember to bring some clothes next time instead of running off half-assed like their old man! Thinking about it, she glanced down beside her at Jimmy's personal parts and to her delight, she realized he was no longer shriveled either...and despite being only nine, he quite obviously had a dick that was at least three inches long in flaccid form...and like Ricky, also had a sack that looked over-filled. "He's right, shut up, Jimmy...he can't help's my fault for talking about big titties...the day's gonna come when you have the same issues, so stop dogging him out." She glanced down at him and noticed his little dick was moving and not from road motion.

My First Times

first-time trowe 2018-08-24

We were making out pretty heavy and we both got pretty hot - aroused that is - it was really sexy us being nearly undressed like that and me being able to run my hands all over his skin and stuff. Well, I had his cock head in my mouth and I was sucking it and pressing my tongue against it and rubbing him up and down with my hand and he started to moan and wildy jerk around and I got really scared and started to move away but he reached down quickly and held my head – gently – on his cock and he just starting squirting this warm stuff into my mouth.

Have a Drink on Me

first-time HorseCock_II 2018-08-24

I walked back in and took my first picture of Jan laying here in her thong with her shirt up and boobs exposed. I thought of taking a picture with her finger in her pussy, so I tried to get it to happen, but her sl**ping hand wasn't helping. When I got off the bed I notice my s****r’s mouth was slightly open. So, I slipped my cock inside my s****r’s mouth and took a picture. After a couple more pictures, I knew I needed to go back to my room to release the cum building inside of me. Then I took Jan’s hand and put it inside my s****r’s panties and did the same thing.

Vera's Wartime Valentine

first-time Bray123 2018-08-24

The rifle range crackled with activity all day long and Ken came to visit Vera whenever he had an evening pass from the camp. Vera shook her head; even being seen in possession of such things would mark her out as a good-time girl. Edith continued, "My God, I've never seen buttocks clench like that, she's going to be sore for a week." She wound the towel into a turban and placed her hands on her hips, her breasts still uncovered. Certain well-known events such as the mass escape of 70 prisoners through a tunnel happened - but otherwise this is of course a work of fiction (apart from a family anecdote about a lady who left home to be with an ex-prisoner of war).


Preachers Daughter Chapter 1

first-time harleyrider6969 2018-08-23

She had a beautiful voice and sang in the choir, but my evil thoughts were on how sexy her perfect face and makeup would look with my cum on them and wondered about her hot body under that dress. She blushed and said "thank you, I think your wife looks lovely today too!" I would comment things such as "yes, my wife is hot, but not as hot as you my dear." She would blush and if stared at long enough, I could see her nipples harden and her breathing get faster. Second, Chapter 3 deals with her baby sitting our k**s while I took the wife on a anniversary get away, with the preachers daughter staying at our house.

Eventful Afternoon

first-time bi88 2018-08-23

So i told him that i had Did it before and he looked Kinda Shocked and just set there for a Minute and then With his Cock still Hanging out he stood up out of the Car and we were face to face.. He stopped for a second and asked if he could Suck my Cock and of course i said yes he got on His Knees and when my cock felt his warm Lips it sent shock waves threw me and it felt Good he sucked me for about 3-4 Minutes and then Stood up and said now your turn...

Hard Way

first-time Merlinslair 2018-08-23

Finally after what seemed like a lifetime, she started talking like she was no longer interested in her boyfriend and it was now my turn. When we finally made it on the date I went to her house and she took me inside to meet - HER PARENTS! It actually went pretty well, I sat at her house and showed her parents that I was a good guy, as a matter of fact I talked more to her mom than her. I do remember the look on my mothers face as I left the kitchen, but my prize was the thumbs up I got from my father as we quickly slipped past the doorway to the den where he was sitting.


first-time goatfortuna 2018-08-23

I don't know Chinese but it sounded like "Hey Lin I'm about to give a handjob" and then Lin turned her head and looked at her and said something in Chinese that sounded like "oh really?" So Lin was watching as Alice dipped her hand under the towel and started inexpertly feeling around. I put lotion on my right hand and made sure no one was looking before reaching under Alice, rubbing her nipple hard in just a few seconds as she exclaimed loudly to Lin who said something back that I hoped was "yeah I know this is great, isn't it?" I said to Lin, you could have a turn at what Alice was doing.

Adored wife for group sex 2 years ago

first-time hgfvrggh 2018-08-23

Bring her Senate who treat touch and out of the jinn, but continued to claim that the elves did not leave her and he tells her that sl**ps alone and only سيخطف the small daughter and her husband Saove. But one of them asked him to put a small recording device down bed to sl**p without the knowledge of his wife because he wants to hear what are the hours Takhtla in the same as jinn orders. Indeed, before his wife's usual charges every night to enter her room and shut the door on them, had put the recording device in the exact location.

The Invention of Vibrators Pt. 1

first-time OwN3r4lfe 2018-08-23

Just then, a plan pops into Megan's head and she asks "Hey Karen, you think I could take one of those muscle massagers back to my workstation for further study. And what are you planning to do?" Megan smiles and says "This device will be used as a rapid masturbator, that can reduce the amount of effort of manual masturbation for women and bring them to orgasm in less than a third of amount of time." Karen is shocked at what Megan has been doing with her research. She smiles at her and says "We're gunna be rich." Karen is uphauled and upset as she goes back to her workstation to think of something to counter Megan's idea theft.

