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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Getting ready for the first day of school

first-time steffon205 2018-08-19

Her hair is done and my girl says go ahead and suck it I know you have been looking at it. She takes my girls bottoms off and says I wanna eat pussy for my first time. and asks the young girl has she ever tasted her own pussy she says no. now I insert my dick in my girl as she sits there watching in amazement as we fuck like two professional porn stars. She watches my dick go in and out of my girl and says I want more. she says yes, yes, yes, now im showing her my best and how to get truly fucked as she takes all of my dick.

Jo, A Very Special Love

first-time JH-1 2018-08-19

We finally let go of each other, and she said, "Thanks Jim, for being such a good friend." When we got to making drawings, and labeling all the parts, Jo said, "I think I'll draw the penis with a hard-on," and she looked at me with a devilish grin. When we got to them, Jo said, Steve, Sally, I want you to meet Jim." Jo walked me to the door, kissed me good night, and said she had never had a better time. Sally said he had called Jo, and asked her for a date, saying he wanted to apologize. Sally told me that she, and Steve would be by the next day, when she got off from work.


Teenage Foot Massage Sessions with my Aunt (True S

first-time stoogefan32 2018-08-18

I had been stopping on a weekly basis for a month or so when she came in the house one late afternoon and commented her feet were sore that day. She asked me if I would rub her feet and I readily said yes as she had beautiful well manicured toes. For the next several weeks she wore her special stockings for our foot massage sessions and I was sure by then she was well aware of why I was exiting to the bathroom immediately after her foot massage. This was the start of a number of extended massage sessions where I would start with her feet and it would end up with her relieving me with her hands.

A visit to a Glasgow Sauna

first-time eireann01 2018-08-18

I went into the Jacuzzi and he followed me but went to the other sauna in that room (Old Eros/Centurion Sauna in Glasgow) I knew why he went there – he could see me getting in and out of the Jacuzzi and see what was hanging between my legs and I wasn’t disappointed for he was looking and his towel was off but I couldn’t see it – despite my best efforts to look. He was playing with his throbbing manhood, I could see him doing it under the water and so after stepping out of the shower, I took my towel as if to leave the area and I could see he was visibly surprised at the prospect of me departing but I replaced my towel on the hook and got into the Jacuzzi.

I Wonder

first-time flutterbyspirit 2018-08-18

One time as you lean in close to talk to me I feel your arm go round me, and that's where it stays for the rest of the night. At the end of the night after dancing and chatting you ask me if I brought my car, this time I'm happy to say, "No I came with a girlfriend." This goes on for a few weeks, sometimes I drive with you walking me to my car at the end of the night, other times you give me a lift home. The next step meant petting, fully clothed, but me allowing you to slip your hand inside my shirt and feeling my arousal build as your fingers tenderly and shyly fondle my breast, my nipples hard and standing erect.

Me & my daughter

first-time pegaseus69 2018-08-18

Sarah let out a long, drawn out howl of sheer pleasure as her virgin pussy dissolved in a wash of hot juices, she came with a f***e, pushing her gushing opening hard against my mouth, her hips bucking, riding her climactic pleasure, giving my face a juicy mop down. My cock erupted, our cries of climatic pleasure filling the bedroom as I felt her cunt gushing juices crazily, washing over my spurting cock, the jetting streams of my cock pumping into her, pulsing in repeated ejaculations, pouring my load deep inside her body over and over again, Sarah's no longer virgin tightness eagerly milking my cock, wanting every drop of Daddy's i****tuous semen.

Moments Frozen in Time

first-time lonlymeem 2018-08-18

The moment that 'she' turned to face her, their bodies so close, heat emanating from each other, sharing that first kiss under the stars that deepened and deepened, looking into her eyes, it was then that she knew she wanted to abandon every nuance of inhibition within and give herself totally...... Never had she been kissed so tenderly in her life, never had she felt this kind of beautiful soft touch, never had she trembled to the depth of her being – as she did at this moment. Each time they were together, only made her acutely aware that she would never feel completely whole until they could share the moment of physical union that they now both craved, desired, ached for.

I lost my Virginity to an Older Woman

first-time Cockshaker 2018-08-18

She wondered if we would be better off outside the bag but it was getting a bit cool and I was just enjoying having her warm, naked body close to mine. I rather liked it when, later, she got on top of me, placed her lips round my cock end positioned her hips so that I had full access to her cunt. When I felt that she had positioned me where she wanted me, I gave a thrust and my cock slipped easily into her cunt, right up to the hilt. I have always had lasting memories of some of the events in this story: our first kiss, the feel of her hand on my cock for the first time, the bizarre location of my first fuck, bringing her off and so on.

