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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My M.I.L.F

first-time Balljohnson25 2018-08-20

We kissed for a minute then I sat her down on her bed and I pulled out my smooth, milk chocolate 7 1/2 incher. I continued to pound her in missionary for a few more minutes then it was time for me to see that ass! With every stroke her ass moves like a wave in the ocean and that excited me to no end. We finished out the night in various positions and we ended with her swallowing all the cum I gave her and she never spilled a drop. I met small, medium and large ladies and learned a great deal of things about each type. Regardless of their size all of the ladies had one thing in common, all had beautiful round asses!

Virgin Gangbanged To Slut

first-time emap 2018-08-20

The Earl got between my legs next, I looked down at his dick and kinda panicked, I pushed him away and turned around to see Steve sitting in the front seat watching me, his clothes gone and his dick in his hands. In and out of me he went, sliding that monster most of the way out then right back in, he was going kinda slow and I was raring to get really fucked, so I started talking naughty to him, things came out of me like 'fuck your slut faster' or 'pound that meat in me, make me feel it' and quite a few more, I can't for the life of me remember them.

Smart People Ch. 03

first-time Storydwarf 2018-08-20

"What the hell are you doing?" Colin asked, scaring the living shit out of Martin and almost making him scald his face with a flying fried egg. At about 11 o'clock, there was a higly unexpected knock at the door, causing both Colin and Martin to swivel their heads round and glare at the door. Martin called Steven and told Colin about the party. Ella rushed in and threw the guy off of Martin as he and Colin got up and headed back to the apartment. Ella opened it and peeked round, to see Martin on the sofa, a bloody tissue next to him. "It's not broken," Martin said to Ella as she walked in.

Sauna Suck

first-time jpscorp 2018-08-20

As I looked at his penis which now fully exposed was beginning to get plump, Frank without warning, put his right hand under the shoulder strap to my bathing suit and pulled it down my left arm. It wasn't before long, that Frank sat up, turned my body towards him and very quickly, pulled down the top of my bathing suit completely. After the first spasm, Frank pulled back some so that his penis was only in my mouth and that was when I got my first taste of his sperm which I began swallowing. After a minute or so, Frank's penis began to go soft in my mouth even as I continued sucking it.

raised as a daughter

first-time 1120scott 2018-08-20

Dressed in girls clothes my whole life, when mom bought me boys clothes I'd cry when she put them on me. I asked Rebecca when I was going to start growing mine. I was not going to get boobs and none of the other girls have a thing hanging between their legs. She said I was going to start growing hair on my face. Ann said the only thing boys want is their dicks sucked and put it in you. Thanks to Rebecca, the medicine I was taking, I grew some boobs, and my nipples were large and sensitive, but my dick stayed 2-3 inches and rarely gets hard. When Rebecca came home I told her I wanted to learn how to be fucked.


first-time VOYEURKING 2018-08-20

I thought for sure she had seen me grabbing my dick and would be offended or weirded out, but she just waved her hand and said politely in a high pitched playful voice “Hey, good morning!” My dick was throbbing inside my boxers which the neighbor-girl just saw me in, and I thought from the angle she was standing she couldn’t see my waist or anything below, but now I wasn’t so sure. She grabbed my hand and ran upstairs, giggling and asked “Which one is your room?” I pointed to my door at the end of the hall, and by the time we had got there she had already taken off my t-shirt and I stood in the doorway.

A Memory to Cherish

first-time Butterfly Guy 2018-08-20

I drew her into my arms and kissed her carefully at first seeing the glow of her love for me in her face and the spark of her desire shining in her eyes. I returned to lovingly feasting on her nipples as my hand stroked her stomach and began to slowly trace its way just under the edge of her pants. Her musky aroma filled the air from her drenched panties and her firm muscular legs parted as I licked and kissed my way from her toes upward along each leg finally arriving to nibble on her inner thighs. Kissing my way up her body I finally reached her lips where our tongues wrestled with each other exploring deep inside each others mouths.

5 O'clock in the morning

first-time nmc 2018-08-20

So I am at home just relaxing getting ready to go to bed then I get a txt from her saying could u come and pick me up. So I was like sure whats the problem, then she said nothing i just wanna be with somebody rite now, could you come and pick me up at 5. Next i start moving my hand down from her tits to her pussy and I start by rubing her clit and finally stick my finger in. Next i stick 2 finger in while i still eat out her pussy, she starts moaning like crazy and has an amazing orgasm. Then I pull out and cum all over her tits and then she flips me over and starts sucking my cock clean.

