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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Army Brat Ch. 05

first-time Slickman 2018-08-23

"I look forward to working with you." Another nurse came into the room so Janet signed for the drugs and headed quickly away. "I'm so happy that Ellen came to see me," Maria said feeling more relaxed but then she saw the confused look on both of their faces. Ellen cooled down that afternoon and was feeling better when she walked by the school office and saw Lisa standing by the counter with a stack of papers in her hand. Todd saw that her eyes were closed so as he suckled her nipple and squeezed her right butt cheek he reached down and quickly released his hard pink cock.

Barbarian Fucks Rival Cheerleader

first-time BeardedBarbarian 2018-08-23

Becky and Tiffany were arch rivals from the first day of kindergarten, all the way to to their senior years of high school. Usually I lean my head back and close my eyes, but this time I ran my hands through her hair and watched the show as this angel faced virgin stares up at me. I watch as she slowly leans her head back and her mouth opens in ecstasy and discomfort as her tight, virgin pussy becomes the possession of my member. She is still on a high and doesn't notice when I slam her on my cock in one final effort to be as deep as possible before I explode what feels like a gallon of molten seed into her fertile womb.

Sweet and Sour Shades of Sandra

first-time joeroberts 2018-08-22

I must look like someone's hit the back of my head with a rubber mallet, so she continues, "Don't worry, I'll give you some time to think about it, but before you do, I want you to know it'll be no easy way out. On the one hand if I simply go home, there'll be yet another blazing row followed by sweet sufferin' Christ knows how much smouldering nagging afterward; whilst on the other hand I myself have some idea what a caning feels like, having collected a few both ways over my years at school, albeit half-hearted compared to what Sandra might dish out, and it's that unknown that has me sweating.

Part 1 - How I Met My Wife - True Story

first-time rnb 2018-08-22

First she never wore panties, second whenever I could sneak a feel of her pussy it was always wet, and third you could make her orgasm by rubbing, pinching and sucking her nipples. She would come home from work with a wet pussy (more about this later). When we were in the car heading home from being out, she would reach over and rub my dick through my pants. She loved making my dick hard by rubbing me when no one was looking. When she couldn't rub me, she would lean over and whisper in my that her pussy was wet and she needed my dick.

Tracy's Transition Chapter 1

first-time SissyXtina 2018-08-22

I got down on my knees and looked up at him, before politely asking “Daddy can I please suck your cock?” he smiled and replied yes baby and grabbed the back of my head to push me closer. He asked me if I liked sucking cock, to which I giddily told him yes daddy I did. He told me we’d talk more about that part later, but asked if I would like to do this again after today, to which I immediately without thinking said yes yes I would. The gravity of what had surprisingly actually happened didn’t hit me immediately upon waking up sometime late the next morning, in fact I could of sworn it was a dream until I realized my cock was locked away in its plastic cage, aching against its confinement.

Charlene's First Time

first-time angelfeathers 2018-08-22

Mick was always one to oblige and he filled me up with several hard long jerks, I felt his spunk shoot up into my pulsating cunt, wash over my cervix and fill up my womb, he called me a dirty little whore with a well fucked ex-virgin pussy and then he kissed me hard on the mouth, wished me happy birthday again, withdrew out of me and left me with no panties on, my top pushed over my tits, and his cum flooding out of my cunt and running down my legs along with a pair spittle cover tits which were throbbing like mad.

My Twin Sister is a Cheerleader Ch. 04

first-time Callicious 2018-08-22

Yes, you did wrong, but there was no real malice in it, and as far as I'm concerned it's taken care of." I gently stroked her back, and even though it wasn't the purpose of holding her I'll admit I fully enjoyed the feeling of her breasts pressed against me, and my cock was leaking pre-cum all over her belly. Instead of putting both hands behind my head like the others, she had one hand holding my face between her boobs, and with the other she reached down and grasped my cock and pulled it outward toward her waiting pussy. As my Marissa rose and fell on my cock my hands traced up from her ass over her hip and up to her ribs in wonder, feeling the soft silkiness of her skin and the wondrous curves of her figure.

Wife pay back tease

first-time Dsmiamiman 2018-08-22

Then she gets really close to my ear and whispers," I did not wear any underwear to go to the gym and I am really wet and it's not sweat." Then she went on to say honey I am going to take a shower now and don't worry if you hear things coming from the shower I need to relax and unwind. Then I starting hearing the sounds of pleasure coming from my bathroom and my mind goes crazy and I start calling out to my wife, of course she is busy and I start thinking did she bring some guy from the gym and now they are going at it in my shower.