I felt her nipple, from above the cloth, where my

first-time urpussysucker 2018-08-23

Her gown opens from the top, now, exposing her shoulders and top of her breast, and her nipples poking out through the cloth, she didn't have a bra. Getting bold, I moved towards her, took both her boobs in my palms and started pumping slowly, fingering her nipples, above the cloth. I took her in my arms, she put her arms around my head, brought my face down on her, and we started a deep kiss, emitting slurping noises, with the door still open. I removed her gown completely, kissed her whole body, ate her boobs and clit and cunt until she was shaking and jerking madly, moaning hard. I sat her on the couch, opened her legs, ate her pussy and tongue fucked her until shot her cum on my face.

Susie and the VIP Room

first-time maxmaypo 2018-08-23

Roger, Nicky and Jasonda were all wearing g-string, tear drop bikini bottoms that were of a similar sheer white material as the suit bottoms that Susie and Nicole were wearing. Gene and I, already sexed up by what our girls had exposed us to just a little while ago and seeing a nearly nude Jasonda and Nicky, answered almost at the same time, "Sure, why not!!!" All four of us signed the releases and Roger got our hotel information and our names for the film and the chauffeur and told us we would be picked up promptly Thursday evening at 6:00 PM.

My Girlfriend's Sister

first-time 8inchesofsalaami 2018-08-23

At the same time, the kink of being with a woman almost 8 years older was fantastic. This one time we nearly got caught -- her husband came in merely 10 seconds after we dressed. Doing sisters had been one long-time fantasy. Kinnu had a four year old daughter. I took Kinnu out for a couple of movies, being careful to avoid places where I would be recognised. It is acceptable if your sister looks like that, not someone you want to ball. Kinnu did not know about her sister's affair. I stoked myself a couple of times and shot my wad inside Kinnu's mouth. Sangeeta was livid with Kinnu when she came to, "What is the meaning of all this?"

Kremer at the Doctor's Clinic

first-time phoenix51 2018-08-23

Kraemer slowly lifted his legs, spread them wide and rested his feet in the foot rests as Dr. Profunda moved closer to the edge of the table, where his bottom rested, and sat comfortably on a high stool facing his glaring penis. Softly, both of their palms cupped Kraemer's huge erection while the two gloved fingers of Dr. Profunda's right hand, like petals of a flower slowly moving inside his anus, continued their circling movement and pressed all around his anal wall. Nurse Lalang spread her legs wide and sat at the edge of the stool, holding Kraemer's cock deep in her mouth as he was trying to understand the type of examination he was undergoing but he was sure he would not be sent to any therapist.

Getting The Grade

first-time Boojwit 2018-08-23

I was always doing things to try to get his attention, like wearing a skirt that was a bit too short, or opening my shirt a button too far. I looked up at him - the shock clearly written on my face, as he proceeded to unbutton himself, his cock springing free into my hand, that he still held onto. I paused just for a second to admire all the lipstick marks I was leaving behind, then I wet my lips and took the head in my mouth, enjoying its heat and the feel of it sliding between my lips. His wet mouth felt blissful on my skin, his breathing was hot and uneven, his hands roaming around my pussy stopped just above my clit, where he rubbed me with a fury.

The Tea Grew Cold

first-time rescatooor 2018-08-23

Lucy just kept walking to keep warm, her hands buried deep inside the pockets of the worn-out coat, her small button nose peaking from underneath the heavy scarf covering her face. The old man clapped his hands which Lucy took as her cue to stop dancing and stand quite still. The young man looked at his uncle triumphantly, then turned his cool eyes back to Lucy. While Lucy's breaking-and-entering didn't trouble the old man, Mr. Nilssen was upset that Eric had paid no heed at the actual doll he'd prepared for him. Her curiosity and admiration for his work seemed to cheer to old Mr. Nilssen, so Lucy took care to ask many questions on his creations.


Neighbor and Naked Pictures Fantasy Story

first-time Wildmustang70 2018-08-23

After the girls all calmed down and finished with taking pictures they starting playing with parts of my body, almost like they never seen a naked guy before, but that made my dick to get hard, which they all stopped to enjoy watching. Now I am completely humiliated, the girls called up more of their friends to come over for a party and I am to serve them, can it get worse I asked myself. This is what I call totally embarrassing, to be waiting on an all female party with out any clothes on and my dick as hard and straight as can be and being stared at and more pictures taken.

The next step with John

first-time jock1982 2018-08-23

It would blow my mind when I hear him moan and feel his cock swell in my hand. John moaned lightly and I felt his cock jump. I love to feel his cock all lubed up, nice and hard. John was so ready to cum that when he felt my lips on his cock, he exploded. He told me that he wanted to suck my cock too, but was scared to ask me to let him. The next thing I knew John had my hard cock between his lips. Soon I had my hands on top of his head as he sucked my overheated cock. Not only do I lick sucking cock, I am hooked on John’s cum.