I Lose My Virginity

first-time Strangesub 2018-08-20

One girl friend that I dated, an innocent at that time, told me years later that she was afraid that I was going to rape her at the door, based on the way I grabbed her and crushed my lips against hers, trying to feel up her ass... After a month of dating and then passionate kissing where I finally got into tonguing her and really enjoying our mouths, I started trying to get her bra off. But, even though Dawn seemed to be okay with these clumsy attempts at moving on sexually, she still wouldn't let me get to her naked breasts or the hot flesh of her pussy.

Night of Passion

first-time romeoindian 2018-08-20

Night came, and none of the other two girls wanted to share their berths with her, since they felt she was a snob during the camp and wanted to get back at her. I found her bra was already open (I guess she did it while I was dreaming about her cunt), and I felt the warm softness of her breast meeting my hand. I wanted to experience the feel of her breast in my hand for as long as possible, but I wanted to move further fast, before we both felt too tired to continue. I moved my hand lower, and felt a hot wetness on her panty.

A letter from Janet

first-time enchantedbrit 2018-08-20

As I'm focused upon devouring your sexy body, you somehow manage to untie my bikini bottoms, and pull them off, yet I barely notice that I'm in the middle of a campground completely naked, playing with you. I gently pull your lips apart with my fingers, and I lower my head down. Having my tongue slide into your body is such a turn on; I can feel my juices sliding down my legs. I try to slide my tongue in, but just can't make it in, so I decide that a finger my work better. I then slide my naked body up on to you again, and share a deep kiss with you so that you can taste yourself upon my lips and tongue.

On my Vocation I had suprise sex wit my aunty

first-time akhilchinnu 2018-08-20

It was really an exciting moment because, her boobs were visible and my cock started rising like a big banana. She was moaning, at the same time I started squeezing her big milky boobs. She asked me to cum ones again inside her pussy , then i turned her around and opened her legs wide apart so that she will get the complete pleasure. Then I inserted my penis ones again inside her pussy and started fucking hard. When i was fucking her, her boobs were shaking like a big balloon, I was also squeezing her boobs so that she feels more satisfied. After some time I felt my cum coming out deep inside her penis.

Danielle is Blackmailed Ch. 01

first-time LadyAurora39 2018-08-20

I like to go home and change into baggy clothes before going to my dad's office, but he insists that I come immediately after school today. "I am pleased that you were willing to interrupt your father's important meeting." He tells me with a very intense look on his face as he removes a packet of papers from his briefcase. I stand there and wait until he finishes signing Mr. Brooks's packet and glancing at the time I see that I only have fifteen minutes to get to his hotel room. "I am surprised that your father let you come to the hotel room of a single man by yourself." Magnus says and gazes at me perceptively.

An interesting turn of events. Chapter 1

first-time Srcdcs 2018-08-20

He said we could cruise Bug House Square. I pointed towards my car and said im parked right there. At that point in my totally inexperienced sex life the only thing I ever sucked on was my GF's titties. You can start the action of by sucking our cocks. and when I did I felt the super soft skin of the swollen head of a cock slide into my mouth. OMG this thing alone fills my mouth. That must have felt great to the guy feeding me his cock. They told me to suck all 4 cocks. I was actually in a daze, I was excited about sucking their cocks. Well Jamie your going to be split roasted befor this night is over.

My ultament Fantasy.

first-time guylove102 2018-08-19

The perfect women kneels next to me and says "hey stop it i want some of that" i look at her in amazement as we we share his cock back and forth switching it into my mouth, then her mouth, my mouth, to her mouth. i eat his ass as he starts to scream, "oh my god im going to cum". she goes back to sucking my cock but this time shes going fast and jerking it hard. they both scream "im cumming baby im cumming!" the women plays with her pussy and squirts all over my body as im none stop pounding her ass with the momentum of the trannys trusting.

First gay sex

first-time 2018-08-19

i opened my mouth and started to suck his cock not knowing how too just doing what i felt i would like! he pushed my head back and said "i've had few blowjobs from girls and guys but never had one this sensual like this, you do it good, im sure you've sucked cock before" which i was about to reply too, he shoved his cock in my mouth again!! i was sucking his cock for about a good 10/15 minutes feeling his pre cum oozzing in my mouth! i felt J move he moved forward to reach for my ass, he started to feel my cock and feel my body!

