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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First Older Woman Experience

first-time azara19 2018-08-18

I overheard a mature lady who I happened to know at the check out saying to her friend “I don't know how I am going to manage to get home with everything that we have bought” As I knew that she only lived at the end of our street, I offered to drop her off at her home with the shopping. At our last session she informed me that the woman in the shop that she was talking to when I had first offered to help her all that time ago would also like to join us on our next encounter, after she had revealed to her in explicit detail our love making sessions, and had asked if it was ok for her to come along to make up a threesome next time, if that was alright with me of course.....No prizes for guessing what my reply was......

Down By The Seaside

first-time joanne1976 2018-08-18

One bank Holiday weekend, May I think, Mike said he was going camping We got to (seaside town) and parked up and we went and sat outside a time, he wasn't too good at it, he was all over too quickly, and said he really really liked my bum in it. I decided it was time to stop being little girly pants off, and then he kissed me and sucked my boobs on the way down, He said I ought to shave it, and if he'd got his razor with him HE'd I was terrified, Mike would want to know why! coming, I told him to pull out but of course he wouldn't and he did it want to know what it felt like?

Charlotte, My favourite BBW fuck buddy! (part 2)

first-time marcusp1979 2018-08-18

Not wanting to cum yet i pulled away and motioned for charlie to lay on the rug on the floor, Once down there i positioned her so that she was on her side with her knee higher up so that i could straddle the thigh that was on the floor, and with that i eased my cock into her wet hole once more, as charlie braced herself against the floor i started to fuck her a bit rougher and harder this time, her large breasts hung sideways and were rested on the floor as i pounded her pussy, using her bent leg to pull her back against me even harder.

The Work Colleague (Part 2 - Her P.O.V.)

first-time Angelus_1753 2018-08-18

I think he could've sucked on my titties for some while yet, and I certainly wouldn't have complained if he had done, but he decided that he wanted to work his way down my slender body instead, kissing my waist and then started to pull gently at my shorts. I took it as a hint that he wanted me to ride him to orgasm instead, and so I eagerly climbed aboard his hard shaft and pushed my boobs out once more, which I knew were driving him wild in their own irresistible way. As we started to kiss again, I could feel it slowly trickling out of my pussy lips and onto the base of his shaft, but still we held the position, lovingly staring into each other's eyes as if nothing at all was going to spoil this perfect moment.

Something More Vol. 01

first-time Darkwr1t3r 2018-08-18

He placed his hands on her face and held her, as he had wanted to hold her for so long. His right hand held its place at her breast slipping inside the shirt caressing it slow and tenderly. "Well now lets see if we can figure how you can get up those grades." He said kissing his way down her to her perfect tits. She kissed his chest knowing it would drive him wild if she bit his nipples, so she did making sure her tits touched his cock causing it to twitch exposing more of his man meat. The view of her lips wrapped around him cock with her hair flowing around her face along with her hand and tongue work were enough to send him over the edge.

The Next Day... written by me, enjoy

first-time 2018-08-18

All I am doing now is getting ready for work and getting wet at thinking of it At work I am involved in my work but every now an then I think of him and damn my panties are getting soaked.. I am about to get ready for my hour lunch when he pops in again..omg he is here I tell him yes, all awhile thinking omg what if he can tell that I have been then he feels how wet my panties are and told him that i was thinking of the other day and that is just licked my wet spot and then ripped my panties off..then he started to lick had to go to work with no panties on

Here's To You Mrs. Andrews

first-time espeteroh 2018-08-18

"Oh no, they look great!" I said and then immediately wanted to retract my words feeling them entirely inappropriate. She saw how I mistook her and said, "Peter, I'm just playing with you." Even though I had embarrassed myself I could feel my cock growing as I looked at her body. Squeeze gently, they're very sensitive." I did as she said and she immediately moaned a little beneath my touch. This time as I felt the cum rise in my cock Polly started to come herself and so we came together, almost. Polly called my boss telling him that I hadn't looked to well to her and that she didn't think it a good idea that I be working outside on such a cold day considering my condition.

My Daddy 'Lovearub' Allowed Another Dadd

first-time lovearub 2018-08-18

With so much of my profile having gay-based photos and videos, he began writing about being a "virgin" and I took the role of "Daddy," trying to help him navigate that journey which would introduce him to the intense pleasures of man-to-man sex. If it was your Daddy fucking you, I would "Play" there for a long time, getting that beautiful pink pussy ready for the full length and fatness of my butt-driving, pre-cum drooling dick with my fingers and mouth...rubbing the wet head in a circular motion around that now slightly puffy, cock-eating slut fuck chute. THEY STARTED INSIDE MY PUSSY, BUILDING UP AND SPREADING OUT ALL OVER MY BODY BEFORE I STARTED BUCKING, MOANING, SCREAMING OUT PLEASURABLE MOANS OF LUST AND DIRTY WORDS ABOUT HOW DADDY IS A FUCKING DIRTY BASTARD WHO IS SCREWING MY VIRGIN HOLE.

