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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Our first slight public experience

first-time jamesmags1985 2018-08-23

mags started off by coming over for a goodbye cuddle and slowly grinding against my cock in a way when i wasnt sure if it was intentional or not!! taking the bait i slowly put my hand up her t-shirts to squeeze her perfect tits as she responded by pressing her ass against my hard cock!! from what i remember it was getting so hot we couldnt keep it quiet so mags took me and we sneaked out the front door to the stairwell where at least 20 apartments have access to and we are fucking on the first floor naked!!! mags then turned sat on the step started to rub her clit in circles with my cock in her mouth i took over from her as she tried to suck me dry and i flicked her clit!!!

BBW confessions...hehe pt1

first-time miss-cream-puff 2018-08-23

So me chlo, and we will call him ben (just in case) sat on a bench very cold still with nothing to do. i turned my bum to him, i had fairly tight jeans on, and as i sat chlo said So i lower my bum into his lap and immediatly his hands are at my waist, so i lean forward a bit stcking my at that point size 12 arse into his groin, and start a chat with chlo. we sit for a maybe 5 more minutes and chlo decides shes to cold and heads home, but its ok me and ben live the same way, so we might....hand around lol.


The Mysterious Masked Minx of Misso

first-time HankDolworth 2018-08-23

"I'd really like it if you'd stop talking about poop, it ruining the mood!" complained William to the foul mouthed Jerry. I imagined in my head the hard looks of both George and William. I could imagine their cocks getting harder in their jeans as they thought about the descriptive story that George was telling them. "Very sexy," I thought to myself, "George was a fast learner." I fidgeted a little in my seat, a bit anxious for the story to be over, so I could go to my room and let my fingers do the walking. (I'm sure George was staring at Jerry when he said that, but I don't have eyes in the back of my head).


first-time john1195 2018-08-23

"Well," Jason began, "Sounds like we're both doing just fine, but I need you out of the suit you're wearing and into this one," he explained, handing me the grey suit as he stole a glance at his watch. I put my hands on my hips and relaxed, looking forward at the mirror so I could watch Jason at work, and began to marvel at his firm butt reflected before me while he bent over at my crotch. I watched intently, staring as he unsnapped the remaining snaps and looked down at himself as he stepped out of his pants, leaving himself standing naked before me, his nice size cock starting to come to life before me.

Camping with stepdaughter 7

first-time 2018-08-23

The next morning I decided to surprise Lesly with a hot shower. I took them to her and she told me to look around at all of the guys that were watching her. She lathered up her legs and took her time shaving each one. I took her a towel and she asked me to make sure she had done a good job. I slid my hand between her legs and gave her a good feel. I said turn on the shower and dance while you rinse yourself off. She slowly dried off her body, wrapped up her hair in the towel and once again walked to the van in her birthday suit.

Why Did She Wait?

first-time bigcanuck 2018-08-23

Catherine was dying to get a good look at his cock, so she grabbed at his underwear and pulled them down and off, leaving him naked. She had remembered her friends talking about how guys liked it when girls could take their cocks deep in their mouths. "I've never sucked cock before," she said, taking it out of her mouth for a moment. He pulled her onto his lap, facing him, and pointed the head of his cock between her pussy lips. "Holy fucking Christ!" she cried a couple of minutes later. It feels so fucking good!" He kept pounding into her for a few more minutes, bringing her to one more orgasm.

Diane & John Ch. 03

first-time MathGirl 2018-08-23

Even though John was looking right at my pussy, I wasn't too shy about that long, legs-open step down into the tub. John told me to hold still and not make waves, and he reached back to pull the little lever and let some water out. His tongue explored a little inside me, then he stopped for a moment to tell me how much he liked the taste and feel of my pussy. Herman was starting to throb between us when John broke our kiss and whispered into my ear, "Are you absolutely, positively, a hundred percent sure that you don't want to be a virgin anymore, Sweetheart?"

A Girl addicted to cumming.

first-time nascarjohn 2018-08-23

"Be careful Rosie, you're body is going to get used to cumming 10 times a day and we start school in two days. I told Megan I was concerned, and she once again suggested I learn to rub my clit with my fingers, but for whatever reason I just couldn't convince myself to do it at that time. I could feel myself start to sweat just a little as I squeeze my pussy and thighs, trying to be as discreet as I could but all the while begging my body each time to finally cum. It took about a minute more of desperate, subtle squeezing, and then finally I started bouncing my foot a little bit each time and that is what did it.