Class is in session

first-time pornfan1976 2018-08-18

Jenna needed to pass Miss Neilson's class to graduate. "And who wouldn't want to fuck Miss Neilson," Nikki said, leaning in, "Think about it, all the boys would be jealous." "Let's do this, and maybe, get Miss Neilson to join." She kissed Jenna again, who by this time was giving in to her own urges. It wasn't long before both 18 year old stunners were naked, and Nikki was giving Jenna the best pussy eating she ever had. And all of this time, Miss Neilson, the 40 year old stunner, was watching the girls, enjoying herself, her pussy causing her panties to be soaked. As Jenna's face was in Nikki's ample bush, Miss Neilson licked her from the rear.

Trapped in a Gloryhole

first-time Inkays 2018-08-18

After another minute the cock began moving in and out of the hole slowly, I wiped myself clean but accidentally rubbed my clit and got a little excited. 10." part of me didn't want to stop but I removed my finger and quickly put it through the hole, then kicked the notebook back again. Suddenly the notebook slid under the wall I could see looking down that it said "It has been a minute, you are masturbating aren't you" and I quickly pulled away. I quickly pulled on my cloths quietly opened the door looking around and seeing no-one then ran for the door and kept running for a good 5 or so minutes till I got to a shop.

Fluffer in Training Ch. 04

first-time rmdexter 2018-08-18

As she opened her mouth and slipped her lips over the young man's cock, from the corner of her eye she saw Justin Deeper climb on top of the red-haired girl and push her filmy white gown up to her waist, exposing her shaved pussy. Inspired by the impressiveness of the main actor's huge cock, Rachel turned and started sucking, pushing a big wad of saliva to the front of her mouth and bathing the young man's waiting prick. Rachel watched as a glistening white rope of cum shot forth, pasting itself against the girl's pretty face, starting at her chin and running right up into her bright red hair.

Ride the Bully

first-time Svenskaflicka 2018-08-18

And as if it wasn’t bad enough that she had decided that he was too young to be house-sitting, she had also, again without bothering to ask for his opinion, arranged with Mrs Clegden, her good friend from the Merry Widows Club, that Jonathan would stay with her and her daughter while his mother was away. Jonathan felt his entire ass tremble heavily as the vibrations tickled every nerve ending, making his balls scream for a climax, and he whimpered loudly while Sarah fucked him with the dildo, and then the vibrations hit that sensitive spot, and his dick exploded, sending jet after jet of thick, sticky sperm down Joanna’s throat.


first-time gemma-longlegs 2018-08-18

I stood in front of the young lad who eyes had now gone from watching me as a whole to looking at my semi erect cock. At this point in a d***ken sort of state I realized that Amy was half way on the stairs looking down at us in disbelief and was just staring. I looked over to Amy who was still sat on the stairs with her leg to one side and showing me her open pussy was sat there playing with her self. Looking over to Amy her head was back and she was rubbing her clit hard and fast and came on my stairs. Amy walked from the stairs and stood behind James looking down at him sucking me off.

Seduced by Older Ladies

first-time ukm4fun1969 2018-08-18

I sit back on the sofa, still naked, the second woman comes over and starts to undress, she is much more dominating.....the first woman in embarrassment, gets her stuff, then leaves the room....the second starts to now take over, touching me, undressing herself, touching her breasts.....kissing me slowly and seductively....she asks if I can fuck her, she needs some cock, is wet as she has been watching us, she wants me to fuck her arse too....she carry's on, kissing, holding my semi hard cock, playing with her breasts....I move away and lie her on her back...and proceed to give her oral....

A Time To Reflect

first-time BlackHat 2018-08-18

"Mrs. Miller, my mom said you need some help with your yard work" And although I was dumb and a little slow when it came to adult things, some how I knew mom and Mrs. Miller had something in mind for me. "Mrs. Miller — I mean Ann, I don't know how to dance!" I knew that under that garb Mrs. Miller was a luscious woman and my eyes saw right through, to her wonderful womanhood. I danced with them all but none of them made me hard and wet like Mrs. Miller! She kneeled between my legs looked me in the eyes and said "I can't let you go home and use your hand tonight!" She took my manhood in her mouth.

loosing my virginity discovering my sissy side

first-time 2018-08-18

MY clitty was dripping precum at this point and I thought I was going to explode that’s when he pulled me down and kissed me deeply touching my naked body dry humping me his big black cock rubbing up against my clitty, it wasn’t long before I came all over my panties it was heaven and the best orgasm I had ever had I started to moan and he stuck his finger in my mouth and ordered me to suck.

