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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Be Fruitful and Multiply

first-time barnabus 2018-08-19

We would like to get the program started as soon as possible." There was a moment of embarrassed silence in the room before the monitor added: "I know that many of you are embarrassed by this, but let me assure you that there are boys and girls all around the country are meeting in rooms like this and are being told the same things you are. "Are you sure it's all right?" he asked, unable to believe that he was being touched by the head cheerleader, the most beautiful and popular girl in class, and she was waiting, squeezing his penis ever so gently, her eyes watching his hand, her lips parted expectantly.

An Older Man Experience

first-time sirhugs 2018-08-19

Meanwhile, Ross ran his left hand up under Nat's shirt and mauled her breast, pinching the nipple hard enough to make her jump back. All the while, Ross was rolling Nat's clit between his thumb and forefinger, while duplicating the motion on her right nipple with his other hand, and his erection continued to tease her rear. I'm so glad I waited for a real man with a decent cock instead of settling for that dork Ryan." Nat gyrated her hips back and forth, instinctively drawing Ross' shaft deeper into her pussy. The boldest of the group, Lorna leaned over and kissed Ross' cock right at the junction where in entered Nat. Licking her lips like a cat; Lorna said "Honey and cream.

first time gay

first-time cumpig69 2018-08-19

The women with spread pink lips and the men with rock hard cocks glistening with sweat and sex made my little dick like granite.I was sharing the treasured pages with a local neighbor boy about my age,we had touched each other many times and he showed me how to jerk off,who showed him I have no idea but thanks to whoever it was 'cause my technique was horrid,anyways... Slowly I worked up the courage to swallow his meat,pausing to take in the faint smell of salt."She spits on it?" He asked,I didn't know why but I followed her lead from the magazine and let a thin trail of drool ooze onto my fingers as I let his head slip between my virgin lips and suckled softly,squeezing his cock at the same time.

Night-time Disturbance

first-time stevetruestories 2018-08-19

Mark was being his usual obnoxious self and I didn't want to spend the rest of the day with him, so I said I didn't mind waiting for the engineer. 'Yeah,' I replied, surprised they seemed happy to let me stay as Annie joined Mel on the sofa and I sat on an armchair opposite. 'Well this is nice,' said Mel as she flashed me a smile, 'bet you didn't think you'd be spending the night alone with two gorgeous women?' 'It was very nice of you to walk Annie back, and apologise for your friends earlier behaviour, most guys your age don't do things like that, they're just after one thing.'

First time

first-time dexter008 2018-08-19

Then she pushed me dowm between her legs and buried my face in her pussy, she was so wet I licked, kissed, and sucked with everything I had, sliding as many fingures into her as I could, moving then as fast as I could, at one point she had my toungue inside her ass with three fingers inside her pussy, she moaned and moaned, at this point I noticed that my cock was getting in the way, what the fuck it was still hard I thought to myself.

College Roommate Ch. 04

first-time married_but_curious 2018-08-19

He pushed his cock all the way inside and held it there, panting, like he was trying to hold off cumming a little while longer, then leaned forward, the skin on his smooth chest hot against my back, and whispered in my ear, "Get on your knees. Chivas' legs parted enough so I could get between them, and, throwing caution aside, I used my knees to nudge them wider so I could lay pressed against her, feeling the heat and moisture of her pussy against my stiffening cock, her body letting me know she was ready whenever the moment felt right.


fucking my s****r and cousin

first-time 2018-08-19

i walked in the bathroom and told my s****r i wanted to fuck she said not with dawn here, i said if she sees us ill fuck her too, my s****r laughed. but sure enough as soon as i began to toy with her pussy with my dick dawn walks right in. jokingly i said i****t is the best put ur cousin to the test. she said alright and began lick my dick. i penetrated and began passionately thrusting and laying her back kissing her neck. idk why but when i got done all three of us i****t fuckers laid in my room watching movies taking turns tongue kissing.

My first CD/TV experience

first-time witdacandy09 2018-08-19

Secretly i used to fantasize about sucking cock as a k**, i dreamed of the day that i could. HE commanded "come on man, deep throat it!", i complied and could feel his pleasure as his cock expanded and throbbed. Eventually i talked him into fucking me, THe first couple of times were aborted. Once we finally got it in me i found a feeling i've never known. i got on craigslist and put out an add for someone who wanted to fuck a crossdresser. It took months to finally get an opening, my girlfriend and c***d were gone for the weekend and i had a guy ready to come over.