Anna's Virgin

first-time geraldf 2018-08-22

I knew that she wasn't a virgin herself because of a couple of off-handed remarks she had made about having a couple of lovers. The guy on the bike, or someone like him, would be the one to hold her, to taste her neck and her nipples, to come inside of her, to feel her soft hair against his chest, her bare skin against his. About two minutes after I saw Matt enter the building, I heard an unmistakable sound coming from her bedroom--the sound of two pairs of feet. I started thinking about what Anna had said, about how my virginity made me special. I only hope that somewhere in the night, she gives a tiny thought to the sweet, shy virgin who lives downstairs.

Madison's Neighbor

first-time madison018 2018-08-22

A bad, bad girl, Madison." He removed his hands and left me breathing heavily while I rubbed my wet panty clad pussy over his clothed cock. (he paused) Mmmmm, Watching you come home from school in that little skirt everyday, watching you prance around in those tight panties every time your father has me over, (he paused) and watching you run up stairs and play with that wet pussy after school. "Tell daddy, what a bad girl his daughter is." I could feel his hot breath just inches away from my pussy. He lifted his face for an instant to say, "Go on, tell daddy how dirty you've been." His tongue lapped up all my juices that were starting to run down my thighs.


first-time joelafayette 2018-08-22

Jeremiah: the tall, dark, gorgeous, caring man I had persuaded to be my life coach a long time ago. After a brief cool-down and five minutes of getting pissed off trying to configure my iPhone to work with hotel WiFi, I started a Facetime video chat with Jay. After the usual small talk and some coaching, I said, "I miss you." I headed for the nearest bar on the beach, sat on a stool, and got a strong drink and a water bottle. "You've got great definition in the shoulders," he said and ran a finger along it, touching me for the first time, leaning in closer now. "Listen, I need to visit the girls' room," I said as the drinks worked their way though me.

The Gardener

first-time thefly 2018-08-22

Dick told me to suck his cock, which I did. On his return he was dressed and told me he was going to the match with some of the lads and asked if I wanted to come along. He was quite chatty and before I knew it I had told him that Dick had gone to the soccer match. I took his cup to the sink and he then shocked me by saying something like, “I would let you suck my cock all afternoon in preference to footy match.” I spun on the spot and felt my skin turn scarlet. “Oh give me that big cock, harder please.”

The Ride Home

first-time Corbin543 2018-08-22

I had just dropped my girlfriend off at her house and was heading home when I saw Adri walking from the school. I pulled up to her house and before getting out Adri leaned over and kissed me on the lips. The next day at school I felt kind of awkward around her but we didn't mention the kiss last night and just acted like nothing had happened. Adri crawled off of me and pulled down my track shorts that I was wearing. I needed to come and couldn't hold it much longer so I pushed all the way in and hit her cervix and exploded shooting my cum deep inside of her.

Judith and the Christmas Party

first-time DrVonWankenstein 2018-08-22

She quietly giggled as she opened her mouth and took the head of my cock in. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and knelt down with her, I grabbed the button to her jeans, I took her hand away and slipped my long middle finger right into her pussy. "In a few minutes, when you've got your breath back, you're going to have an even bigger one , with MY COCK Up there" "I don't give a FUCK what you do or don't do with Stuart, do as you're told and sit on my cock. I held my cock upright and I got her to spread herself open with her fingers and slide down onto me, which she

Sissy discovers (final chapter 6)

first-time hottyryder 2018-08-22

She should just move on and not get so hung up about having his large purple head push into her pussy like she saw it go into Lisa’s hot pink lips. She leaned forward and looked Brad right in the eye as her tongue slide out of her mouth and flicked the end of his dick. Brad moved his hand down to help keep the slippery sex all in the right places as he marveled at how good her tits looked wrapped around his dick. She slid up all the way until his head disappeared under her lips then slowly moved forward to see the fleshy mounds push apart like she was growing her on clit dick out of her pussy.

Daddy Dear

first-time youngsex 2018-08-22

Lay that naked ass over my lap so I can spank you good and hard." She cried out "Please daddy I did not do this on purpose. "Do you like your ass whipped?" he told her as he then put his hand between her legs and rubbed her wet pussy. Daddy is going to play with your pussy and then lick it before he tongue and finger fucks your tight cunt." She layed and spread her legs as daddy rubbed her pussy with his fingers. Daddy will fuck you and make you feel like a big girl tonight." He got his cock in her hole and began to fuck her. Lift your hips to daddy's hard cock." He fucked the young daughter till he filled her hole with his cum.

