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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Time in Middle School-Amy the Sexy Tease

first-time 204hw 2018-08-21

Anyways, one day it was sports class, and she and my eyes met; I was out of breath, but this made me feel my heartbeat all the way to the tip of my fingers. Then, she started to lift her long legs and under her miniskirt, I could take a quick glance of her cute little pink panties. She said “My parents are on a vacation trip for 2 days, and my babysitter is sick, though I told her that I would pay her extra if she did not tell my parents and let me live on my own a little.” With her left hand she stroked my chest up and down, and with her right hand she started to rub my erected dick over my pants.

Naruto Lemon Series Part 1

first-time stephaniekit 2018-08-21

"You know Naruto will just want to come get ramen after training." he said as you laughed nodding. I'm hungry for ramen and I know Yami-chan will be coming soon." Naruto said flailing his arms in the air as Kakashi sat reading. You could tell he was liking it so you smirked and brought your hand over his crotch and began running your hand over him lightly as he closed his eyes. "Hehe I think you did it Yami-chan." Naruto said as you got up making Sasuke blush and try to cover himself. You decided to stop tourtering him and began to ride him slowly as his fists tightened on the handcuffs making you smirk lightly seeing him holding in a moan.

My experinces with xHamster

first-time 2018-08-21

At the beginning, there was a discussion with my best girlfriend, who dares to upload sexy nude photos into facebook... Well, then I have bet with my best friend I wouldn't dare to upload some photos here in xhamster, because we sometimes watched some porn stuff here together and knew this site... First day I did it !!!!! still very busy to try to answer to everybody as I'm a well educated girl:-) und accept (or not) friend requests. but patience, I really try to answer at least a friendly word to everyone. It just doesn't stop, patience to all, I surely apreciate all your nice commetns and friendship requests, will have some time to answer later today.


first-time Bachlum Chaam 2018-08-21

Turning to her, looking slightly puzzled he asked in almost a whisper "Can you hear that noise?" She also paused, eyes widening as she recognized the faint sound "it sounds like running water" she murmured softly, a beautiful smile forming on her perfect lips. Looking over to him she flushed prettily as she saw his shirt come off and reluctantly turned her eyes away as she answered, "But we have no swimming kit!" Blushing a little at her avid inspection he moved his hand to block her view, with a slight gasp she met his eyes "Oh shit, I'm so sorry!" She breathed, flushing.

Poolside BBW Fantacy

first-time james_rogers1998 2018-08-21

Then she leans back up towards me so her huge tits fall over in my direction and tells me she loves cuming down to the pool to read and get some sun and to show off her new summer bikini's. As I stand up, she is looking at my face (I dont know if she can see my massive boner or not) and places my hand on the side of her big boob where the bikini top has some fabric and says "See how soft it is?" I rear up with my hands on the floor, pinched between her huge tits and her armpits, she looks up and me and says "Fuck me like you have been dreaming about since you saw me at the pool".

The Beginning Or The Ending?

first-time jonbastard 2018-08-21

Your just going to have to get yourself off on something else." Well, like I said, that was 2 and a half years ago. She let me know of other consequences, like other people finding out or me finding out that I really DIDN'T want her to sl**p with someone else after she actually did. I told her that unless she could promise me that she wouldn't resent me for it, then I didn't want her to do it. She told me that this was my last chance and that after this she didn't want to hear about the subject ever again. I'm not willing to take the chance of you resenting me no matter how small.""Okay," she said and that was the end of that discussion, or was it?

Clitty Jill for Money

first-time 2018-08-21

Her good friend Paula was looking after the twins, and was actually the person who suggested this, having partaken of the work last year. One of the women present suggested that Danielle should consider getting waxed and to make sure that her stray nipple hairs be plucked. A bottle of lubricant and some well placed moans went a long way for a woman: but it was hard to fake a hard-on or cum-shot. Danielle listened and made mental notes; he wanted to see her touch herself, crank her pussy open to look inside her, jill her clitty and make sure they can film her inserting at least two fingers while masturbating.