The Initiation

first-time Mygypsy 2018-08-23

"We got to get going if you want me to be able to spend time with you later," Claxton said abruptly as he jerked his head up breaking eye contact. "Poor Claxton was busting his butt to convince Burg that you were something special and should be treated as such, then you go pull this stunt ..." Guy said softly taking a step towards her as he shook his head. "The only reason I didn't drag you out of the trees back when you first reached the road and I went by you was because I like your spirit and I'd gotten to wondering if Claxton didn't have the right idea after all," Guy said as he took several steps towards her.

The ex files - Sharing Emma.

first-time olly01 2018-08-23

After the argument the atmosphere had become a bit strained and about an hour or so later the other couples went home but Martin refused to join them saying he was going to stay out so Emma and I said we would keep an eye on him and make sure he got back to the hotel safely. I moved closer and put my cock in her mouth and she responded by taking the whole lot right down to my balls sucking hard as i fucked her mouth as Martin banged away taking out his frustration on Emma's aching cunt until he began to moan filling Emma's pussy with his hot come.

Lessons from an Older Woman

first-time Tony_Martin 2018-08-23

We sat in silence for a moment before Kathy said, "It's my experience that boys in particular, have no idea how to look after a girls needs." She took my hand and guided my fingers inside her cunt lips and rubbed them on what felt like a small shaft of skin at the top of her slit. "The truth is Tony," she said, "most women need more than a guy thrusting his cock in her to bring on an orgasm. I took the opportunity to touch it ever so lightly and couldn't resist sliding my fingers into her before she removed my hand and said, "Watch what I do and see what happens when I have an orgasm."

Giving my first BJ

first-time nobodywashere 2018-08-23

He was jacking off on cam and was nearby. He had a nice looking cock and we agreed I would come over and suck him. His cock was average length but had a nice big head. He had big shaved balls. He asked me if I wanted to feel him and I did. I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. He said he could feel anything. I finished with jacking him as his cock head was in my mouth I was able to take all of his cock in. After he was finished he asked if I wanted him to suck me. I asked if it was OK if I finished myself and about 5 strokes later I was done.

Second Chances & Erotic Romances

first-time AinuraOsorio 2018-08-23

Shelley was never ashamed of her body, as you could tell from her outfit consisting of a miniskirt that clutched her firm ass and the powder blue tank top that exposed her tempting and luscious breasts. Neither could stand the temptation, so Chris spread open her lips, embraced the Mecca before him, and unleashed his strong, sensual tongue onto her throbbing clit. Chris’ breathing became deep and heavy as Shelley’s tongue rolled around the tip of his penis. Chris’ fingers went through her silky hair as Shelley swallowed his dick deeper and deeper into her throat. Shelley’s intense eyes gazed into Chris’ as she bobbed her head up and down his cock. Chris’ eyes widened with surprised pleasure as Shelley moved her body in a lustful rhythm.

Clover's Cocksucking Lessons

first-time clovermoffatt 2018-08-23

Clover said we were all doing very well She got a girl called Julie to demonstrate deep throating on a guy with a huge cock, whilst Melanie did a guy with a small cock. Whilst I was doing the smaller cock the guy - it was Pete the janitor - grabbed my head and pulled me hard onto his prick saying "oh yeahh, honey, you suck that cock...", but Clover told him off. As he started to jerk off in my mouth Clover leaned over me, "I think Lizzie's first - massage his balls honey, that's right, take him real deep...' and then Taylor shot his load into my mouth, spurting and spurting and moaning like he was in pain.

When Allen Met Jill

first-time D-Cutter 2018-08-23

Allen really had no idea why he had a crush on Candy, either; in later years he figured it came from the day in class when he had been walking back from the pencil sharpener past Candy's desk while she was leaning over to pick up a dropped eraser and by pure happenstance got an el primo peek directly down the front of her blouse. But such thoughts never got out of his deepest heart of hearts, and so he and Jill went on to collaborate on their pickle bulb project without incident, good or bad. With such happy thoughts dancing through his head like malignant sugar plumbs, or Dick Clark's undescended balls, Allen called Jill's house to see if she wanted to go see a movie.

My Future Wife Flashing Before Letting Me Have Her

first-time bioralpleaser 2018-08-23

Carla grabbed the wine bottle from me and took a long swig of the One day I got home and found Carla totally naked and sitting at the weeks to come, Tommy took to hanging out at our place from time to I said hi to Tommy and returned Carla's hug and kiss. After Carla's "accidental" nude display, Tommy started spending a lot Carla's lower ass-cheeks appear and disappear with each step she took. Carla promised me a hot night when I got home, but when I Before Tommy could walk to the door, Carla As soon as Tommy was out the door, Carla stripped off her half-shirt "Come and take me, baby," Carla said.