Alex's Adventurous Diary Memoirs Ch. 04

first-time Ingrid11B 2018-08-18

I felt Jeff moving slightly in his seat and reach out to snuggle closer, and I could feel his body relax and his breathing change as he accepted the comfort a strange young woman was providing. I could see him getting a little nervous and I said, "Come with me, Jeff, and I'll show you exactly what I'd like and if you're what I need to make my day." I held him close like on the airplane and reached down to feel his small but hard penis. I decided I needed to head home, but asked Jeff to visit me the next night at my place where we once again made love after I served him dinner.

The Ranch

first-time souchie 2018-08-18

"I think its time a man showed you the pleasures of loving before one of those young boys spoils your dreams," said Gil. He took hold of her bottom firmly and pulled her hips towards him so she could feel the strength of his erection pressing into her lower belly. "No,stop, I dont want you to," she cried, but his heavy muscular body lay across her, pining her arms to the bed while his hand continued to rip her pants down. Her hand came back to push futilely against his groin."Oh stop, Uncle Gil," she said. He pushed her back on to the bed and said urgently, "Now open your legs really wide for me."

First Time Meeting

first-time eroticriter 2018-08-18

This continued all the while, slowly my hands caressing her body, my tongue sucking on her nipple all around, she was becoming wetter, I looked up her eyes closed as I continued to play with her beautiful body. My hands worked its way down her body, her leg that was close together instantly parted as I sucked harder on her erect nipple; she found mine by touch alone and started to pinch mine. She licked all the way up and down my shaft, sucked my balls, took them in her mouth and gave my cock hard steady sucks at the same time my fingers darting in and out of her wet pussy and my tongue lapping up all her juices.

Bear Blow-Off-- Final Part

first-time 2018-08-18

It felt wonderful to cup his balls the serene moment I finally had in my hands made me excrete precious clear juice from my cock-head. Soon I got his jockeys off and I almost blew my load (it felt like anyway) without even touching my own dick. I loved receiving his dick in my mouth and as his breathing got more rapid and his speed increased I could not do anything but lie still and live the intensity of it--- I looked up at him and he gave a great smile one I hadn't seen in a while and I realized he was gonna be mine- his secret fuck friend- for a long time.

My Clean White Panties

first-time LeCoach 2018-08-18

I of course wore my best clean white panties even though I knew Andy wouldn't be seeing them or anything. He wanted to feel my panties too but I was afraid of what might happen so I kept telling Andy I was a "Nice Girl" and couldn't do something like that. Andy's eyes devoured the sight of my clean white panties and then he aimed his frustrated cock right between my legs and shot his pent up semen all over me! Andy proceeded to take hold of his prick and rubbed the head right on my clean white panties! With as triumphant cry Andy pulled his swelling penis from my well fucked pussy and began to ejaculate all over my lewdly exposed panties.

My New Girl

first-time jrunner 2018-08-18

I get in her car and we share a few minutes of awkward silence before we finally start to really talk for the first time. As we are kissing each other I start to slowly rub up and down her tight little body. Sitting on the bench I lean down and start to slowly message her breast. She gets down on her knees and starts to suck my hard 7 inch dick. Kristy starts to suck on one ball and then the other while she is stroking my hard dick. She starts to slowly lick her way back up to the head of my dick which she swallows. She then stops and slowly pulls my dick out of her mouth and she starts to suck and lick the head of my cock.

Now its your turn...

first-time joystix 2018-08-18

My fingers slip inside you and you are dripping, full of my cum and your love juice. I pull my finger out coated in my cum and your juice and put it up to your mouth, you suck it down licking the cream off your lips. You suck on my finger like it was my cock while I continue to fuck you with my mouth. You start to scream and I press my face hard into your pussy eager to lap up all of your juice. Our tongues in each others mouth I pass you some of your love juice mixed up with all my cum, we are like hungry a****ls, rampant, lust filled, frenzied, drinking from each others mouth, our juices swirling around as your body erupts into climax.

Real Navy Story 1992 USNS HenryJ.Kaiser

first-time bmartins1979 2018-08-18

old and since they had no barbershop, cut the some shipmates hair on my off time.One day after dinner RM2 Wilson ask could I trim her hairline,sure no problem I replied come by my stateroom.Surely about an hour later she stopped by,and I began to groom and have a conversation with her.We asked the normal question where are you from? How long you been a crew member etc,etc.Since she only needed a neckline trim I was done in 5 minutes.I stated that this was my first time being away from home and without my girlfriend.She smiled and said,"You just need to drained,instantly my dick began to swell,and she noticed.Nice piece she` replied,I wanted to fuck and she knew it too!