Imagine... So Far into Woods

first-time Pearl20 2018-08-18

I remind you to be still and silent, or you will be bound in this position and additional punishments added." Breasts hanging, arms pulled back, I tighten your blindfold and the manhandling begins. Squirming, too, as I slap and squeeze your tits, you misjudge, and still-hard cock plunges deep into your soaked pussy. This way, so my right hand can spank you and my left can squeeze your breasts." I watch as you take the position. But keep your legs open, do not protect your pussy." I slide my hand up, softly rubbing your exposed lips. Jamming a finger in your ass, I pull your hips around, forcing your pussy back into the air, and begin again, much harder this time...

My Best Friend Randy

first-time ghostdawgg62 2018-08-18

When the movie ended I told Randy that it was finished but he didn't budge so I thought that I would tap his shoulder to wake him up to let him know that I was about to leave because I wanted to go home and beat my meat. Randy reached higher into my shorts and grabbed my dick and let out a deep sigh and started stroking it. I guess Randy could feel my dick throbbing with more intensity and started sucking harder and faster. I started tasting more precum and his dick began to throb more and I could actually feel it getting harder in my mouth.

My Second Piece of Ass Ch. 33

first-time Fable 2018-08-18

Like her sister before her, Petri went east to school so she was away from home most of that time. I had thought of her often and when Laura told me that Petri would soon return home I was secretly happy that Rosita had come to terms with her financial situation. Laura had stopped spending nights at the house, something I resented at the time but later came to realize her action was an expression of love. "Let's go up to my room," Petri said as soon as we heard Laura's car start. Rosita and Laura came home three and one-half hours later to find the dining room table cluttered with dirty dishes and leftover food.

Summer Ch. 12 Gwen's Story 1

first-time TheTyke 2018-08-18

He briefly stroked along her naked shoulders before his arms went around her and he pulled her back hard against him once more, pinning her to him, his hands instantly at her naked breasts again It was all a blur for her, he was moving too quickly for her to take it in, to regain control; his hands on her body, manipulating her, turning her this way and that for his pleasure, her growing nakedness, her nakedness glowing in the sensual red glow of the lamp; a whirl of sensation that distorted her senses and made her head spin.

1st 3-some turned 4-some

first-time KinkyDave53 2018-08-18

Lyn was sitting on the edge on the hot tub with Jeffs face buried in her pussy and Bobs cock in he mouth. Bob told her not to move he got behind her and with one push sank his cock into her pussy up to his balls.He slowly began to fuck her and I push Jeff back on the bed next to her and lick the cum off his cock and balls. Bob came with her then pulled his cock out and I took it into my mouth, I could taste Jeff and Bob's cum and my wifes pussy. I got up gave her a kiss and then, Lyn played with her pussy and watched as Bob and Jeff sucked my cock.

Eighteen Ch. 02

first-time SelenaKing 2018-08-18

"Hey, Angie," he said, his voice tired. "Because I'm asking, because you're my friend, and because it's my biiirthday," I said, drawing the last word out into a singsong that lasted for a few seconds longer than it should have. "Oh, holy shit!" he said. "You and Missy, of course," I said with a grin. Scott's going to show up in like an hour." "He lives, like, ten minutes away," Missy said, confused. "It's Scott," I said. "Oh, you're going to do a lot more things than that for me before the end of the day," I said mysteriously, letting the words slide from between my lips and pick up a little sex on the way. "Um...wait, what?" said Missy.

The Big Day

first-time DreamFinder 2018-08-18

You started licking the head of my dick like a lollipop, occasionally sucking the head in and swirling your tongue around it. At this point, I was breathing very hard and moaning, "Ohhh, that feels SOOO good baby, MMMM." Letting go of my dick with your hand, you slid your mouth down the shaft, taking as much as you could into your mouth and sucking. "Ohh my, you are a fast learner, " you groaned, pushing your cunt against my face, "Now, start sucking my clit." You moved the head of my dick down to your opening, and started to lower your hips, stuffing me inside you as you went.

Escorting the Wild Girl

first-time Crazy4Tits 2018-08-18

When Greta got out of the car, Dan saw the outfit that she changed into. Two hours later when the party was dying down and the girl that Dan was with left with her boyfriend, he went back to look for Greta again. Greta didn't waste no time, she grabbed Dan's cock and started sucking on it. Dan's cock went limp in Greta's mouth and she let go of it. When Dan pulled up to Greta's aunt’s house she gave him a big kiss on the mouth and gave her a card with her number. Her aunt let her in; she looked disappointed that Dan didn't walk Greta up to the house like how a true gentleman would.