Hot Coed Needs to Find Her Way! Ch. 04

first-time andrewsixpack 2018-08-21

Ross then decided it was time to fuck his sexy slut Marie doggie style, so he told her get up and get on her knees like a good bitch, and that's when he noticed Pamela standing there, in the open doorway, masturbating! She felt him pull back, she could feel her pussy lips sucking onto his massive cock as he did, then he would push forward, each time, just a slight bit more, until soon he had most of his big hard cock inside of her small soaking wet little fuckhole! Oh Pamela stuck out her tongue and just as she was pushing her tongue into Marie's hot honey hole, Ross plunged his big fucking pussy pleasing cock into her small, tight, wet, hole again!


first-time rovingphoto1 2018-08-21

"You know, a big cock." Debbie said, never letting her gaze leave his beady brown eyes. The librarian, a woman of 150 years or so, smiled and said, "I'm going to lunch, Eddie, can you and your friend be alone for an hour or so? Eddie pulled back slightly on one of the papers and watched as Mrs. H., cane in hand, walked slowly around the corner and off of school grounds. Thinking quickly, he grabbed his towel, and walked as well as he could back to the locker room where he locked himself in a bathroom stall and stroked his 8 inch cock till he shot his load into the toilet.

I'm His Now

first-time thickthighs_prettyeyes 2018-08-21

Hitting the red button, I stepped off of the treadmill before it even stopped, stretching my arms above my head, shirt lifting to show my flattening stomach. Using his free hand, he slides the curtain shut behind him, my body pressed against the cool tile as he crowds the small shower. I got the hint, and the hard look in his eye, and closed my small fingers around it. Strong fingers grip my fleshy hip, holding me steady, while the other hand lines his thick shaft up with my quivering, virgin pussy. By the time my breathing is almost back to normal, he's slipped out of the shower, grabbed my towel, and walked out the door.

Her first frat party

first-time 2018-08-21

She told the guys, "From here on out I not only want you to use my mouth as a fuckhole but I want you to use my throat as a cumdump!" "Now line up and started shooting your loads in my mouth!" Kaitlyn at this point was beyond shock and was actually turned on when she heard Brittany say this. Guy after guy continued to pound away at Kaitlyn's pussy and would quickly turn shooting their cum into Brittany mouth. The 29th guy stepped away from pounding Kaitlyn's pussy and shot his load into Brittany's mouth which by this point was a true cumdump as you couldn't see anything in it except cum.

His Birthday, My Cherry.

first-time mattpornhsum 2018-08-21

Not where I could have a cock in my mouth and watch that same guy being fucked. They took off my clothes and I undressed the birthday boy, who immediatly shoved his cock in m mouth. I asked if we could move things to the bedroom, sucking cock is easier on a bed. Then birthdayboy stopped kissing and said, 'Weren't you going to ask me something?' 'To put my cock inside you, but you have to ask it nicely.' He said smiling. I kissed him and asked 'Would you put your cock inside me?' I decided not to push my luck when he asked if I wanted him to stop and said yes.


first-time asiaNaughty 2018-08-21

I love that part: every step makes the erotic noise of high heels on the floor, I announce myself by this way, by this specific sound, all the guys know that a girl will arrive in the bar, and I know that all the eyes will go right on me like every time some new comer get inside. I had the two guys on my left and right side, one dick in each hand, masturbating as my husband fucked me, looking him deep in the eyes, sometime sucking one dick, and then the other one.

the butterfly and the button-the misadventures of

first-time 2018-08-21

Her son was holding her , her friends staring as she came and came and she realised that she was loving it.George helped Wendy to a chair, Jack got her a glass of water..the pleasure subsided..She mustered her wits, "i am fine sorry just womans pains" she muttered, hoping that would cover it.But all to aware of how flushed ,how wild eyed she looked. He was turned on, concerned she was ill but sexually excited.It must be obvious she thought through a brian fogged with orgasms and extasy.Sue took the remotes from Colin, sayin " i'll have these!", before smilng at George and Wendy..did she know?

Valentine’s Day with a friend - Part I

first-time loverman86 2018-08-21

I don’t know what, maybe we liked each other’s personalities since we enjoyed talking and spending time with one another. She even hit on me a couple of times on high school but, being a stupid k** back then, I didn’t quite get what she wanted. I’ve actually thought about this a lot after high school and looking back, I would have loved to be romantically involved with her. I have your number in my phone, but I guess you changed it since I had no idea who was calling.” I said with an emotional voice. Georgie was kinda the nickname she gave me in high school. After high school, Hildi went to a college in a different part of the country so we kinda lost touch.

Her husband could not believe his eyes, or his luc

first-time barrettwriter 2018-08-21

I knew that she was just playing hard to get, and smiled as I watched her reach up to kiss him passionately on the lips, to contradict what she had just said. ‘You know we’re not going to have time to eat at this rate’ my wife said as she walked into the room, the new guy trailing her as they held hands. She moved back towards him, eyes locked with his and slowly caressed her hand down his front, before wrapping her fingers around his cock, and gently began to rub it. He put his hands on either side of her head and fucked her face for a few pumps before orgasming hard, and empting his load into her mouth.