A Day on the Lake

first-time beccajane 2018-08-22

He smile at her and told her he would love to watch, she said why would you not join in? As the day went on he needed to meet some other friends across the lake, so I told everyone we had to go but would be back. I returned the kiss and our tongue started to explore each other mouths. She knew it, I think she could feel my bathing suit growing wet, she lick her fingers that had been rubbing me and said I tasted lovely. I asked her if she would like a better taste and she said she would love to use her tongue to discover my wetness.

The Late Starter

first-time Otazel 2018-08-22

Normally she would have dressed before eating, but she couldn't help feeling that putting on her overalls signified the start of her day with Jon, and she wasn't certain she was quite ready for it. Carefully she backed down the three steps to the floor with Jon holding her all the way, letting her body slide through his grip so that by the time she was standing safely on the ground his hands were high on her sides, just about level with her breasts. He began again to massage and squeeze her, but this time without any loss of sensation from intervening clothing, and to Julia the feel of a rough warm male hand playing with the delicate flesh of her breast was unbelievably good.

New toy "WOW thats big!"

first-time paulandsue 2018-08-22

First I started to tease my pussy with my fingers and played with my clit I could feel the pleasure raising up my body, my pussy was gagging to be fucked hard. I was unable to get this big boy into my tight pussy, so I laid it to one side and got my rabbit back out and fucked my pussy so hard and fast that I had an orgasm after about 6 thrusts. As he fucked my face hard and fast, I played with his balls and could feel that he was getting close to cumin, I was so excited by the prospect as I was ready to take all of his cum deep in my throat.

Recognise and fucked

first-time bigears 2018-08-22

Then he leaned across and gently kissed me.Another first, being kissed onthe mouth by a guy!  I kissed him back but with a little more passion.My cock began to stir."This is getting ridiculous" I said "We can't fuck all day!"." Well ,not today perhaps - but who knows in the future!" He replied and I knew he was right.We showered and got dressed then had a nice cup of tea."Do you play golf?" I asked.He gave me a startled look."Strange question" he said."If you did we could play golf together.I often go away with the boys at the club for a match.Sometimes its just a long day out but sometimes overnight" and I winked at him.It took a few moments butthen he laughed and said "I'll buy a second hand set next week"When I got home my wife said " You look pleased.

Handsome Ch. 13

first-time Paris Waterman 2018-08-22

Lynn moaned again, it sounded as if she wanted me to suck on her nipples and so I raised the bra over her breasts revealing them to my eyes for the first time. Jenny-Mae scooted on the bed, turned her back to Lynn and sat with her legs crossed, her hands resting on her knees and her fingers spread wide. I hope you know what a cock looks like." She held the blunt end close to her mouth, her eyes on Lynn's. Lynn put her hand around Jenny-Mae's hand, pulled the brush closer, and closed her mouth over the end of the handle. Lynn tilted her head to the left and let Jenny-Mae's tongue push deeper into her mouth.

No Ordinary Date

first-time Rosepedal 2018-08-22

Their kissing was full of so much passion, it was so elegant, then it would get faster, and a little rougher as she moved her lips to his ear, and down the side of his neck, slowly breathing, nibbling as she went along, he moaned. His hands gripped around her face the passion is almost too much to bare, his hands move down her arms, caressing her along the way, he works his way down to her breast, gently teasing her nipples, licking and nibbling them. Licking her juicy pussy he pays special attention to her clitoris, as he moves his tongue around leaving no space untouched, he continues to eat her out while she can bare no more her nails gripped onto his thighs, as she thrusts her pussy into his face, wanting more.

A Proper Baptist Ch. 05

first-time jallen944 2018-08-22

Marcie walked in behind him, her hands clasped behind her back, looking left and right. Pastor Nowicki walked into the office with his fingers laced together and a frown on his lips, looking down at the floor. Over Pastor Nowicki's shoulder, he saw Marcie peeking in around the door frame. "Pastor Oliver?" Marcie said. He held her slender hips and licked as hard as he could, rubbing his tongue over that spot that got so much reaction out of her, but also pushing it deep into her moist, pink spot. Let's see how you like this," Oliver said. Marcie bit her lower lip, and when she found her moist opening with the head of his penis, she winced.

From College Student to Submissive

first-time ColleteSarkozy 2018-08-22

Jean-Marie rolled up the driver's partition and kissed me again, this time sliding his fingers between me legs and gently beginning to play with me clit. Jean-Marie asked me to put the head of his dick on my mouth. Nervously I did what he said and knelt down in the shower with the water running down my back, took him in my hand and put his dick head in my mouth, beginning to suck on it like a lollipop. Jean-Marie told me to suck harder and I guess I was surprised to hear him moaning, and so I went on instinct and sucked him harder until I felt his dick jump and throb and warm thick liquid shot from him and filled my mouth.