Kathryn's Question Ch. 04

first-time val wrangler 2018-08-19

"Kathryn came home about 15 minutes ago and went right up to her room." I lied that my parents were going to be away and the only time they could drive me up there was the next day, otherwise I didn't know how I could get to school. That night while we ate in a restaurant, I told my dad who was doing the parental duty on the trip, my mother staying home with my brothers, that Kathryn and I had a big fight and had broken up. If Ellen had been a sexual person like Kathryn, I probably never would have felt comfortable, always expecting something bad to happen.


first-time AngelicAssassin 2018-08-19

He checked the lot once more and smiled at the parking spot available next to his car. He released her hand, raising both to her sunglasses, smiling as her head pulled away slightly, then carefully removed them and set them down on the table near the door. As she leaned back in question, his left hand moved to her face to caress her cheek with the back of his fingers, eyes locked to hers searching. Odd thing about a woman's blouse, he thought to himself, as they released one by one. As her eyebrows raised in question, his right hand snaked upward into her hair and his left downward to the small of her back.

Vicki-72 yr old hottie

first-time rotn2 2018-08-19

As my cock grew harder she said, "not yet please as I want to fully experience all of you." With this she stood up and sexily and slowly undressed removing her robe and showing her lacey sexy bra and matching panties. She then started to lick her pussy juice off my chest, stomach and groin area and took my now rock hard pre-cum spewing cock into her mouth, again making slurping sounds as she suck, licked and nibbled . I reached up and squeezed those beautiful puffies as she started to ride me easily at first and then picked up the pace bouncing hard on me and she then let out a loud moan as her pussy grabbed my cock and she closed her eyes and came.

A Sixties Story

first-time Norfolkboy 2018-08-19

Her long fingers slid effortlessly into my shorts and she gave a little gasp as she held my rigid cock for the first time. And, as if sensing my discomforted, Jenny said, "girls do it as well, you know, John." I continued to rub what I was to learn was, her clitoris and pound her cunt with my two longest fingers until she screamed and thrust hard into my hand before collapsing back onto the blanket and holding my arm to stop any further stimulation. After several minutes I was beginning to feel in control and alternated between deep thrust that mated our pubic hairs and gave me that wonderful feeling and the little jabs that Jenny seemed to like.

Jessica's Dream

first-time sexy_roland 2018-08-19

"I am having a bit of a life crisis now, and I need to talk to someone about it." Lilly was a wonderful friend who was available for Jessica when she had troubles. Lilly had been observing Jessica recently and she noticed her beautiful and lovely friend was troubled in some way. We would also very much like to help you, and your family and friends, raise your child" Lilly told Jessica. While she thanked Lilly for offering her boyfriend as a fucking source, she was not comfortable with stealing him for the purpose of inseminating and helping her reproduce, even though the thought of not having to search for and date a man was an attractive option.

Meeting Alyssa

first-time fotisampini 2018-08-19

Eventually I decided to look online for a submissive several years and had more or less given up on having a satisfying sex Like me she started looking online for someone simply informed her husband it was something new she wanted to try, I Eventually, I relented and let her look up. apprehension she looked around the bar and slowly spread her legs and I looked for a few seconds and then said that was enough and watched I slowly walked around her, touching her face with my hand, running a out I then slowly worked my cock into her ass so that in the short time I Finally I put her back on her knees and let her suck me until I pulled

First Time Ch. 04

first-time redtoad 2018-08-19

He is too worn out to attend to his wife most of the time.” Her inquisitiveness took me by surprise, and I was hesitating about the right reply to give so that I would not get Lek into trouble when she added with a grin, “Oh, I know that you won’t tell me much because you are also a man.” I told him that I would allow him to have bare sex if he stops having women outside and have a complete medical check-up.” She held my hands lovingly and I could not resist kissing her for being so open and frank to me about her secret life.

Extra Credit: 1st Experience Ch. 02

first-time bluegasoverredart 2018-08-19

Rob's eyes lifted to Mrs. Kelser, the beautiful Megan he had had every way, her mouth and her ass and her deep, tight pussy which he had filled and extended beyond what any man ever had before him, leaving her writhing in overwhelming emotional release on his desk, parts of which still holding the deep aroma of the soft, shaved pussy which he had aroused so much. Crawling on top of her and unbuttoning her jeans, Mrs. Kelser barely felt Rob pushing them down around her knees until his face was buried between her legs to the overwhelming smell of her desperate arousal as he continued thrusting his cock into her mouth, feeling her suck it back to life as Waian recovered across the room.