Sam Comes to Stay

first-time ITDan3 2018-08-19

While Kate is always on the go, Sam is more like me and can kill a whole summer afternoon at the poolside with a good book and a cold drink. Sam paused for a second, looked down and then right into my eyes. Later that night, after dinner and watching a movie in the living room, Sam went off to her bedroom to catch some sleep. Laying there afterwards sweaty, tired and a bit dehydrated, Kate said something that surprised me: "I really hope Sam gets laid this summer. There was a good bit of resistance but she continued to push and soon the head of my cock was in her beautiful plump ass.

It All Began With a Kiss Pt. 04

first-time G00dV1brati0n 2018-08-19

"Hey babe, I didn't hear you come in!" She said before wrapping her arms around me and giving me a big kiss. She quickly jumped up and turned to face me, just wearing knee-high socks, and a thong (what a sight) "you gotta catch me first baby." She said before taking off to her room I sat back up and smiled, watching her catch her breath again with a completely red face, "have fun?" She quickly sat back up and straddled my lap, as she guided my throbbing erection into her dripping wet pussy, "I want you to cum in me, I want to feel all of you."

Maria: Training a Slut Pt. 1

first-time LongBallDave 2018-08-19

As I begin to press the plug into her ass, the fingers of my free hand find her hard clit again, and as I slowly push more of the new toy into her, my finger begins to circle her nerve-filled love button. I watch as the thickest part of the butt plug passes through her asshole, and Maria lets out a gasp the tight ring of tissue sucks the remainder of the toy deep inside her, with only the wide base keeping it from disappearing completely. I can actually feel her vaginal walls tightening around me as she gets closer, and as I drive myself as deep inside her as I can, pressing the butt plug deeper into her ass at the same time, she cries out, “Oh fuck Master… I’m fucking cummmmiiinnnggg!”


first-time zopri 2018-08-19

I stand 5'3, petite built, measuring 32-26-34; small, round breasts topped with brown nipples; handful for a man which goes below into a curvy, thin waist; soft and silky to touch; and my legs that are supple. I was writhing in the bed; moaning and thrashing in pleasure, my hands caressing his hair, holding it tight. I was there fully exposed to my husband's eyes, my erect nipples wet with his saliva, my pussy dripping and my lips quivering in anticipation. He removed his cock out of my mouth, breathing hard and baked in the pleasure of my sucking skills. He moved the blankets covering out nude bodies and placed his cock in the entrance of my pussy.

The dance teacher

first-time welshpower 2018-08-19

It was like old times where we'd spend hours talking and hugging on the couch at my house. I pulled her into me and reached around to remove her bra, letting her lovely tits out from thier prison. With her hand tightly holding my cock at the base she gave the tip a gentle kiss before taking the full length in her mouth. Teasing her with my mouth and tongue, with every kiss she let out another moan. She started to thrust her hips up and down on my fingers, she pulled my head into her so she could grind her clit on my mouth. She rode me like a pro, sliding up and down my thick cock while my hands squeezed and her breasts.

The forbidden Treasure

first-time biandyoung91 2018-08-19

I bite her neck and slide my hands holding her hips pulling her closer to me. Licking, sucking, fingering her moans getting louder and louder her body quivering till she cant take anymore and pulls me up to kiss me and slides my cock right in. Slowly sliding my cock in and out of her tight wet pussy and we flip positions and shes riding me. Grabbing her amazing ass and sliding her on and off my cock. As she begs for more i slam her on the bed and start to lick her pussy again. putting her on the bed i slam my cock in her going harder and harder the more and more she screams and moans.

Inside of me (forgive my english)

first-time giessestory 2018-08-19

Of the past remember that when I returned home, full of pain and unhappy, I felt great fear of my ability. - If you want to learn to remember, I think you need to put up with a little discipline you feel? I thought, "The truth is that he do everything more complicated, you're an miserable old with a wife stupid. Calm, Charles waited, while his wife, from the kitchen, he looked nervous: He came close to me, he began to caress her hair gently - So, dear girl, you'll first need to learn take me everything inside of you! At the end of each "lesson" always wanted came to me inside: it was his obsession.

Emma Cums to London Ch. 01

first-time catchercradle 2018-08-19

Afterwards, her breathing still a little rapid from her exertions Emma decided she wanted to have a close up of her vagina to look at for herself. Had it not been the busy day of the competition Ellie would have guessed there was more but as it was they were third on and with the first two couples having been competent but no really exciting moves it was up to them to set the standard for the women's pairs' class. Adam was so caught up in looking at a completely different Emma that he had looked at all of them before he realised that they had been sent my mistake.