Touch It, Emily

first-time sam8 2018-08-23

Never in a million years would Emily have pictured herself, kneeling between an older man's legs, leaning forward to cautiously, carefully, slip his puffy red cock-head between her lips. Denied, Nick groaned through his teeth, sat up, took hold of Emily's head with both hands, and lowered her mouth back onto his stiff cock. He grunted, clutched her head tighter, and with a few up-and-down lifts and thrusts, he showed Emily how it feels when a man's cock pumps in and out of a girl's mouth. For a long while, as his sensitive cock twitched in her hand, he looked down at Emily, still suckling at it, licking the spent but still stiff flesh, because he hadn't told her to stop.

Birthday Gift

first-time hotpunjabiin 2018-08-23

That day while kissing and fondling her boobs while caressing her pussy I slowly opened the zipper of her jeans and slipped my hand inside her panty and fingered her pussy and she started moaning with ecstasy. I lifted her top she was wearing and started pressing her boobs over the bra and placed her hand on my fully erect cock and she started caressing it. Once on bed lying by her side I started pressing her boobs madly and she was moaning in ecstasy and I started sucking her fully erect nipples and with other hand started fingering her pussy which was wet by now and my fingers were moving easily in her slippery pussy.

Camilla Ch. 029

first-time MawrGorshin 2018-08-23

She took his right hand from her breast and put it on her wet vulva, having him rub his index finger against her clitoris, and putting his long finger inside her vagina, to massage her G-spot. She put his hands on her buttocks, opening them wide and putting one of his fingers on her anus and guiding it to rub against the orifice in circles. Her eyes sent this message to his: "You sweet, kind man, I want to give you the greatest pleasure you've ever had--you deserve it." Using her fingers to play with his balls, she looked for signs in his eyes that he was increasing in arousal, but the climactic delight she'd hoped to provide didn't...spill over.

Bummer Love-In

first-time SikFuk 2018-08-23

Cherokee was a goddess to me, her long swimmer's legs, her skinny waist, her ass like a runner's, firm and peachy, her tits like apples with little points on them. "Hi Harold," she said, staring up at me, "I'm Amanda." She inched closer, her freckled tit on the verge of popping out the side of her overalls. "I guess so," I said, painfully aware of the fact that love was indeed beginning to grow inside the front of my jeans, in spite of the fact that my girlfriend was in the process of being hijacked by a dope dealer and a hippie lead singer. We rounded the front of a hand-painted purple and blue school bus and followed Jake, Jerod and Cherokee up the steps.

Judge Not 04

first-time JayDavid 2018-08-23

Instead, he turned to the smaller man, smiled falsely and said, "And the Lord be with you too, Pastor Cullum," before heading into the school. What is our business is that Pastor," the word burned in Nathan's mouth, "Cullum is a mean, vindictive person, and if I can show what he is really like, then he won't be able to ruin the rest of our senior year, or the school for all of the younger kids. Nathan looked back at the church entrance, and he saw Shelby, dressed more conservatively than he had ever seen, in a long, shapeless dress, her hair simply tied in a ponytail, walking between her parents.

more than one cock at once part two

first-time atkins65 2018-08-23

I turned and there was another cock slowly going in and out of the hole I licked the tip and he stopped and started to suck after a while I was tapped on my shoulder I looked up while sucking he pointed behind me looked and the other cock was there I reached behind and started to rub it "go on suck him as well" I lent over and was sucking him as well two cocks at once back and forth I was going and they both cum one after the other I kept his cum in my mouth then I opened my mouth so my mate could see there cum in my mouth closed it then swallowed "I've had enough lets go round yours so you can fuck me".

Does He Remember Me?

first-time 2018-08-23

As soon as I saw it erect and majestic, I wanted it inside me, in my mouth and in my hands, I wanted to kiss and suck and taste every inch of him...I was so in love with him, every part of him was handsome and the thought of his wondrously beautiful cock sent a sexual surge through me, one that no other man had ever made me feel... I wanted to go down on him the way I knew how, without hands, I wanted to make him moan and groan and cum....I had done that before with boys my own age in high school and later as a young man...but he was different.

Hurt Feelings

first-time 2018-08-23

One of my biggest fantasies is to be with a woman in a MFM situation or with her husband watching. I guess I pass the test, because the next day I get an e-mail from L saying how her husband talked to her about me and shared my photos, etc. We then start talking about how to arrange time where all three of us can meet and see how things go. One of her biggest turn-ons is to watch a guy stroke his hard cock. Not fully hard, the nerves are impairing me a little, but I start to stroke it a bit. She says she wants me to cum and she will catch it in her mouth.