A Virgin No More, First Time Sex Ch. 02

first-time SusanJillParker 2018-08-18

With her wanting to remain a virgin until her wedding night, I was tired of waiting for her to have sexual intercourse with me," said Michael to his friend. Michael looked down at his hands holding Jessica's pocket tits before looking up at his friend with as much pride as he had sexual satisfaction. I imagined that they feel just like Jessica's big tits," he said looking at Michael. I'd never need a woman again," said his friend after feeling the Hell out of the replicas of Jessica's pocket tits. Still another one of his favorite things to do, he loved freeing her breasts from her bra to touch them, to feel them, to fondle them, and to suck them.

Mystical Night

first-time 2018-08-18

He gently caressed her cheek, moved away a small lock of her dark red, soft hair that was covering her cheek, and part of her lip, then he kissed each and every tear that came running down from those stunning big emerald eyes. He didn't need to be told twice, they were in sync, as they were bringing each other to the climax of this night, when they became one within their hearts, and souls, and no words were needed, as they were still in each others arms, caressing each others faces, looking in to each others eyes and kissing softly, to know that this is just the beginning of a new wonderful life for both of them.

New Cum Slut

first-time knkynastyguy69 2018-08-18

I wasn't ready to cum and to be honest I wanted to see what she was into so I picked her up, lifted her onto the table spread her legs and started licking her pussy. Eli reached over me, grabbed my ass a little to lift me and that's when the guy slid in. As the other guy was just starting to build momentum Eli pulled his cock out of my mouth and I looked up and saw him. Eli tells me that four other guys fucked me bareback that night. After the last guy had his go, Eli sat me down on the bench, spread my legs and licked my frosted pussy.

Dirty Little Secret

first-time SinisterLittleGoth 2018-08-18

She looked older than her eighteen years, had long dark hair, and expressive green eyes. When one is tall all their life, things like size are a little biased and everyone is smaller than you are. She looked pensive and stared at the wall behind me, deathly trying to avoid my eyes. Her slit was like hot velvet and I honestly couldn't have quit it if I'd wanted to. I didn't want to lose her, but I simply couldn't function the way she needed me. She didn't want me to make love to her or anything until we worked out this problem. I know it sounds terrible, me falling in love with this girl when I already have a wife and all...but it's different.

The Wedding and Hilary

first-time story_lein 2018-08-18

We were kissing some more as I started to run my hands across her breasts, rubbing lightly on her nipples with my fingertips. As she grabbed my dick and started to put in her warm mouth, I couldn't hold back as I involuntarily shot a hot load of cum all over her lips, face and neck. I took my place again and started to rub my cock again against her pussy, bringing it back to a hardened state. It didn't take long, her pussy was tight and I could feel the warm tingling sensation come over me as I shot a wad of hot cum deep into her womb for the first time.

My Sweet experience

first-time kissbigcock 2018-08-18

One Friday Evening at around 8 pm, there were not many people in the office as mostly everyone leaves by 6 pm, I was in my cabin busy completing my work ASAP suddenly my boss called me in the cabin and when I went inside we were discussing about a project and my hand was pointing at the door (which was behind me) explaining something to him and was looking in front but suddenly I felt something soft touching on my finger when I turned back a saw Sangeeta was standing over there and my hand was touching her Boobs...

When the Levee Breaks

first-time StackedAction 2018-08-18

Jack turned red and proceeded to his desk in the next row and two up from the girls as quickly as he could, but the laughter started and Roxy had all she needed to torment the good looking football player. As Jack became more popular with the kids from the nice side of town because of his athletic abilities, he became the focus of more ribbing from Roxy and Darcy Rhoades, the short but buxom brown haired white girl who moved to the neighborhood near the end of the 8th grade and became best friends with Roxy shortly thereafter. All three girls were now screaming, Kristin having run over to the group as well, and trying to get Scotty and Alex to stop kicking the shit out of Jack.

Dawn's New Life Ch. 01

first-time palles 2018-08-18

Dawn had insisted on waiting for the wedding night before any sex play. Matt was not at all the "wait" until the wedding night type. Dawn slowly entered the room, her white teddy covered by a thick robe which the hotel had provided. That sex is only a part of a relationship?" Matt was trying to help, but he was not making things any better. I am a virgin; you will rip me apart with that." Dawn was now crying as Matt tried to hold her. You'll see it will be ok." Matt wanted to tell her that other girls had been able to handle his cock. "Look honey, let's not argue!" Matt said "It's our wedding night.