Sunset at a Secluded Beach Ch. 01

first-time keithswest 2018-08-19

Back in bed, Pat reached down and fondled Mike's penis and balls for several minutes. Initially his deep thrusts were gentle and slow -- but soon Mike was thrusting into Pat's body fast and hard. In a few minutes, a wave of motion started deep in Pat's cunt and spread through her body. Mike looked again past his stomach and watched his cock appear, then disappear as Pat moved several inches up and back down. Mike got between her legs, his condom covered cock within inches of her moist pink treasure Mike moved forward, his cock head easily separated her lips -- then pushed into her cunt. With every penetration, Mike drove into her cunt as deep as possible -- his cock started to throb.

Chrystal's First

first-time TonnokLokdon 2018-08-19

What are you doing there?" He reached the door and pulled it open to see Chrystal crouching in front of the fridge with a beer bottle she'd found clutched in her hands. She waited for what seemed like forever but finally she heard the door open and saw Ben step through with some weirdly shaped bottles. Chrystal reached down his pants, pulled out his cock and leaned forward as she said, "Only if you tell her." She wrapped her lips around his soft limp cock and started sucking. Just as he was about to pull out the door flung open suddenly, "What is going on in here!" Said Jade from the door.

Andrea & Jack Ch. 01

first-time BigJackHorner 2018-08-19

I reply by exploring your body, my fingers spread far apart and my hands slide away from your stomach, up and around the curves of your breasts, palming them, feeling the nipples growing stiff under the fabric of your nightie. My hand is on your naked thigh, then squeezing your hot little ass and going for your naked pussy. "You wouldn't want to hurt me would you...?" you whisper, beginning to slide that hand up, so that your palm forcefully rubs the head, instantly inspiring pre-cum to ooze out. You will push your breasts together, slathered in cum, continuing to pleasure your tits while your little pussy feels tortured by a bittersweet neglect.

The Maid

first-time Ashson 2018-08-19

Accordingly, things were put in motion and very soon Betsy was interviewed for the position of upstairs maid at the country residence of Lord Jenson. Greaves, Betsy reluctantly acknowledged, was as fully aware of all the ins and outs of an upstairs maid's duties as Mrs. Woolsley had been. When Mrs. Woolsley pointed it out to her Betsy simply told her the Greaves had ordered her to have dinner with him the next day. Lord Jenson gave Betsy a considering look and nodded. Blushing, Betsy again lifted her skirts, holding her breath as she saw Lord Jenson run his eyes over her. "I didn't say drop your skirts," came the reminder, and Betsy hastily lifted them again, even as she walked to the door.

Under the sheets

first-time 2018-08-19

Then i would lick my way up to your breast and i would swirl my tongue around your nipples and start to vacuum your nipples into my mouth while i spray whip cream above your clit and cover it with warm caramel so it would melt down your pussy lips while mixing in with your cum. I would keep going up while looking deep into your eyes until i reach your soft beautiful lips and i would kiss, suck, and bite on your lips and tongue while rubbing the cool whip cream all over your clit. Then i would make you lean back and place your hands on the floor while i thrust you hard smacking my dick deep inbetween your pussy lips.

First time crossdressing with another CD

first-time kumquat 2018-08-19

Just having her juicy cock right in front of my face was so hot, I instinctively spat on it an grabbed it with my hand, guiding it slowly into my mouth. Struggling somewhat to keep my balls from exploding, I took my time to tease, nibble, stroke, lick, slap and spit all over her cock. I took my time licking and sucking her balls, taking both of them into my mouth at the same time, while wanking and lightly slapping her cock. I want you to slap my face and tongue with your cock until I beg you to slide it in my throat!" I said to her.

Meeting Her

first-time his-slut 2018-08-19

I climbed on top of her smooth body, and kissed her face and neck tenderly, as I clutched a handful of her sweet smelling hair and yanked her head back, making her lips open involuntarily. She wasted no time, and came immediately over my rapidly frisking hand, pumping her love juices over my hand and down her ass cheeks. Her voluptuous breasts were framed by the rope and squeezed close together, creating a lovely view of her cleavage, while projecting her erect nipples straight out. I grabbed her curly brown hair in one hand, and yanked her head back, as I stuffed her open mouth with my already pulsating love rod.

senior trip becomes senior suck Part 1

first-time Johnnytames69 2018-08-19

That day after school, as she walked home, Tammy overheard a couple girls in her class talk about being only 50 bucks short of raising the most cash. As Glen went to get the drinks, Tammy noticed a light coming from the bedroom ajacent to the living room, she peaked in and saw a porno playing on the TV, a young girl was on her knees sucking two older guys cocks. Glen walked in and said "Looks like the boys are home" he noticed the bedroom door open and calmly closed it. he offered her a shot and said to you having an amazing trip, she was hoping he wouldn't notice the mag and quickly downed her shot, tried to hide her look of pain as she almost puked it back up and asked for some water.