That Night

first-time BigBiBastage 2018-08-21

In faint whisper I told her, for what I thought was not the first time, I had never actually seen a pair of breasts in real life. I was stunned at the fact I was looking at my best friends wife's beautiful big breasts. She looked shocked, like at any moment her husband would walk back into the living room to see his best friends cock out in front of his wife. She looked at me and said "No, I think that is the line we shouldn't cross." All the confidence I have ever had in my life just drained away in an instant. I hold out hope that night was not going to be the last time we'd visit this subject.

Twin Summer Ch. 03

first-time jane700bond 2018-08-21

Both girls used their free hands to take off their bikini tops and Laura had her bikini bottoms half way down her legs when Samantha walked in, my cock was still rammed well into Laura's mouth, my teeth were teasing Lorna's clit and she was rubbing her breasts. Beside her Laura came and sat on Sam's face and started working her own clit and Sam's tongue went deep into her vagina. She put her arms around my shoulders and kissed me long and deep and we started to fuck again, Sam's butt in the air, her breasts rubbing up and down on my chest and she moved with the rhythm.

Ride in the Park

first-time mozzo 2018-08-21

It was a hot summers day and I decided to take a walk in the park. We started to play the game of what does that cloud look like. Her tits sparkled in the sunshine as we both started to groan louder and deeper as she pushed my cock deeper into her pussy. She got off me and lay on the ground and spread her legs and told me to lick her dry. I pushed my finger deep into her and she started to groan again. She lay there and said she wanted to repay the favour so I climbed on top her and put my cock in her mouth while I play with her nipples with one hand and fingered her with the other.


A Teachers Pet

first-time englishsimon 2018-08-21

I thought I just reward you for a years good work." Mrs Pen stood up and slowly started to remove her soaking wet shirt. "MMMM, that's so good Simon." I started to lick her breasts and Mrs Pen started running her hands through my hair. "Well do something with it then, I'm ready to burst." Seeing this as a call to action Mrs Pen got on her knees and started deep throating my cock. I was ready to blow and Mrs Pen must have sensed that, because she suddenly took my cock out of her mouth and said "I want your cum all over my chest." I duly obliged and sent my load all over her breasts and face and into her hair.

my slutty girlfriend pt2

first-time 2018-08-21

As she worked her way down she pulled my cock out and started to suck at this point my mate started to pull and pinch her nipples. She was whimpering and getting more turned on and then she pulled his cock out and started giving him head. I moved around behind her and started fucking her pussy. Soon my friend was breathing heavy and said he was about to cum at this she pulled up and said please dont cum in my mouth (she hates cum in her mouth) he then aimed and blew his load all over her dd,s and i filled her pussy at the same time.

Cab Driver Found My G-Spot & Gave Me The Best

first-time 2018-08-21

Right before things like AIDS and safe sex became part of life as we now know it ~ the idea of casual sex and instant sexual gratification were not only considered normal, but appropriate for the times. Why I ever went back for more was always a mystery to me, because my experience until that point had shown me that guys enjoy sex to get off, and they don't really care about the woman's orgasm. But nothing brought out the best in this guy like bringing a woman to a full throttle, massive overhaul orgasm with the simple use of his tongue and his fingers.

Hina My Love

first-time none710 2018-08-21

She tried to pull me away but I rolled my hands around her and said “Hina I can see hunger in your eyes, as you can see in mine, why don’t u listen your own sole, u like this and want this, give me just three minutes, I will leave u if I can not prove that I am right”. I think she saw a bare dick first time in her life, because she turned pink and immediately hide her face with her hands. Last time when we met she was wearing yellow suit of her mehndi, with hina on all over her hands and tears in her big brown eyes she fell in my arms and said “ …… my first love with u is an asset of my life, we r apart but I am with u where ever u r “.

My sexual re-awaking

first-time oralman12 2018-08-21

He told me to suck him ,i ripped his shorts down and then i realise the name dong ,his cock was thick but also long 10 -11" Long but it was the thickness .He grabbed my hair and pulled me to his cock and told me to suck it you dirty slut ,as i got in my mouth he pusheed and i gagged but he said swallow and eventually it was all in which surprised me .He fucked my mouth for a while and god was he hard, then he turneed me around roughly and stuck it my cunt it took my breath away,within a few thrust i cum as he fucked me i was swearing at him to fuck me hard .He told me to lick his 2 fingers then suddenly felt one in my ass i never let hub do it then the other as he fucked me ,after the shock it was fucking brill .He pulled them out and told me to suck them slowly whicjh i did could taste my ass juices .